Sunday, June 05, 2016

So, what's going on?

Earth is profoundly effected by the heating of it's troposphere. The atmospheres of Earth are fluid. They are gaseous and fluid. That does not mean it does not have weight and influence. The troposphere has a great deal of influence over the lives of people.

Sea level pressure is 14.7 pounds per square inch. That means a column of air going upward brings about its force of weight. Air has volume and depending on the gases in that volume it carries weight. When that weight starts moving it is a force to contend with and in the case of a hot Earth it is moving a lot due to temperature changes and water content.

The localization of rain causing flooding it due to the fact the jet stream is not normal. 

This is the jet stream as it is right now.

June 6, 2016

The jet stream is about 7 miles above Earth and the mph in the map is taking place in the higher altitudes. That will translate to movement within the lower atmospheres as well.

Needless to say the jet stream is not helpful to achieve normal weather. Today, across the world, the movement of air is abnormal. Depending on the wind and how it is acting on the surface a rain storm can remain stationary for a long period of time. The SAME WEATHER PATTERN stays in place because of the repeating sameness of the air as it is effected by temperature. It isn't the same air that is causing the problem, it is that the weather pattern is the same movement of the air bringing repeated storms. 

In realizing the sameness in the weather patterns it is then understandable how drought can occur. It can be flooding in one area of a continent while it is blazing hot without rain on the same continent.

The oceans and their waves are a different pattern of sameness. As the wind rolls across the air-surface interface it is between two fluid bodies of Earth. The liquid water of the oceans move according to the wind, but, that also translates into the waters immediately below the surface. The ocean then is reacting not only to the surface with the air, but, any translated movement in the water. Oceans contain their movement for longer periods of times simply because the movement is within a far larger and heavier body of fluid.

Dropping a pebble in a puddle results in movement of the water far beyond where the pebble landed. Because the body that provided the motion in the first place has stopped doesn't stop the motion of the water.

Winds can sustain and water reacts accordingly. Sea level rise provides more surface to Earth's ocean and not less. The more surface the wind has to act on the greater the turbulence of the oceans.

There is also greater surface area to provide water vapor to the air as it evaporates. 

Global warming is not a good idea whereby oil rigs can now drill into the Arctic Ocean and travel through the north ship route. The heat of the troposphere and the translation of the movement of hot air is not conducive to cooperation for oil rigs. Simplicity of thought is not at work in understanding Earth's physics. 

China is especially vulnerable with coastal wetlands and large inland rivers reaching to the sea.

China is a country of contradictions in it's geography. Sea level rise effects it's inland rivers in that it will raise the levels of those rivers. In the opposite reality are the Himalayas and Mount Everest. 

2016-06-03 (click here)

Cars drive through a flooded street in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, June 2, 2016. Heavy rains disrupted road traffic in Southern China and many cities became water-logged.

A flooded road in Chongqing municipality on June 1, 2016. Downtown Chongqing and 22 other districts and counties have seen rainfall of up to 210.5 mm since Wednesday. Chongqing weather authority has issued orange alerts for the rainstorms and floods as the continuous rainfall has caused landsides in many regions. Local hydrology authorities warned that the water level of 16 rivers in Chongqing will exceed the warning level. Relief work is under way.

Water gushes from gates of Menkantan Hydropower Station in Yunyang county, Chongqing municipality, June 2, 2016. The persisting rainstorm pushed up its water level and the hydropower station had to release flood water.

What is it with the agricultural sector emitting nine percent of GHG? It isn't all cow farts either.

The production of electricity is the largest emitter of GHG. We can do better. The burden should not be put on the automotive industry completely. They have done their part. Consumer pressure and government laws have pushed the transportation industry to modify their products. It is time the other GHG emitters eagerly participate in this global phenomena.
Greenhouse gases (click here) trap heat and make the planet warmer. Human activities are responsible for almost all of the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over the last 150 years.
The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the United States is from burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation.
EPA tracks total U.S. emissions by publishing the Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gases and Sinks. This annual report estimates the total national greenhouse gas emissions and removals associated with human activities across the United States....
The Eiffel Tower facing the flooded Seine River.

June 3, 2016
Paris " French officials say (click here) that the Seine River is still rising in Paris as France's unseasonable spate of rainfall begins to taper off.
Traffic in the capital was snarled as flooding choked roads and several Paris railway stations were shut. The country's environment ministry said the Seine had not reached such levels since 1982.
The Louvre Museum is closed Friday as staff work to remove artworks from rooms threatened by the rising waters.
French President Francois Hollande has said that a "natural disaster" will be formally declared next week in a Cabinet meeting for areas most affected by the flooding that has hit Paris and France's central regions.

