Thursday, December 06, 2012

My favorite Star Trek film.

Having a maverick as the leader of the party has its disadvantage.

Disappointed supporters of Mitt Romney waited for his concession speech on Tuesday in Boston.

In case the Republicans are looking to find the party they abandoned in 2000, they need to reflect on how they 'got here.'

The Republicans chronically believe they can 'run game' on the Middle Class forever without destroying the nation. 

"W"rong. I don't mean that smugly. They have taken their draconian methodology to the end of the road and now the nation is awakening to it.

The taxes on the wealthy need to be increased because that is where the money went. The electorate is seeking moral leadership, not religious leadership. The Republican Party is not capable of providing moral leaders to the nation. The GOP is failing the people. "W" started the awakening and it has slowly revealed itself to the electorate. In other words, "The Jigs Up."

The profound corruption started in 2000 because the legitimacy of Reagan was lost. The innocence of the nation was beginning to wane. In its place was a willingness to leverage power over the democracy of the nation and the legitimate 'state of being'of the USA changed to a 'front' rather than a 'reality.' The Bush/Cheney administration cashed in on the latent understanding of a benevolent USA to the point of no immoral war and aggression was too great with a profound disrespect for human life, even within the USA's borders. 

The attack on the Middle Class had been conducted since Reagan, but, at no point was it so terrible the nation was at stake. The Clinton Administration turned the slippery slope of decades of Republican abuse into traction for the nation of people. Due to an illegitimate election of 2000, the nation fell back into the grasp of exploitation rather than productivity. Basically, 'the kill' of the Middle Class and their unions were within reach. 

There are many nations in the world with a severe reality of two economic classes, the poor and the wealthy. The USA was to become exactly that with no further promise of changing the circumstances of the poor. We were, after all, a nation forever at war because of 'the recycle 'osama' bin' at hand. The GOP could continue to terrify the nation forever and to that end all were asked to sacrifice, accept their 'lot in life' as if Job himself and just 'get on with it.' 

The USA was to be first at war. What else needed to be understood? Any jargon, language of the electorate was simply unnecessary. We were to become a warrior nation and nothing more.

McCain made it worse with his Veep pick. He had to know putting a completely unqualified candidate for Vice President at his side would be the desperate end of everything benevolent about the party. Either they could catch the outrageous Bush Doctrine for their own that the nation would buy in the election or it was over. After the 2008 elections, Palin grabbed the opportunity at fame and set the party on a different path of propaganda and happy talk. The GOP has been there ever since. Why have their lent their monies to people unable to actually govern within the USA?

So, now the GOP is the reality of unleased power that would seek to destroy the domestic economy, happiness of the people, the promise of the USA for generations to provide opportunity to change their circumstances and the pride of caring for those that built this nation on their backs, through their sweat, through service to its military by allowing the entitlements to be degraded into oblivion. That was the goal anyway.

Where is the GOP going? We all hope nowhere, but, it takes time and money to turn the corner on gerrymandering. 

How can the GOP rehabilitate their image? Image? Image? They want to change their image? That isn't possible. This is the NEW USA. The USA reality built. It takes sincere good acts, not just changing the image. Clear, measurable ability laced with reality. The GOP has to GIVE UP their images with the extremists and they need to reform their lives, priorities and agenda. 

These aren't my rules. These are the rules of the people of the USA. They sincerely don't want to live miserable lives. The USA has never been about misery, but, empowerment and improving the quality life of its people generation after generation. Those are the rules. No image is going to change that anymore.

by Michael Cooper
Published: November 7, 2012

It was the morning of the Republican hangover. (click here)

After four years in which the jobless rate never dipped below 7.8 percent, with millions of Americans still unemployed or underemployed and median household income falling, Republicans still failed to unseat President Obama and, for the second election in a row, fell short in their efforts to win control of a Senate that seemed within reach. The Wednesday-morning quarterbacking began quickly....