Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mark Meadows wanted to get attention for an extremist agenda.

North Carolina politically is in really bad condition. The extremists hold the majority of seats in the state. This is more or less the attitude of the NC Republicans. They have their own agenda approved of by Acting Governor Pope. It isn't like McCrory is out of action or on vacation, it is just that he is a figure head to Pope's ambitions. This is Meadows way of being a better man than any other Republican in the US House.

July 29, 2015

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows (click here) had heard from leading conservatives that trying to oust Speaker John Boehner right now was a bad idea.

Reps. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), fierce and frequent critics of leadership, thought the move was ill-advised. Some of Meadows’ friends didn’t even see it coming. But just before 6 p.m. Tuesday — a day before the House was set to leave town for its five-week summer recess — Meadows offered a motion to vacate the chair, an extraordinarily rare procedural move that represents the most serious expression of opposition to Boehner’s speakership. If the motion were to pass — most Republicans say it will be hard to cobble together the votes — Boehner would be stripped of the speaker’s gavel, potentially plunging the House of Representatives into chaos.

GOP leaders were taken completely by surprise. Meadows, a second-term Republican, hadn’t even asked for a meeting with Boehner or other top Republicans to air his gripes, Politico news website reported on Tuesday. 

Until now, the North Carolina Republican had taken small steps to undermine Boehner....

Meadows is annoyed President Obama can actually veto any measure the House passes forcing the US House to be reasonable rather than extreme. I can imagine what he wants. He doesn't like the President and rather Freedom Fries over French Fries. France has become a very close ally to the USA during the Obama years. There is plenty an extremist Republican doesn't like in Washington these days. 

Let's see if I get this right, Jeb Bush said the Republican primaries doesn't mean a win nationally.

Jeb Bush is putting up with what he has to say and do in order to achieve a national election where he can finally be the man that can declare war and crash the economy to benefit wall street. The average person calling themselves Republicans haven't had people that actually care about them and their priorities. The Republican electorate is used for the purpose of ambition.

Opposed to Jeb Bush, Donald Trump said, "The Tea Party are all good people." There was doubt how he was going to represent them. They aren't his stepping stone.  

Donald Trump probably ran out of the room because it completely was confrontational and was uncomfortable with the idea and subject. The fact is when the issue involved the breast he ran the other way. That told me all I needed to know. The lawyer had plenty of latitude to carry out the food source of her child. Not everyone is a lawyer with private board rooms.

Because a man sitting at a table who wants to end depositions was caught off guard with the idea of a woman pumping her breasts is not surprising. He left didn't he? He let her have all the time in the world to provide her child with a food source. 

I breast fed two children. I didn't put it in everyone's face. That was my comfort zone. I was a stay at home mom from the day my first child was born until my youngest was eighteen months of age.

Because the attacks against Donald Trump are to benefit Jeb Bush. So, lets get some things straight.

Why elect a politician that will act like Ronald Reagan when a real one already exists? Why a puppet and not a real Republican billionaire? At least Trump actually cares about people and not simply crony corporations that are people too.

Donald Trump will not spend recklessly trying to protect an important ecosystem. He might even charge the polluters for causing huge problems for the federal budget.

That is really what everyone is worried about, huh? The Wall Street media is scared they don't have control over a man that owns his own life, heart and priorities. Well, then be scared. Be plenty scared. 

July 15, 2015
By Russ Choma

When Jeb Bush's campaign (click here) filed its first financial disclosure, some people focused on how a mere 3 percent of his donations—just $368,000 of the $11.4 million he collected in his first 15 days of campaigning—came from donors who gave $200 or less. That's a very small amount. By contrast, Bernie Sanders raised 68 percent of his $15.4 million from small donors. Even for a Republican presidential candidate, the paltry amount raised from small donors is striking. In 2012, for example, Mitt Romney's campaign got 18 percent of its money from donors giving $200 or less....

When Wall Street Media wants to get real about Republicans, let me know. Is breast pumping an issue? I don't think so.