June 4, 2016

Paris " The swollen Seine River kept rising Friday, (click here) spilling into Paris streets and forcing one landmark after another to shut down as it surged to its highest levels in nearly 35 years. Across the city, museums, parks and cemeteries shut down as the city braced for evacuations.
The Seine was expected to peak in Paris early Saturday at about 5 meters (16 feet, 3 inches) above normal. Authorities shut the Louvre museum, the national library, the Orsay museum and the Grand Palais, Paris' striking glass-and-steel topped exhibition center.
"We evaluate the situation for all the (cultural) buildings nearly hour-by-hour," said Culture Minister Audrey Azoulay, speaking to journalists outside the world-famous Louvre. "We don't know yet the evolution of the level of the Seine River in Paris."
At the Louvre, home to Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa," curators were scrambling to move some 250,000 artworks from basement storage areas at risk of flooding to safer areas upstairs. The Louvre will stay closed through Tuesday and the Orsay Museum, known for its impressionist art, closed through the weekend.

Nearly a week of heavy rain has led to serious flooding across a swathe of Europe, leaving 16 people dead and others missing....
Sea level rise and an angry troposphere with high velocity winds pushing the ocean to rise over any barrier to prevent flooding. The surface of Earth's two fluid environments, the oceans and the wind. There is a scientific name for this phenomena called "Air-surface interface." The air - surface interface cannot be controlled and turns sea level rise into a nightmare never in the planning to prevent impact on coastal cities.
15 January 1969
By Jin Wu
Based on the compiled data of thirty independent oceanic observations, (click here) this article systematically presents the wind-stress coefficient, the surface roughness, and the boundary layer flow regime at the air-sea interface under various wind conditions....
June 6, 2016
Houses on Sydney northern beaches have been swept into the sea.
Houses in Sydney's northern beaches (click here) copped a battering, as huge seas swept away the yards of multi-million dollar beachfront homes.
Up to 10-15 metres of waterfront land washed away as residents returned to their homes to assess the damage after being evacuated.
In total seven homes and a unit block were evacuated as eight metre waves battered the coast....
There is a book written about Peat. It is entitled, "Coal and Peat Fires, (click here) A Global Perspective, Volume 4, PEAT, COMBUSTION AND CASE STUDIES

Edited by Glenn B. Stracher, Anupma Prakash, and Guilleromo Rein

It is on Google Books. No excuses. It is a global threat! Peat is found in the floors of tropical rain forests as well. Peat is what smolders so long after the slash and burn of ignorant people seeking money and not profit. There is no profit in burning tropical rainforests. People live in those forests. Tropical hardwoods are harvested from those forests as possible. Animals live in these forests. They contain some of the most beautiful flowers on Earth.

Peat is best as a carbon sink. 

"Peat Swamp Forests for biodiversity and climate change" (click here)

This is not a minor issue for anyone.

It is a global tragedy happening everyday and no one seems to be able to verbalize the fact; "These tragedies are due to the climate crisis.

The reason no one states it is because of politics in the USA. This is about as hideous and an atrocity as it comes to a supposedly civilized society.

June 2, 2016
By Jimmy Nsubuga

The flooded town of Simbach, Germany.

Floods have swept across parts of Western Europe (click here) killing six people, including a 86-year-old woman who died in her home.

Rivers burst their banks from Paris to Germany, trapping thousands in homes or cars and forcing everything from subway lines to castles to shut down.

In France, authorities said areas along the Loing River, a tributary of the Seine River, were facing water levels unseen since 1910, when a massive flood swamped the French capital....          
I had a great time (click here) exploring the Islay peat fields at the Laphroaig Distillery.

Annual emissions from degraded peatlands (including fires) of 2 to 3 gigatonnes of CO2 a year. (click here) That is from degraded peatlands. That number doesn't even approach the damage done when peat is used as fuel.

No one should be stating peat is a renewable fuel. It is not! 

Peat is a greenhouse gas SINK, not a resource for fuel.

This is all caused by the climate crisis. To be noted, Texas had a profound drought not long ago.

