Monday, November 15, 2010

The war is over for them, it is why they are veterans and they need to stop solicitus behavior that endanger children's lives.

There is a reason why schools have policies and they are usually to protect all the students.  The veterans are out of line and involving a child in a statement when all he needs to do is attend school.  I believe riding rough shod over a school administration that is trying everything they know how to equalize all the factors in preventing violence is abusive.  Are the veterans going to be body guards from now on?

Flags have become a 'demonstration' content among children and it needs to stop.  There is too much violence in our schools at nearly every grade and there needs to be sincere understanding to the 'idea' that children's safety comes first.

There have been issues within the USA that are surrounded with danger.  Illegal immigration is one of them.  It is not a topic for a child and wearing 'flag emblems' are becoming a source of 'gang' behavior.

It is that behavior and what danger it elicits for children creating the problem,  NOT the fact everyone is proud to be an American.  Children are NOT to be put in the middle of conflict, they simply have to FIRST grow up and learn their school lessons, do their homework and respect their teachers and parents.

Cody Alicea, 13, is now a victim.  It is just that simple.  

He is the focus of anger and hatred and people are taking up sides.  Shame on every adult involved in the opposition demonstration of the school policy.   Shame on all of you.  You need to grow up FIRST and then attend School Board Meetings.  His parents did not use good judgment in allowing a 13 year old child to become the center of a national debate.  It was some of the poorest judgment I have witnessed and I sincerely don't care what Palin or any other political figure has to say about it, Mother Grizzly or not.  It is poor judgment and this is going to become a harassment issue of someone.  Either Cody or a classmate that is Hispanic or of another ethnicity.

There is an American flag flying over every public school in the country.  There is an assignment daily of students to raise the flag at the beginning of the day and take it down at the end of school.  This is not about respect for our nation or the flag.  This a political stunt and a child has been victimized.

The PROPER way of handling this is for parents to attend School Board meetings and defend their child to the administration and ELECTED officials.  If children are allowed to wear flag emblems there needs to be an understanding that it isn't going to result in a 'gang' behavior that will result in injury of a child or worse.  

Now, if PARENTS feel strongly about the topic they need to attend school board meetings and stop brow beating administrators that are simply doing their jobs and attempting to protect every child in their school.  Attending school board meetings and PTA meetings isn't glamourous, or doesn't get national media attention, but, it gets LOCAL issues settled.

ATTITUDES is not what a mentally healthy child needs in learning and growing.  Shame on everyone, including the media that wants to make a child a 'darling' for no clear reason at all.

An aspect of the Health Insurance Reform Bill passed last year was the exclusion of genetic information in acquairing insurance.

It is to protect citizens from any pre-existing conditions according to some obscure genetic disease that never manifests into anything.

It also opens up citizens to be categorized according to genetic code, is an invasion of privacy and could result in all kinds of investigation where none is needed  As far as I am concerned, investigation into any disease process of the human body has to be conducted based upon APPARENT symptoms, function, quality of life and longevity.  If there is a genetic 'anomaly' it might be interesting to investigate it and track it, but, with private funds and not government funds.  Anomalies don't constitute 'definitive' threats to qualify of life and longevity.  But, simply anomalies.

The EEOC enforces Title II (click title to entry - thank you) of GINA (dealing with genetic discrimination in employment). The Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and the Treasury have responsibility for issuing regulations for Title I of GINA, which addresses the use of genetic information in health insurance....

Genetic Testing: Further Debate with Richard Epstein (click here)

posted by Daniel Solove
...With insurance, there’s the issue of how equal a risk distribution one wants to achieve. We could have health insurance, for example, that is prohibited from charging people extra based on pre-existing conditions. In other words, we all bear the cost of health insurance equally. Another model is for those who are more at risk to pay higher premiums and those who are less at risk to pay lower premiums. I generally support insurance that is more equal – even if that means I pay more. The primary benefit of insurance, I believe, is to spread risk throughout society so as to eliminate certain contingencies in life. Society as a whole absorbs these losses, rather than particular individuals. Unfortunately, insurance only partially functions in this way today....

Insurance premiums are supposed to be distributed among a pool of citizens / subscribers.  The 'idea' is to realize that disease process is not 'fixed' in any person's life.  Trauma, cancers and other diseases such as heart disease and COPD are based in lifestyle and environmental factors.  So, the concept that a person should have health insurance rates that are defined on these particular aspects of life is unrealistic.  People live their lives spontaneously and there is no accurate way of determining when the next trauma event is going to occur, while weather frequently increases those odds.  So, if one applies for insurance in an area of the country where snow occurs should they pay more for health insurance?  No. Why?  Because people in these regions of the country become accustomed to these events and have better skills at protecting from them.  So, the possibility of controlling health insurance rates based on trying to determine 'chaos' is a hideous concept.  Any statistician worth their salt know that the larger the pool in any statistical analysis the likelihood all the chaos is absorbed into a very small margin of error.  It is better to determine a health insurance rate on a national populous than on a small pool of people.  It just works out better for everyone.