During 2012, (click here) EPA and the state of Florida reached consensus on new water quality restoration strategies for improving water quality in the Everglades.  Discharge permits and consent orders issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection require:

  • a science-based stringent discharge limit for phosphorus that will result in meeting the water quality standard
  • an additional 6500 acres added to one of the wetlands dedicated to phosphorus treatment (called Stormwater Treatment Areas, or STAs)
  • dedication of about 110,000 acre-feet of water storage areas (flow equalization basins) that will slowly release water to the STAs in order to maximize their performance
  • an enforceable compliance schedule for $880 million of projects with completion dates of 2018 to 2025.
  • a robust monitoring and research plan to confirm that the performance of all five STAs is optimized and restoration is moving forward
Does anyone in media every pay a visit to the Florida Everglades to report on the cronies of Jeb Bush and their ability to destroy an ecosystem uninterrupted?  Or is it just hunting big game that bothers the Wall Street media?

April 9, 2015
By Faith Gardner

...Last week, South Florida Water Management District held a meeting about the possible purchase of 46,000 acres of land that sits to the south of Lake Okeechobee, currently owned by U.S. Sugar and residents.

The intention (click here) is to use the land to recreate a large area of the Everglades ecosystem on the former farmland, and create a 26,000 acre system of lakes to store and remediate seriously contaminated run-off water from sugar farms, and so keep the nitrogen and phosphorus-rich water out of lakes, water courses, wetlands, springs and public water supply. 

Thanks to the surfeit of nutrients, huge areas of open water and wetlands are regularly afflicted by outbreaks of stinking green slime - and the water district has come under growing pressure to act to stop the pollution and its severe consequences on local people and the Everglades....

Rick Scott was re-elected. Since when would Cecil's death ever bother a Republican in the USA?

September 9, 2014
By Susannah Nesmith

The Tampa Bay Times (click here) as been rolling out an impressive expose of secret hunting trips to Texas taken by more than a dozen current and former Florida lawmakers and officials including Gov. Rick Scott, who is in a tight race for reelection.
While the findings may strike some readers as business as usual in politics, the story involved some clever public records reporting and good follow-up by the Times’ Craig Pittman and Michael Van Sickler.
“I was thinking, I don’t have a lot of faith in Texas public records,” Van Sickler told me. “I shouldn’t have thought that. The people over there were very helpful.”...

This is not a surprise. Republicans are horrid conservationists. What else is new?

Cheney was so terrible with a gun he nearly killed one of the people in his hunting party. As a matter of fact, Republicans probably admire the Trumps hunting as a family.

July 29, 2015
By Inae Oh
On Tuesday, (click here) an American dentist admitted to paying $50,000 to hunt and kill Cecil the lion, a beloved animal and popular tourist attraction in Zimbabwe. News of the killing sparked swift condemnation on social media, with many calling for Walter Palmer to be extradited to Zimbabwe to stand trial.
Amid the outrage, photos quickly resurfaced of Donald Trump's sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, posing with the dead bodies of several exotic animals, including an African elephant and leopard, they had previously hunted for sport....

I think Donald Trump is the best candidate in the Republican field to date even if he doesn't like breast pumping. When he takes a policy position to outlaw breast pumping I'll take a stand. The child in question is at least five years old now. I doubt he suffered trauma from a bad day at the office.

Do cops live in an alternate universe they don't know what is going on in this country?

The defense attorney stated, "He sped away, he didn't just pull away." Oh, that explains everything. I am sure as a car speeds away shooting the driver is going to lead to a better outcome for everyone. Some of the poorest police practices occur when a cop shoots at a moving car. There is a reason why that is poor practice.


A University of Cincinnati (click here) police officer who shot a motorist during a traffic stop over a missing front licence plate has been indicted on murder charges.

Prosecutor Joe Deters announced the grand jury indictment at a news conference to discuss developments in the investigation into the July 19 shooting of 43-year-old motorist Samuel DuBose by Officer Ray Tensing.

Authorities have said Tensing spotted a car driven by Mr DuBose and missing the front licence plate, which is required by Ohio law. They say Tensing stopped the car and a struggle ensued after Mr DuBose refused to provide a driver's licence and get out of the car.

