Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Police Officers are NOT suppose to be "Killer Cops."

Michael Brown, Jr. was ALLOWED to die. Police officers are trained in life saving measures including CPR and First Aid.

It was one thing to use incredibly bad judgement in shooting at an unarmed teenager, but, it is quite something else to treat that teenager as a dead person before he is dead.

This is a trend in police brutality. We have witnessed the casual indifference of police officers in the chocking death of a black man in New York City. We have witnessed casual indifference in the swat team in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Here is the difference. 

I worked for years in Newark, New Jersey and have witnessed and have heard stories circulating the hospital when something extraordinary happens.

I have a story. 

A young Caucasian male police officer was admitted for chest pains. He and his captain believed he had suffered a heart attack while running. Where was he running? He was chasing a perpetrator. He never drew his gun and he counted on his agility and speed to CATCH the person he was chasing. 

Why would he not draw his gun?

Because he knew the person he was chasing was unarmed. He was not about to kill another person when he could catch up with them and call in back up if the person proved to strong to detain by himself. 

True story. No lie.

What was the condition of the officer after the first set of blood tests came back?

He had a myocardial infarction. He was given a stern talking to with his wife at his bedside about the difference between skeletal muscles and their strength as opposed to cardiac muscles and it's ability to pump blood fast enough to keep up with oxygen usage in such a young and healthy body. He promised to consider his own well being next time and to find a nonviolent answer that would provide the same result for the community. THAT WAS FOR THE COMMUNITY.

The USA has a problem, a very serious problem in that the Bush years and all the DOD and Homeland Security equipment and anti-terrorist training has resulted in Killer Cops. Why would any American not be afraid of this reality? It has to stop and the police have to stop killing young, black men in THEIR COMMUNITIES.

Ferguson is a community to be proud of in the USA. They are Lower Middle Class but they own homes, seek good educations for their children and want to have peace on their streets. THESE are the people that insure there is opportunity in our society. These are the people that set examples for others and generations to come. These are the Americans that state to their children, "Study as much as you can and find a good job." That is who Ferguson is. It is not a town of 21,000 + people on a map in Missouri. Ferguson lives and breaths and it does one heck of a good job in looking at tomorrow with anticipation of hope. 

Michael Brown, Jr. was that young person on his way to college. He was the future we all promise will be theirs if they just reach for it. Michael Brown, Jr. is dead and damn it, this is going to stop and the USA will have a future as a promise to all Americans.

Dennis, good to hear from you!

1) The erosion of a principle in federal law, Posse Comitatus, meant to restrict the use of the military in civilian law enforcement; 
2) The Pentagon's dispersal of military equipment to domestic police units, which has increased since 9/11;
3) Military-style police training reliant upon weaponry, as opposed to peace keeping, including skills development for de-escalation of violent tensions.
An unarmed, African-American teenager was shot and killed by a policeman. As people protested, the Ferguson police response evoked images of an occupying army come home....

A rose by any other name... It isn't like it's the US Constitution or something, right?

Whoever, (click here) except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.
I might add, President Assad was spot on about the rebel forces in Syria when he stated, "They are al Qaeda." I am sure he would not mind sharing the particulars on that. 

Syria wasn't the same 'ole CIA anti-government gig, huh? Right, McCain?

CIA operations (click here) follow the same recurring script. First, American business interests abroad are threatened by a popular or democratically elected leader. The people support their leader because he intends to conduct land reform, strengthen unions, redistribute wealth, nationalize foreign-owned industry, and regulate business to protect workers, consumers and the environment. So, on behalf of American business, and often with their help, the CIA mobilizes the opposition. First it identifies right-wing groups within the country (usually the military), and offers them a deal: “We’ll put you in power if you maintain a favorable business climate for us.”...

It works for Big Oil.

This is a great cartoon. They got it right.

August 20, 2014
By George S. Hishmeh

Even if a ceasefire is reached, (click here) the cycle of violence will continue so long as the Tel Aviv regime keeps appeasing hardliners and new colonies continue sprouting.

