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The military equipment/technology increased over the years.

This is a WWI soldier. WWI was very much rudimentary war. The weapons were state of the art, but, the art wasn't that sophisticated.

This is a tank to the right. The upper right is a plane, but, the blimp was also used as a war ship.
During World War One a variety of weapons were used. (click here)

Below are the weapons used in WWII. The war was huge and the Allies badly in defeat when the USA entered the war, so large amounts of soldiers were needed to progress to a defeat of the Axis. There is also the reality the defeat would have been more difficult and prolonged if Russia hadn't turned the corner on Berlin.


Then there was the Enola Gay that delivered the first and second uses of nuclear weapons on a nation of people. Innocent people were in the way as well. But, easily the Allies had it's challenge and Russia wasn't coming to the Pacific to stop the maniacal emperor. So, the USA survived the war and still stands today as a sovereign power. It has continued to stand as a sovereign power through all the wars after this and even in the face of terrorism (the war by individual). 

Then was the soldier of Korea (to the left) and Vietnam (below).


The Air Force following WWII played a far greater part in any warfare. Vietnam was dependent on helicopters, but, there were plenty of bombers to make the land bare. That was an actual strategy in both Korea and Vietnam. Laying the land bare inhibited the movement of those the USA opposed. It got to be such a strategy that in Vietnam the USA used defoliants, one was Agent Orange and nothing to do with oranges.

Then there was the USA soldier in Afghanistan and Iraq. Helicopters were the overwhelming presence of any air support. The war changed to an urban environment and mass bombing wasn't really desirable.

With each 'war profile' the American soldier became more and more deadly with the technology they brought with them. The WWI soldier was nearly a one-on-one relationship in combat. Oh, there were cannons, but, the war really needed a commitment to put human lives on the line. War could not proceed with the soldier. WWII saw a better armed soldier, but, the casualties were still high because 'taking the assault' to the Axis powers required an overwhelming amount of human sacrifice to remove movement forward. The large amounts of soldiers involved after the USA joined the war literally stopped the advancing front by human sacrifice alone.

The Korean War had a higher profile Air Force presence. There were soldiers and there were many deaths, but, the American soldier was now becoming 'protected' in a strategy by commanders. The Americans soldier was not necessarily a disposable commodity as they were given extensive training and it wasn't simple to pump out able soldiers in 10 to 12 weeks.

Vietnam was the somewhat protected soldier. Napalm, helicopters, more sophisticated medical attention and weapons that increased the number of opposition soldiers killed, maimed and stopped by one USA soldier. The lethality of the American soldier was becoming increasingly greater. Vietnam was the war that raised the American conscience about war. It was more televised to the realities of war and it became a matter of morality when the American people realized what their military was doing to the people and the land. 

Vietnam called Americans home to become a sincerely defense force and not an assault force. Vietnam was the first war when Americans realized there was a payoff for Wall Street in military spending. 

Vietnam was pivotal and those that wanted to conduct war realized they could not repeat the losses of Americans as they occurred with a draft of young American men.
Returning soldiers from Vietnam, the Veterans today, believe they were hated as baby killers and pot heads; but, in fact it was more than that. It was a new realization of what war means to those that like a lot of money. It was war that made few people wealthy while the nation paid for the war with treasure and our own children.

Then came Afghanistan. Post terrorist attack on USA soil, the USA was compelled to war in a country basically unarmed. There were Mujahideen that were actually created and armed by the USA, but, there was no national military. Afghanistan in reality was not in need of an invasion so much as an intelligent invasion to root out al Qaeda and ending it. The full fledged war simply scattered the individuals within al Qaeda and they literally were hiding in Pakistan. Probably still are. 

The invasion by the USA caused more and more radicalization of the people of Afghanistan because civilians were killed. The Taliban was basically defeated in the war into Afghanistan, but, reconstituted in Pakistan when the USA abandoned a legitimate invasion for a 'chosen' war
The war in Iraq became another teaching moment for the American people. Not only was the war completely wrong and killed many innocent people from initial inception, but, the American soldier now had a lethality of 200 to 1.
Iraq provided the reality of the advanced technology available to soldiers and the level of lethality that technology carried. It was amazing to realize there was actually a war with opposition using road side bombs and improvised explosive devises. IEDs. OMG. The USA had invested all kinds of money only to realize their soldiers were dying at the handy work of IMPROVISED bombs.

