Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all that reads this has found a warm place and a good meal.   I wish all well.

The celebration of Thanksgiving has become a celebration of family since the first harvest.  But, the original feast was a celebration of community with abundance in joint interests.  The original feast was diverse and inclusive.  The pilgrams knew no border between themselves and the Native Americans that helped teach them about their new found home.

The pilgrams brought technology; ships, navigation, cabin building, animal husbandry and a culture vastly different than those they found once in the new land of plenty.

The Native Americans new the species in the forest, how the water flowed through the land, where the abundance of fish were in the rivers and their own form of technology.  The indians had no guns until the Prilgrams arrived. 

The land was bountiful.  The forests contained gigantic trees that reached to the sky with a forest floor as a cathedral with a canopy that shadowed all those beneath it.  One tree could build a village of houses.  One tree would create firewood for hearths for months of survival.

The First Thanksgiving was vastly different than it is today.  The elements dominated the lives of those that survived them and abundance was everywhere.  There was little settlements could do to cause enormous damage to the land that would put forth willingly its fruits, grains and vegetables.

When I reflect on what I am grateful for today, it is the understanding my beliefs have fellowship about the land, the quality of abundance it can hold and how I was provided the knowledge to understand it and the moral content to embrace it.

I hope everyone will have love in their hearts today for all they are and their potential for tomorrow.