May 29, 2016
By the AP
Houston — At least three people (click here) were still missing on Sunday after torrential rain in Texas and Kansas flooded rivers, washed out roads and left four people dead.
In Kansas, the search for a missing 11-year-old boy was suspended late Saturday because of darkness and fatigue of first responders, according to Wichita Fire Department battalion chief Scott Brown. The boy was swept away in a swollen creek on Friday night.
"We are more in body recovery mode than rescue," Brown said. Recovery efforts would resume at first light on Sunday, he said.
Near Austin in Travis County, Texas, officials planned to resume aerial searches on Sunday for two missing people whose vehicle was swept off a flooded roadway after the area got 9 inches of rain this week, said emergency services spokeswoman Lisa Block.
The threat of severe weather had lessened in Texas over the long Memorial Day holiday weekend and the focus now is on homes that could be flooded by slowly rising waters. Evacuation orders were issued on Saturday for parts of two Texas cities along the Brazos River near Houston.
"The skies are clear and things look good. But we want to make sure people understand that we are not out of the woods yet. We have to keep an eye on water that's coming through our bayou system," said Francisco Sanchez, a spokesman for the Office of Emergency Management in Harris County, where Houston is located....

There is no doubt this is the climate crisis. Previous records are interesting in trivial pursuit, but, they did not occur under the same climate. The CO2 amounts in 1895 were very different than today, however, it was within the industrial revolution that started anthropogenic global warming. It should be studied as to Earth's climate at that time and what may have resulted in such a short lived weather system.

May 29, 2016
By Elizabeth Chuck

35 Trillion Gallons (click here)

That's how much rain the Lone Star state has had over the past month, according to the National Weather Service in Fort Worth -- enough to cover the whole state up to nearly eight inches deep

16.72 Inches

While Texas as a whole has broken its record for the wettest May, many cities have topped centuries-old records, too. At Camp Mabry, a military installation in Austin, Texas, 16.92 inches of rain fell through May 28, beating the old record of 14.10 inches in May 1895.

Four Years

The length of the historic Texas drought that these floods have eased. The record rainfall has swelled rivers and lakes so much, they may not return to normal levels until July, the Associated Press reported.

Wood is also a place where CO2 is sequestered.

These are a few examples. Click here for the paper this information was found.

Obviously from this table, Single-family homes built after 1980 are holding their sequestered carbon far better than any other form of wood sequestration. So, when it comes to using wood for products there is a far better outcome than when wood is used for fuel.

In the impoverished areas of the USA where winters are harsh, wood is a fuel of choice. It is readily available in most cases, free if one chops the wood themselves and far cheaper than using other forms of heat. It is not cheaper from a greenhouse gas view, but, it is cheaper when money determines the outcome.

Wood is also used in furnaces that heat water for homes with hot water heat, especially in extremely cold environments. The emissions are not contained in these sophisticated systems.

This is just an example and I will not critique it except to say cooper pipe provides a good conductor of heat to the surrounding air. Burning wood is extremely high in greenhouse gases.

Does everyone find it oddly interesting that Texas has received chronic flooding?

June 2, 2016
By Rose Minutaglio

The husband of a Texas flood victim (click here) carried his wife's lifeless body through a mile of sunken terrain to save it from being washed away in murky floodwaters on Monday.
Darrell Smith, 48, says he escaped his Breckenridge home with his wife, Kay, and his son, Darrell Jr., just as water began seeping in through their front door. Darrell loaded his family in his pickup truck, driving them to safety, but a surge of water quickly submerged the vehicle.
Darrell and Darrell Jr., 27, managed to free their car doors open, but Kay, 61, couldn't escape.
"I just wish I could have gotten my wife out in time," Darrell, a Breckenridge city water utilities worker, tells PEOPLE through tears. "She was my best friend, my whole life. I'm so used to us being together, I have a hard time functioning without her."
Major flooding in Texas has caused at least six fatalities in the state. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster across 31 counties and heavy rain is falling at a rate of up to three inches per hour, according to 
Some of the worst forms of energy are due to poverty. Wood is a double offender when a technique of "slash and burn" are used.

This is an example in the USA Appalachian Mountains. Any usable timber will have already been removed. This type of devastation occurs in many places around the globe, including the most egregious in Indonesia. The slash and burn there will remove profitable tropical hardwoods, carry out slash and burn of the remaining ground cover which includes peat. Then the land that is left is turned into a highly inefficient palm forest to harvest palm oil.

The amount of carbon stored in dry wood (click here) is approximately 50% by weight. When burnt, 1 kg of carbon will produce 3.67 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Therefore carbon sequestrated in wood products is roughly 1.835 kg CO2e/kg. 

When wet wood is burned as see here different emissions takes place including CO2, but, also water.

