Thursday, March 17, 2016

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Feel free to generate your own hate speech. It might be interesting.
Chris Hayes did I hear that right?

One type of American is better than another?

Why does that not sound like you. The entire media can learn a lesson from others that don't isolate Americans into extremes, but, engage every American to participate in their democracy. 

I think every tatoo artist is due an apology from Mr. Hayes.

The Republican Bush Royalty simply can't handle their own reality.

I nominate Sarah Palin. It looks like Paul Ryan was threatened with his political life.

Why bother with any more caucuses or primaries? That question really needs an answer. There are people who have honored the primary and caucus process, invested millions or more like a billion and there are new voters. Why not call it a convention and sort it out later? There is no reason to go forward with any more primaries if the GOP is throwing the baby out with the bath water. 

The GOP is in breach of their contract with their voters. They have promised a political process that would culminate in a convention. The chairman, House Speaker Ryan, is throwing everything out and holding an open convention. It will cause riots. The GOP should be sued and the primaries and caucuses yet to be held closed down. 

The Tea Party needs it's own convention. The Republican Party doesn't exist anymore EXCEPT in CORRUPTION at any cost.

The Karl Rove dictatorship is on the March. Governor Kasich is not royalty. Sorry, facts of life of a Republican. Kasich is good to support the Bush for President campaign as a Republican but it is completely outrageous to think Kasich can be president.

That is the problem you see, the entire Republican Party doesn't know their place. They have to have Rove's blessing before even thinking they can realistically run for president. After all he was Bush's Brain. 

Rove hasn't had a really good turd blossom since "W" left the White House. 

Every candidate was suppose to kiss the King Trump ring, but, that is the ONLY thing that was suppose to happen. King Trump was suppose to sit on his thrown and keep the Tea Party in line. That is the problem you see, King Trump decided to be a real American for a change. Shame on him, he got disgusted with the corruption.

Now mind you, Dictator Rove couldn't get one seat elected in 2012. Hello?

If the Democrats were this corrupt with their electorate, President Obama would never have seen an inauguration. We would still be waiting for our first minority President. Republicans can't hold a candle to the great integrity of the Democratic National Committee. Democrats speak their mind. Ask the Chairperson how many times in a year she is threatened with her political life.

March 17, 2016
House Speaker Paul Ryan (click here) on Thursday said that it was "unacceptable" for Donald Trump to suggest there would be rioting if he is not chosen as the Republican nominee.
"Nobody should say such things in my opinion because to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable," he told reporters on Capitol Hill.
On Wednesday, Trump said on CNN that if he does not win the GOP nomination at the convention in July: "I think you'd have riots. I'm representing a tremendous many, many millions of people."
For the first time, Ryan, who will be the chairman of the convention in Cleveland as Speaker of the House, acknowledged there could be an open convention....
Senator Debbie Sabenow of Michigan was on the US Senate floor presenting a bill she has sponsored that would bring empowerment to towns like Flint to prevent any such tragedy again in the USA. She is asking the US Senate to vote on the bill when the Senate returns. Is that too much to ask of 
Mr. McConnell? To actually do some WORTHY work rather than chronically complaining as if it really matters.

EPA provides guidance documents to help states and public water systems (PWSs) implement the Lead and Copper Rule. The materials below can assist in complying with requirements of the Rule.

Where is Snyder's Emergency Manager that stood in the breech to COMPLIANCE with the law and EPA's regulator authority?

That man in the background says it all.

Flint — It has become a haunting moment: (click here) Emergency Manager Darnell Earley and Mayor Dayne Walling both tasting Flint River water, a drinking source that eventually led to one of the biggest health crises in Michigan history.

That day on April 25, 2014, when Flint was switched to the corrosive water that would eventually expose its residents to high levels of lead has catapulted both men to testify before Congress Tuesday in a week when others, including Gov. Rick Snyder, are also expected to appear.
But much of the spotlight has been on Earley, the longtime urban administrator and expert who had previously worked in Flint, because he was in charge during the transition from Detroit’s water system to the Flint River while a new Karegnondi Water Authority was built....

The City of Flint has had five separate emergency and financial emergency managers in six separate terms. They all should be called to testify.

