Sunday, February 01, 2015

I don't think the homeless in Albuquerque will be watching the Superbowl.

January 29, 2015
By Aaron Hill

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —A homeless camp (click here) called Tent City along First Street near Iron Avenue downtown has become a big headache for people who live in the area.
Mayor Richard Berry said he's gotten a lot of calls from folks who want it gone. He said they tell him it impacts their quality of life as well as the quality of the neighborhood.
The mayor said he wants to get social workers there to help anyone who wants to find a new place to stay. The mayor also said he's working to root out the criminal element in Tent City. 
APD records show officers have been called to that area more than 100 times since October. Officials said they're concerned about reports of drug use, prostitution, and what they call a militant-type group -- a handful of people taking advantage of the innocent homeless people there. 
"If you have a population of individuals that have substance abuse issues, or alcohol abuse issues, or drug abuse issues, they're vulnerable and they can be preyed upon," said Berry....

Albuquerque needs to find a way to make room for their homeless without violence and confrontation. If there is crime occurring in Tent City, the police need to respond there no different than any other neighborhood in the city. Ultimately, these people need a place out of the weather in a place with walls and windows.

Send the Social Workers with a police officer so they are taken seriously and not in danger if there is criminality in the community. 

Everyone so inclined enjoy the football game. Until tomorrow. 
Former Secretary of State Clinton needs to listen and watch the testimonies of the generals to the Senate. Evidently, there was legislation passed to order the USA military to put forward positions near embassies to prevent another Benghazi. To begin that is in direct conflict with the way the State Department operates in trusting the country where the embassy exists. That trust is important.

It was more than clear to me the generals were uncomfortable with the orders of placing American soldiers in a forward position to embassies. Not that they didn't think it important or below the esteem of the USA military, but, with the cuts in spending there are less soldiers and the generals were having some degree of trouble conducting assets to those locations. It is worth hearing. Evidently, the all wise Congress didn't bother to get an assessment of the feasibility to carry out those demands. Politics is interfering too much with the military.

All the Bushy feelers are out and about.

Former Secretary Robert Gates was on "Meet the Press." He hasn't got a clue about international conflict. There is a reason why if Jeb goes into office we'll start warring around the planet again. They, including Robert Gates, completely discounts the diplomatic process and they disregard the entire United Nations. 

Never once during his narrative did he refer to the United Nations, treaties or other methods to peace. He talked about the fact the President needs different advise. He even insulted FDR and how he molded his policies based in bright people that knew what to do when he was not that bright.

Former Secretary Gates and the military leadership in Washington don't bother to understand diplomacy. The only thing the US military understands is the downsizing of the USA military due to Sequester and repeated deployments of our soldiers. 

The entire dynamic of the USA military is not based in defense. It is based in offense. "Preemption."

Former Secretary Gates stated the USA has to decide what we want in our relationships with Russia and Iran and whoever. "What we want." Does he see past borders? It certainly looks that way.

When Ukraine exploded, what would have happened if there was a Bushy in the White House? I think President Obama was nothing short of genius. If a Neocon had his finger on the trigger we'd be in military conflict with Russia. We are far from that and that is the way Europe wants it. The countries of NATO want peace, not war, not military conflict and it is about time the USA military develop a contingent of officers to work with the State Department as well as our UN Ambassador. 

Peace is pretty boring. For those that believe war is a sense of control necessary in the national defense of the USA, YOU are the problem.

The USA military gave testimony last week to the Senate. They are prepared to do what they are asked, but, they are making choices in expectations of Congress's actions. One of the phrases that came frequently was, "We are always making choices based on readiness and modernization." That was very interesting, because, how can one seek readiness if the weaponry used is not modern and functional in today's world.

One of the generals also stated, "We put in requests for what we want and we are always told by contractors 'You don't want that, but, we have something that will really work for you.'" That type of nonsense is due to the bidding process and procurement. Procurement is broken in the USA military, unless it comes to stocking enough milk in the refrig for flattops and nuclear submarines.

Right now as the USA military stands I wouldn't give a plug nickel of it. Why? Because it is the one place where there should be a garage sale. Better yet replace the junk the USA military has and send the metal to the recycle bin to end iron mining and a portion of the smelting process that causes dangerous emissions to Earth's troposphere where the F35 flies. 

The computer junk and robots are out of there. It causes too many problems with readiness. The computer systems are hacked. There is the "Paperwork Reduction Act" that was passed in 1980, it needs to be updated to include computer pages. The Paperwork Reduction Act means the USA military can easily return to communicating by telephone, fax, telegraph and writing on paper, but, it has to be streamline and effective communication. If the military needed to communicate well and it wanted to streamline the process and keep it secret, then they need code talkers to develop language the battlefield and PREPAREDNESS understands. 

I am completely uncomfortable with the computerized military. I don't think it is a good idea and allows windows for outside interests, be they domestic contractors and/or international terrorists as well as other countries to look into the programs of the USA military. THAT IS A FACT. We know it is a fact because of the whistleblower, Edward Snowden. It is outrageous to realize the deception the liars like Clapper have carried out and Edward Snowden sits in Russia.

