Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Severe Weather - UNISYS 12 hour loop (click at title to entry - thank you)

June 9, 2010
00:17 GMT
Atlantic Ocean Satellite

The FIRST hurricanes of the season are gaining potential as well. 

Red River Valley is in the path of the potential tornadoes and heavy rain.

The same vortex street is taking a north - east track.  The Jet Stream is becoming dominated by the vortexes again.  The 'heat plume' coming up from the equator is going to reek havoc with the air mass and movement in the central USA.

There are actually two streets, the ones nearest the equator is primarily stationary.  Those are starting to pick up some minor amount of moisture.  Minor in the sense of 'percent of water vapor to size of vortex.'  With added water vapor there might be some added turbulence and movement in the equatorial systems.

Severe thunderstorms, hail move across St. Louis region
By Lisa Watson
Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday afternoon thunderstorms brought hail to the St. Louis region and are expected to continue through the night.
A flood warning is in effect in St. Charles County, and a severe weather warning has been issued for St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and St. Clair County and Monroe County in Illinois. A storm capable of producing quarter-sized hail was spotted in the region, according to the National Weather Service.
Very large hail is possible, as are strong winds and isolated tornados, according to the National Weather Service. Severe weather moved in from the northwest Tuesday morning, and was expected to bring 1 to 2 inches of rain across Northeast Missouri, West Central and Southwest Illinois.
Globe-Democrat.com spotted dime-sized hail in St. Louis County.
Unstable conditions in the atmosphere and a slow-moving front will keep rain in the forecast through Sunday, according to the Weather Service


Oil and Gas the safest energy sources on Earth. The latest assessment of the the Hood County gas expolsion is three dead and others missing.

Officials say one person is dead after a gas line explosion and fire near Cleburne, Texas, about 80 kilometres southwest of Dallas. (CBC)

Monday, June 7th, at 2:40 p.m. a natural gas facility in Hood County, Texas exploded. (click title to entry - thank you)  Ten people are missing and three died. The explosion was south of Granbury, near Pecan Plantation.

UPI news says, "Hood County Fire Marshal Brian Fine told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram the workers were missing after a work crew hit a gas pipeline while digging a trench. Officials urged residents to stay in their homes so emergency responders could have full access to the rural roads to the site."
Durango Texas reports, "Firemen from 8 different fire departments have surrounded the site of the explosion. Parkland Hospital, in Dallas, is expecting burn victims to be brought to their specialist burn unit."
Fire crew will have to wait for the gas line to shut off and the fire to burn itself out. Smoke and flames from the fire can be seen for miles.

Company: Workers followed procedure before blast  (link below)

By ANGELA K. BROWN (AP) – 2 hours ago
CLEBURNE, Texas — A utility crew that accidentally struck a natural gas line, sparking a fiery explosion that killed one worker, followed the proper procedures in locating the line before digging, a company official said Tuesday....


Oklahoma Man Dies In Texas Natural Gas Explosion
Posted: Jun 08, 2010 1:07 PM EDT

Updated: Jun 08, 2010 7:46 PM EDT
By Craig Day, The News On 6
RAMONA, OK -- A utility worker found dead several hours after a natural gas line erupted in north Texas is from Oklahoma.
The explosion killed 45-year-old James Neese, from Ramona. Neese leaves behind a wife and seven children, including a toddler and infant. Residents are saddened at the death of a hard working, family man.
While OSHA and National Transportation Safety Board investigators are working to find out how a utility crew ruptured a natural gas line, in Ramona people are saddened to hear the explosion killed one of their own....


2 hurt in W.Va. well blast still hospitalized  (link below)
UDRL / Associated Press
Three more workers injured in a West Virginia drilling rig explosion have been released from the hospital, bringing the total to five.
By Tuesday afternoon, only two workers remained hospitalized. A spokeswoman for Dallas, Texas-based Chief Oil & Gas LLC says neither has life-threatening injuries.
Seven workers were hurt when a crew with Union Drilling struck a pocket of methane Monday in an abandoned coal mine near Moundsville. Union was drilling a natural gas well in the Marcellus shale formation for Chief.
Union is based in Fort Worth, Texas, but the crew was from Buckhannon. Union has refused comment except to say it's cooperating with investigators.
Chief spokeswoman Kristi Gittins says it's too soon to know how the methane ignited. The gas is still burning.


Parkland Memorial Hospital Burn Unit is a busy place evidently.

Kitchen Explosion Injures Five At Texas Restaurant

One person was in critical condition Tuesday after an explosion in the kitchen of a Texas restaurant.
DALLAS (June 8, 2010)--A natural gas explosion Monday in the kitchen of a restaurant in Gainesville left one person in critical condition.
Parkland Memorial Hospital officials said Tuesday that four other people are in serious condition after the explosion around 4:30 p.m. Monday in the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant, El Taco Riendo.
Three women, a young girl and a toddler were flown to the hospital with burns after the blast.
Hospital officials would not say which victim is in critical condition.
Fire officials told The Dallas Morning News that they have not determined the cause of the explosion, but most of the damage occurred inside the building.



Are Natalee's parents still in Aruba regularly? I can't believe Van der Sloot actually pleaded guilty.

I wonder what the penalty for Murder is in Peru?  I would think he would finally confess and tell the Holloways what happened to their daughter.  Is his father a judge or something in Aruba?  And what about the other two men, are they involved or not?  It seems like such a 'huge' crime not that another woman had died.  He could have been stopped.  I can't help but wonder if there are others we don't know about.
New Search to be Conducted for Natalee Holloway's Body  (click title to entry - thank you)

...Arubian authorities told Jossy Mansur, editor of Aruba's Diario Newspaper, they "believe they must have missed something, some kind of evidence" related to Natalee's murder. Natalee, then 18, was last seen leaving a bar with van der Sloot, then 17....