There are two different emergency management laws involved with Flint, Michigan's water contamination. The Public Law Pre-Snyder is a far different law than the one instituted by Governor Snyder.
Exactly, THE PRESENCE OF MIND. The EPA was operating on the BELIEF the laws were all that was necessary. The EPA had no indication Michigan's Emergency Manager law threw out the book and completely rewrote the rules.

Section 1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) (click here) establishes the definition for “lead free” as a weighted average of 0.25% lead calculated across the wetted surfaces of a pipe, pipe fitting, plumbing fitting, and fixture and 0.2% lead for solder and flux. The Act also provides a methodology for calculating the weighted average of wetted surfaces.

The Act prohibits the “use of any pipe, any pipe or plumbing fitting or fixture, any solder, or any flux, after June 1986, in the installation or repair of (i) any public water system; or (ii) any plumbing in a residential or non-residential facility providing water for human consumption, that is not lead free.”...

The Emergency Manager Law post-Snyder is state law. The federal government can't act like a Bat Out of Hell and begin throwing it's weight around. When the federal EPA warned Michigan about the corrosion there was a certain moral understanding in that warning. The federal EPA was acting from the perspective the federal laws were being enforced, but, with a change of water source there needed to be a modification made to eliminate the corrosion.

As time went on and there was a persistent problem with repeated warnings about the corrosion issue the federal EPA was becoming worried. The NEXT step for the federal EPA was to access the federal courts to gain operating authority over Michigan's EMERGENCY MANGER LAW not the environmental laws. The federal EPA has to receive clear JURISDICTION from a court of law to override the STATE LAW standing in the way of enforcement of the federal laws.

This problem DOES NOT belong to the federal EPA. This problem begins and ends at Governor Snyder's Office. The US/federal EPA did not have the authority to walk into Flint, Michigan and turn the water off unless they had the federal judgement to do that. 

The people in Flint are the ones that asserted their citizen rights under the First Amendment to speak out and find traction to bring about a faster resolve, hence the awareness by the public in 2015.

What is completely astounding is the scope, the poisons and the COMPLETE indifference of the state government. Never in the wildest imaginations did the personnel in the US EPA had idea there was a complete tragedy occurring while they were demanding compliance with corrosion control. They never had the presence of mind to realize how completely out of control Michigan was at the time there were ten deaths and brain damage of children and health problems of the people of Flint. They had no clue and quite frankly if the US EPA received such a letter from the citizens it would be considered a lack of education and/or lack of respect for a Republican Governor. That is just a guess, but, I am sure the US EPA was worried, but, not so concerned they would have expected such tragedy. It wasn't until THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE came to bear that everyone, including the country, had a change in the presence of mind to realize the tragedy that had occurred in the USA by a Governor out of control.

The House hearing today is SELF-SERVING to every Republican on the committee and a complete STRATEGY to shift blame to the federal government (Obama). To some it seems as though the EPA is making excuses, but, the reality OF THE LAW imposed on regulatory personal is acting in STANDARD PRACTICE. In other words, the US EPA knew there was a problem, but, the scope of the problem is not within STANDARD PRACTICE found in other states. That defense by Secretary McCarthy is valid. She can't be held responsible for her actions because she gave Governor Snyder more credit than he deserved. She never thought an American Governor was capable of such malpractice.

When the tragedy was finally LEARNED by the US EPA and the people of the USA at large it was something that set off enormous reaction to save the people of Flint. The entire country was appalled and didn't know exactly where to start except to act in the supply of water to the people. That is when the people of the USA took control and bottled water has been pouring in while the State government remains in violation of US EPA laws. 

At some point the people of the USA have thrown the state government to the dogs and worked with the Mayor and Council to rebuild the infrastructure of Flint. That is not the way USA government is suppose to work. But, people in the USA are great people and they take on problems that should not be theirs. The US House and Senate have yet to adequately address the problem yet alone the tragedy and demanding Snyder to resign. The Republicans in the House and Senate are worthless to the people of Flint. They are leveraging power to shift blame REGARDLESS of the laws.

The governing law is the Lead and Copper Rule which demands, quit correctly, the STATE to be sure the laws are applied and enforced. That is why the US EPA could not take over Flint's water. They DID NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY, by law. They had to move before a court with EVIDENCE to gain authority.

...EPA provides guidance documents (click here) to help states and public water systems (PWSs) implement the Lead and Copper Rule. The materials below can assist in complying with requirements of the Rule.

