Sunday, December 30, 2012

I do not want to lose Hillary Clinton.

President Obama needs to ask Senator Kerry to move through confirmation. We have a problem in that Hillary has worked and worked and worked to the point of exhaustion. 


There will be no testimony regarding Benghazi or anything else, until in comes from the new Secretary of State.

She needs to be home with her married daughter, husband and their future. She needs to be on medical leave until the inauguration. No more stress, it is effecting her best outcome.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (click here) has been admitted to a hospital for a blood clot "stemming from" a concussion earlier this month, Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines says. In a statement, Reines says doctors found the clot during a follow-up exam on Sunday.
"She is being treated with anti-coagulants and is at New York-Presbyterian Hospital so that they can monitor the medication over the next 48 hours," he says.
Clinton had been expected to return to work this coming week. CBS News reports:
"Aides and doctors say Clinton contracted a stomach virus in early December and became dehydrated, then fainted, fell and hit her head. She was diagnosed with a concussion on Dec. 13 and hasn't been seen in public since."...

Everyone, including the majority of Americans, have had enough high jinks by the Republicans. They have all the facts they could possibly have. They will get no more than is available now. No more hearings for her. She has been pushed past the endurance of normal human capacity. She needs rest, calm and to be surrounded by love and contentment. She has earned every minute of peace this country can afford her. She has known little else in her life besides service to this nation and it is time to give back in generous amounts.

Caught up in the turbulence of racial politics.

Benjamin Chavis Jr., 24 at the time, Southern regional program director of the United Church of Christ’s Commission for Racial Justice
Ann Shepard (later Ann Shepard Turner), a 35-year-old white social worker
Reginald Epps. 18
Jerry Jacobs. 19
James “Bun” McKoy, 19
Wayne Moore, 19
Marvin “Chili” Patrick, 19
Connie Tindall, 21
William “Joe” Wright Jr., 19
Willie Earl Vereen, 18

Except for Chavis and Turner, all the defendants were Wilmington residents.

The violence resulting in the arrest and prosecution of the young, black men, their leaders; a social worker and regional director of the United Church of Christ; was a methodology of the KKK. If the Klan could bring about unrest, violence, destruction and death while pinning it on  African American activism in town they would succeed in ending desegregation and return the white race to supremacy. It was the Klan, Governor Purdue.

Now, if there was to be any further prosecution or investigation of these people it would show them as victims to political oppression existing as a strategy against them. This is real injustice and it time it ends in the pardoning of the innocent. All they are guilty of is saving their own lives. Any actions by them was in self-defense or aggravated by circumstance out of their control.

Boycotting is a non-violent method to express injustice and/or inequity. Non-violence is the method of the late Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. These people were victims of injustice and not simply released on a technicality. They should be pardoned as an apology to the African American community in the State of North Carolina.

The petition delivered by Reverend William Barber to Governor Purdue is a remarkable and resounding attempt to emulate the non-violent pleading of the boycott over 40 years later. How much longer will the pleadings of the boycott go on?  There is no political pitfall or blunder here, except, if the injustice continues.

Benjamin Chavis, (click here) a young man by any measure, arrived in Wilmington to help black students who had announced a boycott of the New Hanover County public schools the previous months. Racial tensions had worsened since the desegregation of the county’s school system in the 1969-70 school year and the closing of Williston High School, a beloved institution in the local black community.

Soon, black youths were confronting local Klansmen and members of a militant group called Rights of White People. On the night of Feb. 6, 1971, several firebombs were set in downtown Wilmington....

...Gregory Congregational Church, 609 Nun St., Wilmington [Map this], where Chavis and a number of boycotters had barricaded themselves. Two nights of rioting followed; a policeman shot a black teenager, and a middle-aged white man was killed by unknown assailants. On Feb. 8, National Guard troops entered the church, only to find it deserted.

Rev. William Barber (click here) after delivering signatures for Wilmington 10 to Gov.Purdue.

Governor Purdue needs to pardon the innocent.

Peace and a New Year of prosperity.

Good night.

The Payroll Tax Cut is ending. So what?

By Ron Scherer, Staff writer / December 18, 2012
No matter how the 'fiscal cliff' talks end, (click here) federal taxes of working Americans appear likely to rise after Jan. 1. That's because the Obama White House isn't pushing to extend the payroll tax cut....

The last time the Payroll Tax Cut was passed, the Republicans stated: "A tax cut doesn't have to be funded." With that they intended and passed an attack against Social Security and it's solvency.

The Payroll Tax Cut was an uptick to business as well. Both the business contribution and individual contribution was cut to benefit the economy. So, while business was considered important in the dynamic to recover the economy the working people got a break to their income to encourage spending. I think it is something like $1000 per year for the Middle Class of the country.

I don't see anything wrong with ending the Payroll Tax Cut. If the Republicans are going to attack the solvency of Social Security by not funding it, then the nation is better off paying the tax and having the business sector pay as well.