Washington: The “horrendous bloodshed,” as The Economist of London described the month-long Israeli bombardment of Palestinians in their besieged, overpopulated Gaza Strip, has highlighted the sharply different assessments between the British and American media.
A case in point is last Tuesday’s column by Richard Cohen of the Washington Post who wrote “it helps account for why the [Israeli] bombings of schools, hospitals and home in Gaza are almost instantaneously denounced as war crimes — a purposeful atrocity and not, as sometimes happens in war, a mistake. Israel, as some feel, is too good to be so bad.”
He added, “Not only is this hardly true... but it also veers into a kind of anti-Semitism. If the bombing of a school or hospital is not a mistake, then it must have been on purpose: Israel is the cold-hearted killer of children.”
What peeved him was what he descried as the “gravamen” of a column in The Independent, a British newspaper, authored by Mark Steel who called Israel “the child-murdering community,” — a view that Cohen insisted was anti-Semitic. He argued, “It assumed a maniacal willingness to kill children, either on purpose or because they are in the way — collateral damage, as it is sometimes called. It gives mocking recognition to all the precautions Israel takes to avoid such casualties.”...

The bottom line is Israel doesn't really get along with the neighborhood.

Foley was an American by birth and a Syrian by choice.

He was married there and lived the lifestyle there. Was the USA also going to pick up his wife when they rescued him?

If the USA wants to be successful in finding Americans in Syria than broker a session with Assad through the United Nations and ask for his cooperation. The American military makes their greatest mistakes in pretending leaders like Assad are the problem. That isn't the problem, the culture of violence is the problem in the Middle East.

The United Arab Emirates is currently following the example of Saudi Arabia and passing laws that will eliminate the culture of violence within their country.

August 20, 2014
By Samir Salama
Dubai: A new law to combat terrorism (click here) was endorsed by President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan yesterday.
The law will usher in new security measures to counter a sweeping range of crimes deemed acts of terror at a time when international efforts are being mustered to fight the global menace.
The government fast-tracked the law which establishes “terrorist” capital offences which result in the death of a victim, including attacks on a head of state or his family or a representative or officer of a state; coerced recruitment of individuals into a “terrorist” organisation; hijacking; hostage-taking; infringement of diplomatic or consular premises in committing a “terrorist” act; use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons and assaulting security forces....

This new policy was begun during Ramadan, the time of atonement, of this year. Americans never hear about the progress these countries are making to combat terrorism. The people carrying out these horrible offenses around the world live in these countries. when a government official is involved in trying to control them through death sentences and/or prison their lives are at risk. 

July 3, 2014
By Samir Salama
Abu Dhabi: The Federal National Council (FNC) (click here) is due to be called into a special session in late Ramadan to review and pass an anti-terrorism draft law, Gulf News has learnt.
The legislative and legal affairs committee at the House will meet on Sunday to discuss the draft law, only a couple of months after the country introduced recent changes in international regulations against money-laundering, which can be used to fund terrorism, into its laws.
Sources said the UAE, a signatory to 13 international treaties on terrorism, is revising its counter-terrorism law, issued in 2004, to better fight evolving threats.
In late April, the FNC passed a draft law to fight money laundering and terrorist financing....

It isn't like sitting under the Capital Dome and passing The Patriot Act which removes many civil liberties from the American people and then have the people too scared to change horses in midstream. Taking this type of action in the Middle East requires leaders to have the loyalty of the vast majority of their citizens. It also takes a real assessment of the threat to those citizens from within the country's borders. It is not simply in the Middle East to pass such laws. This is an astounding victory for the UAE.

August 20, 2014
By Gulf News
While the focus of the United States and its allies (click here) has been on turning back the threat posed by the advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), the conflict has left a tide of human detritus in its wake. Since fighting intensified in Iraq beginning in January, more that 1.2 million Iraqis have been displaced, the United Nations says.
In addition, a further four million Syrians have been forced to seek refuge outside its borders in sanctuaries in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. As a result of the latest Isil offensive, some 500,000 Iraqis have sought refuge under the auspices of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.
In all, the nations involved are facing an unprecedented crisis. Whole communities have been swept aside, generations of tradition uprooted, families forced to flee with just the clothes on their backs and the few precious items that they can carry as they escape an evil enemy bent on destruction and massacre as never before.
These are desperate times, where millions are at the mercy of their fellow man, where aid is the most precious commodity, where humanity is under threat, and where the human condition is focused on getting through the next day.

What water source to you trust?

The graph shows number of Alzheimer cases in the world. Countries such as the USA have a lower incidence of the disease, why?

