Friday, March 15, 2013

There seems to be some confusion about Donald Trump's speech at CPAC.

Let me start by stating I didn't see anyone wearing green ribbons at CPAC. There were Republicans wearing the ribbon at the State of the Union, but, that stops afterward evidently.
There were also no Blue Dog Democrats, either.
Blue Dogs (click here) are not beholden to any political party leadership, but rather the constituents they represent.
But, the Donald Trump thing is assuming he was actually speaking to that huge Political Action Conference. I don't think he was addressing the people in the room so much as seeking to use influence to speak to Europe. 
The argument can be made Trump was speaking to the racist side of those at the PAC as Europeans are not Hispanic so much as nice white folks. But, I think it goes beyond that.
...For instance, (click here) instead of allowing the 11-million illegal immigrants to remain in our country – all of whom he says will vote for Obama – we need to allow more American-educated Europeans who attend prestigious universities, like Harvard, to stay in this country after graduation and use what they learned rather than taking that knowledge back to Europe.
“I have many friends from Europe, people I know, tremendous people, hard-working people. They can’t come in,” Trump said. “Nobody wants to talk about this. Nobody wants to say this.”
Not allowing Europeans to work in this country is one issue, but the former presidential nominee could not help but harshly criticize President Obama and the White House administration, which garnered applause; although, he did not touch on politics too much....

Trump is having trouble in Europe. I don't doubt he has friends in some places of Europe and I don't doubt he would like to be an influence peddler to the potential to immigration to the USA, but, he isn't exactly welcome in Europe. Scotland in particular.

11 March 2013 Last updated at 06:32 ET
An 11,000-signature petition (click here) calling for a public inquiry into the handling of Donald Trump's golf project in Aberdeenshire has been lodged with the Scottish Parliament....

I think the Trump speech when it came to immigration carried a racist message, but, it also carried a message of influence and corruption to people in Europe.

Ted Cruz doesn't understand there are dead people and children in the USA due to the high number of guns on the street?

He is an obstructionist based in ideology. He doesn't understand there is a problem because he only sees the USA Constitution and some kind of 'idea' that stands in the way of saving the lives of Americans. According to Ted Cruz gun rights have more rights under the US Constitution than speech rights. You see a dead child can't speak. Ted Cruz might realize that when he witnesses parents speaking for them at Senate Judiciary Hearings where he walks out rather than witness the tragedy of a nation.

Ted Cruz is unable and/or unwilling to govern. My guess is both. Unwilling is easier to portray in political theater through ideology than being UNABLE.

Sandy Hook have angels with voices silenced. That doesn't matter to Ted Cruz?

Michael Moore, a man of conscience, (click here) seems to think it is best to allow the pictures of the massacred be seen no different than Emmett Till's mother did.

Michael is a documentarian. He knows of what he speaks. Some have to ask when the coroner's reports will be released?

This is fourteen year old Emmett Till when he was alive and when he was buried. He doesn't even look like himself.

It is a very difficult idea, yet alone a decision, but one has to ask will the memory of their child be a horrific picture and was it worth. Quite frankly, I don't recognize Emmett Till as his death, I recognize his picture when he is alive and it is that picture I remember in my heart. I have to wonder if Emmett's mother was relieved to have others share her pain the way she was experiencing it.

Drought hits New Zealand

Satellite images from March 2012 (L) and March 2013 (R) show significant browning across the North Island. Photo / NASA

West Coast first South Island region to be hit by drought (click here)

By Laura Mills of The Greymouth Star
4:16 PM Friday Mar 15, 2013
The normally wet West Coast was today the first region in the South Island to apply for an official drought declaration.
About 30 people from across the farming spectrum gathered at the West Coast Regional Council offices to see if the hard data amassed over the long, dry summer supported a bid for drought assistance.
"The (meeting) decided we should apply to have a medium scale adverse event declared urgently," Federated Farmers West Coast president Katie Milne said.
The meeting heard that official soil moisture data showed the West Coast was as dry as Waikato.
Ms Milne, who is also Federated Farmers' national spokeswoman on adverse effects, said time was running out to grow grass, with the equinox on March 20, and every spare container heading north was being filled with feed for the North Island.
"Feed is going to the North Island by the boat load," she said....

Call me crazy, but, one would expect when glaciers retreat it speaks to the fact there is less and less water vapor in the climate. No?

Just one of those inconvenient truths. One might ask how glaciers can disappear like this when it is so close to Earth's southern ice cap. Hum? Are the glaciers in Antarctica retreating? Yeah. That might explain it.

In November 2007, (click here) New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) announced that ice volume in the country’s Southern Alps had shrunk nearly 11 percent over the previous 30 years. NIWA scientists attributed the glacial retreat primarily to global warming and stated that, in the absence of substantial climate cooling, 12 of the largest glaciers would not recover to their previous sizes.
Three of these twelve large glaciers appear in this pair of images. Tasman Glacier, on New Zealand’s South Island, is the nation’s longest glacier.

One might notice there is NO deep blue except for a shore region at the shoreline of the Ross Sea and the coastline mountains of Victorialand and Oatesland. So, the land mass is melting ice and the RUN OFF from the mountains makes it's way to the sea adding to coldness in the water circulation.

The map (click here) is based on thermal infrared (heat) observations made by a series of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite sensors. Because the satellite is observing energy radiated from the Earth’s surface, the image shows trends in skin temperatures—temperatures from roughly the top millimeter of the land, sea ice, or sea surface—not air temperatures.

This is financial emergency management.

CDBG Funding - The Christie Administration today unveiled its proposed Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Action Plan, which outlines how the State plans to utilize $1,829,520,000 in federal funding. This is the first phase of Community Development Block Grant funds provided to New Jersey by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Additional CDBG recovery funds are expected in the coming months. Comment period is open until March 19, 2013.

Snyder gives in denial of his own Emergency Manager failure.

There are NO services in Pontiac. There are no workers to provide services. The answer by Snyder is to consolidate government services between cities and MERGE the cities into one entity with different names.

Snyder is pure 'mind speak.' There is no substance to his 'talk.' He could not tell you want is occurring in cities designated to have EMERGENCIES. Should a governor know what is occurring in an emergency?
In five years Pontiac, Michigan, has seen its workforce slashed to 76 from about 570, its police and fire departments handed to surrounding communities and contractors hired for services such as building inspections and cemetery maintenance.
State-appointed emergency managers are making traditional government obsolete in a city of 59,000 where Pontiac cars once were made, professional football and basketball were played and where tax revenue fell 40 percent in the past four years....