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Michael Moore - Bowling For Columbine (2002)- Movie-U.S. Government CREA...

Oscar carries a sword. So, tell me when a documentarian is awarded an Oscar for his work, does that mean he is a soldier for the truth and the integrity of his countrymen?

I strongly suggest the USA Military purchase the shares of The Bushmaster Company.

While some Wall Street companies are taking responsible changes to their stocking and selling of these very dangerous weapons, there are still companies such as Cabela's (click here) putting everything on sale for Christmas. Imagine that.

Regular Price: $729.00 - $1099.99
Sale Price: $729.99 - $1039.99

The Bushmaster AR-15 is not simply one particular gun. It is a generic for several types of guns.

Bushmaster Firearms AR-15 Rifles

Huge selection of firearms based on Bushmaster’s AR-15

Renowned for performance, reliability and innovation

Models for hunting, competition, home defense and tactical use

All backed by Bushmaster’s warranty

Home defense and tactical use. That makes sense? The multi-tasking gun. I suppose for that price, even on sale, it better, huh?

Tactical use. We actually have people in the USA seeking to use their personal weapons for tactical use. Really? Isn't that illegal? Tactical. That's like planning on killing police officers and assaulting the government. Wow.

Cerberus Capital Management is selling it. It would secure the nation if the USA military took possession of it to produce weapons for our military to our specifications and not theirs. Basically, they need to be retooled to serve the aspect of reality where it is appropriate. It is best the USA secure it's borders from purchasers from Mexico or worse.

Alec MacGillis
December 18, 2012 | 3:51 pm

Looking for a last-minute Christmas present (click here) for that special person on your list? How about Freedom Group, the maker of the Bushmaster rifle used in the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut? Cerberus Capital Management, a major New York private equity firm,. announced today that it is putting its controlling stake in Freedom Group up for sale. The Cerberus executives are no squeamish liberals. Its founder and CEO, Stephen A. Feinberg, is an avid hunter. Its executives have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent years to Republican candidates, including Ben Quayle, whose father, the former vice president, serves on Cerberus' board. But apparently, the firm decided that the elementary-school massacre was just too large a blot on Freedom Group. It surely doesn't help that Feinberg's father lives in Newtown....

The only possibly is for a vulture capitalist, such as Bain and the new Bain Group that Romney is entertaining needs to do something decent for a change and actually shut down a company with products ancient and archaic.

The government should be able to monitor the sales of these companies and see to it they are not sold to any interest that will unleash it's power on the people of the USA again.

Secretary Clinton stated the USA recognizes the Syrian Rebels as a stable authority. It would seem to be the case.

ANTAKYA, Turkey — NBC News correspondent Richard Engel (click here for video) and his four-person crew have been freed unharmed after being kidnapped inside Syria and subjected to five days of forced moves and death threats.
The journalists were released Monday after a gunbattle between their captors and Syrian rebels at a checkpoint manned by the Ahrar al-Sham brigade, NBC said. They crossed safely back into Turkey....

Let me get this right. Concussion can shut down an industry, but, Secretary Clinton should spring back at a moment's notice.


Each year about four million young athletes play football.(click here) It’s estimated that between 11 and 15 percent of those children get a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). According to a 2011 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there has been a 60 percent increase in all youth athletes treated for TBI in the past decade.
To combat growing unease among parents and observers, USA Football, the official football development partner of the NFL, created Heads Up Football, a program designed to help reduce head injuries in high-school football. The program has a nice website, videos, and a national advertising campaign. But the main component is making sure children are taught proper tackling technique....

When I think of healing it is emotional and spiritual.

I believe everyone regardless of faith or lack of religious affiliation has a spiritual side. I think of spirituality as the connection between the emotional and cognitive. I believe when emotional trauma is indelibly placed on the survival centers of the brain through biochemical imprint the emotional and spiritual have to go to work to resolve the conflict which cannot and should not be repressed.

If trauma is emotional rather than physical there has to be emotional answers to resolve the feeling to benevolence of the person.

For me the best way for children to heal is to provide safe emotional content to express their feelings and find expression for their 'concerns.' Concerns can be worry, they can be fear, but, basically children can perceive their world differently and have irrational fears in the best of parenting circumstances.

