Thursday, July 02, 2015

If you like the taste of guacamole with peas there is less fat.

I think that is what this is all about.

Avocado has 13 grams of fat with 2.5 saturated fat per one half avocado. (click here)

Peas (which are the same color) have 0.6 grams of fat with 0.1 grams of saturated fat per one cup. (click here)

The peas have more carbohydrates which makes it a bad choice for diabetics. Peas have 21 grams of carbohydrates per cup while avocados have 8 grams of carbohydrates per one half avocado. That is a big difference in carbohydrate content to the guacamole for diabetics.

Enjoy July 4th. The USA is 239 year old.

Everyone has their own approach. Their style is as much a part of their aspirations as their win.

She is still a woman and in the big picture image is still a part of her campaign. I think the Dems are really lucky to have so very many qualified candidates. They each have their own strengths and I admire everyone of them. We going to have fun!

July 2, 2015
By Cameron Joseph

WASHINGTON — A cluster of outside groups (click here) backing Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid raised $24.3 million in the first half of 2015 — a modest haul that shows they’re just starting to respond to the big outside money being raised on the GOP side.

Priorities USA Action raised $15.6 million in the last six months, the group announced Thursday, including $12.5 million in the last four weeks.

Another cluster of pro-Clinton groups, American Bridge and Correct the Record, raised a combined $8.7 million in the same period, a source confirmed to the Daily News. Correct the Record has since spun off to be a sepate organization....

With all the poison the right wing can muster, the former Senator/Secretary never loses momentum.

July 1, 2015
By Liz Kreutz

Since launching (click here) her campaign, Hillary Clinton has been on a frenzied, money-raising spree -- and it looks like it paid off.
The Democratic presidential candidate has raised more than $45 million in donations in just the first three months of her campaign alone, according to a Clinton campaign official familiar with the campaign’s second-quarter FEC filings.
This impressive number is nearly half of the campaign’s goal to raise $100 million by the end of the year.
Clinton’s campaign did not provide the official filings, which will be made available to the public in two weeks, but if their number holds true, the campaign says it would break the record for the most primary money raised by a candidate during the first quarter in the race.
As we all know though, money doesn’t grow on trees and reaching this number didn’t come easy....
Wow ! 

Bernie doesn't need big money or big money donors. Bernie has the backing of the people, that is more valuable than any commercials a megapac can buy. The people come to him. They will make it happen. It is wonderful to see the people as happy and energized as they are with Bernie. He is a small miracle for the working people in the country. 

The Blue Angels have arrived to the National Cherry Festival.

I have been air shows, but, I have never seen them before. Their cargo jet flew in earlier today in Michigan. That cargo jet was very streamlined for the size of the jet. I was impressed. It was built for fuel economy. The Air Force is on their toes.

But, the Blue Angels are smaller than I expected. They are fast, but, smaller than I expected. 

The pilots are awesome.

It is nice to see them. It was good to see the proficiency and modernization of the US Air Force. Thank you.

We have another Senate - Secretary running for President.

July 2, 2015
By Ken Thomas

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb (click here) announced his presidential campaign on Thursday, opening a long-shot bid against Hillary Rodham Clinton and a field of Democratic rivals for the party's nomination.

Webb, in an announcement posted on his campaign website, acknowledged he would face major hurdles but vowed to bring an outsider's voice to the 2016 race.

"I understand the odds, particularly in today's political climate, where fair debate is so often drowned out by huge sums of money. I know that more than one candidate in this process intends to raise at least a billion dollars," Webb wrote. But he said the nation "needs a fresh approach to solving the problems that confront us and too often unnecessarily divide us. We need to shake the hold of these shadow elites on our political process."

Webb, 69, a decorated Vietnam veteran and former Navy secretary under President Ronald Reagan, surprised many Democrats when he became the first major figure in the party to form a presidential exploratory committee last November. He has outlined the roots of a campaign message that include helping working-class Americans compete in the economy, tackling campaign finance reform and preventing the U.S. from getting involved in foreign entanglements like Iraq and Afghanistan....

Is this a new strain in Washington State? Has the CDC and/or WHO validated the virus brand?

I got may Shingles vaccine today. I got it at Walgreens.  

What was the circumstances and where is it likely she contracted the virus? Where and how has the host contracted the virus?

Please don't leave this to chance when a person dies from measles even in the face of a POTENTIALLY diminished immune system. She contracted it. That should be enough. It is dangerous to explain it away.

July 2, 2015
By Martha Bellisle

A Washington woman died from measles in the spring (click here) — the first measles death in the U.S. since 2003 and the first in the state since 1990, health officials said Thursday.