So, it looks as though regardless of the New Years Eve deadline to tax cuts, this one will end anyway, regardless of Congress's ability or inability to protect the Middle Class. The Middle Class can clearly state they are contributing to the stability of the Social Security Fund with this RETURN to normalized tax rates. This expiration of the Payroll Tax Cut simply defines the fact SSI is not the same as Federal Income Tax and the USA Treasury. The BUDGET and the National Deficit has nothing to do with the Payroll Tax Cut

Not directly.

The Payroll Tax Cut was viewed by President Obama as a mechanism to put monies in the hands of Americans SO LONG AS it was funded. President Obama never wanted to cause hardship to the SSI fund. He wanted to fund the tax cut only as a mechanism to put monies into the hands of those best acting to improve the USA economy (increased demand for products). When the Republicans didn't fund it the last time it was renewed, they were seeking to do damage to the SSI fund. I am sure they would term it, "Teach the nation a lesson." Of course, President Obama would not reinstate the request to Congress. Why would he? SSI is not the problem, the Income Tax burden of the Middle Class is the problem and the lack of appropriate tax on the wealthy is the problem.

The Bush Tax Cuts are the problem. The solvency of our USA Treasury is the problem. 

Just because the Republicans always attack SSI as if it has some kind of relationship to 'The Real Problems' of the country, doesn't mean it relevant to the problem at hand. The attack on SSI by the Republicans is ideology. It has no brevity on our National Budget or the deficit.  SSI is a completely separate issue. 

I say again, The Payroll Tax Cut was a MECHANISM to improved spending in the country (increase consumer demand; put people back to work through pressures from within the economy itself) so long as it was FUNDED. When the Republicans saw the opportunity to damage the SSI fund in this APPLIED mechanism by President Obama; the President moved off the opportunity to help the economy through this method. It was a METHOD, not a cure, but it had to be funded.

So, the idea the Republicans are against raising taxes on Americans and their private sector is nonsense. They are willing to do at least this much by not funding the mechanism to improve the economy.

I believe this is fine. The economy is rebounding. It was a V-shaped recession albeit "The Great Recession" but never once returned to a recessive process in the American economy. We are doing okay. This is a matter of continuing the Social Security Insurance program. It is a return to NORMALCY. I think it is a good sign. 

One more time, Americans have to increase their incomes. They have to demand the pay rates they deserve and work hard for. If unions can insure that will happen while understanding the need of the company to survive and deliver REASONABLE stock market investment to stockholders (in the case of Wall Street); then unions need to be pushing a better quality of life and a STABLE and vital economy as a benefit to that quality of life.

Think a minute what President Obama's administration has been doing to recover the USA economy. What did they and what are they doing exactly? They are increasing the MONIES in the hands of the Middle Class. If it also increased monies in the private sector because it was the only way Republicans would go along with it, so be it. If the increased income to business (As in the Payroll Tax Cut) improved the economic vitality, then fine. But, the sincere purpose of the President's Administration has been to empower the Middle to KEEP THEIR HOMES, increase their disposable income and increase demand for products and services in the USA economy that would ultimately increase the number of jobs.

It was a completely NATURAL PROCESS, the President was applying. The idea was to return to normalcy eventually anyway in whatever the new reality was of the new economy.

Let's say all tax decreases stops. Let's say we move past New Year's Eve and the tax incentives pass. The Middle Class is now paying more taxes and their 'take home' pay decreases. What has to happen to compensate that loss? They need more income. They need to demand more pay from their employers or in the case of independent business owners that have a Middle Class income from their business, they need to increase their product and/or their prices. Their product demand will occur with increased demand due to more income to Middle Class citizens. So, the independent business person has a real stake in seeing better pay for Americans. They also need to resist to some extent increasing their prices to prevent inflation.

It is math.

Now, will the American economy disappear because the tax cuts go up? No. We have had four years of recovery and while there will be some loss of economic vitality when the tax increases occur, much of the revitalized economy will remain.

The return to higher tax rates will be like a 'bungy cord' and not a cliff if Americans seek pay increases. In one year from now, on New Year's Eve 2013 every employee should have received at least one pay increase. Do you follow now?

It is exponential growth. For each person employed, increased income results in more demand for products, increases quality of life will result and that alone will build on itself. 

We can do this. The unions are capable of leading to this new standard of CIVIC involvement in the USA economy. It will happen and there should be no fear of it. 

As the income of Americans goes up, the taxes paid to the USA Treasury will increase and the National Debt and Deficit will come down.

It will hurt initially, but, Americans have to resolve they are WORTH THE FIGHT.
Now. When one reflects on the faux values of the Tea Party Republicans and Karl Rove's inability to speak to it while winning elections for the GOP, what does that say about Rove's actually ability to win elections at all?

When the electorate is given the truth and treated as thinking people able to discern the truth, falsehoods and what is not working as a strategy in their lives, they vote for people that can make a difference in their lives. Where corruption has existed for long periods of time, the efforts to turn the tables on ineffective and dangerous government is a 24/7 effort. It is why 'on the ground' works and high powered and expensive media does not.

The Republicans can try to mimic the Democratic Ground ? Game ?, but, they cannot mimic the truth the Democrats garner as their armor. Lies and manipulation are still that even in any ground game.

The Tea Party, the extremist wing of the GOP, has it completely wrong.

