Sunday, May 08, 2011

The April Jobs report and a President that isn't 'highlighting' all his accomplishments.

We've been getting a mixed set to values for a couple of months now.  There are reasons for that.

A payroll boost of 244,000 jobs in April — thanks to the biggest private-sector gain in five years — sparked economic enthusiasm Friday, balanced by expectations that unemployment will continue to rise....

That means there is a healthy private sector coming back.  Why?  Because the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, passed on February 13, 2009 (click here) has finally been distributed to the 'jobs market' and not simply sitting on shelves waiting for State's attention and treasury accounting.

There is more confidence by the private sector that for awhile and for as long as it lasts, there is reason to hire and expand their products and services.

...At the same time, though, the bureau’s companion household survey measured an uptick in the unemployment rate to 9 percent in April from 8.8 percent in March....

That means the economy, under a paradigm shift starting in late 2008 and early 2007, is still shrinking.  The State, County and Local governments are still experience belt tightening and there is a drop in jobs.  Those might be private sector jobs as some of the States are serviced by the private sector.  So, there is a drop in private and public jobs, but, dominated by the contraction of the public sector spending.

...The national economy grew at a slow 1.8 percent pace in the first three months this year, a comedown from the 3.1 percent pace in the fourth quarter last year.

The labor department’s report said average hourly earnings for employees on private, nonfarm payrolls rose 3 cents in April, to $22.95. Meanwhile, the average workweek for all employees was unchanged....

What plays into rising incomes is also the value of the USA dollar.  One has to remember, the USA under the Republicans, is an 'import' economy and NOT an export economy, so we are susceptible to rising prices as the value of the dollar is 'toyed with' by The Fed.

It is imperative the USA return to a manufacturing economy whereby 'American Conscience' products, especially in the area of automobiles and energy, are manufactured in the USA with strong export opportunities.  It will bring more stability in the USA dollar and a balance to a global economy.

In order to settle the argument that is circulating about releasing the photos of Osama bin Laden. There was a President that boasted about his accomplishments.

And then later changed his mind about the presentation of the body to the public.  (click title to entry - thank you)

The body of Saddam Hussein's son Uday is shown to the media in a military morgue. Photograph: AP/APTN

Saddam sons' bodies displayed  (click here)

Staff and agencies  

Uday and Qusay Hussein, Saddam Hussein's two sons, suffered more than 20 bullet wounds each in their final stand against American forces, US military pathologists said today.

The announcement came as two corpses the US says are the slain brothers were shown to journalists at a US military base in Baghdad in a further bid to convince sceptical Iraqis that two of the most feared figures of the former regime would not be coming back.

Acting on a tip from an informant, the US today added to its claimed killing of Saddam's two sons with an announcement that it had captured up to 10 people in Tikrit believed to be members of the former dictator's personal bodyguard....

There is a reason the bodies were 'touched up' before presenting them as 'evidence' to the public.  It is cultural and states if the face is untouched and appears peaceful at the time of death they were in 'Allah' graces.  If the same is true the person was not.

The reasons for releasing the pictures was completely "W"rong.  The presentation of the pictures worked in reverse to quell ethnic crimes and killings.  It was a huge blunder and should not be repeated.  This only illustrates the "W"rong approach by the Bush/Cheney administration throughout their time in the Executive Branch.
In the same scenario, Saddam's execution was made public.  There was ethnic chanting at the time and while that was a moment of relief for a group of people, there were others galvanized by it. 

I mean when does a segment of the USA political populous 'get it' and stop acting like irrational children demanding the entire world march to their demands?   

The same ranting over this only reflects the disrespect of religious and ethnic differences in the USA as well and is a form of religious bigotry.  In rejecting the civilized conduct of the Obama administration in respect to Islamic/Muslim beliefs and traditions only shows bigotry and hatred.  

This segment of USA political society is not a matter of being uncivilized and needing education about 'the real world' it is a choice in their behavior and demeanor.  It is inflammatory and feeds the hatred in order to win electoral consent to serve in office.  To act in anger is to state their is something "W"rong with the current conduct of the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch when not in 'lock step' with that anger.  Anger is suppose to be 'served' and not ridiculed or demeaned.  Anger is suppose to show 'the last step' before 'the next step.'

Just as a note:  Psy-Ops is rarely correct and the continued turbulence and assault in the Middle East and on USA lawmakers is proof of that.  The unit needs to be dissolved and the operations of same left to commanders, generals, anthropologists and leaders of government.  I mean really.