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There have been many artists slain by Violent Islam.

November 24, 2004
By Ronald Rover

On the morning (click here) of Nov. 2 in a busy street in east Amsterdam, a 26-year-old Dutch Moroccan named Mohammed Bouyeri pulled out a gun and shot controversial filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who was riding a bike to his office. Van Gogh hit the ground and stumbled across the street to a nearby building. He didn’t make it. As the Moroccan strode toward him, van Gogh shouted, “We can still talk about it! Don’t do it! Don’t do it.” But the Moroccan didn’t stop. He shot him again, slit van Gogh’s throat and stuck a letter to his chest with a knife. He was slaughtered like an animal, witnesses said. “Cut like a tire,” said one. Van Gogh, the Dutch master’s great-grand-nephew, was 47 years old...

The killer took the time to write a letter.

That doesn't begin to name all the journalists lost when covering war in the Middle East. Occasionally they are deceased by friendly fire.

Freedom of Speech for the sake of freedom of speech isn't worth anything if the artists most important to the message are all dead. 

A democracy is not enhanced if their most devoted practitioners no longer carry their passions to the world. This is not acceptable. There is a need of a resolve to protect some of the most outspoken members of our society. There needs to be a relationship between local authorities and the artists that support freedom. If there is a chance coaching them will assist them to protect themselves and/or be aware of the dangers they face, it might sincerely thwart this hazard in practicing democracy. 

The enemy considers the death of such people a victory. I think it is a problem to allow Violent Islam any victories. Everyone of these events are recruitment tools at the very least. 

I am so tired of James Clapper there is no word to describe it. I've moved past disgusted and disdain. I am in new territory to describe this incompentency.

June 7, 2015
By Chris Strohm

U.S. investigators (click here) were able to trace the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment to North Korea’s intelligence agency because of sloppy tradecraft used by the attackers, according to FBI Director James Comey.
The hackers sent e-mails to Sony employees and posted material online using Internet addresses known to be used exclusively by the North Korean government, Comey said in a speech today at a cybersecurity conference in New York.
“I have very high confidence about this attribution, as does the entire intelligence community,” Comey said
The attack, which became public in November, was overseen by North Korea’s Reconnaissance General Bureau and is the most serious digital assault ever on America, U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said in a separate speech at the conference. North Korea’s government has denied involvement... 

Maybe putrid. That's a good word. Repulsive. A decaying mass of organic matter. That will do it for now.

James Clapper has been polluting the halls of the federal government for a long time. I suppose he was once valuable, but, in all honesty he is about the most worthless, putrid federal official that has ever existed. He has taken the invasion into privacy to all time highs and for what? NOTHING.

The federal USA government has been justifying invasion of privacy since 2001. That was about 13 and a half years ago. Do you know how many people are in the USA? How about the world? As of 2013 there were 7.125 billion human beings in the world. Within that 7.125 billion human beings only 316.1 were Americans.

13.5 years multiplied by 365 days is 4927.5 days. There are 24 hours in a day. That makes 118,260 hours since September11, 2001. There are 60 minutes in a hour, that makes 7,095,600 minutes since September 11, 2001. There are 60 seconds in a minute 425,736,000 seconds since September 11, 2001.

That would be 134.68 seconds per living citizens of the USA. That would be 2.2 minutes per citizen of the USA including children. 2.2 minutes is a long time for a computer to search any parameter.

If the USA dedicated a computer bank, LIKE THE ONE JAMES CLAPPER now has, to evaluating risk in our society and assigned a score to each person in the USA I have no doubt a very interesting picture would result.

Finding THE RISK is what intelligence is all about. The agencies know where risk takes place and defines what cumulative risk is as exists with radicalized people.

The point is there are more and more problems arising without any knowledge of PREDICTING the risk. That is a travesty to the USA. This country should be able to pull out the facts of risk everyday and know where the greatest risks of death to human beings will result. I don't care if they die in war, or on airplanes caught in turbulence, the USA for all it's investment and training should have an EXCELLENT idea of where the hot spots are going to be in the world. 

Currently, the best people like James Clapper can do is state why tragedy happened and what can be done to prevent it in the future. That is NOT what he is paid for, that is what I volunteer for. As long as the common sense of any American can be satisfied with what is being done by their government that is all that has to happen.

James Clapper has lied in his capacity. This man has the veritable fortune of the American people in his hands to prevent tragedy. He lies

I have pondered how an incompetent such as Clapper can be in government for so long. I think I've got it. 

