Thursday, April 01, 2010

Interesting place for the Commander and Chief to make a star appearance, but, the USA military has been working on this 'survival' approach awhile.

...The U.S. Navy’s “Great Green Fleet” goal (click title to entry - thank you) grabbed a bit more attention today when President Barack Obama used a so-called “Green Hornet” as a backdrop to his announcement over offshore drilling.
Navy officials already had announced their intent to fly the Boeing F-18F supersonically, burning a 50:50 blend of conventional jet fuel and biofuel, on April 22 - otherwise known as Earth Day (Aerospace DAILY, March 22). Indeed, Naval Air Systems Command officials announced efforts toward a biofuel-powered General Electric F414 engine like those in F-18s last fall....
There is nothing new about this approach to 'fuel' by the USA military. It is a survival tactic as well as a means to reduce 'carbon load' by the 'carbon heavy' military.
The USA military does consider the Climate Crisis a sincere crisis and it is a national security issue, so this for of fuel for its use has been in the works a long time.
The real crime to the situation is that George W. Bush would see it as a way to insuring an invading force it could take an oil nation regardless of any embargo.
I can honestly say, national defense is a high priority by anyone, inside or outside the environmental movement. The USA military is NOT an 'anti-environment' entity to the USA government structure. Quite the contrary, it actually prides itself of saving and re-establishing 'biotic content' to countries it has invaded. And it is true. BUT, the reason that is true is because with invasion, right or "W"rong, comes a clear improvement in the quality of life for survivors of the invasion and increased biotic content of the land is usually a vital part of that.
While this was a nice photo-op, this administration alone cannot take credit for this jet, it has been in 'the works' by the 'military industrial complex' for some time.
The by-product of this national defense initiative is a mix of jet fuel that when used commercially MIGHT add an uptick to the protections of Earth.
Biomass in many instances is 'not all that' and quite frankly the EPA should be holding hearings regarding biomass and it PROPER use and MEASUREABLE benefit before everyone in the USA actually believes their land is the next great OPEC. It ain't.

T. Boone Pickens is such a joker !

Plant, babe, plant !!

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