Monday, July 11, 2011

Speaker Boner does not have his facts straight. It is the same 'ole, same 'ole Republican rhetoric and not a sincere dedication to the people of the USA.

Ask any state and local government why they are cutting deeply into jobs and they'll tell you it is due to lack of revenue.

The American people need to realize how delicate this recovery is proceeding while realizing when a public employee is impacted because Republicans won't tax the wealthy and windfall profits to benefit their balanced budgets the economy loses.  Why does it lose?

Because the disposable income to the economy falls and causes 'contraction' and not 'expansion' of the economy.
Why does it lose?

Because public workers now are receiving unemployment benefits instead of providing work for salary.  They become a cost without a benefit to the government using federal funds as well.  At least there are unemployment benefits to fall back on for these families.  Additionally, government layoffs or closings are ususally not a problem for the unemployed because it means the public sector is growning to take on the function of government such as the post office, Fed Ex and UPS.  That was a transition that was orderly and supported all available workers across the board.  The USA cannot completely do without the US Post Office either.  But, it is an example of what I am saying.

Government does not have to contract in a sustained and growing economy either.  More adults become of age and enter the work force everyday.  Those needs can be picked up by private industry rather than growoing government hence the potential of Fed Ex and UPS to grow with that population providing services and adding jobs.

The draconianism of the Republicans by not taxing the wealthy is contracting this economy and it is felt most in the public sector where employees are still needed and their work is still vital to this country, their states and their cities.  Ask a city worker if he or she were unneeded in the job they did?  Ask them if there are comparable private sector jobs to move into after a brief stent on unemployment?  The answer are obvious.

The public sector jobs contribute vital parts of the USA economy and should never be bargained away for campaign promises or rhetoric.

State and local governments bleeding jobs (click title to entry - thank you)

Fri Jul 8, 2011 6:45pm EDT

...The National League of Cities, which represents civic officials, foresees further job cuts for at least the next 18 months. In a statement commenting on the Labor Department report, the group voiced concerns that continued public job losses will also dampen job growth in the private sector....

The radical Republican Right lead by Cantor is destroying the economy and causing hardship when they are refusing to tax the wealthy.  It is outrageous and their messages are all rhteoric.  I'd like Cantor to have an open news covference and deal with the public rather than hide in his office for photo ops.  The problem with that is the answers would be nothing more than rhetoric to attack the President while never answering the real problems in a way that explains their position.  The do not have the statisiics or the 'on the ground' research to prove a thing they are saying.