Ever hear of "Key Man Risk?"

How can a government justify the security of the nation in the hands of a man that lies?

Much has been written about "Key Man Risk" (click here) - the danger to corporations that rely on one or a few individuals.
Much has been written about ‘key man’ risk — the danger for corporations that rely on one or a few individuals — and its impact on business value. Fashion firms with a celebrity designer, for example, or asset management firms with a star investment manager, are particularly vulnerable. - See more at:
Much has been written about ‘key man’ risk — the danger for corporations that rely on one or a few individuals — and its impact on business value. Fashion firms with a celebrity designer, for example, or asset management firms with a star investment manager, are particularly vulnerable. - See more at:

There are experts in regard to the North Korean hacking scandal that have come out time and again to state, this was not all that. Sony never secured their internet facilities. They filed security codes in a file named "Security Codes." 

Yet, the federal authorities are very confident, although albeit, not completely confident that North Korea caused all this damage to Sony. North Korea's internet facilities comes through China. North Korea is impoverished because of their possession of nuclear weapons. I believe Kim wants to speak to South Korea in hopes of ending this hideous allegation from the USA.

If the USA is going to say North Korea was behind the hacking of women's salaries at Sony, they are also stating China was involved for allowing such activity. Therefore, there are two countries in breach of a Japanese company with files regarding Americans they employ. Do you know how completely obscure that defines USA involvement? There is nothing here. Americans were involved in a scandal with a Japanese company which practiced very loose internet security. There is no reason for the USA to be involved, yet, the Bozos with the big computers are all about this garbage.

Where were the predictions the hacking into Sony would occur? Where were the predictions of the risk France faced with the people who carried out the attacks against innocent journalists and their editors? Where were those predictions? Absent. Completely absent.

Europe and the USA exchange information all the time. We rely on each other, it also includes Australia and a multiple of other nations including Mexico to end violence in our societies. If James Clapper is going to sit on top of the largest number of computers in one building and argue who has the best information over North Korea without a reason to do so; what's next? What is going to happen next the USA and allies have on clue about.

You want to know how wars get started? Having James Clapper in the ranks of the federal government to escalate the rhetoric and propaganda to the point of convincing the voters. Clapper has to be fired. If he won't resign than kick his sorry ass out of the USA government. It am so tired of people dying when they should NEVER have to; putrid is the best word I could come up with today.  

I don't give a flyin' fuck who stole all that material from Sony. Sony needs to care enough about their professionals that work hard to provide excellent entertainment to the world. Sony's problem is not mine, but, James Clapper is.

Thank you, Secretary Kerry

The French Imam called the slain "Martyrs for Liberty." It is this leadership we all validate and appreciate. I am relieved there are holy men in the Muslim faith standing for the morality and civilization we all value over the violence we witnessed today.

Imam Hessan Chalghoumi is a brave man to abhor violence and demand peace, liberty and calm. Living within a civilized society brings about the best life has to offer. It is unfortunate some believe a life of quality is unnecessary to the worship of god. That is somewhat at the crux of this violence. Somehow, the values of quality of life, peace, respect for human dignity is an offense to Violent Islam. Everywhere I look there are atrocities where an extremist point of view is enforced while completely rejecting civilization and a future that is better than today. 

These extremists enforce suffering as a method to live a life in approval of their god. It is perverted. There isn't any other word I can think of to describe such heinous people. They pretend to be martyrs for Allah, when in fact they are international criminals using death and fear to capture their definition of a man in devotion. There is nowhere in the Quran that demands violence as proof of a person's devotion. Nowhere.

The extremist considers the definition of life as taking that of others they can not understand. Civilization has no definition in this perverted society of extremists. Civilization is a sin. They look upon women they marry with oppression and a purpose to bring about more warriors. There is no love of their children, there is simply mentoring to become weapons.

