Wednesday, February 25, 2015

President Obama is correct about the power of the people.

If the minority communities will recall, there have been times during his presidency when he came to the podium in the White House to explain problems with the legislative process. These were the times when the Republicans allowed the budget to expire. 

I know for a fact the people made a difference. When President Obama asked the nation to write their Congressmen and Congresswomen or call them or twitter them, it impacted the outcome. The Congress paid attention to the President's ability to harness the people's focus to move the legislative process forward. I witnessed it. I was a part of that and it works.

In the case of Immigration Reform, it was very sad to realize so many of our minorities decided the elections in 2014 was not important to them. I realize so many of these communities are feeling defeated, but, that is what the Republicans want. As long as the community is oppressed by the viciousness of the Congress, they 'll continue to carry out the strategy against the people.

Everyone, including the minorities in the USA, has to vote. When the President asks the country to respond to legislative obstruction it is our responsibility to help. Everyone who values the wonderful people that are within the minorities or the Undocumented feels the pain they feel. It is important to remember we are all in this together and we have to act as a family when called upon to vote or participate in our democracy.

The Hollywood effective.

How well known is the name of the other person dead besides Chris Kyle?

Chad Littlefield. His brother was the only person speaking to the judge last night.  

...The trial of Eddie Ray Routh (click here) has drawn intense interest, in part because of the blockbuster film based on former Navy SEAL Kyle's memoir about his four tours in Iraq....

This trial does not scour the Iraq War clean or elevate it's complete destruction of order in the Middle East.

The problem with this trial is the fact Mr. Routh may have a very viable appeal. Texas is bizarre. They carry out the death sentence with the criminally insane after they have been medicated and know their own reality AFTER THE FACT.

Mr. Routh was insane. He was well diagnosed. The idea Iraq/Afghanistan War Veterans could defeat mental health issues by taking people to the firing range is extremely odd and dangerous. Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield were playing with fire and this was the result. They are not blameless in their own deaths.

I was looking to find where the criminally insane are hospitalized in Texas for their rest of their lives. Texas is not California with a dedicated and expensive facility to house those dangerous to society. So, what difference would it have made if Mr. Routh was sentenced guilty of capital murder or not guilty due to insanity, his disposition would ultimately be the same after being stabilized on medication. 

Psychiatric diagnosis are not temporary when it comes to schizophrenia or PTSD. That is why US Veterans are considered disabled when receiving these diagnosis. What ever made two former US soldier believe they could reverse the effect of mental illness with a gun? I am quite confident they didn't have the approval of any psychiatrist in this '...let's be friends moment.' 

Schizophrenia (click here) affects different people differently and symptoms can vary from person to person. Some people may have many symptoms, while others may only have a few.

No other US Veteran should have the delusion that weapons of war can cure the mentally ill. They need medical treatment, not a return to the battlefield. 

The prosecution in this case completely lost it's dignity last night when she stated the statements of a mentally ill SOLDIER were "Hogwash."  Somehow Mr. Routh's status of soldier to the USA was erased in his trial. He put his life on the line no different than Mr. Kyle or Mr. Littlefield. Even Mr. Routh's defense dare not bring up the service Mr. Routh provided to this country.

This is about the saddest trial ever conducted. Three veterans were lost and no one seems to understand the implications of that except to use it as a political agenda. So good of Hollywood to cooperate.

While on the subject of the human experience.

Here is a message to the Republican House and Senate leaders to the reality of USA citizens under the skies of the Climate Crisis, otherwise known as, "Breathing is important." This is what most psychologists would call coping. Coping is not good for the economy. People need to be out living and enjoying their lives.

Back in the day it used to be Billy Joel and "Uptown Girl."

This is what the young minds compete with when told by propaganda they don't worship their best god. 

Hey, even in the years of Billy Joel I knew I was not a candidate for the nunnery, but, it didn't disturb my ideal in finding the perfect man. The reality of life is that there is no such thing as the perfect man or woman. Life is always a compromise. A delicious compromise at that. Personally I think this is a great sound. It is a favorite on Facebook.

Europe has to work on acceptance of their minorities.

Europe believed as long as a person 'had a place' to practice their religion without oppression that would enamor the children to their loyalties forever.

Some members of the EU want to attempt to eliminate head coverings in their school girls and that has turned into a propaganda statement by radical extremists.