The USA military needs to stop thinking they can substitute soldiers for drones, be they flying machines or on the ground soldiers. The entire idea computers and drones can bring about a more secure USA is nonsense. An entire computerized military only places defeat of the USA in the hands of any enemies. Knock it off with this garbage.

Realizing the US military as choosing readiness over modernization is one of the best ideas I have ever heard. The modernization of the USA military has to be a process where the effectiveness of their units are actually assessed in reality and replace old equipment with stuff that works. No pie in the sky junk, because, if any vehicle was a joke it is the F35. The cost is ridiculous. Ain't no way that jet belongs within the procurement process. Look at what has happened. It's a mess and our allies can't afford it. The cost has gone through the roof and it is still having problems. 

The USA military might be asking itself about readiness and modernization, but, it is not making wise decisions. It is getting equipment it doesn't want. It has problems with new budget levels and they still haven't assessed the international stage of our military from a sense of DEFENSE rather than offense. 

The USA military and the Secretary of Defense takes trips to China and Russia and nearly anywhere in the world they believe it necessary to understand what the USA has to do to protect itself. But, at the same time these men develop relationships with foreign military that are valuable beyond belief. The Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Michael Mullens changed the entire battlefield in Afghanistan - Pakistan when he made Pakistan realize they were hosting the Haqquani Network. That is taking charge of the battlefield and speaking truth to power. Power in Pakistan and the USA. It took guts to openly state, "Hey, there is something very wrong here no one wants to talk about." Basically, there is an elephant in the living room. 

President Obama is called a reluctant warrior. I hope so. I think he is brilliant and for the first time in history the countries in the Middle East are talking to each other and finding ways to cooperate. If anyone wants to call anyone a reluctant warrior, they can look to the Middle East leadership. They don't want to accept the fact they have to stand up to extremists and protect their sovereignty. If not now, when? 

Peace doesn't require war to bring it about. The USA is unique in the world. Sure, sure Russia and China try to intimidate the power of the USA, but, they can't. At the very least China wants to move into a venue of peace. It has not had a culture of war. China has always concerned itself with relationships and builds on those relationships to expand it's economy. China is correct. It's best defense is based in economic ties. 

Economies when destroyed by war also destroys the hope and future of the people. That is not a place where any military should have it's sites set. Nuclear Non-Proliferation has to go forward, but, it cannot be blind to the fact some countries don't value non-proliferation. If any country can lean on other countries to bring about movement to non-proliferation it is China. China doesn't have the ankle shackles the USA has with Israel. China is also involved globally with some of the weakest economies in the world. But, that is genius. As China seeks to expand it's markets it values every country as a customer and tries to move them forward as well. That is peace, my friend. That is not war.

The USA needs rehabilitation in the worst way. Oh, by the way will the military stop referring to ships as SHE. The language the military uses, including the generals, is all genderized. The leadership talks about bedding down an aspect of the military. KNOCK IT OFF. Jeeze. The LADIES are now finding rank and I can't imagine they enjoy hearing their gender being bedded down.

The rehabilitation of the US military is a huge culture change, not only in the plans for national defense, but, also the relationships they have and how they conduct that culture. There is no way anyone is going to stop a soldier from saying, "She is such a bitch." But, they are saying it under their breath and not in the Board Room. 

I would love to see our military function and making plans to function in generations to come. Considering the world we live in and the dangers we face, I think our military has done well. The current military wasn't prepared for terrorism in the way it is manifesting, but, there needs to be a tempered approach in a world able to destroy itself in an hour. 

There are changes today that we could only hope for in past decades. Whoever thought in 2014 the world would be in disgust over the attacks in Ukraine. Now that is about the most delicate circumstances this country and it's allies have ever faced and I am hopeful it will resolve for the best interests of Ukraine. But, the President of the Ukraine has been one of the best assets Europe could even hope for. He is a great ally. Who knew only a short time ago, The West would be looking at Ukraine as an ally? 

So. I strongly suggest the US military work on it's battlefields. But, before the dreamscape takes place please come to understand President Obama's vision of the world. Get to know how our US Ambassador works to bring about better outcomes within that institution that would lead to a sustainable peace. Those visions are magnificent and necessary. The USA can't go around the world killing every flea circus to protect the dog. We need peace. As populations grow on Earth we have greater and greater concerns for an outcome to conflict. The USA cannot kill millions of people and expect to have a defensible country. And I am sorry, but, fear in the leadership such as I heard from the Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is his problem and doesn't have a place in the modern military. 

There is a bifurcation between the military and the American people, but, I don't see that as resolvable by the military unless it is going to roll out tanks in every neighborhood. Peace is a military objective and it better figure out quickly where that fits in to the culture and defend that peace.

He is already on his way back to Australia.

Egyptian officials say Australian Al-Jazeera journalist Peter Greste will be deported to Australia today. Photo: AFP

...There was no word (click here) on the fate of his two Al-Jazeera colleagues – Canadian-Egyptian bureau chief Mohamed Fahmy and producer Baher Mohamed, an Egyptian....

It is time to extradite  the other journalists as well. Egypt has been converted into a dictate and no longer has to hold journalists in prison to silence them.