Bringing down the military budget in the year 2014 into the future, especially when it is primarily the number of soldiers that are being reduced, will never end the lethality of the USA. Mechanization and Techno Military and the Bush/Cheney Michelin Man for 'components' that work when wanted will insure the USA has sufficient killing power.

- Are theater non-specific, (click here) can rapidly "swing" across theaters (global surveillance and strike, mobility, some SOF, cyber and space, ETC.)

The reason the number of soldiers is not necessary, is because the American people will not tolerate their children being sent into battle. The American people have been betrayed in many instances over the course of multiple modern day wars. The lethality of the American military by invoking computer warfare is being justified because the people are UNABLE to defend themselves in a meaningful way when called upon. The American War theater is no longer in consent of the people, but, basically the war that the Commander and Chief wants; "...for the best interest of the country, of course..."

There was a betrayal in Vietnam to the heinous killing by the nation, in Afghanistan when it was abandoned and in Iraq when it was begun.

There will never be another World War. Earth is too small and too delicate to even consider that option, especially for nuclear exchange.

The future of the American military is downsized to defend borders and ending the wars on foreign shores to allow so called national defense. Launching into wars never solved any problem. It destroyed land and killed massive numbers of innocent people while creating new enemies of the country. Osama bin Laden was responsible for the attacks on the USA, but, he was elusive until the 'Special Forces' were called upon with intelligence that was sufficient to define the understanding of the location of the real enemy. The invasion into Afghanistan did nothing to end the danger to the USA, it escalated it.

The Iraq War has only created a civil war that has spread throughout the region. There will be no more Saddams, Gaddafi or any other surrogate Western power to control the outcomes of the people of the Mideast. Israel has more than enough national defense and willing to use it at a moments notice to any threat. 

There is no need for a Superpower when it stands alone and becomes a global nuisance. 

The challenge to the American people is to move forward more and more into a nation of peace willing to prove it. The problem with the Ws and Cheneys of the USA is that the American people are disconnected from any understanding of the deaths they have caused, the destruction of infrastructure it has destroyed and what sincerely 'constructs of peace' look like.

The basic lesson of the recent decades is relatively simple. The more the USA spends on war, the less it spends on the people, the more taxes to be paid, the deficits in infrastructure, an inferior education for their children and a very shaking future as a senior citizen. Oh, let me not forget the ever growing national debt as it's Techno Wars are very expensive to develop and achieve.

The American people have to continue to be disgusted in the ability of the USA to kill people anywhere in the world within days if not hours. Smaller military budgets might mean replacing aged conventional war infrastructure, but, to be willing to wage war in space is completely insane. The future of American military is to become obsolete because 'We war no more.'

I know something about conservation easements, too.

On May 4, 2012, the Department of State received a new application from TransCanada Corp. for a proposed pipeline that would run from the Canadian border to connect to a pipeline in Steele City, Nebraska. The new application includes proposed new routes through the state of Nebraska.
The Department’s responsibility, under Executive Order 13337, is to determine if granting a permit for the proposed pipeline would serve the national interest. The Department is considering this new application on its merits. Consistent with the Executive Order, this involves consideration of many factors, including energy security, health, environmental, cultural, economic, and foreign policy concerns.

On February 5, 2014, the Federal Register published a Notice that invited members of the public to comment on any factor they deem relevant to the national interest determination that will be made for the Presidential Permit application.
This began a...

...30-day public comment period that will close on March 7, 2014.

There are two ways to submit comments on the national interest determination. Members of the public are encouraged to submit comments to . Comments may also be mailed directly to:

U.S. Department of State
Bureau of Energy Resources, Room 4843
Attn: Keystone XL Public Comments
2201 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20520

Comments are not private and will be made public. Comments can only be submitted via and by mail to the address indicated above....

