Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The men in this video seem fairly young to me. One even looks like a child. They can't be that old.

The bully in the picture speaks some Arabic. He looks to be a little thick around the middle, don't you think? He must be nothing more than a guard with a gun. Sedentary, something an American would understand.

He justifies his anger by stating the Syrian soldiers were raining terror on the people of ar-Raqquah, then he brings in support by the Brothers of the Mujahideen. Self-righteous. 

I kind of don't get it. Why the masks? As if their identity would do what? I suppose
the USA might cancel passports, but, at the same time passport photos with the
Treasury Department would help reveal who he is. The passport process under the 
previous administration became far more invasion to one's private life, supplying
a high school record, IDs of driver license and/or college ID, even religious 
organizations that would identify him as an American. 

He doesn't wear eyeglasses, appears to be Caucasian, mostly by the skin of his
hand while holding the gun. His facial features while talking and stretching the 
mask fairly secure around his head gives his silhouette away. If I were an FBI
artist I would think the shape of his face, the size of his nose the placement of his 
eyes and the movement of his mouth would be a darn good start.

He is about 5' 10" along with his peers in the line while preparing to assassinate child soldiers. Weight about 175-180 maybe. 

He is fairly typical of the self-righteous members of the Islamic State. They are 
powerful because they believe they have a corner on living according to the 
Quran enforced by weapons that kill unarmed young men. The men that are to 
die are younger than he. He should be ashamed. He is pretty much a punk like the rest of the lousy bastards.

I realize the Syrian Civil War has been brutal in it's own right, but, even hard core Hezbollah doesn't do this. It is not their style. Hezbollah likes to make an impression by blowing stuff up and costing a single leader in Lebanon his life. They don't hide from sight, they simply carry out an act of murder and the authorities are left to decide who did it.

I read a report in the media today stating that IS and Iraq fighters were dying. But, both sides were taking on causalities. The bombing missions have worked, IS no longer has an advantage. Not that I think it is right they are killing Iraqis, but, they are no longer slaughtering them.

The Middle East has always been rough territory. But this? I don't know that the Crusades were as bloody as IS trail of blood. And I mean that.

The IS executioner has to be about 30+ years old according to his voice, but, not much more than that. He conducts himself like an American. He wasn't born in the south. Americans are more learned than most other countries and can develop leadership easily when called upon. It is not difficult for him to do his job, he has power over those surrounding him by the weapon he carries. He is a hair bit taller than his fellow assassins probably because he was better nourished in his growing years. His skin color is darker than the others with him. He's black. The trigger finger in the very last scene shows skin color darker than his nail bed.

This is a pure guess; Not New England, Not Midwest, ? California ? - I don't think so, how about Newark, former inmate. That is the best I got.

He is the oldest of the group, be they prisoners or peers. Once a composite sketch is made distribute it among police forces. He's got a record. 
Of course she is correct regarding her personal life, but, there is also a greater morality not well served by this crime. She has many fans that are young women. I am sure they admire her personal character strength and the roles she played, but, what they didn't bargain for was an insult to that image.

When these crimes are committed it shatters the image she projects. She is valued as a very genuine person. She has a right to value her trademark without damage by cyber-crime. The insult doesn't just effect her public image, it transcends her fans. I am sure there some who are now confused about her and their value of her Superstar status.

Don Blakenship hates Wall Street. Amazing.

...As you reflect (click here) on what I write, remember that even Robert Kennedy Jr., said that I am an honest man. You should also know that I hold not only the liberals of the media, the union, and the environmental movement responsible for the plight of our country, but also those who call themselves conservatives who oversee corporate America. Many of these corporate executives too often place the pledge they sign each quarter to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley above their much more important “Pledge of Allegiance” to the United States of America and to that for which it stands.

He is a very sad figure. He is typical of the old guard to bitter to be relevant. No movie is going to exonerate the damage he has overseen to lives, families, communities, the natural world and the climate. His opinions are disregarded and he lacks leadership. The unions have more dignity than he. At least the mining unions are concerned for their people, their health, their safety, their salary and their quality of life. 

I am unapologetic to the obsolescence of coal. I understand the pain of unemployment, but, this form of energy has always been problematic. Before it was carbon dioxide and methane, it was NOX and SOX and acid rain. Coal has always been a problem fuel. The degradation to the land, the deaths of employees, the pollution of water and air and the egregious self-righteous bosses that state even Robert Kennedy states he is an honest man. Sure, but, Robert Kennedy was the Attorney General and perjury would require prison.  