Tensing has said he was dragged by the car and forced to shoot at Mr DuBose. He fired one shot, striking Mr DuBose in the head.

But Mr Deters dismissed Tensing's claim that he was dragged by the car and suggested that he should not have pulled Mr DuBose over to begin with.
"He fell backward after he shot (DuBose) in the head," Mr Deters said....

The reason Samuel DuBose sped off in his car was because he was scared of being killed by a police officer and it happened anyway. Young black people, especially young men, are scared to death in just living their lives. 

There should be a moratorium across the country on minor traffic stops.

Anyone has any other way to stop this?  

In time, the oceans defeat mysteries. Sincerest sympathies to the families and friends. The nightmare starts all over again in some ways.

It is a long way from Australia. There were sightings of a large jet far west of Indonesia.

Reunion Island (click here) is the perfect destination for travellers seeking both a relaxing island holiday and an action-packed adventure trip. Hike the island's unique cirques and the active Piton de la Fournaise volcano. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage status natural park to see the island's native flora and fauna up close. Go canyoning over La Réunion's many waterfalls or take to the ocean with a scuba diving or surfing expedition.  The island also features almost 1000km of hiking trails over incredibly contrasting landscapes. Once you've satisfied your adventurous side, kick back under a shady palm tree on the white beach and work on your tan.

Those sightings were made within the first few weeks, right? The jet was still flying.  

July 29, 2015

Air safety investigators (click here) have a "high degree of confidence" that a photo of aircraft debris found in the Indian Ocean is of a wing component unique to the Boeing 777, the same model as the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared last year, a U.S. official said Wednesday.
Air safety investigators — one of them a Boeing investigator — have identified the component as a "flaperon" from the trailing edge of a 777 wing, the U.S. official said....

The name of the place where the debris was found is really weird.

Eucharistic Miracle of Saint-Andre de la Reunion Island of La Reunion, 1902 (click here if you dare) 

On January 26, 1902, at the parish church of Saint-André, a city on the island of La Réunion (French colony), Abbot Henry Lacombe, pastor of the church, was witness to the miracle that he would recount to thousands of people during the Eucharistic Congress of Angouleme (1904), as well as to the group of priests gathered for a spiritual retreat in the town of Perigueux. The face of Jesus appeared in the Host which was for many hours witnessed by thousands Of people....
Incredible similarities (click here) between the flaperon a #B777 and debris found this morning at #Reunion ... #MH370

Is this for real already?

Still yet another traffic stop and another African American dies. This was on a college campus and police have guns to use to shoot students and professors and administrative personnel. 

You know there are those from the gun rights organizations that state everyone was armed no one would die.


July 29, 2015
By Jacquellena and Erik Ortiz

Officer Ray Tensing 
Greenhills Police Department

The white University of Cincinnati (click here) police officer who shot unarmed black man Samuel Dubose during a traffic stop has been indicted on a murder charge, a prosecutor announced Wednesday, saying the cop "purposely" killed the motorist and "should never have been a police officer." 

In announcing the charge against officer Ray Tensing, Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters lambasted the cop over the death of Dubose, 43, saying the fatal shooting was "the most asinine act I've ever seen a police officer make."... 

When an American doesn't have a driver's license on their possession they are in violation of the law. That means the driver has to call someone to come and drive him home to get his license and then take it to the judge in the summons. That is not difficult. 

A citation is ordered and the driver is told not to drive the car and to have someone come to drive him and the car home. This is straight forward. There is no reason to chase anyone and kill them. All the police officer had to do at the point where the driver ran off was to call a wreck to impound the vehicle. This is basic police work. When the driver finally comes to realize he no longer has a car to drive he'll have to go to the court or the towing facility to pick up the car. When people have their car impounded they learn that a missing license plate and the absence of a driver license is not a good idea.

This man was unarmed.  

The oil companies are not suppose to be in Aleutian Islands.

11 May 2015
By Coral Davenport

...The approval (click here) is a major victory for Shell and the rest of the petroleum industry, which has sought for years to drill in the remote waters of the Beaufort and Chukchi seas, which are believed to hold vast reserves of oil and gas....