When a conservation easement is granted by a private property owner, the terms are worked out about the land and it's use. For land used for wildlife and simply forests and flora, it is maintained and IMPROVED by the legitimate conservation organization.

The monies that the "Nature Conservancy" takes in is used primarily for improvement of their conservation easements and properties. Ninty-percent of the annual income by the Nature Conservancy is used for conservation improvements of property they have in their record books. 

90% of the monies received by the Nature Conservancy is used to IMPROVE the lands they protect. That is a lot of money, but, more than that it is a huge commitment to be sure the land is held in esteem.

The laws that guarantee eminent domaine come from the 5th Amendment of the USA Consitution.

When the 5th Amendment was written by our founding fathers, they never expected to allow Britain the right to come in with gold and take back the colonies. 

Below is an ad from an Oklahoma law firm. I've never been to Tulsa, Oklahoma to know for sure they are located at 1500 South Utica Avenue, Suite 400; but, if they weren't there it would be false advertisement.

If lawyers in Oklahoma, one of the states that have enormous interests in the petroleum industry, stands up for the ABUSE of power in allowing eminent domain to foreign countries, then there is a battle to be fought.

Foreign Entities Using Eminent Domain Set a Precedent (click here)

TransCanada used United States eminent domain law from the northern border of North Dakota all the way to Port Arthur, Texas to secure right-of-ways for their pipeline. While the project itself will serve the general public and create jobs, it is the foreign corporation (TransCanada) who stands to profit immensely from this taking of land for the Keystone pipeline.
Many will argue that the pipeline is necessary, but the rulings set a very dangerous precedent to the national security of the United States by providing foreign investors and foreign countries with the power of eminent domain in the United States. Our nation’s court system believes very strongly in ‘precedents’ whether they are right or wrong. 

Foreign Use of Eminent Domain Power is Dangerous

Many farmers and ranchers in Oklahoma are adversely affected by the federal government and state courts allowing a foreign corporation to use the power of eminent domain to take private property. These rulings on property takings may seem insignificant, especially since the pipeline is beneficial to a majority of Americans. However, these rulings do in fact set a precedent and grant the very far reaching powers to a foreign company or government.

Early Evolution of Eminent Domain Cases (US Department of Justice website - click here)
The federal government’s power of eminent domain has long been used in the United States to acquire property for public use.  Eminent domain ''appertains to every independent government.  It requires no constitutional recognition; it is an attribute of sovereignty.”  Boom Co. v. Patterson, 98 U.S. 403, 406 (1879).  However, the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution stipulates:  “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”  Thus, whenever the United States acquires a property through eminent domain, it has a constitutional responsibility to justly compensate the property owner for the fair market value of the property.  See Bauman v. Ross, 167 U.S. 548 (1897); Kirby Forest Industries, Inc. v. United States, 467 U.S. 1, 9-10 (1984). 

On September 4, 1985 Rupert Murdoch became a USA citizen after being born in Melbourne, Australia. Why would he do that? He loved the USA so much he wanted to live here? No, that is not the reason why Murdoch took a US citizenship.

September 04, 1985
United Press International
NEW YORK — Rupert Murdoch, (click here) Australian-born publishing magnate, became a U.S. citizen today, removing an obstacle to his acquisition of a network of independent American television stations.

Murdoch, 54, has been living in the United States since 1973. He was joined in the courtroom ceremony by 185 other aliens....

If Murdoch had to change his citizenship to purchase major media networks, where does anyone believe the US State Department can use eminent domain to benefit a foreign company?

The power to take private property for public use by a state, municipality, or private person or corporation authorized to exercise functions of public character, following the payment of just compensation to the owner of that property.


I want people effected by foreign companies seeking easements to understand how 'conservation' easements work.

Private Land (click here)
Private property subject to a conservation easement remains in private ownership. Many types of private land use, such as farming, ranching and timber harvesting, can continue under the terms of a conservation easement, and owners can continue to live on the property. The agreement may require the landowner to take certain actions to protect land and water resources, such as fencing a stream to keep livestock out or harvesting trees in certain way; or to refrain from certain actions, such as developing or subdividing the land. Conservation easements do not mean properties are automatically opened up to public access unless so specified in an easement. 

