Thursday, August 07, 2014

The USA is not going back to Iraq. End of discussion.

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The Pentagon (click here) is looking at conducting emergency air drops to the estimated 15,000 stranded ethnic minority Yazidis in northern Iraq, reports CBS News national security correspondent David Martin,
A decision is expected today. Martin says if the U.S. military makes drops, the transport planes would almost certainly be escorted by fighters.
Reuters, citing Turkish officials, reported Thursday that thousands of Yazidis had fled to the Turkish border to escape the the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which has advanced to northern Iraq....

There are other Arab nations in the area able to conduct air drops. Saudi Arabia has a very nice air force.

There will be no military movement by the USA Pentagon into Iraq or around Iraq by the USA without the direct permission of both houses of Congress. 

Take a good long look, this is what happens when wars are engaged for Wall Street profits (Halliburton) and vengeance by Presidents.

The Pentagon already has it wrong. This region is in chronic flux with borders changing on a regular basis. There is no Iraq as there was under "W." That is the first thing. Additionally, with changing borders and any American presence there will be doubt as to whom exactly the USA is assisting. Right now the brilliance of the USA Pentagon has failed the people of the former Iraq by entrusting huge amounts of American equipment and munitions to militants. ISIS would never have it's success without the "War Pollution" of the USA Pentagon.

If the USA were ever to return to Iraq according to it's old borders, there would be deaths of USA soldiers at the hands of what is usually considered Iraq military and police officers, any militants in area, it would confront Syria with the extent of ISIS and when Syria is confronted then Russia is involved.

The USA did the right thing by insisting Syria disarm from chemical weapons. We did our part and I am sure Syria would state the weapons were used against the current ISIS. Makes no difference. 

There are NGOs all over the Middle East and the Red Crescent is always there. I strongly suggest those with planes in the MIddle East consult with the Red Crescent and formulate a solution, both long term and immediate.

The USA is OUT OF THERE and the Middle East should be grateful. Don't let the USA open the door again!

How rarely does this occur?

August 7, 2014
UNISYS Goes West Water Vapor Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

Hawaii has never received a dual storm system in it's history.

Hawaii (click here) braced for its first direct hurricane hit in 22 years Thursday as Iselle headed toward the Big Island with a second storm on its tails. Bottled water and supplies were in high demand at stores ahead of the Category 1 storm’s expected impact on Thursday night. “It’s a fairly potent hurricane by Hawaiian standards,” Weather Channel meteorologist Kevin Roth said. Heavy rains totaling 5 to 8 inches, winds gusting up to 80 mph and flooding were expected, before Iselle was set to weaken to a tropical storm by the time it hit Honolulu at about 9 a.m. local time (3 p.m. ET) on Friday. Tropical storm warnings were issued for Oahu, Kauai and Maui, and a flash flood warning was in effect for the entire island chain....

This is NOAA's Satellite (click here)

This is a NOAA satellite from the Central Pacific that visualizes the larger circulation system west of Hawaii. I haven't found it documented anywhere in the east or west Pacific records to date.

This is it in the West Central Pacific satellite image. It is on the right side of the image. It dwarfs the two hurricanes now in route to Hawaii.

Here it is:

The track of Genevieve was just south of Hawaii. I would have been shocked if it wasn't documented somewhere.

Date: 25 JUL-07 AUG 2014
Hurricane-4 GENEVIEVE
  1  12.20 -134.00 07/25/06Z   35     - TROPICAL STORM
  2  12.30 -135.00 07/25/12Z   40     - TROPICAL STORM
  3  12.20 -135.80 07/25/18Z   40     - TROPICAL STORM
  4  12.10 -135.90 07/26/00Z   40     - TROPICAL STORM
  5  12.10 -136.40 07/26/06Z   35     - TROPICAL STORM
  6  12.20 -136.80 07/26/12Z   30     - TROPICAL DEPRESSION
  7  12.40 -137.50 07/26/18Z   30     - TROPICAL DEPRESSION
  8  12.50 -138.80 07/27/00Z   30     - TROPICAL DEPRESSION...
 ...37  11.90 -174.60 08/06/06Z   50     - TROPICAL STORM
 38  12.80 -176.80 08/06/05Z   65   990 HURRICANE-1
 39  13.50 -178.40 08/06/11Z   75   980 HURRICANE-1
 40  14.10 -179.70 08/07/03Z  120     - HURRICANE-4
 41  14.50  179.80 08/07/06Z  130     - HURRICANE-4
+12  15.50  177.70 08/07/18Z  145     - HURRICANE-5
+24  17.20  176.00 08/08/06Z  140     - HURRICANE-5
+36  19.50  175.30 08/08/18Z  130     - HURRICANE-4
+48  22.10  175.10 08/09/06Z  120     - HURRICANE-4
+72  26.60  173.90 08/10/06Z   95     - HURRICANE-2

Eye lids can carry the microbe into the body which begins the infection.

August 7, 2014
By Umaru Fofana and Clair Macdougall

...Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (click here) announced emergency measures late on Wednesday that will, for 90 days, allow her government to curtail civil rights by imposing quarantines on badly affected communities to contain an epidemic that has struck four West African nations.

In Geneva, World Health Organization (WHO) experts were due to hold a second day of meetings to discuss emergency measures to tackle the outbreak and whether to classify it as an international public health emergency.

Though the vast majority of cases are in the remote border area of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, concern over Ebola's spread grew last month when a U.S. citizen died in Nigeria of the virus after arriving from the region. A nurse who treated him has now also died in Lagos, and at least five other people have been isolated with symptoms....

The virus is highly contagious and takes very few microbes to begin an infection. If a few microbes are accidentally deposited on one's eye lids it can begin an infection. 

One of the problems with the spread of the disease in West Africa is the disbelief of the people. There are 24 hour radio broadcasts and workers driving around the city with announcements on loud speakers. But, not everyone has contact with a radio and may not live along the streets where workers drive to make announcements. This is the problem with poverty. This is why the USA spends monies abroad to assist in the health of nations. 

While Ebola is a microbe and contagious the real enemy is poverty and allowing people to live without the benefit of education and the opportunity to change their quality of life. In the case with the method above the problem exists when others can't read the words on the shirt. While compassion seems like a nice thing for the USA to do for others there are profoundly important reasons why that compassion occurs. It is important for every nation of people to have the opportunity to improve their quality of life and understand the complexities of their world. 

The compassion provided for others by wealthier nations has to be nondiscriminatory and void of religious priorities. Why? Because we have learned when religious organizations provide free care to others disease isn't necessarily defeated as in HIV/AIDS and the proven practice of using condoms. The prejudice of religious dogma supplied to people in other nations caused the spread of the disease. In the USA people practice their religion but are sophisticated enough to know prayers alone won't stop microbes. That is the level of sophistication that needs to be supplied to any aid.