Friday, October 14, 2016

The Flint River Water Project

To sincerely appreciate any aspect of nature one has to savor the culture that named it with pride and promise.

Rivers are full of promise. Lewis and Clark traveled through the USA in discovery, not by mule train, but, by river. 

When Thomas Jefferson (click here) dispatched Lewis and Clark to find a water route across North America and explore the uncharted West, he expected they'd encounter woolly mammoths, erupting volcanoes, and a mountain of pure salt. What they found was no less surprising. See it all on our journey: journal entries, historical photos, drawings, and more....

Rivers are magnificent and powerful. The power we think of today is linked to the climate crisis the the sad scenarios it brings. But, rivers forged this country. The water ways were vital to westward expansion. Climbing mountains didn't speed along what was the great expanse of the USA from 13 original colonies. It was the waterways that proved far safer transport of civilization.

We do not love our rivers enough in the 21st century. 

The Flint River is among some very interesting names that originate from Native American language. Among these magnificent names are simple names as well as Flint and Cass. Interesting, isn't it.

Research is on going.

Thank you.