This argument with TransCanada has existed since 2011. This is an entry about citizens in Oklahoma that dearly love their country and oppose the building of pipelines by foreign companies through eminent domain.

Oklahoma landowners challenge TransCanada’s pipeline (click here) (foreign company can use eminent domain?)
Globe and Mail ^ | 1-17-11 | SHAWN McCARTHY

Posted on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 6:55:18 PM by dynachrome
Oklahoma resident Sue Kelso and her siblings have filed a motion in district court to block TransCanada’s plan to exercise eminent domain in order to build across their property. Ms. Kelso, 69, lives on a farm where she grew up near the Texas border in southern Oklahoma.
“My objection is that a foreign company has no right to condemn our property, come in and take what they want, where it does not benefit us or our neighbours,” Ms. Kelso said in an interview Monday. “It only benefits them and their investors. It is for their gain – it is not helping me at all.”
There was an article in the NY Times: 

Published: October 17, 2011
...Randy Thompson, a cattle buyer in Nebraska, (click here) was informed that if he did not grant pipeline access to 80 of the 400 acres left to him by his mother along the Platte River, “Keystone will use eminent domain to acquire the easement.” Sue Kelso and her large extended family in Oklahoma were sued in the local district court by TransCanada, the pipeline company, after she and her siblings refused to allow the pipeline to cross their pasture.
“Their land agent told us the very first day she met with us, you either take the money or they’re going to condemn the land,” Mrs. Kelso said. By its own count, the company currently has 34 eminent domain actions against landowners in Texas and an additional 22 in South Dakota....

Now, TransCanada has imposed it's will through a twisted use of the US State Department. TransCanada wants the US State Department to look the other way while citizens across this country stand in opposition of it. This decision by the US State Department and any decision by President Obama will set a very dangerous precedent. I am surprised this issue has gotten this far. It has yet to submit a legitimate Environmental Impact Statement. It is fraudulent. No doubt in my mind. Public opinion closes the beginning of April. 

Eighty of four hundred acres. 

Eighty of four hundred acres.


That is 20% of Ms. Kelso's farmland.

Twenty percent of a privately owned FARM is an imposed loss through eminent domain to a foreign company.

That is 20% less income to that farm. It is 20% less taxes to the local tax base to pay for schools and infrastructure. 

It is outrageous and there is no reason for it. 

Eminent domain is supposed to be a last resort for a city or state to supply public access to land for it's use. This is not providing access to land for the public use. Oil is NOT a utility. Not even close.  

Oil is a privately owned commodity. It impacts the global price of that commodity. When utilities appear in the stock market it is not a global commodity. There is nothing about oil that is public. The petroleum industry LEASES public land, but, the US government never embarks on a national petroleum commodity to effect global prices. The USA allows companies to access public lands, in some areas, to conduct economic incomes. The USA collects lease fees, not a percentage of the global commodity. 

Private Land
Private property subject to a conservation easement remains in private ownership. Many types of private land use, such as farming, ranching and timber harvesting, can continue under the terms of a conservation easement, and owners can continue to live on the property. The agreement may require the landowner to take certain actions to protect land and water resources, such as fencing a stream to keep livestock out or harvesting trees in certain way; or to refrain from certain actions, such as developing or subdividing the land. Conservation easements do not mean properties are automatically opened up to public access unless so specified in an easement.
- See more at:

First ask the question WHY do troop numbers have to be cut back?

Troops, like employees, are fluid. They are cash liquidity. So, when cuts occur the troop numbers are the ONLY place it can happen. That would not be necessary if the USA hadn't over spent to their Military Industrial Complex. 

The monies spent to providing wealth to the private military sector are by contract. So, the USA is locked into contracts for stupid projects like the F35 and is slowly but assuredly dismantling it's readiness. 

If a country invests in stupid infrastructure like replacing soldiers with drones in a warehouse, then it's sincere readiness is profoundly impacted.

February 24, 2014 (AP)

Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel (click here) is recommending shrinking the Army to its smallest size in decades in an effort to balance defense needs with budget realities, according to defense officials.