Hassen Chalghoumi (left), Imam of the municipal Drancy mosque in Seine-Saint-Denis, walks with police near the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper, after a shooting Jan 7, 2015. -- PHOTO: REUTERS - See more at:
Hessan Chalghoumi, (click here) left, Imam of the municipal Darcy mosque in Seine Saint Dennis, walks with police near the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper, after the shooting of January 7, 2015.
Hassen Chalghoumi (left), Imam of the municipal Drancy mosque in Seine-Saint-Denis, walks with police near the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper, after a shooting Jan 7, 2015. -- PHOTO: REUTERS - See more at:
Hassen Chalghoumi (left), Imam of the municipal Drancy mosque in Seine-Saint-Denis, walks with police near the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper, after a shooting Jan 7, 2015. -- PHOTO: REUTERS - See more at:

January 7, 2015
By Lisa  Bryant

French officials say police (click here) have identified the three suspected gunmen in Wednesday's mass murder at the Paris headquarters of the satirical weekly paper "Charlie Hebdo."
Authorities say two of the alleged shooters are brothers who are French citizens, ages 34 and 32. The third suspect is an 18-year-old student. His nationality is not yet clear.
Police said at least 12 people, including two police officers, are dead after the attack.
Late Wednesday morning, black-hooded gunmen, who carried Kalashnikov rifles and a pump-action shotgun, stormed the weekly's offices, bursting into an editorial staff meeting and opening fire. Terrorism experts said the gunmen appeared to have carried out their attack methodically....

Who and/or how did these murderers have such detailed information?

Returning honesty and trust to their esteemed values, is the single most important VALUE facing democracy today.

"You have a right to peddle nonsense, but you don't have a right to peddle nonsense as truth."
The proper word for this loss in our countries is epistemology (The theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion.)
She's an extremist, (click here) a danger to children and she's coming to a community hall near you. The question facing Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is, should she be allowed?
The difficult ethical issues do not pit good against evil, but good against good. Consider the proposed Australian tour in March of anti-vaccination campaigner Dr Sherri Tenpenny. Putting three different rights in conflict, it pivots on the trust issue that will profoundly shape the future of democracy and, quite likely, the planet; our trust of government, of science and of reason....
Our democracies are racked with it. Opinion. Opinion doesn't justify dismantling achievements of a government. Facts and expertise are lacking in large measure throughout our societies and government. I think social media is a larger part of the problem than anyone wants to admit. It provides a platform which power brokering by opinion can measurably destroy anything 'the chat' decides is worthless to them personally.

This is definitely part of the wealth gap in the USA. At least Intel recognizes it's lack of diversity practices.

January 7, 2015
Silicon Valley has a diversity problem, (click here) and Intel plans to invest $300 million in the coming years to tackle it. The world's largest chip maker has announced a "Diversity in Technology" initiative to get more women and minorities hired at Intel and other high-tech companies. "This isn't just good business," Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where company officials also demoed some new gadgets and technologies. "It's the right thing to do. When we all come together and commit, we can make the impossible possible."
Intel said the idea behind the initiative is to get tech companies to build "a pipeline" of female and under-represented minority engineers and computer scientists and to hire and retain them. Intel's own goal is to "achieve full representation of women and under-represented minorities" at the company by 2020, though Krzanich didn't spell out specific target numbers. According to its publicly released figures, Intel's 2013 workforce was 76 percent male, 57 percent white, 29 percent Asian, 8 percent Hispanic and 3 percent black.

There is some doubt about the bombing of the NAACP? Really?

Okay, I'll admit it looks like amateurs, but, that was no amateur that got the idea at the very least hate was legitimate in the USA.

January 7, 2015
By Abby Johnston
In what appears (click here) to be an attack on civil rights group NAACP, an explosive device detonated outside the Colorado Springs branch’s headquarters on Tuesday. Luckily, nobody was killed or injured in the attack. The FBI is looking for the alleged attacker, described as a balding white man driving a white pickup truck. Unfortunately, this is not the first attack that has been waged at the well-known group; the NAACP has a history of violent attacks on its leaders and facilities, perpetrated by white supremacist figures that were sometimes linked to larger organizations. 
Although the Colorado Springs bomber’s motives are not yet known, it is, as always, hard to believe that any attack on an organization dedicated to securing the rights of African-Americans would be targeted by anyone without hateful motivations. 
In this instance, no lives were taken....

The former Mrs. Howard Hamm is being diminished in importance by the courts. Women's rights.