Dementia statistics (click here)

...Drinking contaminated water (click here) is one of the main causes of diarrheal disease, which results in 1.5 million deaths each year in children under the age of 5. mWater’s preliminary work testing over 100 water sources in Mwanza, Tanzania’s second largest city and one of the fastest growing urban centers in East Africa, found fecal contamination in 90% of shallow dug wells and springs. Many of these sources were only a short distance from safer piped water kiosks. In a baseline survey, mWater found water users choose from up to three water sources each day. The organization believes that more information about the safety of water sources will encourage people to make safer water choices....
With a demographics that drastic, in a medical condition many Americans believe they inherit, more REAL investigation is necessary. As soon as I looked at that graph and realized the recent study about contaminated water, it all came together. Heavy metals. The Third World nations have more problems with water contamination than any First World country. The demographics of the third world countries are not skewed by early detection and/or better medical institutions.

Lead in paint. Copper in water.

Water quality. Interesting.

There may be a real correlation between family members in the incidence of the disease because at some point in time the children and adults are all exposed to the same water source. 

August 20, 2014

Drinking tap water (click here) containing trace levels of copper may increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease, say scientists.

Researchers believe copper combined with cholesterol may prevent the brain removing a protein which produces the brain-clogging plaques associated with Alzheimer's.
The tap water link emerged from a study of rabbits fed a high cholesterol diet.
It has long been known that rabbits fed a cholesterol-rich diet develop many of the features of Alzheimer's, leading researchers to use them as a model for studying the disease.

But two US scientists noticed that cholesterol-fed rabbits given distilled water to drink developed fewer amyloid beta plaques than those drinking tap water....

Everyone is going to complain, but, commercial drones are ruled out over the USA.

15 August 2014
By Heidi Ledford

US Drone Research Hits Regulatory Turbulence (click here)

...On 23 June, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) told drone users that such aircraft cannot be flown for ‘commercial’ use — defined as any activity that is not recreational or part of a government programme. That includes research and teaching at private, but not public, universities. Even though the announcement merely clarified existing rules, it caught many by surprise and reinforced a seemingly arbitrary dichotomy that treats researchers differently on the basis of their institutional affiliation....

Mass quarantines won't work. Those behind the barrier will believe they are sentenced to death.

MONROVIA, Liberia — Liberia’s halting efforts (click here) to contain the Ebola outbreak spreading across parts of West Africa quickly turned violent on Wednesday when angry young men hurled rocks and stormed barbed-wire barricades, trying to break out of a neighborhood here that had been cordoned off by the government.

Soldiers repelled the surging crowd with live rounds, driving hundreds of young men back into the neighborhood, a slum of tens of thousands in Monrovia known as West Point....

Liberia has to educate the country's people about the disease and how to prevent it, either through social media or by government ministers working with the public. The violence was a direct reaction to the lack of information available to the Liberian people.
June 24, 2014
By Carrie Dann
A divided nation (click here) finally agrees on something overwhelmingly: the war in Iraq was simply not worth fighting.
Seventy-one percent of Americans now say that the war in Iraq “wasn’t worth it,” a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Annenberg poll shows, with skepticism about the lengthy war effort up substantially even in the last 18 months.
Just 22 percent now believe the 2003 war effort was worthwhile....

I want to know what exactly the American PERSONNEL in Iraq are doing? There is no justification for added personnel since the bombing is said to be effective.

If the bombing runs are not successful then the USA needs to stop them.

At this point with Secretary Kerry calling for more PERSONNEL to be assigned to State Department missions, it is unclear if he is running his own war. If there is danger to the consulate personnel they need to be evacuated. 

Either Americans are safe or they aren't. This is not rocket science.

If additional PERSONNEL are chronically needed in the Former Iraq then the Americans aren't safe and simply BAIT for escalation.

With continued escalation of American presence in the war in the Former Iraq the people of the USA need to ask themselves WHAT PURPOSE does this serve and what is going to guarantee there won't be still another "Oops, we should not have left Iraq and we sure shouldn't have left all that American military hardware and munitions with the former Iraqi military."

If the American people allow the delusions of the White House that the USA military can actually return order to Iraq and end any violence they are sentencing this country to a forever war.

I won't be counting bodies, innocent or military any more.

There is absolutely no purpose to USA intervention in any country unless it's going to serve a PERMANENT stabilizing effect by the sovereign military. If the Kurds need assistance in holding their borders than they need to ally with Turkey. But, for the USA military to become a force to contend with in the former Iraq to expand any borders and/or seek to make permanent a USA presence that requires not only the permission of the American people, but, an act of Congress. This is getting to be ridiculous. 

The American consulate personnel are being used as an act as a reason to continue the USA presence in the region. If the missions require that much support they need to be evacuated.

The USA does not have an anti-genocide policy for it's military to immediately deploy and that is the correct stance for the USA.

For a very protracted time the USA sacrificed both blood and treasure to allow the Iraq to establish itself. If fell apart. There is absolutely no reason to do it again. NONE.
The people of Iraq are not fighting ISIL. The Kurds are fighting ISIL.

We don't belong in Iraq.

We never did.

The USA military isn't going to fight ISIL in Syria. It would benefit ISIL to do so while unseating the only sovereign power that can thwart the Syrian civil war.

President Obama 'upped' the standard to conduct war. "Any American, Anywhere." That is not possible. A nation cannot protect every American in every nation of the world. The USA State Department issues warning to those traveling abroad. Some Americans ignore them, some travel in disbelief it will happen to them. Their capture is due to independent decisions and does not reflect the priorities of the Department of Defense.

Taking on the challenge of "Every American, Everywhere" is to lend the USA Department of Defense to religious missionaries. We aren't going to do that. Those that evangelize their religious preferences and 'feel the calling' abroad travel and engage citizens of other nations in hopes of changing their values do so at their own peril.

"Every American, Everywhere." Global police or worse. I can't imagine traveling to a hostile area of the world thinking every American is impervious to arrest, harm or death. That is a dreamscape and not reality.

The State Department has the infrastructure to return Americans home, not the DOD. 

How do Americans define war?

A protracted occupation.


A defense of the homeland.

We don't belong in Iraq.

We never did.

President Eisenhower warned about the abuse of power instilled by the USA military complex.

We should never forget how easy it is to go to war and all the reasons that can be given. We should also never forget how a global presence of the USA invites destructive economic importance of military hardware on countries threatened by the USA presence. The USA can deter expansionism, but, should never practice it. Our diplomatic missions must improve relations between the USA and other nations, not enhance the reason for war.

The Iraq War is case in point. To return to the same savage deaths of innocent citizens by some strange justification to do so using the USA military is no different than the belief and value system of the enemy themselves.

One of the reasons "W" used to justify his unleashing of war against Saddam Hussein was that he verbally threatened his father. That same set of values are used by the Neocons like South Carolina's Lindsay Graham, "They have stated they will attack the USA." 

You know Senator Graham should be sure the intelligence community is doing a good job. Senator Graham is using the same Culture of Fear that "W" and Cheney valued and coveted as their best control over the public for political purposes. We aren't those people anymore.

It is amazing how the Republicans will complain about the size and costs of government but will rush to scream bloody murder is about to occur if we don't deploy the troops and begin AGAIN the war that was never supposed to be fought in the first place.

Paul Revere rode through the colonies to wake the colonists to the advancing of a British military; maybe Graham should try a horse instead.

ISIL is a by product of the Iraq War. We aren't going to make it any worse than it already has become.

Let's put a few understandings here along with the fact a global expansion of extremism exists because of the very wayward war in Iraq spanning a decade.

Hegemony. The word was floated during the Iraq War and it still exists as a political strategy of the USA political right wing.

What the USA did to bolster and spread violent extremism globally.

1. Iraq became the focal point of an extremist movement that only resided in Afghanistan to that point. The invasion into Afghanistan was correct. It completely debased the terrorist movement of al Qaeda. Bin Laden was forced underground and retreated into Pakistan. But, the institution of war in Iraq was moral ground for al Qaeda to once again find support among otherwise moral young men. In other words, the war into Iraq demoralized, not just the American public but also the young Muslim men that realized it's injustice as time went on. The deaths of so many Iraqis turned the USA into a monster than a benevolent power.

2. Iraq never had any jihadist movement before the USA invasion. It has been argued although not scientifically measured (and quite frankly how would anyone do that without becoming a statistic) the war in Iraq not only provided a new jihadist movement which started as al Qaeda in Iraq and not consists of Nusra Front and ISIL, but, that members of other extremist groups began to join in with the efforts by jihadists in Iraq.

3. Unknown to Americans, Iraq became a strategic study by jihadist organizations to develop war techniques that worked against the USA military machine. And they carried out rather primitive but successful advancements in their methods. Road side bombs and the (IED) improvised explosive devise. The warring techniques of these organization while well funded at times by other sympathizers never achieved the sophistication of national military strength. Their violent regimes deter the support of national leaders, but, in the case of Nusra Front and others in the region the people within these countries do support their presence on their land. We have witnessed the election of the Muslim Brotherhood that then over played their hand and caused civil unrest again in Egypt only to return a military dictatorship to power.

The study and proof of al Qaeda to perfect their techniques was noted in a cashe of videos and intelligence papers found in Afghanistan by a CNN journalist. The idea extremist organizations seek to perfect their skills is proven beyond a doubt. The USA was very accommodating to that end in Iraq.

4. Jihadism came to maturity due to the Iraq War. While extremism provided to be limited in the world, the battlefield of these organizations now consider the Gulf nations and Europe a place where their methodology can be successful.

Jihadism isn't about overthrowing governments necessarily, it is about effecting elections/loyalty of people and we saw that occur in Spain after the Madrid bombings. There are more reasons to end Wall Street wars than begin them. And yes, Vietnam and Iraq are Wall Street Wars. Go ahead and say otherwise. The war into Iraq was a definitive defeat when in fact nation building doesn't work, but, only spends money.

The brutal death of James Foley is more to incite war than to deter it.

Warring with the USA brings in more recruits. What else is there to understand? It was already noted there is a growth in the ranks of ISIL. Having American soldiers to kill would be a jihadist's dream come true.

The Forever War. 

August 21, 2014
By Tom Allard

...Renowned Norwegian terrorism expert Thomas Hegghammer agrees, (click here) questioning whether the attack on the Yazidis, raids into Kurdistan and the beheading of Foley could all be a "deliberate provocation strategy".
"ISIS seems to be doing everything it can (short of attacks on the West) to draw the US into conflict," he tweeted.

An angry West suits Islamic State, says Monash University terrorism expert Greg Barton. Hostility to Muslims feeds into their narrative of belittled Muslims persecuted by non-believers. It helps recruiting among their target audience and, at the same time, puts pressure on Western governments to act.

"One of the calculations they have to make is whether the public in the West is ready to back [a bigger military operation in Iraq and Syria]," he said. "An angry public is more likely to call upon their governments to do something drastic."

The dramatic last moments when the beheading of Sotloff is threatened are chilling considering some 20 journalists have – like Foley and Sotloff – been kidnapped in Syria, many by Islamic State....

The invasion into Iraq was a lesson in the expansion of extremism across the world. The USA intelligence community reported the increase in radicalization around the world and how terrorism grew like a cancer. A USA war in the Middle East has been a proven catalyst to extremism. There is no denying it. September 13, 2001 looked very different in radicalization of Muslims than it did after years of war in Iraq.

Obviously, ISIL is feeling the pain of advances in Kurdish forces with the assistance of air strikes to disarm ISIL soldiers from American military hardware. There were taped beheadings from Iraq during the Bush years, too. They are most frequently beheadings of people not affiliated with the military. They have no protection and are on their own in a war zone. If jounalists aren't embedded with a friendly military unity the should not be there, we witnessed this same problem in Libya. If friendly forces cannot protect them they are putting their lives at risk that almost INSURES death.

The Good 'Ole Boys hold a Grand Jury in Ferguson.

Unlike a preliminary hearing, (click here) held in court with the defense side present, the grand jury does not make its decision in the context of an adversary proceeding. Rather, grand jurors see and hear only what prosecutors put before them. (Prosecutors technically have an obligation to present “exculpatory” evidence—evidence that suggests that a defendant might not be guilty—though there is not much other than the prosecutor’s conscience to enforce this rule.)
In part because there’s no one on the "other side" to contest the prosecutor’s evidence, grand juries almost always return an indictment as requested by the prosecutor. According to a U.S. Department of Justice study on plea bargaining, “Grand juries are notorious for being ‘rubber­stamps’ for the prosecutor for virtually all routine criminal matters.” (Plea Bargaining: Critical Issues and Common Practices, by William F. McDonald, (U.S. DOJ, National Institute of Justice, 1985).)...

The federal system of which Attorney General Holder is upholding, limits the prison time Darren Wilson will received when sentenced. A grand jury is not necessary if there is sufficient evidence to file charges. Grand Juries determine if the prosecutor had the evidence to justify charges filed if there is a case based in circumstantial evidence. 

August 20, 2014
By Leada Gore

A grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri (click here) will begin hearing evidence today in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Witnesses are scheduled to appear before the grand jury, Ed Magee, a spokesman for St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch told Bloomberg.The grand jury will be deciding the fate of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who killed Brown Aug. 9, setting off a wave of violent protests in the St. Louis suburb.