The woman lacked some of the measles' common symptoms, such as a rash, so the infection was not discovered until an autopsy, Washington State Department of Health spokesman Donn Moyer said.

This is the 11th case of measles in Washington — and the sixth in Clallam County — this year, Moyer said.

Measles is highly contagious and spreads when an infected person breathes, coughs or sneezes. However, dying from it is extremely rare, Moyer said.

Officials didn't say whether the woman was vaccinated, but they did note she had a compromised immune system. They withheld her age to protect her identity but said she was not elderly.
Ramadan has very little to do with domestic violence and attacks. Ramadan is a holy day and demands atonement at this time. Ramadan does not call the faithful to war. Kindly get rid of the idea that violence and Ramadan is related. They are not.

This type of reporting is really inappropriate. Daesh is falsely carrying out the words in the Quran. No one needs to make anyone feel good about falsifying information when it comes to the Muslim faith and it's culture. If there is an uptick in traffic on the net at this time of year, well, no clue. Is there an uptick in traffic on the net at Christmas time?

Please be careful. When the western media inflames the understanding of extremists it is dangerous business.

Ramada is an intensely important and holy time of year for Muslims. It is a time of reflection and reverence. That is all it is. 

I am also going to say something about the protests against Donald Trump that no one will like, but, I am going to state it anyway. He is a candidate for president of the USA. The Republican Party didn't mind at all EVERY political season to call up his name and have him bring people to their party. Years and years and years this has gone on. This is nothing new. He is stating the same thing that others are stating in his party. But, because he is a rich guy he has to PAY THE PRICE of fame and angry words. 

This is the USA. The Trump organization doesn't discriminate in their hiring or employment. They abide by every law that I know. He contributes to favorite causes. He has a personality not found in many places. He makes friends with people like Sarah Palin. I don't think he should be attacked based on his wealth. He is stepping outside his company to carry out a campaign. His organization stands as a corporation. Impacts will hurt the economy. Atlantic City doesn't need any of this!

I am somewhat annoyed about the pressure being placed on his organization because of his campaign words. Our democracy is under attack at this point. Anyone should be able to run for President and if there is a person today who can prove that it is US Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders is a breath of fresh air. If he was a rich guy and said inflammatory things about Wall Street would there be retaliation? I find it somewhat troubling that Mr. Trump can't speak his mind without attacks on the Trump organization. I think it is inappropriate. 

Everyone else in the country should feel free to speak their mind in response, but, his organization is not him. I am really surprised people can't discern the difference.

Mr. Trump states, "Someone is doing the raping."

What is Mr. Trump's proposal for reporting and handling of rape complaints on USA campuses?

Sometimes being a legislator can be rewarding.

He is a profound loss to this country. No one should ever feel this burdened by illness, especially in the USA. He is missed.

June 30, 2015

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (BCN) - The state Legislature (click here) has passed a resolution to rename the iconic rainbow decorated Waldo Tunnel on U.S. Highway 101 in Marin County as the Robin Williams Tunnel.

The vote by the state Senate last Thursday was 37-0. The state Assembly passed the resolution introduced by Assemblyman Marc Levine 77-0 on April 23.

A petition by Belvedere resident Julie Wainwright to rename the tunnel received nearly 62,000 signatures.

Wainwright, CEO of TheRealReal consignment website that sells luxury items, said she lives three miles from Williams' Tiburon home where the actor and comedian took his own life last Aug. 11.

"I often saw him running errands, walking the dog, performing at local theater, working at the coffee shop," Wainwright said on the website where the signatures were gathered.

"Robin wasn't just an international icon - he was an integral part of our community here in the Bay Area. We claim him as our own," Wainwright said....

If there is a false alarm at the DC Navy Yard; it is still very serious.

I still think there are a couple of things going on with these false alarms, so, if I may.

Don't change posture in any preparedness to large crowd events such as Fourth of July fireworks. 

Those that would like to break down the USA into a non-prepared status wants to accomplish a couple of things.

l. They want to measure the maximum capacity for emergency response to determine the numbers of people required in Daesh covert militias within any city of the USA.

2. We already know the Daesh methodology to decapitations. They repeat the event as if practicing for a media event. This repeated false practice of decapitations is what leads up to a person whom will kneel at the mercy of the assassin. The person executed has no self will anymore. By the time of the execution the person is simply resigned to their impending death. 


Use the EMS system to wear down Americans to false alarms. Eventually, the alarms become so disruptive Americans will demand the system to be changed or eliminated.

So, consider your EMS already measured and consider the attitude in the majority of the population already altered and prepare for a reality check to anyone that believes they will be effective in demoralizing our society.