They will endanger the entire region from Seattle to the Chukci Sea with oil and contaminated ballast water.

The companies need to move their mess to Barrow. 

This was Obama's answer to the Keystone Pipeline. Alaska already has a pipeline. The companies should also prepare for sinking icebreakers and oil platforms. There is more sea ice with a hot planet. It is like having an Arctic Ocean full of boats colliding into each other. They loose a lot of monies in equipment damage and loss. Let's hope they don't lose lives along the way. The drilling is never going to show a profit. 

Get them out of Seattle, they are doing too much damage to the northern Pacific. Fisheries are already having trouble sustaining themselves and now there is going to be oil pollution. 

Pacific sardines (click here) are found from southeastern Alaska to the Gulf of California, Mexico. Sardines live in the water column in nearshore and offshore areas along the coast. They’re also sometimes found in estuaries. Sardines prefer warmer water – during the 1950s to 1970s, they abandoned the northern portion of their range because sea surface temperatures cooled and the sardine population decreased. Now that sea surface temperatures are warm again, the stock has increased and they’ve reoccupied areas off northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, as well as habitat far offshore from California....

The commercial fisheries have been closed because of the sardine crash. These ecosystems cannot afford anymore problems. Get the blasted oil companies out of the north Pacific.

March 6, 2015
By Paul Shively

The population of Pacific sardines, (click here) a crucial forage fish for marine life along the U.S. West Coast, has dwindled to the point that it can no longer sustain a commercial fishery, according to a preliminary assessment by scientists advising West Coast fishery managers. 

The ongoing collapse is bad news for ocean wildlife, as well as fishermen and others who rely on a healthy ocean.

This is a major cause for concern, but it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. In 2012, two government scientists predicted we would end up in exactly this position, finding a parallel with the last major collapse in the middle of the 20th century. Three years ago, the scientists wrote that “all indicators show that the northern sardine stock off the west coast of North America is declining steeply again and that imminent collapse is likely.”

That prediction turned out to be right....

No one listens to the scientists and this is still ongoing negligence of the US federal authorities to ignore the warnings. These fisheries are a mess. Besides the pollution from the oil industry, there is the continued migration of Japanese radiation. No one ever listens. 

April 13, 2015
By Jeff Barnard

SALEM, Ore. -- Federal fisheries managers (click here) have followed through on expectations they would shut down the West Coast's upcoming sardine commercial fishing season because of rapidly declining numbers.
Meeting outside Santa Rosa, California, the Pacific Fishery Management Council voted Sunday to close the season starting July 1.
Geoff Shester of the conservation group Oceana says the next step is deciding whether overfishing is a factor. That could lead to shutting down the rest of the current season, which runs through June 30.
Sardines regularly go through huge population swings. A major collapse in the 1940s took down the sardine industry in Monterey, California, made famous by the John Steinbeck novel Cannery Row. It did not rebound until the 1990s. Most of the West Coast catch is now exported to Asia....

Those responsible for monitoring the fish stocks in US fisheries come out with data and outcomes. They recommend cutting back on the harvest to insure a quick rebound to the stocks. Does the government listen? No. What happens? The fisheries collapse and the fishermen face hardship because of it. It is all government corruption.

There is no real management so much as feast and famine. 

Is Mullah Omar dead after advocating peace and cooperation of the people of the region.

The leadership in Kabul has been meeting with the Taliban to solidify a peace between them. This is definitely an attempt to destabilize this peace movement. 

July 20. 2015
By Mirwais Harooni and Jessica Donati

Afghanistan (click here) said on Wednesday it was investigating reports that Mullah Omar, leader of the militant Taliban movement behind an escalating insurgency, was dead.
The elusive Omar has not been seen in public since fleeing when the Taliban was toppled from power by a U.S.-led coalition in 2001, and there has been speculation for years among militant circles that he was either incapacitated or had died.
"We are aware of the reports of the passing of Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader," Sayed Zafar Hashemi, a spokesman for President Ashraf Ghani, told reporters.
"We are still in the process of verifying those reports, and as soon as we get any more accurate information or identification ... we will let the media and the people of Afghanistan know about it.".... 

