Friday, November 11, 2011

On Veterans Day, November 11, 2011, a historic port side purpose for the Carl Vincent.

New memories, new image for a aircraft carrier that serves the country tirelessly.

Nice.  And a nice article by The Boston Globe.  Well done, everyone.  I can't choose sides on this one either, as my family hails from Michigan and my homes is North Carolina.  "Here's to a great game!"

...As long as the rain stays away (click title to entry - thank you) from the Carrier Classic on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson on Friday afternoon, coaches Tom Izzo of Michigan State and Roy Williams of No. 1 North Carolina are confident their teams will put on a great Veterans Day show for the approximately 7,000 in the crowd, including the nation's basketball-fan-in-chief, President Barack Obama, plus a national TV audience....

I haven't heard comment on the familiar appearance of at least two of the Cain Accusers.

The ladies are older now, still attractive, blond, fair skinned and what appears to be blue eyes.  At least one of these women filed formal complaints with Godfather Pizza.  The observation stands.

The only reason Cain is ahead of any other Republican candidate for President at this point is because the Right Wing Media is pouring a lot of time and energy into this Tea Party candidate.  Murdoch's empire dedicated itself to the Tea Baggers and now it is dedicating itself along with Limbaugh to electing Cain to put in place their all time favorite flat tax, which has been a focus for them for a long, long time.  The Flat Tax existed before the Tea Baggers and has been instilled in that movement, why stop now?

The other candidates are not getting the same coverage, focus or enthusiasm as Cain by the Right Wing media.  The 9-9-9 plan isn't Cain's goal, the Flat Tax is though.  999 is about 'media attention. 999 inspires fear of the candidate's power. 

This is insane. There were duplicate case files. No prosecuting attorney would rely on electric documents for prosecution.

This has the appearance of an unsophisticated murderer.  This is way out of line, but, students frequently maintain all their files on their laptop.  The files are usually an ongoing work in composition.

This is crazy.  Whoever did this didn't think through the fact there would be other prosecuting attornies to follow Mr. Gricar.  Why would anyone believe, regardless of the source of revenge or hate, all their troubles would stop with this man's disappearance?  I suppose that is the way criminals think, that they have control over their crimes, but, this is outrageous.  A professional anyone, attorney or otherwise, does not use their laptop to safeguard their files.  Commonly professionals use laptops to access files from a distant location or to add information to those files stored elsewhere. 

Someone actually copied the hard drive?  The office of this District Attorney would have records of all the cases Mr. Gricar had prosecuted and all the cases he was working on, to believe the current and past District Attorneys don't know where to begin to look only adds to the lack of sophistication of the criminal who did this.  This pedophilia gets scarier by the day.  The lack of priorities within Penn State is the scariest of all. 

...When an investigation(click title for New York Times article - thank you) first started in 2005 over allegations that Jerry Sandusky was engaging in sexual acts with young boys, district attorney Ray Gricar was working on getting to the bottom of things, disregarding Sandusky's position at Penn State and in the community. Unfortunately in April of that same year, Gricar went missing....