Friday, July 23, 2010

The USA does not need a 'full' Climate Bill. The Supreme Court has already given brevity to the power of the EPA to regulate.

All the other 'stuff' that was being considered like "Carbon Credits" is not really necessary. I doubt seriously (In its initial form.) Carbon Credits would do anything except increase consumer costs. 

The USA Supreme Court has already provided power to the EPA to regulate Greenhouse Gases.  There is every indiction Secretary Jackson is providing methods to do exactly that.

The other 'fluff' in the bill such as 'Natural Gas Vehicles' is simply to 'stroke the cronies' and there is no reason for it.  Such carbon dioxide emitting vehicles need to be viewed as an emergency measure to alternative types of transportation such as electric cars and mass transit. 

Ethanol is still a viable source of fuel for the USA, but, the 'export' of the ethanol is an issue and grossly limits the 'carbon reduction' character of the fuel.  However, ethanol is far safer than crude and methane. 

Offshore Oil Drilling has to be controlled and ultimately eliminated.  There just isn't any reason for the USA to continue to be this foolish.  We need an economy we can count on and the fisheries are a vital component to that.  If the USA hasn't got an autonomous food source in its fisheries then it is a National Security Issue.  That can't be allowed any longer. 

The USA has to stabilize its economy and expand its tax base so future generations have a strong 'spring board' for their economies.  A wider tax base means the 'average' tax load for every American will be reduced and manageable.

The car emission standards of all the vehicles no matter there energy source has to be raised.  That means even though a Chevy Volt might have a sticker price of $30 thousand or more, it also means the cost of the 'fuel' to power it will be less and the long term value of the electric car will prove to be less after initial investment.

I believe the 'Climate Legislation' as it is known is 'on track' in a way that streamlines the responsiblity for Greenhouse Gases and keeps the cost of government down to enforce the regs.  I think we are doing fine.

On a Global Scale, Carbon Credits and Subsidies to countries that support vast tracks of rainforest and other carbon sinks such as Coral Reefs is still vital to bring Human Induced Global Warming and the Climate Crisis under control.  I also believe the USA has to create 'value' to carbon sinks within the USA.  The National Park Service and The USA Forest Service need a program to 'set aside' Heritage Forests. 

Heritage Forests are those similar to the Redwoods and the Old Growth Forests of the Northwest that harken back to 'the way things were' when the USA was first discovered and settled.  If the Grand Cypresses along the Southeast Coast were left alone, today we would have trees over 2000 to 2500 years old that were vital to steming the carbon dioxide pollution that currently exists.  Imagine having a tree over 2000 years old for your children to see and realize it was there before the time of Jesus Christ.  All that is gone and it is time to establish priorities to return 'Grand Forests' back to the American Landscape.