I was once a parent of my young sons. I never underestimated their misunderstanding of life. But, to me for a child to feel safe to express themselves they need to have privacy (even in a room full of others, a child can find privacy of thought and expression) and permission. Drawing, making a work of art through modeling clay or painting provides the emotional connection between emotion and concrete expression. Only when adults understand the concerns of a child can adult(s) begin to communicate effectively and with indulgence. 

A child can cope. They can endear the memory of a loved one forever in memory of benevolence to self. 

Memories are forever and it is okay if emotions come to the surface when those memories are touched in the real world. But, incorporating LOSS in a real way to prolong the love they shared will make them stronger and give them more endurance. Teddy bears sit on a shelf and become thread bare. But, they last forever and all the memories projected into them are always there. Memories are wonderful things and they can be fond memories that never leave even though a loved one has.

The American Red Cross passed out stuffed puppies to all the children at the memorial service. It is also a common denominator between them now. That and the comfort dogs are powerful stuff.

I could not disagree more.

Zachary is being comforted by his Dad. It is his Dad he trusts and seeks. I trust their parents. If parents believe it is time for their children to return to school, then so be it. But, to impose a school schedule in the middle of their healing is counter productive. Healing doesn't happen on demand.

Sandy Hook Shooting Survivors Should Be in School, Need 'Routine,' Psychologist Says (click here)

Returning Routine is such mind speak jargon I can't stand it.

These are not adults that can process their world in a way that is rational. Children need time with their parents to be reassured they are okay and they are going to be okay. They need love and reassurance to feel safe. Masking their fears with routine is counter productive and will cause trauma all by itself. Basically, I don't believe in repressing feelings in children. They are very competent at using their own cognition to rationalize their own reality. They are very smart about their own world.

One of the heroes I witnessed in all this is a group of dogs that do nothing but provide comfort. When those dogs arrived on the scene the children smiled and actually found a great deal of comfort in their animal friends. It is not distraction that heals them, it is comfort and parents are the absolute best people at providing that to their children.

If administrators can't see their way clear to provide a longer CHRISTMAS vacation to the children of Sandy Hook School, then they should provide strolling dogs in the hallways and visiting to classrooms when invited by teachers to allow children to comfort themselves with REAL FEELINGS.

There will be children that will act our their repression today and in the future. They have to resolve their reality, not repress it through the insistence by adults. There will be children that will be overwhelmed by their reality for whatever reason is their own. They will cause interruptions in a classroom causing more feelings of chaos and uncertainty. None of these children should be required to relive that trauma by other children that have poor coping mechanisms and have not had time to heal. Children are a community all by themselves. Ask any bully.

I don't recommend school attendance for these children until after the New Year and they have had time to process this. These are NOT adolescents or teenagers, they are babies in so much of their reality yet.

Art therapy and desired Christmas presents will do wonders.

Concealed Carry doesn't work.

New Town, Connecticut was an example of people ABLE and willing to arm themselves. Every possible freedom the USA Constitution provides was in practice in that town. 

In order for Concealed Carry to work there has to be weapons provided to the citizens by the government, because, there is no EQUITY in the ABILITY to purchase weapons.

Militarizing the citizen is not a peaceful country. Perhaps, the Concealed Carry enthusiasts want New York City to be Syria. I am not interested.

The reason there are Bush Masters in the hands of pretty ladies for their sons to access is because they 'buy into' the idea they can actually prevent their own death by others better armed than them. 

Concealed Carry is fine for people with 'high risk' jobs or positions in life. Lawyers are susceptible to violence by others. They defend people others would like to see dead and lawyers are a target by angry people. There are other professions, but, then lawyers can afford the guns they carry and usually they fit in a brief case. Those that practice Conceal Carry aren't carrying Bush Masters over their shoulder. I doubt seriously they could. There are metal detectors to court houses these days, because, people kill judges. 

The idea guns actually CAN BE a benevolent part of life is one of the most hideous ideation in the USA. Guns are not benevolent by nature. They are dangerous. Anyone owning one or more have a very healthy respect for their power that could be outside the control of the owner. So, owners carry for reasons of personal safety knowing their personal safety is actually compromised by the very instrument they carry.

The President of the United States is REQUIRED to maintain the domestic peace. It is in the job description. 

Y'all sure you want to continue down this path of ? conversation ?