Good for her! Well, lookey thar. It is Howard and his estranged spouse at a "Time 100." So, let me get this right, Continental Oil never benefited from the bride of Howard Hamm, nor did he. Liar! This photo is just one bit of proof the value Mrs. Hamm brought to Howard's career and therefore, Continental Oil's as well. She either needs better lawyers and/or a better judge.
The courts like to discriminate against women as significant to the careers of their husbands. Really? I suppose Mrs. Hamm simply stayed home and backed cookies, right? 
Oh, wait, in our political realm in the USA baking cookies can win an election. I do believe cookie baking and the like came up during the first campaign of Former President Clinton and again with Ann Romney. So, women's "House Frau" image in the Republican dynasties of oil is important for elections, but, not for marriages. Now, who is it exactly that has double standards?

by Jay F. Marks
Modified: January 6, 2015 at 7:58 pm 
Published: January 6, 2015
Harold Hamm’s ex-wife (click here) has rejected a check for nearly $1 billion as she continues to pursue a larger share of the couple’s assets, an attorney for the Continental Resources Inc. CEO said Tuesday.
Hamm borrowed money to write his ex-wife, Sue Ann Arnall, a check for more than $974 million — the amount he was ordered to pay her in a November divorce ruling — but she refused to accept it as she appeals the ruling in search of a higher award.
Oklahoma County Special Judge Howard R. Haralson on Tuesday refused to change his ruling in the case, which Arnall appealed to the Oklahoma Supreme Court last month.
The judge indicated he would consider awarding alimony to Arnall in a subsequent hearing.
Haralson ruled Nov. 10 on the division of assets in the case after an eight-week trial that largely occurred behind closed doors to protect sensitive information about Continental....

More proof the new majority Republican Congress is wasting the money they are paid in unethical politics.

It is time to do the country's business. And knock off the rhetoric about "The will  of the people." That is nothing, but, bullshit. This Congress was bought by Wall Street and ONLY by the skin on their teeth because the Dems and their contributing individual members of a civil society put up the fight of the decade. 

January 6, 2015
By Niraj Choski

As members of Congress (click here) returned to a snowy D.C. Tuesday morning, so, too, did some governors. And they have a few requests.
In their State of the States address on Tuesday, the two governors heading the bipartisan National Governors Association touted state innovations and lamented federal gridlock, urging Congress to pass and reauthorize laws this year on a range of issues from education to jobs to health care to infrastructure.
“Like many of my fellow governors, I, too, have been frustrated by the stalemate that seems to pervade Washington,” said Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R), NGA’s vice chairman. “Ideology is important, and guiding principles should guide, but they should not be used to impede governing.”
In his speech — which followed remarks delivered by NGA Chairman and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) — Herbert laid out a series of policies governors of both parties hope to see addressed by the 114th Congress, which reconvened on Tuesday. The pair, along with others, said they also planned to discuss those policy priorities with President Obama later Tuesday afternoon in a White House meeting....

In North Carolina, the "Moral Majority" caused such a deep divide among voters those elected had to promise to bring health care to the Poor and Lower Middle Class. Of course, the Republicans in North Carolina are toying with that promise to "Find the best solution for NC." But, the Moral Majority was instrumental in pushing health care to the top of the agenda for the elections. Unfortunately, the hard work is just beginning. I imagine there will be many opportunities to prove how the North Carolina Republicans are trying to cheat the electorate and move away from the promise.

The Medicaid Expansion has worked in the states which accepted it and it is that law the NC Republicans need to HONOR.

In Washington, DC it is no surprise the Republicans are chasing their tails. They were chasing their tails during the election, but, through propaganda allowed the public to believe they could actually force through an aggressive agenda that nullifies citizen's rights. There is still no leadership that can actually carry forward a productive agenda. The next six weeks is going to be a circus.

Do we know the names of the victims yet? Too early?

I am quite certain they were brilliant. It is not easy to create satire and have it widely accepted as it was with "Charlie Hebdo."

Other than knowing the descriptions of the murderers they are nothing. It takes so very little to kill while brilliant people are at the mercy of the hate filled radical.

My deepest sympathies to the families, friends and the country of France for this heinous murder of citizens that have and understand the depth of freedom.

These deaths have taught us how precious freedom is and how we have to protect it from those that hate it.

"Long live France."

January 1, 2017

French President Francois Hollande, (click here) following a crisis meeting at the Elysee Palace spoke to the people of France.
In a live televised address he referred to the “brave and talented journalists” who were killed and called on all French people to take part in a minutes silence on Thursday at midday which he announced would be a national day of mourning. Flags will fly at half mast in the country for three days.
The thoughts of all France he said went out to the families of the journalists who are grieving for their relatives shot in Paris. He also paid tribute to the two policemen who were killed.
“This was an attack on freedom, we must be ourselves and we must realise our best weapon is unity. Nothing must separate us or drive us apart. France is a great nation when under pressure. We are stronger than our enemies when we are together.”
He stressed the need for the country to defend the freedom of speech and ended the brief address in a determined tone.
‘We will win. Nothing will make us renounce our determination. Long live the republic. Long live France. “

It would seem as though violent Islam doesn't like North Korea taking the headlines.