It's not known if Wilson will testify. He faces charges ranging from manslaughter to murder.

The grand jury comes just as federal officials said they are starting an investigation into if Brown's civil rights were violated. It also comes as federal officials complete the third autopsy on the teen's body. Earlier autopsies showed he was shot six times, including two times in the head....

This is very problematic in the circumstances of Michael Brown, Jr. in that Ferguson is already proven to be racist in their administration. It was a mistake by the Governor to deny justice.

There are many witnesses to the death of Michael Brown, Jr. There is no doubt to the actions of Darren Wilson. The Grand Jury is not necessary and there is every reason to believe it is tainted with racism and corrupt. The corruption is obvious, the defense is going to be presented by the prosecution. There are no questions to the illegitimate nature of this city and it's administration. They need to resign and/or a new election held with full citizen registration exhibited in participation so the racists can be replaced. There is no short route to justice. The people of Ferguson have the right to be represented equitably.

It is about time abuse of power is defined.

August 19, 2014

...Democrat Wendy Davis, (click here) who is running to replace Perry as governor, was asked about the indictment during a recent campaign stop.

"These are very serious charges, and I as a lawyer understand and trust the justice system, and I will rely on it to do its job," Davis said.

The head of Perry's legal team said the charges "have no merit" and are an "outrageous assault on the rule of law."...

August 20, 2014
By Will Weissert and Paul J. Weber

Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry gave a confident, (click here) wry smile beneath flawless hair for his mug shot. Then he went out for a vanilla ice cream....

...Perry was already in campaign mode Tuesday when he arrived at the Travis County courthouse — just a block behind the governor's mansion — for fingerprinting and his mug shot. He strode to a lectern in front of a phalanx of cameras and reporters, and his vows to fight the charges were interrupted by chants of "Perry! Perry!" from a few dozen supporters.... 

This is an example as to how a singular politician throws his weigh around because public investigations are not convenient for his political career. An entire department was defunded to defeat any problems for his political ambitions.

...Perry was indicted last week on charges of coercion and official oppression for vetoing $7.5 million for the state public integrity unit, which investigates wrongdoing by elected officials and is run by the Travis County district attorney's office. Perry threatened the veto if the county's Democratic district attorney, Rosemary Lehmberg, stayed in office after a drunken driving conviction....

Lehmberg didn't get away with her poor choices in drinking while driving and the political structure should not be a run away train in answering to their own shortcomings. 

...Lehmberg refused to resign and Perry carried out the veto, drawing an ethics complaint from a left-leaning government watchdog group....

Lehmberg is not the issue. Perry took a personal issue that Lehmberg was facing and had a tirade to remove any influence of ethical standards in the Texas State government. The state government wasn't arrested, an employee was arrested. In some ways I can understand the public embarrassment Ms. Lehmberg caused the state government, but, the state should have policies to address her indiscretions.  But, to defund an entire department of government because she was arrested on drunk driving makes no sense and proves how temperamental Perry's leadership has been.

What should be included in the indictment is his tantrum regarding the demands to put 1000 National Guard soldiers on Texas' southern border. The demands were nothing more than political grandstanding. The sheriffs along that border told the public the National Guard troops weren't what they needed. They needed more deputies that can actually act to enforce the law and bring more expedient outcomes to the children crossing the border. Perry abuses his governor's powers on a regular basis to play politics. That is using the monies of the people to bolster his campaign ambitions after he leaves office. 

The answer to border issues is to define Immigration reform.

August 18, 2014
By Stephanie Stang

...On Monday morning, (click here) the Northern Indiana Community Coalition for Immigration Reform met with Congresswoman Jackie Walorski.
This group has requested a meeting with Walorski several times to discuss her stance on the current crisis at the border. The group would like to see passage of citizenship for the eleven million people illegally living in the U.S.
Executive Director  Sam Centellas from La Casa de Amistad says, “We are wanting to see some of her leadership and push for her humanitarian aid for the children while they are here in our country, and we are also looking for her support and leadership in moving immigration reform forward.”
AFL-CIO President Tony Flora says, “We came again to take a position on reform. She keeps saying she is listening and listening and we are hearing her say the following: she is not going to support comprehensive immigration reform.”
The group also maintains that the cost of deportation is so overwhelming it is not feasible....