If he is dead, Kabul's leadership should seek to find the murderers. Omar was advocating peace. That was a profound change in his position and he intended to help end the fighting. It is only right to know who killed him and why. 

July 29, 2015
By Tamim Asey  

Afghan forces are fighting Central Asian extremists. Time for the region to get more involved. (click here) 

...Ties between Afghanistan and Central Asia are driven more by security imperatives than by trade and energy. Afghanistan and Central Asia share geographic, demographic, security and economic ties that go back to the ancient Silk Road days. With the disintegration of the former Soviet Union and the emergence of newly independent Central Asian states, Afghanistan began an era of tumultuous relations with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Following the 2001 NATO/U.S. intervention in Afghanistan, bilateral relations changed and a new dynamic emerged.... 

This is the type of changing landscape in the region. There are advances in peace only to be followed by attempts to destabilize it. The players wanted by authorities yesterday are attempting to end hostilities today. It is impossible to keep track of those that are becoming allies and any eruption of new enemies.

I suppose the advocacy for peace by Omar was more a surrender, too. It's becoming difficult to conduct war in a rapidly changing environment when a peace process proceeds. This is Afghanistan today. It would be helpful to have borders enforced to prevent extremists from carrying out attacks that effect the peace negotiations. 

Omar was a Taliban. Kabul has to view his death as a problem and not a death of an enemy. 

July 29, 2015

ROME: Chief of Army Staff (COAS) (click here) General Raheel Sharif on Wednesday said Pakistan will bring its war on terror to its logical end, purging the whole region of terrorism.
The Army Chief who is on an official visit to Italy, said during a speech in Centre of International Studies, Rome, that Pakistan had launched Operation Zarb-e-Azb to eliminate terrorism which was a global threat.

“For the world, terrorism is a conflict, for Pakistan it's a war of survival," said the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Asim Bajwa quoting the army chief as saying.
He said terrorists would not be allowed to reorganise, adding that the operation will ensure establishment of peace in Pakistan and the whole world....

Missing people are turning up in the ranks of Daesh. It is an increasing pressure to find the 'real god.'

May 28, 2015
By Catherine Putz

Halimov (click here) has been missing since late April and was reportedly arrested last week in Turkey. The mystery continues.
Gulmurod Halimov, the missing Tajik OMON commander (well, former commander now) has apparently turned up — and not in Turkish custody as was reported last week. Halimov is the latest ISIS video star.

The 12 minute video, which is polished and features a techy, Matrix-like intro, was posted on May 27. It begins with a montage of video clips showing news reports of Halimov’s disappearance and then shows him, with a black wrap around his head, holding a rifle, and talking at length about himself and why he joined ISIS. The video ends with Halimov (presumably, though he is not shown) shooting a tomato.

Halimov, in the video, explains his radicalization as a response to the Tajik state’s crackdown on religion — mentioning restrictions on public prayer and Islamic dress. From RFE/RL:... 

...It is clear that the key factor for Tajik youth traveling to Iraq and Syria to fight alongside ISIL militants is propagation of Salafi ideas in the country.

Over the past 15 years, Salafists have brainwashed dozens of people working in the country’s law enforcement authorities and government bodies. As a matter of fact, they have undermined the authority of the government. Unfortunately, we do not know how many officials became Salafists. We do not know how many lawyers, journalists, mullahs, and imam-khatibs are propagating Salafi ideas among the population....

Fifteen years is the length of time from the first pf West's invasions.  The idea NATO is going to make a difference in the region is obviously wrong. The struggle for peace within Afghanistan has to inclusive a lasting peace. The Kabul peace process has to reach out to these populations of people.

...In an April interview, Oinikhol Bobonazarova, one of Tajikistan’s best-known human rights advocates and opposition politicians, said the government was leaving critical issues unresolved — economic troubles and the woes of migrants – and diverting people’s’ attention: 

We have massive economic problems, the problems with our migrants, and the current [financial] crisis. But everyone is suddenly concerned about women’s clothing. Apparently that is the most pressing concern. Personally, I don’t think a woman’s clothes are important....