France. There was an attempt to an explosion on an American chemical plant. Yes? What lead up to that? Spy drones. Right? There were something like seven or eight reports out of France about drones flying over their nuclear plants. I personally believe the American chemical plant was the idiot's second choice. 

Now, consider this, what if the bozos in France plan to attack again having practiced the first time to find the response. But, instead of the American chemical plant they are going to coordinate attacks at all chemical plants and nuclear plants.

Kindly remember, it was Algeria that experienced the first attack on a chemical plant, but, they never really exploded it. What happened in Algeria? There was an invasion into the plant and the forces into the plant took over the facility. Is a power facility or a chemical plant an important ASSET OF CONTROL?

Yes, they are an important asset of control AND in either case, they are good chemicals to make WMD, now aren't they?

Algeria has responded to the attack they experienced. They now carry out pre-attack strategies that have proven successful. They also screen employees to these facilities to determine any background that would place the facility, hence the community and country, at risk.

21 January 2015
By Walid Ramzi

Algiers — In anticipation of possible attacks (click here) on the second anniversary of the Tiguentourine gas plant siege, Algerian troops stepped up security on the southern border.
Authorities announced last week the foiling of a series of terrorist operations targeting three areas of oil and gas installations in the south.
Army forces already succeeded in dismantling a 12-member terrorist cell that was planning attacks against vital facilities in conjunction with the January 16th anniversary of the In Amenas assault.
The operation came a few days after the discovery of weapons and military equipment along the border area with Libya, which sparked fears of a fresh attack targeting oil facilities in the vicinity of Tiguentourine.
A defence ministry communique stated that the neutralised terrorist cell was preparing to carry out operations in Algeria in co-ordination with groups operating abroad....

There was a very robust response to the Navy Yard emergency. It was impressive. However, there needs to one more layer of response entitled something like "Catastrophic Response." Held in secrecy and only deployed when the robust response is known to be under staffed. That status to the robust response turning into a catastrophe response would more than likely happen soon after initial response. However, such status could be held at the ready if circumstances should change. I would think at some point in the catastrophic response the National Guard would be at the ready as well.

Knowing there are other countries experiencing threats to their national security should be a solace to the American people. We are not alone in the need for awareness.

This is as the world exists today.  

One other thing. Thinking of the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Would collapse of a financial market prohibit a defensive response to an attack? What is the preparedness of the USA to such a loss of fiscal integrity after such an attack? This is not politics now. How important is it to have oversight and regulation of the financial markets?

Think about it.

The upcoming holiday is a time of caution this year.

July 2, 2015
By Doug Stanlin

U.S. Park Police (click here) are responding Thursday to a report of an active shooter at the Navy Yard inside the Washington, D.C., city limits, WUSA reports.
An employee inside the 41-acre facility reports that alarms are sounding and the buildings are on lockdown, WUSA reports..
There are no immediate report of casualties....

Earlier this year I mentioned the country would need everyone's service. This is that sort of event.

The upcoming holiday is dominated by back yard barbeques and gathering of friends and family. That is a good thing. But, as the evening approaches we all move to the fireworks venue. That is where folks with strange ideas of control have an opportunity to crush a national celebration. 

We all know the paradigm. Someone with an easily accessed gun will come into a group of strangers and begin to attempt to assassinate people. 

My suggestion is for citizens to call their local police to set up barriers at fireworks viewing areas well ahead of the event. I would suggest at least one day in advance. Then it will be easy for them to monitor the area until the fireworks display. The openness will reveal any plans to hurt people.

But, as to the event itself. There should be a narrow entrance to the viewing area so police can monitor those entering to observe for guns, etc. The area should be posted as a "No Guns Area."  

Fireworks, depending on proximity, and fire crackers can sound like gun fire and mask any attack.
Some folks won't like that. Temporary gun permits can be issued to REGISTER for the event. I know everyone hates the idea of registration, but, this is a one time event whereby the registration list will be destroyed afterward. 

This is really short notice for organizing to the fireworks, but, calls today up to July 4th can enter demands with their police noting this dire circumstance in DC. Police will understand the fear and with enough concern expressed will act to prevent such danger. They do care. If calling to demand and protest any lack of protections and preparation USE THE NON-EMERGENCY NUMBER. 

Otherwise, citizens will have to police themselves. Parents are really good at watching out for children even in the most spectacular display. This is basically the same vigilance. Know your neighbor and say hello to those near you when you find THE SPOT where viewing is best for you. 

Carry communication devices with you to the fireworks. Mobile phone, iPAD and those sort of things.

This is a real situation in the USA. We have to rise to the occasion. We are a great people. We know what we are looking for and we know how to alert authorities. Be the country we know we are.

See you at the fireworks. Mine is over the water. Absolutely spectacular.