The Tea Party is a return to right wing extremism that is proven to be oppressive to society and to economic development.

The "Firearms Freedom Act" is anarchy. There is no other definition for it. It is not backed by the Second Amendment which demands "A well regulated Militia...." The reasons a militia in the USA has to be well regulated is ton insure the well being of citizens, that includes police officers. The Second Amendment does not provide for anarchy.

Firearms Freedom Act (click here)

Originally introduced and passed in Montana, the FFA declares that any firearms made and retained in-state are beyond the authority of Congress under its constitutional power to regulate commerce among the states....

United Nations Agenda 21 is no longer a UN agenda. It has moved on to be replaced by "The Millennium Assessment." So, let's get that out of the way. Agenda 21 was an attempt to look at the planet and it's ability to sustain human life, regardless of it's human view as a resource other than breathable oxygen. 

Agenda 21 is old business. It is over. Gone. No more. It was graduated to a functional global program. Agenda 21 is a prime example of how the Tea Party is successful by dredging up invisible agendas that are no longer valid; only their followers don't know that and are not empowered to find out the truth. They are lied to and/or kept ignorant by their own leadership because they have been lied to along the way. This is a populous movement that causes problems and does not solve them. Thank you Sarah Palin, the mother of all unsophisticated political hacks that actually 'dress up well enough' to win elections in the name of VIRTUE.

They state they are not interested in social issues, but, only fiscal problems. Hello? Since when is USA federal spending NOT about social issues? They do mean that they are not focused on social issues because they don't discern the impact of federal spending on social issues. 

Food Stamps is a hated agenda by the Tea Party of federal spending and people need the help. There will always be people that need the help. There are people that are no longer children and dependents to families that will always be 'in need.' Demographically there will always be poor and dependency in a population of over 300 million people. The Tea Party is under educated and radical because of their under education. They do not discern the needs of a populous and why there actually is a federal government with social programs.

I am not going to give the bozos lessons here. 

Making Ends Meet: How Single Mothers Survive Welfare and Low-Wage Work (click here)

It is called a COLLEGE EDUCATION in Public Policy! Try it. It works. It works in the face of liberal, radical, left wing educators. Really!!!!!!

The strategy of the Tea Party is simplistic and has caused the QUALITY OF LIFE problems The South faces in the USA. The reason they are POPULAR as part of a POPULOUS movement is because Old White Guys still believe they can control the content of the USA in order to serve their purposes. They use the lack of sophistication of the people to manipulate them.

The Quality of Life suffers in The South because of its profound impoverishment. While there are households owning homes and seemingly Middle Class, but, they are not Middle Class in the same definition as citizens of New York. 

In the Northeast, people belong to unions and work for FAIR wages. The people of the Northeast USA have quality of life which can be defined as time at home with their families, active parenting by BEING AVAILABLE, owning boats to go fishing, owning new cars they trade in on a regular basis to maintain equity of their homes that aren't impacted by car repairs, etc. The same, if not more, is emphasized in California with a high quality of life based in FAIR wages based on economic demographics and social pressures of status. I could go on and on, but, the impoverishment of the USA South is profound. 

In the South, ONE PERSON works two and three jobs to maintain their quality of life. They aren't available as parents in the same way people in the Northeast and California are. The South relies on the pressures of religion to maintain their children's behavior. The prime example of the lack of ability to parent is the fact there are high teen pregnancy rates in the USA South. The men are men in ways that are counter productive to relationships because it demands extreme personal sacrifice in the lack of quality of life. The men are violent as a means of defining the extreme they will go to defend their values and THEIR WOMEN. The values are based in defending economic impoverishment and still finding status.

The state legislators are STUCK in believing they have to oppose organized unions to PRESERVE their ability to have economic vitality. HUH? What economic vitality? If every person in the USA South only worked one job with FAIR wages that would solve the nation's unemployment problem. The other two jobs the people of The South hold down to maintain their homes and cholesterol saturated food and nicotine supplies that they consider an indulgence of their wages, the unemployed would be able to be employed with FAIR wages.

The people of the South do not have a quality of life because if they were only allowed to have one job the majority would be homeless. Does Wall Street love this dynamic? You betcha!

That is Tea Party Land. It is a populous movement based in ignorance of anything better or different. Take on the Tea Party and PROVE they are nonsensical, although nice people, political entities.

The Tea Party Express (click here) are worried about "The Blackness Gestapo." The Tea Party believes there are organized efforts to maintain 'the blackness' of the colored population in the USA. It is the oldest strategy to victimize minorities since the beginning of slavery. See, if minorities could only break out of their 'blackness' mentality, they would be like the rest of us. The twist The Tea Party gives it portrays them as liberators and conquerors of a well kept 'establishment' agenda and secret. Give me a break with this, okay? The Tea Party is a populous movement and they support racism and bigotry; as well as Wall Street priorities as a solution to economic deficits and unemployment. The Tea Party causes problems, they don't solve them.

Ask ones self: "Self, how is the USA going to pay its bills when 98% of Americans receive minimum wage due to dissolved unions? And how are villages and hamlets in the USA going to pay for education if they no longer own homes to pay property tax?"