Hagel is expected to announce that and other recommendations Monday in a speech at the Pentagon outlining his priorities for next year's defense budget.

Army leaders have been saying for months that they expected to absorb additional troop reductions as the nation prepares to end its combat role in Afghanistan this year. The Army is already scheduled to shrink to 490,000 active-duty members from a wartime peak of 570,000. Hagel is expected to propose cutting it further to between 440,000 and 450,000.

Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, said Monday that Hagel consulted closely with the military service chiefs on how to balance defense and budget-saving requirements.

"He has worked hard with the services to ensure that we continue to stand for the defense of our national interests — that whatever budget priorities we establish, we do so in keeping with our defense strategy and with a strong commitment to the men and women in uniform and to their families, Kirby said....

The USA has supplied a military presence globally. It has put the USA in a position whereby zealots like Cheney and Bush can simply build faux wars and actually invade sovereign nations without remorse.

That level of military presence has driven a build up of military presence by other major power, not for the purpose of being an ally, but to protect themselves from the USA's military shadow. 

The more a country spends on it's military, the less it has to spend on it's people AND development of a modern day economy. If Russia and China were to seek to spend the monies the USA does on war readiness it would impoverish every person in the country, every business and would use nationalism to justify the pain of the people.

Does that sound familiar? What was the USA doing during the Bush administration to justify the abandonment of Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq? Nationalism. The people pledged their lives to war for the greater good of the country. It was bullshit.

The point is the USA has to allow other nations to grow their military and their own national security rather than relying on the USA to do it. That includes the reality of Europe building their own missile ships and parking them on their shoreline. That means Europe builds it's own missile defense shield, if that is what they want. The American people sincerely don't like being the world's enemy. 

The most promising ally the USA has is France. It has capacity and capability. That is the relationship the USA needs to have with every nation. In the year 2014 we should be growing TRUST and not hatred or mistrust. 

No one should believe the USA should never have a military or assign it's national security to hope, but, the enemy isn't the Cold War anymore. There is a huge challenge for the Asian nations to end GENERATIONAL tugs of war over islands. And Africa is simply a mess with warlords and agrarian economies. South America has taken the reins of it's own power and charted a course for success. The Mideast is in chronic flux right now, with the latest being the resignation of the Prime Minister's cabinet in Egypt.

The USA has come through a century of self-indulgent wealth justified by promoting democracy. It instilled dictators in the Middle East for the sake of oil. The methods of it's intelligence agencies were to begin rebel attacks that would unseat governments not friendly to the USA. Some would say that is legitimate as a national security strategy. Maybe. But, what is guaranteed to follow is the USA backing the rebels for the sake of democracy and then USA troops die. I don't believe war has to solve the problems of a nation and it's international relations. 

USA Imperialism 'feels right' to many, many of it's citizens. But, it is a faux god the USA has to shed.  

The wealth of the country has found it's way into the hands of a few while the country itself has turned surveillance on it's own people. There has been no defense of the Middle Class and the status of the unions that guarantee it's long life in the country. Washington under estranged political leaders and parties have turned against the well being of it's own people. There is no reason to believe this trend is benevolence in any way. Citizens should not have to survive but thrive. Thriving by a majority of it's citizens guarantees an enviable brain trust and a growing economy. 

The Techno USA Military is an absolute abhorrence to this planet. A computer doesn't need air to breath, food to eat or water to drink. It doesn't need anything except a reason for action and those that push the buttons. Sorry, I just don't see it. 

The USA has to take a breath after a century of military dominance. It needs to allow it's allies to grow their own defenses, while seeking diplomatic solutions in REALISTIC outcomes. If the USA is to remain a strong and steadfast nation mired in democracy, it needs to promote peace. Peace does not mean every country is "Little America" honed by war. 

The USA is at a new horizon with it's military. It has to promote a national defense while finding a balance with a peaceful profile. The extravagant military spending has to end. The USA has to measure it's military ability against the nations of the world. I like the "Balance of Power." It makes sense and promotes demilitarization of the world. Non-proliferation has to become sincere non-proliferation.

The Ukraine has every right to seek a return of monies to their treasury. Resort, perhaps?