The current Lead and Cooper Rule is under US EPA review. Just because it is under review due to be written and published in 2017, it does not remove it's brevity. It is STILL the law of the land. 

Perhaps one of the changes has to be a change to federal authority, BUT, that would mean more money appropriated to the US EPA for testing, enforcement AND INTERVENTION. If the US EPA had control over Flint's water it would never have lost the Detroit water. It may be that this experience in Flint is one too many times for the USA. Perhaps the federal authority should be written into the law and monies reapportioned from any state subsidies to the US EPA.

The USA House and Senate should be ashamed of their political strategies regarding the people of Flint. That is another reason why the people have to exert control without the Congress involved. REGULATIONS are correct and have to be applied without challenge. THESE ARE THE LIVES OF THE USA PEOPLE, not an amusement park for Wall Street.

Consider this racial reality.

It is my observation of the Trump white man and the Democratic minorities there is economic IDENTITIES that differ between them that enforces racism.

Where does the Trump white man achieve his economic status? Small family business and supplemented with other incomes such as newspaper delivery or a spouse that works outside the home as well as within the family business. Yes?

The American minorities find success in Wall Street employment such as McDonalds and/or Walmart. Those are simply examples of where they are employed. Why is Wall Street hiring ethnic minorities in the USA? Because of federal law that penalizes them for discrimination. 

Yes? I stand firm on my beliefs and morals, too.

The margins of the USA population is speaking. They should not be dismissed.

Someone stated, "No matter what is thrown at Trump's success it doesn't matter." 

Correct. Why is that?

Why would Americans elect a person that is self-directed to the office of the President of the USA?

The people supporting Donald Trump are somewhat new to the voting process. They were disenfranchised from the benefits of the USA, no different than minorities.

There is a very big difference between the white man of the Donald Trump loyalists and the USA minority populations. The difference of the two is best defined in economics. The white man of the Trump movement works hard, sometimes three jobs, their wives work, they sacrifice time with their family and have resigned to be filled with family on legal holidays, birthdays and religious ceremonies; and if they can fit in a few hours of work on those days they will work.

The USA minorities are different in that their disenfranchisement is caused by race. The USA minorities are excluded from holding down three jobs. Additionally, if an employer decides it would be better to relieve their payroll of minorities it can be achieved by making an excuse in more states than a few and gets away with it. Because USA minorities have exclusive racist problems it places them on the MARGINS with their white counterparts, but, in slightly different reasons. Also, the issue of violence against minorities by the GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE is real. That is a different discussion.

The Donald Trump loyalists and first time voters have invested their lives for decades and even two generations into the Republican message. They believed in it because of it's harmony with their religion. They believed Christians could have a country based in their sole religious identity. They believed that and were told by a Supreme Court that is mostly conservative, that is not the case. They were told by a Supreme Court majority they have longed for with Justices Alito and Roberts; their core beliefs about the USA is wrong. They were told the USA is about freedom and not biased to a religious majority. The court they longed for told them in the private sector there can be leanings or devotions to Christianity or a particular faith. 

The Donald Trump loyalists know where their reality lies and he doesn't dismiss it as part of their lives and disappointment in their country. Donald Trump has been carrying their message as part of his reality for a long time and through several elections. Donald Trump put their values first regardless of any impact on his personal and professional life. Donald Trump carries their reality of the USA with him and respects the US Constitution. 

When people defame Donald Trump through criticism or laughter it is like water off a ducks back and they keep going. I am pleased they have a spokesperson. Now, they want him taken seriously and mean it. When all kinds of strategies are rolled out to impede Donald Trump's victories to the party's choice this year, they won't be a part of that. They will continue on their steadfast path and encourage their hero on to the national race.

I am sincerely happy for them. Donald Trump is right. They a good people and they love their country. They love their country today even with their new reality and that is saying something.

This video for the petition caught my attention.

To begin with, there are no specific facts cited. There are huge generalizations. These are real people with real lives and real children. Things need to be precise. That is not an excuse, it is simply more important than an inflammatory election driven advertisement.

I believe all of the religious in the world are important. Christians are one of them. Additionally, President Obama has been vigilant and involved in decisions to protect small populations of ethnic and religiously ethnic. Do I have to give examples?

President Obama has a tyrant regarding genocide as the US Ambassador to the United Nations in Samantha Powers. Has everyone read her book? It is on my bookshelf. 

