Saturday, April 06, 2013

Google needs to end the ability to market endangered species online!

Will Google pleas stop this practice. 


2012 was the worst year for African Elephant poaching. I am quite confident online services can help make available offenders of items of endangered species for sale and create filters to end the practice.


March 8, 2013
A conservation group argues that Google (click here) is encouraging the sale of elephant ivory in Japan via shopping advertisements that promote products from endangered whale and elephant species.
The Environmental Investigation Agency, an advocacy group, requested that the search juggernaut remove more than “1,400 ads that promote whale products and as many as 10,000 ads that promote elephant ivory products” on Google Japan’s shopping page.
“While elephants are being mass slaughtered across Africa to produce ivory trinkets, it is shocking to discover that Google, with the massive resources it has at its disposal, is failing to enforce its own policies designed to help protect endangered elephants and whales,” said EIA President Allan Thornton, in a statement....

2011 the Internal Revenue Service exempted tar sands oil from the tax, saying the substance did not fit the characterization of crude oil.

tax loophole exempting tar sands pipeline operators from paying an eight-cent tax per barrel of oil they transport in the US is costing the federal Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund millions of dollars every year. With expected increases in tar sands oil production over the next five years, this loophole may have deprived US citizens of $400-million dollars worth of critical oil-spill protection funds come 2017.

This is an incentive to maintain the tar sands oil process primitive and polluting.

According to a thirty-year-old law in the US, diluted bitumen coming from the Alberta tar sands is not classified as oil, meaning pipeline operators planning to transport the corrosive substance across the US - with proposed pipelines like the Keystone XL - are exempt from paying into the federal Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund.

The Tar Sands Crud is considered a "Dilbit Blend." It is a designer oil mixture that maintains it outside of the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund.

"Dilbit Blends" means "Blends made from heavy crudes and/or bitumens and a diluent usually condensate, for the purpose of meeting pipeline viscosity and density specifications, where the density of the diluent included in the blend is less than 800 kg/m3." If the diluent density is greater than or equal to 800 kg/m3, the diluent is typically synthetic crude and accordingly the blend is called synbit.

Naphtha is used to dilute the tar to make it flow.

Naphtha is a sulfur based. It is a corrosive. 
The Tar Sands Oil Crud is corroding the pipelines.

There is a substantial sulfur content in oil out of any well on the planet. That is a fact. The sulfur component in oil requires protective clothing to prevent damage to the worker. Hazard suits.

Naphtha is a petroleum distillate to remove the sulfur from the refined product to go into gas tanks.

Sulfur causes ACID RAIN. It is the SOX in NOX AND SOX. Sulfur is adverse to life on Earth.

The highly corrosive nature of sulfur is why it is removed at refineries to produce gasoline, jet fuel, etc.

The process plants in Canada are adding naphtha to the tar sands crud in order to get it to flow like oil. The naphtha is corroding the pipelines. It is why they are breaking open.

In this article, the refining process uses a lot of energy to heat the crude in order to vaporize the corrosives. The corrosives are then condensed and removed as liquids.

...In a Preflash Column, (click here) butane and lighter fractions will go overhead. Liquids which distill overhead are most often sent to a Debutanizer and the gases are sent to the Saturate Gas Plant or plant fuel gas. Light naphtha may be drawn off the side of the Preflash Column, or taken overhead, depending on the refinery configuration. The light naphtha and naphtha from the atmospheric column overhead may be combined and sent to a Naphtha Splitter....

It is a Exxon article. Basically, what the tar sands process includes is mixing these corrosive distillates into the crud to allow it to flow through the pipeline from Canada to Texas. Once in Texas, the corrosives are removed. 

The energy used to mix the corrosives into the tar sands crud in Canada is doubled when energy is used at the other end of the process in Texas to remove the very corrosives introduced at the beginning.

An older Journal (I love old books for all the right reasons.) by the name of "Industrial and Engineering Chemistry," has an article dating from 1925 about the corrosive effects of naphtha. This property has been know to the petroleum industry for a very long, long time.

"Corrosive Effects of Naphtha Solutions of Sulfur and Sulfur Compounds," (clickk here); Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (click here) Volume 17, Number 8 (click here), pages 798-802.

This is NOT outdated information. Chemicals today are the same as chemicals centuries ago. Water is water is water. Naphtha is naphtha is naphtha.