The generosity of democracy is to include all of what defines an individual as a member of it's society. Unfortunately, democracy has been trampled by young men and women who are told their own democracy hates them and they need a greater dedication of their masculine prowess and uterus to find favor with Allah. 

(In case there is a misunderstanding about the word Allah, it means "The God." There is no separate God to Muslims. Allah is simply the word that expresses "The God." The French are correct in calling IS by the name of Daesh. If God is defined by the word Allah, then IS should be defined by the same standard. As we have witnessed the IS changes names over and over again, but, it cannot escape the name Daesh.)

But to Europe. It is obvious it's immigrants decades ago were disgruntled and that is now reflected in their adult children. These young people are so important to Europe no different than a native born, but they don't feel it. They are feeling a higher calling. God has to be a partner in the understanding of Europe's young adults. It doesn't mean the laws have to change, so much as society finding these young people as precious as their own. After all, if God could speak to them the words might be, "You all worship me and the variety of worship is delightful."

These young people are falling prey to men who design a very hostile world for them. They define their higher purpose as serving God by relinquishing their rights to personality and individuality. The recruitment of young men and women from The West means they found the depth of meaning in life by destroying the very aspect most cherished in their Homelands.

So what to do? Acceptance and elevation of the spirituality of these young minds would be inclusive, but, there has to be more cooperation with all the nations involved. Turkey has to close it's borders. 

The constant flow of young men and women into Syria only proves the very naivete of their own life experience. Perhaps developing a service corp similar to the USA's AmeriCorps (click here) is needed. At a time when the economies of many countries are soft the addition of young people dedicated for a year or so to the best outcomes of their countries may be appropriate. Perhaps placing them in internships with great democratic practitioners of freedom of speech such as Charlie Hebdo would reveal the essence of democracy and it's need for their loyalty and defense.

25 February 2015
By Matthew Holehouse

One in four (click here) British Muslims sympathise with terrorists behind the Charlie Hebdo attacks, a new poll shows.
A poll reveals how a significant minority of Muslims endorse terrorist atrocities against those who mock the Prophet Mohammed.
Some 27 per cent of British Muslims said they have "some sympathy for the motives behind the attacks" on the Paris magazine, according to polling by ComRes for the BBC....

It is difficult to condemn young people badly effected by propaganda to a life of pain and suffering at the hands of Daesh. Excluding them from redemption to return home is at the same time reinforcement of their status to bring about success for these extremists. It should be a challenge to Europe to find a solution to return their people back to status in their Homelands. 

But, until those remedies can be decided and reinforced to the best outcome Turkey is a strategic partner in NATO. The open border policy has to end.  

It is so ironic to realize Syria was once an ally of Russia and Turkey has an open border policy and it's greatest concern was PKK. But, today with Daesh in place that policy is a far greater danger to itself and Europe. I am sure Russia is not exclusive from losing young people to Daesh. Although rarely mentioned, I would be surprised that Russia has not lost some of their young people to Syria's civil war. 

The resolve to this dilemma is multifaceted and it is a challenge to countries in closer proximity to Syria, but, it is not a challenge so great Europe is stymied to it's resolve. 

February 23, 2015
By Magnus Ranstorp, Linus Gustafsson, Peder Hyllengren

GOTHENBURG, Sweden — When he was 3 years old, (click here) Ahmed arrived in southern Sweden from Iraq, together with his older brother and parents. The family settled in one of their new country’s cut-off suburbs, where its many new immigrants come to live, but mostly to be forgotten.
The family found a home in one of the many rows of gray, faceless apartment buildings that make up these deeply segregated suburbs that ring Sweden’s urban centers — in Angered, outside Gothenburg. As he grew into his teenage years, Ahmed began to scold his siblings to be more religious. He spent considerable time in front of his computer, becoming engrossed in graphic, violent videos from the civil war in Syria. Inspired, he read the biographies of martyrs who had died in battle, waging jihad in the holy land. And gradually he turned inward, withdrawing from society and his former life.

A troubled teenager in search of his identity, 17-year-old Ahmed was asking the basic questions of coming of age: Who am I? What is my place in the world? At the local mosque, extremist recruiters made easy work of him, providing the answers he sought. In just six or seven weeks, he became radicalized — changing his beliefs and adopting a Salafi interpretation of Islam, with a strict, binary outlook on life. He distanced himself from his friends, labeling them apostates. Or, as he said, kuffar....

This is the kind of propaganda the Senate Majority Leader McConnell believes.