...All options have been exhausted...

...And in Iraq today, (click here) Wilson had to correct the new Pentagon chief again over comments related to Iraq and 9/11.
"The reason you guys are here is because of 9/11. The U.S. got attacked and 3,000 human beings got killed because of al-Qaida,"Panetta told soldiers in Baghdad. "We've been fighting as a result of that."
Maybe the former CIA chief knows something we don't,  but a link between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 attacks has been widely disputed by critics who say it was used as a superficial justification for entering that war.
Wilson once again had to backtrack after Panetta spoke, according to AFP.
‘I don't think he's getting into the argument of 2002-2003,' as the reason for the Iraq invasion, Wilson told reporters, adding that his boss was ‘a plain-spoken secretary.'...

Former Secretary Panetta has it all wrong. I think he wrote the book because hatred of President Obama sells better than peace. This is from The Iraq Study Group. Iraq's immediate problem is Iraq, but, it sincere problem was "W".

B. Consequences of Continued Decline in Iraq (click here)
If the situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate, the consequences could be severe for Iraq, the United States, the region, and the world.
Continuing violence could lead toward greater chaos, and inflict greater suffering upon the Iraqi people. A collapse of Iraq’s government and economy would further cripple a country already unable to meet its people’s needs. Iraq’s security forces could split along sectarian lines. A humanitarian catastrophe could follow as more refugees are forced to relocate across the country and the region. Ethnic cleansing could escalate. The Iraqi people could be subjected to 
another strongman who flexes the political and military muscle required to impose order amid anarchy. Freedoms could be lost....

The Iraq Study Group's conclusions were published in December 2006. It is comprehensive and spells out clearly the real consequences IF Iraq continued to decline. It spells our sectarian problems and the inability for any governance by Sunnis because of threats from so called al Qaeda, but, also the Ba'athists. 

Does anyone believe the Iraqis in governance of that country read the report? Sure they did. What compels sectarianism? The return of another Saddam and the report validated those fears.

The report was read by everyone. The Iraqis, the Sunni Sheikhs, Iran, Syria, Israel, NATO, Russia and China to simply mention a few. It really does tear down the USA invasion and the reconstruction. What does anyone believe the region was going to do following that report? Basically, they held on to their hats, crossed their fingers and hoped for the best. 

Four years later, December 2010, the Arab Spring began in Tunisia. It spread like wildfire. The countries in Northern Africa either continued to be ruled by monarchs such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE or they were in flat out anarchy and revolt. 

The USA didn't leave Iraq until a year later in December 2011. The Shi'ite majority had set themselves up in protection of their people and a prevention of any Sunni or otherwise that would replace Saddam. I don't blame them. The USA was not welcome in Iraq and the Iraq Study Group report made that perfectly clear page after page after page. The Iraq Study Group stated the USA should pull back a large number of troops out of Iraq.

The report also stated, the assessment of STABILITY as 'elusive' with a deteriorating situation. It also stated Iraq's neighbors, including Iran and Syria MUST be included in an external diplomatic effort to stabilize Iraq. Both Iran and Syrian leadership are Shia. The report also states diverting much needed resources from Afghanistan to Iraq was causing an imbalance in Afghanistan. It was before this Afghanistan returned to a Poppy Economy without interruption.

"W" never addressed the diplomatic needs for Iraq AT ALL. He refused to talk to Iran and never wanted to bother with Syria, it was Russia's headache.

Not quite three years later after the last American soldier left Iraq the country found itself being threatened by a rebel group that was able to build it's power through buying and selling Syrian oil and obtaining weapons and sophisticated military vehicles from Iraq's army compliments of "W."

When Leon Panetta writes about the 'missteps' of President Obama it is obvious he never read The Iraq Study Group report. 

The collapse of Iraq can be assigned to many reasons and many players. The idea the USA could simply provide weapons to rebels while crossing it's finger they would find their way to a noble cause with well trained military groups is Fairy Dust. It sounds good for McCain to strike out as a maverick to be the right wing USA public hero, but, in application it was disastrous. 