This journal is a publication of the American Chemical Society. The ACS (American Chemical Society) has been around forever. It is a FOUNDATION knowledge and the old journals of the ACS is among the most valuable on Earth.

I used to work for a chemical company, remember?
This is public transportation. It is called the Lynx Rapid Transit Services. It services Charlotte, NC. It was a star project of the now Governor McCrory when he was mayor of Charlotte. It was built with $200 million federal dollars secured by the Late Senator Jessie Helms.

McCrory had a easy job as Mayor of Charlotte. The UNC system has a huge university there and one third of the work force in Charlotte is college educated.

The North Carolina Panthers are there.

I think Seimens has a manufacturing plant there. They hire engineers coming out of UNC-Charlotte.

McCrory benefited by public transportation to pay Charlotte's bills. He was able to get Mecklenburg County to pay a half cent in taxes into the treasury of Charlotte for the public transportation system within Charlotte. It was a foregone conclusion it benefited the people within Mecklenburg in their commute. 

Mecklenburg tried to repeal the transportation tax at one point and McCrory was able to fight to keep it successfully.

Everyone that voted for McCrory as Governor wanted him to do the same thing for North Carolina he did for Charlotte. They never bothered to realize exactly what was going on in Charlotte to make McCrory a star performer. Fourteen years of taxing the county and taking federal monies while hosting football and steam turbines.


The Democrats have been trying to put public transportation across the state of North Carolina to facilitate an economy for decades now. Maybe it might happen if McCrory gets Obama Money to do it.

Rebels without a cause. The inmates are running the asylum.

The worst of the worst finally found their way into the only job they are qualified for, lousy government.

The Republicans have lost their legitimacy. They are proving to be incompetent at every turn.
Published: April 4, 2013
 — Two Rowan County lawmakers (click here) drew nationwide attention Wednesday for pushing a resolution that says North Carolina and its counties and towns have the right to establish an official religion.
Rep. Carl Ford, a Republican from China Grove, and Salisbury Republican Rep. Harry Warrenfiled the measure this week as Rowan commissioners gear up to fight a lawsuit that seeks to end their habit of opening meetings with specifically Christian prayers.
But the resolution delved deeper.
It acknowledges that the U.S. Constitution prevents Congress from creating an official religion.
But the First Amendment prohibition, the resolution argues, doesn’t apply to states, counties or towns – despite federal court rulings to the contrary. It asks the legislature to adopt a resolution supporting their right to set up their own religious laws....

If Democrats every become interested in making government work again in North Carolina the people might actually have a chance at building an economy again.

Democrats can be elected when the people voting actually know they have a reason to vote for people who care rather than those that don't. The North Carolina Republicans only know one thing, power to corrupt. Think about it. Why not throw out the US Constitution at the state level to make oneself wealthy?  Why not? 

They don't care about the people, they care about lining their own pockets and run social rebellions as a distraction.

The Bible Belt? Care about themselves and legitimate government? When? Maybe when hell freezes over.

By Rose Ellen O'Connor, on February 14th, 2013
Two of 15 members of a panel (click here) set up to write the regulations for hydraulic fracturing in North Carolina have potential conflicts of interest, according to disclosure forms and land records. Both members were assigned to seats that were supposed to go to environmentalists. And the chairman of the state Mining and Energy Commission says he intends to move swiftly to draft regulations and likens the risks of hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, to the chances of getting hit in the head with a meteorite....

This is small potatoes stuff. There is no significant amounts of shale gas in North Carolina. To coin a phrase they understand, "The juice ain't worth the squeeze." That is why new homeowners are deprived their mineral rights because by the time the gas is extracted the company would never make money if they had to pay royalties.

...According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the Deep River Basin, a 150-mile stretch of shale rock extending from central North Carolina to the state’s southern border, has 1.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. That’s enough to fuel the state for five and a half years, according to the federal Energy Information Administration. It’s worth about $6 billion, based on today’s prices, however natural gas prices fluctuate widely. By contrast, the U.S. Geological Survey estimates that the Marcellus Shale formation, running from Tennessee through Pennsylvania and on to New York, has 84.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, worth about $292 billion by today’s prices....

