Monday, November 28, 2011

Are the "#Occupy" arrests the only successful arrests the LA Police make?

I guess the police departments get a lot of volunteer overtime to arrest protesters armed with palm fronds.

An unidentified (click title to entry -thank you) Occupy LA protestor sweeps the steps of Los Angeles City Hall with a palm frond as another speaks using a bull horn in Los Angeles on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2011. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa stated Friday that it is time for the campsite to be dismantled, beginning at 12:01 a.m. Monday. (AP Photo/Phil McCarten)...

Los Angeles has two major gang districts with a fairly good circumference so those in the middle of the action of little to nothing to fear from the police.  They are mostly 'no go' zones and the violence spills out into the city from the drugs, prostitution and otherwise.  Not to diminish the danger to the LAPD there is a memorial to the officers that have died while in the line of duty.

Jejuan Rumph, 39 (click here for the LA Homicide report)

Died Nov. 9, 2011
Jejuan Rumph, a 39-year-old black man, died Wednesday, Nov. 9, 10 days after he was shot near Figueroa Street and Redondo Beach Boulevard in West Compton, according to Los Angeles County coroner's records.
Rumph was shot several times in the upper torso on Oct. 30, sheriff’s officials said....
Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters, (click here) 1st Street. The wall consists of brass plates and weights approximately 11,000 pounds. The Memorial wall was built with private funding from the Los Angeles Police Foundation. Architecture firm Gensler donated their services to design the sculpture. As of late 2009, there were 202 names of LAPD officers killed in the line of duty inscribed on the tablets.

In addition to  police officers that die are citizens that fall victim to the violence from these areas of the city.

The point is, there has never, not once, been a show of force anywhere near the size of the operation against #Occupy in the sincerely dangerous districts of Los Angeles.  I find it completely hideous that the Los Angeles Police Department is called in for 'a sanitation problem' and/or a 'political embarrassment' issue.

The instability in the ISI is permanent. Pakistan is China's agent.

China supports Pakistan in row over Nato border attack

China says it is 'deeply shocked' by Pakistani soldiers' deaths, while Afghan and Nato officials insist they came under fire first,

China has lent powerful diplomatic support to Pakistan, saying it is "deeply shocked" over the deaths of the Pakistani soldiers bombarded by Nato helicopters, while Afghan officials have again claimed the air strikes were called in after they were first targeted from the Pakistani side of the border.

Warning of "serious consequences", the Pakistan military said the "unprovoked" attack on a border check post in the Mohmand part of the tribal area on Saturday continued even after it contacted Nato to plead for the firing to stop. The military has not accepted Nato's tentative explanation for what the coalition has called a "tragic incident". Afghan and Nato officials have insisted that they came under fire first.
The incident, which left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead, has thrown the coalition strategy in Afghanistan into crisis, with Pakistani co-operation considered vital in stabilising the country and bringing the Taliban insurgents into talks. Pakistan keeps more than 100,000 soldiers stationed at the Afghan border, supposedly in support of the coalition mission...

There is far too much power brokering within Pakistan to ever believe the country will be stable enough to goverrn.  China has its interest, the USA has its interest and that spells disaster for the people of Pakistan.  They don't have a sovereign country, they have a chronic 'bidding war.' 

We are best OUT OF IT !

When the USA withdraws the only strategic partner left is China and Pakistan will have to live with that reality.  It was the Pakistanis choice, from the terrorist haven it became to the unstable central government it has.  Pakistan cannot plot a course for its country, it can only defend from chaos.  That is not sovereignty, that is a tragedy.

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