Burmese flee homes as tensions increase (click title to entry - thank you)

Burma clashes: 30 dead as fighting continues  (click here)


Rebel armies fail to link up in bid to tackle Burmese forces after sham election
urmese rebel hopes of creating a united front to tackle regime forces on the battlefield received a setback on Tuesday when the legendary commander of the ethnic army in southern Shan State said his 7,000 men couldn't be spared at this time to help Karen forces pinned down 100 miles south on the Thai-Burmese border.
The Karen soldiers - of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army's crack 5th Brigade - were desperately trying to hold on to regime positions they conquered in fierce fighting which began as polls closed on Sunday in Burma's sham election.
Claims by Thai authorities that the fighting had died down in the Burmese border town of Myawaddy were disputed by observers in nearby border areas of Thailand, where gunfire and explosions were still echoing in the mountains on Tuesday morning. At least 30 soldiers and civilians have died so far in the fighting.
Refugees continue to flood into Thailand, and aid organisations in the Thai border town of Mae Sot say they are now trying to care for at least 20,000. Thailand, meanwhile, says it is preparing to repatriate the refugees because the situation appears to be safe for them to return....

Fighting between the Burmese military and ethnic Karen rebels follows the release of pro-democracy leader Aung Sung Suu Kyi. (Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters)

That statement is a lie!  Aung Sung Suu Kyi has been under house arrest and the fighting has been going on the ENTIRE time.  She is NOT to be used as a scapegoat again for the poor leadership that cannot quell the rage of the people.

THIS did not happen overnight.  

JUNE 18 2009 16:48h

Myanmar Troops Threaten Karen Rebel Bases (click here)

The army and their Karen allies were also threatening two bases of the Karen National Union (KNU), the largest rebel group in Myanmar.
Myanmar government forces captured three Karen rebel positions on Thursday in the latest fighting that has forced thousands of refugees to flee into neighbouring Thailand, commanders said.
The army and their Karen allies were also threatening two bases of the Karen National Union (KNU), the largest rebel group in the eastern former Burma.
"We captured 3 small KNU positions and are closing in on two main bases," said Captain Kha Koe of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA), which joined government troops in an offensive against the KNU on June 3.
There were no confirmed reports of casualties....

Forced to serve … two Karen boys on guard in New Manerplaw - Karen rebel territory - in Burma. Children as young as 10 serve in the army and in the ranks of some 30 armed ethnic groups .
Photo: AP/David Longstreath

Childhood stolen for military  (click here)

Seth Mydans in Bangkok
November 1, 2007
ADD to the many hardships in Burma one more danger: being a boy. The military, struggling to meet recruiting quotas, is buying, kidnapping and terrorising boys as young as 10 to fill its ranks.
A report by Human Rights Watch says military recruiters and civilian brokers scour train and bus stations, markets and other public places for boys and force them to serve.
Some may simply disappear without their families' knowledge and spend years on the front lines of a brutal war against ethnic insurgencies.
"In recent years, the military has continued to expand while at the same time losing large numbers of soldiers to desertion," a co-author of the report, Jo Becker, said.
Recruiters and agents receive cash payments and other incentives for recruits, even those who fail to meet basic health and age requirements, said the report, which was based on interviews in Burma, Thailand and China.
The large number of child soldiers in Burma's army - and in the ranks of some 30 armed ethnic groups - has been known for years. But the report, coming at a moment of crisis in Burma, illustrates the kind of abuses that, combined with economic hardships, resulted in the anti-Government protests in August and September that were crushed by the military junta.
"Even before the recent crackdown, many young adults rejected military service because of gruelling conditions, low pay and mistreatment by superior officers," the report said.
In response to criticism, the Government formed a high-level committee in 2004 to prevent the kidnapping of under-age soldiers. "In fact, the committee is a sham," Ms Becker said....

What did she do "W"rong?

Other than being the best Speaker of the House in the Modern Era.  What did she do "W"rong?  See, no one really has an answer to that question that matters.  She was incredible.  Absolutely incredible and passed sweeping legislation nearly every day that the House was in session.  It is why the Murdoch Right Wing Media Extremists demonized her.  She is good at what she does.  When anyone comes up with a real answer, let me know.

She wrote the book, so to speak.  It can be purchased from Amazon beginning at $6.76 new and $2.10 used.  (click here)