What has occurred in Iraq was expected to occur by predictions made by a study group eight years ago. "W" never carried out the recommendations. He never accepted the fact he was the problem that brought Iraq into sectarian strife and anarchy. He always figured just getting rid of Saddam would bring a hero's welcome by the Iraq people and the rest of the Fairy Dust would actually come true.

Now, I haven't read the study by Former Secretary Panetta (If it exists at all.) contradicting the Iraq Study Group and blaming President Obama for rewriting USA policy to FAIL in Iraq. But, since Panetta's book scapegoats the USA's President, I am only left to wonder, "What the hell was he doing for the years he was in the DOD? Partying with Petraeus because they both sound the same only I don't recall the book by the retired general on book shelves across the globe?"

Letter from the Co-Chairs 
There is no magic formula to solve the problems of Iraq. However, there are actions that can be taken to improve the situation and protect American interests....

...In this consensus report, the ten members of the Iraq Study Group present a new approach because we believe there is a better way forward. All options have not been exhausted. We believe it is still possible to pursue different policies that can give Iraq an opportunity for a better future, combat terrorism, stabilize a critical region of the world, and protect America’s credibility, interests, and values. Our report makes it clear that the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people also must act to achieve a stable and hopeful future....

With all due respect, are you people crazy? The ones behind this are the Pro-Life people, are they?

October 7, 2014
Some readers (click here) who commented on a Room for Debate forum about the dismal state of elder care said they wanted to be able to end their lives on their own terms to avoid a drawn-out, onerous death. A 29-year-old woman with terminal brain cancer has announced a campaign to support physician-assisted suicide leading up to her own death next month. Since Oregon became the first state to legalize physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients, Montana, New Mexico, Vermont and Washington have permitted it.
Should the right to die be expanded further, and if so, what should the standards be?

I am tried of people wanting to die beyond their normal longevity. This is dangerous. Russia has an euthanasia law. It isn't appropriate. If some OLD people are bored and depressed then get together and spend an afternoon at the local honky-tonk bar.

I mean it. 

When I retire at 65 years of age I will have worked 50 years. 50 YEARS! I have paid into Social Security and Medicare all those years. When I hit 65 I fully expect to get all 50 years of investment back!

I was impressed when I saw a segment on a South American community whereby the oldest person in the Andes Mountains was 135 years old. He was cherished for his wisdom and the fact he was valued for simply living that long. The community cared for him. He didn't have to worry about a pension either. Where is the Great Society I was born into?

Vote! The 2014 elections depend on turnout.

October 6, 2014
By Craig Gilbert

...In recent weeks, Gov. Scott Walker (click here) has carved out a narrow lead over challenger Mary Burke among the most likely voters, even though the race hasn’t changed — and remains deadlocked — among registered voters overall.
When you pool together the two polls released by the Marquette University Law School in the past three weeks, Walker leads Burke by 5 points — 50% to 45% — among those who say they are “absolutely certain to vote.”
By contrast, Burke leads by 11 points — 47% to 36% — among those who say they’re less than certain to vote.
Walker’s job rating is positive — 52% approve, 46% disapprove — among the most likely voters. But it’s negative — 40% approve, 49% disapprove — among less likely voters....
This is crazy. With all the problems average citizens have had due to the election of Walker the decision is simple, vote! The unions should not have problems with voter turnout, their nightmare is over if they have high voter turnout.

This poll alone proves voter suppression and the vastly different political outcomes if laws that disfavor voter turnout. There should not be barriers to voting. This is an amazing poll. Wow.

The electorate across the country, but, especially where voter suppression efforts are a work, their participation in elections solves their own problem. The vote is powerful when exercised. People should never stay home. Voting is acting in your own best interest.

October 7, 2014
Crossroads GPS (click here) is inserting itself into the Louisiana Senate contest for the first time Tuesday, spending $2.1 million to put up a 30-second spot that hammers Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu for her support of Obamacare.

It is shameful money like this can be used to turn an election. It isn't really about what the people think, so much as saturating the media. This type of stuff can't make a good impression on the global community either. It really is shameful and doesn't say good things about the people. Our country must appear to have a hollow moral core when this is how elections are bought.

Mary is a good Senator that always has the people of Louisiana on her lips. I have rarely seen her appear in committee or on the floor without those words, "...the people of Louisiana..." She is good for Louisiana.