In the waning hours of the West's presence in Afghanistan it is obvious occupation was the only reason there has been a degree of stability. That is not the mission of NATO. NATO was suppose to build a lasting peace based on the strength of it's national defense forces. NATO needs to leave since most of it's presence has been mostly ineffective for fifteen years. 

...The Chinese and Russian national security establishments recognize the threat and are already in close contact with Afghan security and intelligence institutions. China and Russia are also working to address the challenge through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, addressing the SCO summit in Ufa recently, put it this way: “…we are fighting on behalf of the region in the world and in this fight we need to be joined by forceful and coherent action.” He further warned of the consequences of inaction “…China, India and Russia out of the big countries will be in harms way, but also all our other neighbors near and far.” It was a stark warning of the security threat that confronts the region....

The region will move toward a stable region based on the ability of neighboring countries to control their borders and end extremist groups. NATO has spent fifteen years in meaningless occupation.

There may or may not be a civil war within Afghanistan if the peace efforts are not comprehensive and successful.

...China has also been working with Afghan, Tajik and Pakistani intelligence agencies to address the security concerns created by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement in Xinjiang province.

Meanwhile, the rise of ISIS and its declaration of the creation of the province of Khorasan – ostensibly covering Afghanistan, Central Asia, and parts of Iran and Pakistan – has further complicated the security dynamics and calculations in the region. Numerous radicalized youth and battle hardened terrorists from Central Asia have now joined ISIS and are fighting Afghan National Security Forces in Afghanistan....

The videos are used for Daesh recruitment and radicalization of young men. It is a charismatic movement. The influence of these extremists needs to be identified by GOVERNING authorities as a threat to young lives and SOULS.

Sandra is still dead.

Okay, so this clears up some inaccuracies about a jail and it's personnel, but, she is still dead. That is the problem the authorities are failing to see. All kinds of nightmare stories came out about the information the public had because of the nightmare playing into this story. 

She should not have been arrested. She was there on false charges and no one cared to understand she was falsely arrested. None of this should have happened. 

The question in most people's minds is who are the others? Sandy Bland ran into a cop that carried a scenario with an outcome he controlled. Who else has come through this facility with the same exact problems? How many people were arrested on false charges?

The other inmates are African American. There needs to be an investigation into this facility, it's staff and practices and the police officer involved. How many arrests and bookings are made due to confrontation of an officer besides a minor traffic violation, including this police officer and others? What goes on here? It is institutionalized abuse.

Paris is coming.

Expectations should remain high. We are far from ending this dangerous climate and it is important everyone is ambitious and persistent even after the meeting. We cannot afford to slack off. There is too much at stake.

July 22, 2015

Mayors from around the world (click here) have declared that climate change is real, man-made and must be stopped as a matter of moral imperative, gathering at the Vatican to announce new measures to fight global warming and bask in Pope Francis' ecological star power.

The Vatican invited the 60 mayors to a two-day conference to keep up pressure on world leaders ahead of UN climate negotiations in Paris later this year. The meeting also aimed to promote Francis' environment encyclical, which denounced what he calls a fossil fuel-based world economy that exploits the poor and destroys the Earth.

One by one, the mayors lined up to sign a final declaration stating that "human-induced climate change is a scientific reality and its effective control is a moral imperative for humanity."

Francis told the gathering that he had "a lot of hope" that the Paris negotiations would succeed, but also warned the mayors: "You are the conscience of humanity."...
July 29, 2015

A shocking recording (click here for audio) has emerged of a passenger plane pilot with just three minutes of fuel being told that he can't land at an airport because the runway was closed.
Allegiant Air flight 426 was circling Fargo's Hector International Airport in North Dakota requesting permission to land, but was notified that the airport was out of service as the Navy's Blue Angels were practising for a forthcoming air show.
However, the pilot then told ground officials that he didn't have any "fuel to go anywhere else" when it was recommended he fly to an airport 70 miles away....