Tuesday, March 08, 2016

I am happy for the Mississippi Republicans tonight.

Now Donald Trump is 52 percent in Mississippi. He is out of the 30 something doldrums. Congratulations.

Donald Trump has a strong ground game, too.

Donald Trump needs to continue to draw the high 40 something or better yet 50 something numbers from here going forward.

Just to point to his own words, "...they think if everyone else drops out of the race the voters will go to others. Well. Voters will come to me, too." He was completely correct.

It looks like the impoverished Southern states have a new champion. It takes a lot to win their trust with their economy. I hope he has a vision for them that will remove poverty forever. If he ever is able to read studies of the impoverishment of the southern USA, (anthropologist stuff) he'll find his heart for this country.

That is what shines for Donald Trump. He cares for those Americans no one else wants to. He has held those disenfranchised Republican voters close to him for years now. He was right to do so. They need him.

He made a space for them and has never violated it.

Today is International Women's Day.

The most important determinant (click here) of a country's competitiveness is its human talent via the skills and productivity of its workforce.
Organizations must illuminate the path to leadership, showing women the career and advancement opportunities that match their skills and professional objectives and provide the experiences necessary to fulfil their potential.
Individuals can commit to advocating for themselves, and when appropriate, becoming effective role models and sponsors of women to help them achieve their goals.

Women as individuals, equals and appreciated by their country and it's laws for the contribution women bring .

The process ov voting is very, very slowed by Voter ID.

It was the very first time I was asked for ID. I didn't like the way it felt. When I handed the clerk my driver's license it was scanned into a computer, assigned a bunch of numbers and handed back to me after three different people had looked at it. I don't believe this is democracy because the voter registration bank now has ID they can do anything they want with it. This is wrong and it feels Un-American.

The process was slow voting. There were many people on the right side of the room out of the door. There was no more than two to three people on the left side of the room actually voting. At any given time there were five voting booths empty waiting for people.

Sorry, I was a little absent. I made a sick call. Everything is fine.

I saw the Democratic Town Hall. Both candidates were well dressed. I loved Bernie's tie and Hillary's sweater was incredible.

Senator Sanders message is clear and received well by Independents. Hillary's answer to the e-mail requests a little wanting. It sounds somewhat like an excuse. But, what might work and she would know this is more discussion of the law that lead to this and the way the law applies to retroactive e-mails. 

Other than that I think she was the best I've ever seen her. She simply is getting better and better every time I hear her speak. I think her probgrams are well thought out and doable. 

The Republicans only have one national candidate and that is Donald Trump. Rubio, Kasich and Cruz have regional appeal but won't carry an election. I think that is what Michael Bloomberg ran into when he was deciding about becoming an independent election. He was a regional candidate

Cruz is a liar and we still aren't certain about his citizenship requirement for President. I never thought it would be an issue, evidently it is. I think this is another Cruz lie. Rather than taking charge of the issue and resolving it, there is no leadership and only denial. 

Cruz has political MPD (multiple personality disorder). 

I am traveling and will spend more time later. 

The weather in the US is acting up again. 

Until later.