Monday, October 17, 2016


October 27, 1964
By Ronald Reagan:

...You and I are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right. Well I'd like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There's only an up or down...


...Reagan was applauded for continuing to eliminate the Nixon-era price controls. These were blamed for constraining the free-market equilibrium that would have prevented inflation. Reagan further removed controls on oil and gas, cable television and long-distance phone service, as well as interstate bus service and ocean shipping.

Bank regulations were eased. In 1982, the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act was passed, which removed restrictions on loan-to-value ratios for Savings and Loan banks. Reagan's budget cut also reduced regulatory staff at the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. As a result, banks invested in risky real estate ventures (sound familiar?). Reagan's deregulation and budget cutting contributed to the Savings and Loan Crisis of 1989.

Import barriers were actually increased, as Reagan doubled the number of items that were subject to trade restraint from 12% in 1980 to 23% in 1988. Little was done in other regulations affecting health, safety, and the environment. In fact, although Reagan reduced regulations, it was at a slower pace than under Carter. (Source: William A. Niskanen, Reaganomics, The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics)....

1982 Ronald Reagan deregulated the Savings and Loan Industry.

...The Reckoning (click here)
     As a result of these regulatory and legislative changes, the S&L industry experienced rapid growth. From 1982 to 1985, thrift industry assets grew 56 percent, more than twice the 24 percent rate observed at banks. This growth was fueled by an influx of deposits as zombie thrifts began paying higher and higher rates to attract funds. These zombies were engaging in a “go for broke” strategy of investing in riskier and riskier projects, hoping they would pay off in higher returns. If these returns didn’t materialize, then it was taxpayers who would ultimately foot the bill, since the zombies were already insolvent and the FSLIC’s resources were insufficient to cover losses.
     Texas was the epicenter of the thrift industry meltdown. In 1988, the peak year for FSLIC-insured institutions’ failures, more than 40 percent of thrift failures (including assisted transactions) nationwide had occurred in Texas, although they soon spread to other parts of the nation. Emblematic of the excesses that took place, in 1987 the FSLIC decided it was cheaper to actually burn some unfinished condos that a bankrupt Texas S&L had financed rather than try to sell them (see Image 2)....
You want me to get into details? Corruption? OBVIOUS plans for sequestering wealth from the people of the USA? I'd be happy to if no one else wants to set the record straight about "Reaganomics."


Donald Trump has issues that are no one else's but his own. The Democrats bent over backward to be sure the nomination of Hillary Clinton was achieved without the super delegates. Senator Bernie Sanders has campaigned for her. I doubt Donald Trump can say the same.

I don't want to hear the 'Little Goody - Two Shoes," flag waving, holier than thou, virginal USA election process. The corruption in the election is built in by Republican majorities. It is a lot of work to defeat the corruption of the Republican election machine.

Donald Trump makes his own problems and hiding behind the idea an interviewer was responsible for his disgusting remarks about sexual assault of women by privilege alone shows he is not willing to accept RESPONSIBILITY for his own behavior or actions.

I will say this, this is THE Tea Party. When Hillary Clinton made a speech to the white man coalition outside the Democratic Party Platform and campaigns, she didn't realize they admire Donald Trump for 'getting away with it."

I said before, this election is steeped in sexism. Donald Trump can get away with everything and Hillary Clinton has to be pure and perfect. America needs to wake up and reject the values that compromise women and girls.

For God Sake, white men in their fifties are dying before their time. HELLO? The political values of the Republican party and electorate are disgusting. Smoking, drinking, eating red meats that carry toxins. The FDA provided incentives to stop the behavior that destroys the lives of Americans a long time ago, including American White Men. Making these very adverse facts into a political party to win and change the very decency of this country is completely wrong. Donald Trump knows it is wrong and does nothing to increase the self-respect of these men that follow him without question.


Try this on for size. The bad health habits of the white man in the USA is directly subsidy to Wall Street. White men in their determination to create a political power machine while sacrificing their lives is very far away from the decency of the USA.