January 1, 2015
By Nicholas Vinocur and Antony Paone

PARIS (Reuters) – Hooded gunmen(click here)  stormed the Paris offices of a weekly satirical magazine renowned for lampooning radical Islam, killing at least 12 people, including two police officers in the worst militant attack on French soil in recent decades.
One of the men was captured on video shouting “Allah!” as four shots rang out. Two assailants are then seen calmly leaving the scene and remain at large....

The offices where they occurred was assessed before today. The killers and/or accomplices were knowledgeable as to who sat at what desks. This attack could have been avoided if the policies of the satirists newspaper had closed a loop. Guests into their offices have to be qualified with a background check AND a sincere interest in their product.

Close the loops and keep offices safe. Security is well known to The West and it will be appreciated. Open public forums are more difficult, but, metal detectors can be an alert. A local economy can be effected if liberties are robbed from citizens. Local economies have local governments to consider this danger and decide the best methods to secure their citizens.

But, I also note the Tsarnaev brother is on trial in Massachusetts. These killers are found and do face justice.

 I do believe this was to return global media to the attention of Violent Islam.  "The Interview" didn't place the highest priority of fear on Islam. Violent Islam wants the attention of the global community to manufacture fear. The more Violent Islam is receiving attention by media the more it inspires them to continue to cause this mayhem globally. I have other better things to do then propagate fear of immoral killers.

It never takes long for Republican corruption to show up.

April 21, 2012
In our discussion of the odd policy decision (click here) by the Daugaard Administration to scale back the portfolio of the Lieutenant Governor position based on a personal decision by the current holder of the job, a minor kerfuffle erupts over Dennis Daugaard's taxpayer-funded photo op tour of Kuwait and Afghanistan.
Commenter Robert Cordts finds offense in the Governor's donning of a military jacket:
I just think members of the Daugaard administration are liars. Daugaard was wearing an Army uniform (BDU) the other day in Afghanistan while doing a television interview. I realize that he is commander-in-chief of the SD National Guard but I think it is a stretch for him to wear the uniform of the armed forces. Wearing leather and chaps to promote the Sturgis rally is one thing but putting on the uniform of the armed services is another. Has he ever served in the military? I have not found any information indicating that he has. Daugaard is either pretentious or deceitful, I dont know which is worse...

Daugaard is the newly elected governor of South Dakota. When is the law not the law? When every state effected by TransCanada has a newly elected Republican governor. There goes the aquifer and the farm land.

January 6, 2015
By Bob Mercer
PIERRE – TransCanada (click here) will be allowed to show why the state permit issued in 2010 for constructing the segment the Keystone XL oil pipeline through South Dakota should remain valid. 
The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission decided Tuesday to allow TransCanada to attempt to prove that the project would still meet conditions set in the permit despite changes in the proposed pipeline plan.
The Yankton Sioux Tribe and the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, backed by other tribal and landowner organizations, asked the commission to dismiss TransCanada’s application.
The opponents’ central argument was that 30 changes identified by TransCanada require a new permitting process.
The commission however voted 3-0 to deny the opponents dismissal requests.

South Dakota law requires that proponents of a proposed project, if construction hasn’t proceeded after four years, show, or certify to the PUC, that it still will meet the permit conditions....

Except, for Montana. Montana is still Blue since a year ago. Montana has some clout with the KXL as it has cross Montana before it gets to the Red States.

When it comes to Republicans the corruption just never stops.

Daugaard's donors to his Governor campaign remain uncoded to the tune of $1,519,086. (click here)

And Heineman doesn't have radar for Canada's invasion. How long has Heineman been a governor and he doesn't have Canada on his radar? Liar.
...Two weeks ago (click here) during an exclusive interview (see video below) with Nebraska Watchdog, Heineman was asked if he thinks the pipeline is a good idea. The Governor said it’s not on his radar. “I just haven’t focused on that issue to any great extent because it’s a federal regulatory issue. So I’ve let our congressional delegation deal with that,” said Heineman...

...According to a survey released by pipeline critic Bold Nebraska, 48 percent oppose the pipeline, 19 percent favor it, and 33 percent are undecided....