Saturday, November 07, 2015

This is Donald Trump in a SNL monologue from April 3, 2004.

Tell me there is something different. It all started here.

This was in the "Sydney Morning Herald." People of The West are beginning to worry about Americans and their democracy.

September 8, 2015
By Wesley Lowery

Two police officers (click here) will be charged with second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder after more than a dozen shots were fired into a car, leaving a six-year-old boy dead and his father critically wounded.

Norris Greenhouse jnr, 23, and Derrick Stafford, 32, were arrested on Friday night after state police say they fired 18 shots at the car in which Christopher Few and his son, Jeremy Mardis, were riding in the southern state of Louisiana on Tuesday, Mike Edmonson of the Louisiana State Police said during a news conference....

When Republicans continue their rant and rhetoric about TransCanada, they are nothing but reckless with the future of our children.

Enbridge (click here) is a Canadian company that builds pipelines for petroleum products. TransCanada was their competitor. 

Currently, Enbridge has pipeline 9A preparing for tar sands oil. Their line 5 pipeline is the ancient junk at a very vulnerable part of the Great Lakes. Amazingly, no one can seem to shut it down because of political pressure to allow the oil to flow in an ancient pipeline.

There is something wrong with the world when Wall Street embraces profits at any cost, including the CHANCE, VERY GOOD CHANCE, Enbridge Pipeline 5 will destroy any hopes of an ecosystem in the five Great Lakes.

 Conservation is not an extremist profession. The Enbridge #5 has to be shut down and now. There is no reason for any of this. If the oil has to flow through that particular route, then replace infrastructure. There is on reason why the Great Lakes have to be sacrificed for oil company profits.

Canadians voted in Alberta to shut down the extremist practice of harvesting oil sands. The people of Canada want it to stop and so do the people of the USA. The Canadians have been in the fight for a very long time. It was about time the USA did the right thing.

Stopping the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline has cut down on the destruction of the Alberta tar sands. It has stopped the global shipment of the carbon intensive tar sands extraction to the entire world from the Gulf of Mexico.

Canadians are still acting to end the export of a dangerous form of oil. We need to stand with them. TransCanada is irrelevant. Enbridge is larger. (click here)

There was never any shortage of pipelines in North America. If anything there are too many. The Republicans in the USA were backing a crony in TransCanada. They were also backing a company that can't sustain a loss or support a clean up. Politics of energy is not a good idea, the Republicans made it political.

It was wrong to threaten Native American lands and an aquifer under several states in the USA. It was wrong to disregard endangered species. There is something very wrong with a value system that destroys and disregards the RIGHTFUL concerns of Native Americans, conservationists and the community of environmentalists. There is something very wrong with those wayward methods of profits and there was something wrong 60 years ago, too.

Enbridge Line 5 is an infrastructure issue. If they are going to use it then replace it. Replacing the infrastructure is the right thing to do and everyone knows it. No one wants to spend the money until it is too late and then the petroleum company bears the cost in the USA. Enough. Replace the infrastructure or shut it down

Soon coming to a nursing home near you.

I've heard everything now.

Biography of Ben Carson who grew up to be, Dr. Ben Carson a world famous neurosurgeon at John Hopkins.

Organization care givers with resident customers are finding the movie convenient as a source of voters. It is politics without the direct solicitation.

The GOP frontrunner in the latest Iowa poll would replace Medicare and Medcaid with savings accounts (click here)

October 22, 2105
By Kyle Cheney and Jason Millman

Republicans have fended off accusations for years that they'd gut Medicare for seniors and end the program "as we know it."

Not Ben Carson. The former neurosurgeon acknowledges he would abolish the program altogether....

Health care savings accounts for people over 65 and those with low income is not realistic when it comes to health care costs. The reason there is Medicare and Medicaid is because it provides care not otherwise pursued, including colds and flu, etc. This is a ridiculous option and getting more ridiculous.

Medicaid provides health care for the Poor and Medicare is a health care insurance for the elderly. Those on Medicare contributed to it most of their working lives. Where does this guy get off telling seniors and the Poor they can do better right now? They can't and everyone knows the Poor need good health care to continue their ambitions to work and end their own poverty.

Health Care Savings Accounts have always been for people that have disposable income. People with low incomes or fixed incomes cannot afford a Health Care Savings Account unless their fixed income per month is substantial.

There is no reason why Democrats can't encourage Health Care Savings Accounts to those that can afford it. If the Dems were telling the truth it would provide a better platform for them and real information of this politicized option. The Health Care Savings Account is built to cover deductibles and co-pays. For some it can carry a cash payment to health care providers, but, that is the exception.