There is no economy here, there are million-billionaires selling their own profits as an economy when the money will leave the state. Even the workers of these wells are from out of state. So, this is nonsense. There is no reason to do it, but, politically it paid off at the ballot box. Now. What kind of leaders are in Raleigh, North Carolina today? Those seeking to improve the economy or play with themselves and their ideologies to cover up the fact they haven't got a clue?
There have been brush burns lately with high winds to 55 mph. With this level of drought = heat, expected wind events and continuing arctic flow, this is a season to pay attention.

Wind fueled fires and tornadoes.

The current snow melt is not raising river levels either. Right now there are only two locations in the nation with any type of flood readings.

Reservoirs on the east and west coast are mostly full, but, Texas is about 66% where it was a year ago.

Some of the midwest reservoirs have a falling trend. It is not huge, but, the trend is longer than 30 days. 

We've got problems. This is the year trend from Kansas.

This is a NEW TREND for the Midwest. Houston, we have a problem.

The Great Lakes are not as deep as the oceans.

These are datum levels. The NORM. Currently, the Great Lakes no different than the Mississippi River are dying up. There are times in some areas of the Great Lakes where the depth is about 18 to 20 feet high wind events create wave depths to expose the bottom. So, the idea these lakes are water resources other than recreation and tourism is crazy. Not only that, but, legally the Great Lakes have interests by two countries and many states and provinces. The issue of syphoning for industrial purposes meets the interests of many, many parties. It is not possible for the Great Lakes to be exploited.

Larry Bivins 
Gannett Washington Bureau
April 3, 2013

WASHINGTON — As the 2013 Great Lakes (click here) shipping season begins, the latest water levels forecast offers little encouragement for commercial carriers.
Shippers should expect to encounter continued low water levels over the next six months and the possibility of having to leave some of their cargo dockside.
While water levels are not expected to reach record lows, as they did in Lake Michigan and Huron in January, they are forecast to remain well below long-term averages, according to Keith Kompoltowicz, chief of watershed hydrology for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' district office in Detroit....

Dredging is not going to fix this. Dredging is effective when there is actually sediment BUILD UP. That is not problem. The problem IS there is no water.

March 19, 2013
Matt Kelley

Mississippi River levels are on the rise, thanks to all of the recent precipitation. Mike Peterson, a spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, says it’s a welcome turnaround after more than a year of drought conditions and extremely low river levels on the Mississippi.
“It got a little shaky there as far as being able to keep commerce moving but we were able to keep the navigation channel open and now we are seeing the result of a lot of snow melt and rain coming down from up north,” Peterson says. “We’ve actually jumped from close to zero on the St. Louis gauge. We’re up at about 25 feet today.”...
Wow, 25 feet already. How great is that, huh? 

Only 14 more feet to reach NORMAL depth.

I wouldn't get too excited though.

Basically, the current pattern is expected to sustain.

More proof Rick Snyder is operating his state government as a dictatorship out of touch with the people.

The Governor of Michigan is attempting to solve the state's fiscal problems by deregulating everything. He is creating increased problems for the cities. He is not capable. He is lazily expecting the deregulation do nothing but add income without liability. The guy is not too smart.

Fracking can't simply suck up water from the Great Lakes for their industry either. There are all kinds of problems with fracking at or near the Great Lakes. Snyder doesn't have a clue what he is doing.

In an effort to create income (click here) for the state, Gov. Rick Snyder has opened up vast tracts of public land for horizontal hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”). Decisions such as this will inevitably create hardship for cities, townships and counties. These entities end up paying the price when legislators make bad decisions.
Recent events with fireworks legislation in Michigan illustrate this point perfectly. The state representative who sponsored the fireworks bill said of the problems that resulted: “This is much bigger than anyone expected, including myself.”  The law was meant to bring a new revenue stream into the state, but Warren Mayor Jim Fouts called the law an “unmitigated disaster”.
Fireworks create problems. They cause fires, accidents and discord among neighbors. The associated costs are absorbed by local agencies. The majority of Michigan residents could have predicted this outcome, but lawmakers were clueless.
Fracking poses a far more serious threat to our well-being, and many local communities are becoming aware of this. Many are considering how to best avoid paying for these negative consequences down the road....

Putin on NGOs, Cyrus and Syria

Perhaps knowing where monies are coming from in Russia may stop corruption. The Cyrus disaster will sting some of the wealthier Russians. I don't think they will be getting their money back soon. Putin wants to stop the arms into Syria to support the opposition in the country. He seeks to bring about peace by negotiations. Hopefully, a power sharing arrangement can grow out of it and end the suffering.