Now, if the producers of these genocide videos expect to irritate Americans to launch a war in the middle east, it will only kill more people, especially Christians if that is the focus. The ad tries to indicate the Obama Administration is not doing enough. In fact, there are assets of all kinds dedicated to end the killings, wars and instability in the middle east which is at the core of the problem.

This ad needs to be playing for Prime Minister Netanyahu because he has become a man willing to go to war without restraint for no real reason at all. So, if the people signing the petition are sincerely concerned about Christians in the middle east they need to send their petition to those in the middle east that sincerely have control over the instability and exacerbation of violence.

I believe this political ad is putting Christians in the middle east directly in the path of danger. It should end it's irresponsible content and airings.

There are members of the US Congress that have been making concerted efforts to shift the responsibility for deaths and deteriorated health of Flint citizens to the US EPA and off Snyder.

Congress members seeking to skew the truth and leverage political pressure are as guilty for Flint's peril. The malpractice of Congress should be noted in legal documents.

Washington — The two top-most government officials (click here) linked to the Flint water crisis — Gov. Rick Snyder and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy — will go before a congressional committee Thursday and tell two vastly different stories about how high levels of lead were allowed to leach into homes.
Snyder will say that the contamination of Flint's water supply was a failure of government at every level: local, state and federal.
McCarthy's message will place the blame squarely on the state,  criticizing decisions not only by state regulators but by Snyder's hand-picked officials in Flint, saying if the EPA made any mistake it was having been "so trusting of the state for so long."...

Is the US Constitution respected?

The USA political right wing are disparaging the US Constitution. Wall Street pays well in corrupt donations for elections.

March 16, 2016
By Sherul Gay Stolberg and Adam Liptak
Washington — Merrick B. Garland, (click here) a Harvard-educated lawyer and classic overachiever, was working in lucrative private practice at Arnold & Porter in the nation’s capital when, in 1989, he was offered a position as a federal prosecutor handling criminal cases here. It meant a 50 percent cut in pay and trading a sumptuous office for one that smelled of stale cigarettes.
He jumped at it.
“I don’t know whether he thought it would be good if he were ever going to become attorney general or a judge,” said Earl Steinberg, a lifelong friend who has known Judge Garland since kindergarten and roomed with him at Harvard. “But he viewed it as an experience he ought to get.”...

When an American has obviously dedicated their lives to serving the country it should not be a punishment to his or her career.

In "The Hill" is an opinion that in 2014 the American people have already spoken in 2014 and any Obama nominee is insignificant to the Republican ideologies.

The Republicans have put their agenda first since President Obama took office. This nomination will prove to be a learning experience for those aspiring to the Supreme Court. Why take the tough jobs as Chief Judge Garland did in order to work toward a place coveted by the professionals as a pinnacle achievement. When high standards are disparaged by politics it is a clear indication the wrong people are in office. There is no priority by the Republican Party except their own ideologies. They are in office for the "W"rong reasons.

Conscience finds it's way to Sea World. Congratulations to all.

March 17, 2016
By Joel Manby

...We are proud of contributing (click here) to the evolving understanding of one of the world's largest marine mammals. Now we need to respond to the attitudinal change that we helped to create — which is why SeaWorld is announcing several historic changes. This year we will end all orca breeding programs — and because SeaWorld hasn't collected an orca from the wild in almost four decades, this will be the last generation of orcas in SeaWorld's care. We are also phasing out our theatrical orca whale shows.
Some critics want us to go even further; they want us to “set free” the orcas currently in our care. But that's not a wise option.

Most of our orcas were born at SeaWorld, and those that were born in the wild have been in our parks for the majority of their lives. If we release them into the ocean, they will likely die. In fact, no orca or dolphin born under human care has ever survived release into the wild. Even the attempt to return the whale from “Free Willy,” Keiko, who was born in the wild, was a failure....

The change has come. 

Neglecting animal welfare issues is increasingly risky for businesses -- and their investors.

Anyone who has followed SeaWorld Entertainment's (NYSE:SEAS) (click here) spectacularly sinking share price and related business turbulence knows that the company has faced a tsunami of negativity, and its stock price has gotten torpedoed as it's been slammed in the top and bottom lines. The idea that many consumers are shunning SeaWorld's shows because of animal welfare concerns signals a change in how businesses will have to view their many stakeholders -- even the silent ones....