By Associated Press 
NOVI PETRIVTSI, Ukraine — The opulent residence of President Viktor Yanukovych (click here) has always been a closely guarded secret — and a symbol of the alleged corruption at Ukraine’s highest levels. On Saturday, after he fled the capital and its gates were thrown open, thousands streamed into the compound to get a first-hand look.

Inside the walled compound known as Mezhyhirya, posh mansions stood amid manicured lawns. There were parks dotted with statues, ponds with fountains and wild ducks, a tennis court, a golf course and a colonnaded pavilion....

A quarter trillion over ten years? That is $250 billion over 10 years or $25 billion per year.

$469.16 billion were the sales and revenues for Walmart in 2013. It is expected to have sales and revenues of $476.29 billion in 2014.

Walmart has the worst operational models in retail sales. The ad is simply playing with 'ideas' to insure sales. If Walmart doesn't increase it's pay rates and invest in manufacturing in the USA it is out of the game. It is already losing it's sales base.


Walmart has aggressively pursued a strategy of slash and burn. It has constructed big box stores simply because it could, not because it should. The strategy is to make Walmart the ONLY story in any neighborhood. 


All these 'cheap merchandise' stores use that strategy to build wealth. Their  buying tactics are ruthless because of their size which also continues to bring down the cash flow in the work force. The less monies manufacturers have in profit, the less employees are paid. 

Simply because Walmart wants to invest in purchasing more in America, doesn't mean there is going to be more or better paying jobs. Walmart has to change it's business model and treat suppliers with respect rather than as if it is doing them a favor to purchase their manufactured merchandise. I mean let's face it if a manufacturer actually made real money it could replace Walmart, right?


Walmart is putting itself out of business because of it's ruthless policies. This is not rocket science. When Walmart builds store after store after store while putting competition out of business, they actually begin to compete with itself. Hello? This is a well managed company that actually understands where it belongs in the market place? NO!

Does Walmart have a future? Who knows? With this methodology for profits I don't see it has much of a future.

I mean is Walmart going to start building cars, too, as their ad tries to portray? Walmart destroyed the Middle Class in the United States of America. Now, because they are failing in sales in the USA and can't raise wages in their outsourced jobs it is pleading for a redress of its' worthiness in the American landscape. With the history Walmart has, does that company actually think the American consumer is going to run to support their comeback?

I don't think so!

It's tactics are ruthless and the wind will change as soon as it serves the companies best interest.

Bye, bye, Walmart. Everyone say good-bye to Walmart. 

Telling the truth is a "DIRTY JOB," but, someone has to do it.
"Morning Papers" - It's Origin (click here)

The Rooster


by Ken Kremer 
February 22, 2014

NASA GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER, MARYLAND - Weather researchers (click here) and forecasters worldwide are gushing with excitement in the final days leading to blastoff of the powerful, new Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory – built by NASA in a joint effort with Japan.

GPM is a next-generation satellite that will provide global, near real time observations of rain and snow from space and thereby open a new revolutionary era in global weather observing and climate science. Therefore it will have a direct impact on society and people’s daily lives worldwide.

The team is counting down to liftoff in less than 5 days, on Feb. 27 at 1:07 PM EST from the Tanegashima Space Center, on Tanegashima Island off southern Japan, atop the highly reliable Mitsubishi Heavy Industries H-IIA rocket....

"Good Night, Moon"

Waning Crescent
34% Full

23.7 days old

Southern Cross Stargazers for February 23 - March 1. 2014 (click here)
Mid-evening, outer planet blue-green Uranus, in Pisces Fish, descends toward the western horizon. Aries, Ram, chases Pegasus, Winged Horse, onto the western horizon. The Royal Family swings low in the northwest. Capella guides Auriga, Charioteer, toward the northwest.
The delicate Seven Sisters lead Taurus, Bull westward. Aldebaran (Bull’s red eye) winks from the V-shaped Hyades cluster (Bull’s face). Bright Jupiter glows overhead on the right of the Gemini Twins, Castor and Pollux. The dim Beehive cluster shimmers in Cancer, Crab, below the Twins.

Read more here: