Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sorry, I am a little tardy.

I heard the most astounding statement today.


It came from Mr. Rush Limbaugh. 

He stated, "...I don't know why she recused herself.  After all (their entire administration) it is about taking over the government...."

He was talking about the fact that the former Solicitor General has recused herself from 25 of the 50+ cases this session at the Supreme Court.  New Justice Kagan was the former Solicitor General and she has particpated in nearly half of all the cases the Supreme Court will listen to this year.

She is correct to do it.  And everyone whom wants to know ? somewhat ? of how she might have voted on any of those cases can look to her position when she tried them.

That is not the point.

The point is that Mr. Lame-baugh passed judgement on her for doing the correct and best thing she could do.

You see, he was rhetorically stating, he was surprised Justice Kagan was not taking part in the decision making anyway because she and others are to be suspected in all their decisions, because, the Left Wing of the Supreme Court wants to remove control of the country from the people.  Socialists, you know?

In other words, there is a segment of the Supreme Court that CONSPIRES agasint the people of the USA.

Mr. Rush Limbaugh is PARANOID.  The FCC let's a paranoid maniac on the airwaves of the country.  I wonder whom is more crazy.

There is nothing else to say.

Tomorrow is 'Digital Day,' 1-0-1-0-1-0.

Until then.

All surface holes have to be filled in immediately. No Halliburton or Bechtel either. There is a reason why their work is shoddy.

Manholes and storm grates have to be filled in immediately before more sludge enters the water drainage into nearby rivers and streams.  Kindly use   And kindly use competent help.  Companies as large as Halliburton and Bechtel ALWAYS produce cost overruns and shoddy work because they are TOO BIG and there expertise is lacking for the dynamics they operate in.  They underbid and then worry about the rest later.  It is far better to have a general manager competent in handling such projects and employ many small companies to service the project.  There will realistic costs given at the beginning of a project and cooperation among MANY to get it done well and on time.

I want people to think about this.  If there are many small construction contractors to produce a product, the final outcome can be maintained by many experts and the less productive and incompetent companies will be weeded out.  Large projects are simply completed well and on time when many are carrying the responsitliby and the outcome rather than one huge company that will abuse their power when their contract is issue.

The way I see this is there needs to be an excavation at 'a' terminal end of the sludge.  In other words a SECOND containment hole.  The path of the sludge is somewhat known although another rupture might prove different.  A path where the MOST sludge traveled needs to be sandbagged to create a 'pathway' for the sludge to travel to a new containment hole.  I don't really see any other choice.  To allow the sludge to travel by gravity in any direction is a huge folly.  The sludge has to be managed to contain it soon.

The other variable to placement of the second containment hole can be based on weakening regions of the current containment area and the 'potential' path the sludge may travel.  At any rate, if a collapse of the entire sludge pond is eminent then there needs to be plans to manage it and not simply reek havoc and kill more people.


Bus drivers (click title to entry - thank you) wait beside their buses on a highway to pick up evacuees outside Kolontar, Hungary, Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010. The Hungarian town of Kolontar near the toxic red sludge reservoir that flooded the area and killed at least seven people is under evacuation over fears of a new leak of the dangerous heavy metal waste, officials said. (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)

Toxic waste was never suppose to be in the streets of a city.  The contaminated city is a NO GO ZONE, at this point and for some time into the future no different then Chernoby.  The citeis where toxic waste has turned their beautiful green lawns and yards into a 'univision' orange sci-fi flick, need to be considered permanently condemned.


It cannot be understated the potential for further contamination by leaching.  Stopping the movement of the sludge down the Danube is a must, but, there needs to be specialists, including geologists, to evaluate the potential for sludge leaching into any aquifer or potable water source.

I am sorry to be so starkly aware, but, human health is paramount to issues like this and all measures to understand the EXTENT to which contamination has occurred is vital, both now and twenty years from now.  Children and pregnant women are especially important to isolate from these toxins.  For all I know these toxins could alter the integrity of male seman as well.  So, protecting the genetic integrity of people is important from all aspects.

The analysis of the sludge will help a great deal to know exactly how toxic this is and how much it will impact human health.  Rescue workers need protective clothing and they need to be watched as well. 

Get all the animals out of the area and DO NOT use any livestock for milk or meat.  Consider it an agricultual loss if such commodities were in the area.