There are several harmful emissions (click here) to be concerned about with wetwood fire / wildfires; carbon monoxide, different size particulate matter and methance (CH4) as well as CO2. Unless a person is in an environment with nothing but CO2, it is harmless to human life, except, of course as an environmental greenhouse gas.

Annex A

Sectors/source categories

     Energy Fuel combustion

          Energy industries 

This is a handy definition from Wikipedia:

The energy industry is the totality of all of the industries involved in the production and sale of energy, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution.

"The Kyoto Protocol" is not interested in defining once source of energy good or bad. That is extremely dysfunctional. What this protocol does is explore where energies are produced and their contribution to the greenhouse gases causing the warming of Earth. 
It's Sunday Night

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I'm pushing up daisies, I wish they were roses
I feel like I'm dying, just want you to notice...

I think Judge Curiel should be provided an incentive to a SAFE retirement. Seriously. "State's witness retirement."

He should not be punished for his ethnicity and his life is important to the USA. Very important. He is no minor success for many reasons. Martyrism is not necessary.

Judges are under attack as a rule. They have a special type of predator. A predator that is definitely a martyr to a cause. In the case of Judge Curiel he is simply deluged beyond what is reasonable. He should consider himself exactly what he is, the success of the very vibrant USA educational system of yester year. He is a magnificent success. In that success he becomes a sincere target for drug cartels that rather kill Mexicans than have them disappear across the USA southern border.

June 3, 2016
By Alan Rappeport

For much of a year, (click here) Gonzalo P. Curiel, then a federal prosecutor in California, lived officially in hiding.
He hunkered down for a while on a naval base and in other closely guarded locations under the protection of United States marshals. Even his siblings did not know exactly where he was at times.
The reason: In a secretly taped conversation inside a San Diego prison, a man accused of being a gunman for a Mexican drug cartel said that he had received permission from his superiors to have Mr. Curiel assassinated.
“It was kind of scary,” said Mr. Curiel’s brother Raul. “He had to be protected. He always had one or two bodyguards with him.”
Nearly 20 years later, Gonzalo Curiel, now a federal judge, is being targeted in a very different way....

It has never been more clear as to why the Undocumented come to the USA. They are not coming for only a better quality of life, but, for life itself. The obvious proof of that are the 'child undocumented' the entire country 

Rarely before this Republican political paradigm would such children be met with demonstrations for border enforcement and the VICTIM of the USA political system. Under a more normal political paradigm Americans would be racing to the border to scoop the children up in their arms for protection and a promise. Some of that 'old America' was noted by the people of Dallas County in their representative in Clay Jenkins, a sincerely Christian to be proud of in the USA.

There is no doubt Judge Curiel is among the moral of the country, however, no differently than the Undocumented, his life is important as well. I am sincerely concerned now that the USA has a resident cartel boss in it's prisons. Perhaps such courts in the USA should be conducted in closed sessions with rotating judges and their staff. Closed session transcripts could be redacted and released. All court actions are available for appeal.

OMG, they are taking over!!!!!! Yes, this is a picture of the Curiel court. The parents of Judge Curiel were allowed to stay under Ronald Reagan besides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judge Gonzalo Curiel (click here) is nothing but identity politics. Is it racist? In pure definition, yes. The real problem for Donald Trump with Judge Curiel is that he is FACT that illegal immigrants can produce a child (Dreamer) that can rise to the highest reaches of public service.

Judge Curiel is proof the Democrats are not lying. "The children of the Undocumented are as American as any American parents."

The reason Judge Curiel is INCONVENIENT for Donald Trump is because his political campaign is promising to end the SUCCESS of the undocumented that come to the USA for a better quality of life. DEPORTATION. Would a judge with Judge Curiel's background send anyone back to their country of origin? The Trump constituent want nothing to do with the undocumented. However, the attacks on those same constituents outside of meeting halls is also stating how they feel about the basic ethnicity of the Trump campaign; white and proud.

There are two sides to every story. The people attacking those that attend Trump rallies are wrong. They are not forgiven for their hostilities. It is accomplishing nothing, but, creating a picture of disdain for their vicious attacks. No 'innocent' victim has been injured in heinous ways, but, the fact of the matter is the people coming from the rallies are innocent. They are attending a rally based in freedom of speech and a free exchange of ideas. I also am not completely convinced the attendees leaving the political rally are going to vote for Donald Trump. They came to hear the man. Some are still making up their minds. What does violence do to those still engaged in a democratic practice of deciding their vote?