February 23, 2015
By Wendy Koch

So in late January, (click here) after TransCanada filed paperwork to begin using eminent domain to acquire land from owners who didn't agree to sell easement rights, landowners sued. Kleeb says about 40 landowners in Holt County and another 20 in York County object to the pipeline on their property. TransCanada says it has approvals from 90 percent of Nebraska landowners along the pipeline's path....

TransCanada has touted their own facts in the matter. It states all the property owners have signed on to the pipeline. Under duress. The company believed it had the right to eminent domain. And in believing that, it has warped the facts to reflect it's wrongful powers and Mitch McConnell only validates the lies.

...Not all landowners see TransCanada as cooperative. In South Dakota, rancher Paul Seamans says he initially opposed Keystone because of the way the company "treated us, bullied us." Now, he says he's also concerned about the potential environmental damage, citing possible pipeline spills into waterways and the climate change impact of using the fuel extracted from Canada's oil sands....

There is a disconnect between the US Congress and the State Department assessment that is suppose to be a friend to TransCanada. The Congess and State Department assessment concerns itself with the border crossing and not the problems within that decision. 

It is an increasing problem with the environmental assessments of the US Army Corp and US Fish and Wildlife. There is increasing pressure on these agencies to LIMIT their assessment to 'the system' they are assigned to assess. In other words, the PRODUCT coming into the USA with high levels of danger to the land and air is NOT to be considered a part of the assessment. Literally, the processes of assessment is becoming hostile to the people of the USA.

It has been my experience as of late the opposing assessment regardless of it's validity is simply explained away by the US Army Corp who sides with the city and their demands for the work to be done. I am on the verge of sending my assessment to the White House to prove the level of deceit that currently exists in the assessment process.

Global Warming has no borders. It is an assessment LACKING within the State Department document and that is why the legal challenges to this stupid project exists. Somehow the jurisdiction of the USA doesn't consider the air mass over the USA a part of the global warming problem. It is sovereign air mass that simply has found a home to prove the USA is not the problem to the rest of the world.

The country's legislature excluding very capable Senators found in Whitehouse and Boxer simply thinks today is another great day in the USA. It isn't. There are citizens at all corners of the country suffering from the wicked weather that comes along with the warming of Earth. If Cornyn says there is nothing to be done to END greenhouse gas emissions or at the very least impact the greenhouse gas emissions of the USA, well by god it is law. It is a real question to find out if Cornyn knows how to spell physics. And if he does, what is his application of the word, constipation?

The words of scientists have gone unheeded for decades, over half a century and to that end the very infrastructure the USA counts on, is being destroyed. It is being destroyed not by Boko Harem or Daesh, but, the very cold of the Arctic Ocean when it comes to visit the northeast USA. Let Cornyn assess that battle and we might actually find the worst enemy the USA has to face is itself and it's unwillingness to modify the energy sector to end it's emissions to the troposphere. 

We have a problem.

February 24, 2015
DAKAR, Senegal — An American missionary (click here) was kidnapped on Monday from a school in central Nigeria in an area prone to kidnappings for ransom, officials said Tuesday.
The missionary was identified as the Rev. Phyllis Sortor on the website of the Free Methodist Church. A Washington State television station, KING, said Ms. Sortor was from western Washington. In a statement on its website, the church said she had been kidnapped from the compound of Hope Academy outside Emiworo in Kogi State....

This is a particular individual. Daesh and/or Boko Harem is using intelligence to secure targets of their hatred. It appears as though Christianity is a particular target. These organizations are looking to insight the leadership of some of the powers of the world to challenge their design for the future. 

Neither Boko Harem or Daesh care about the people they dictate to, those people that surround them are disposable. The idea a great country would simply walk into Nigeria to destroy a totalitarian regime without regard for the very lives they want to protect is as unthinkable as the kidnapping itself. 

This kidnapping proves the nature of these organizations and their plans for all of humanity. They aren't defending Islam, they are destroying it's noble reputation. 

This a change in the DISPLAY of the vicious nature of these organizations. They have no beneficial purpose. Their spread is deadly and has to be contained. In containing them they will fail in a vacuum.

It may be that this kidnapping is more proof of their failure. They have to invite war, they are not able to wage it.

Amnesty International has a good start to the debate about the Security Council Veto.

What is the history of the Security Council veto? That's my first thought. I think knowing the history and original purpose of what most consider a legal instrument is important.

February 25, 2015

Amnesty International (click here) has urged the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to give up their power of veto in cases where atrocities are being committed.
In its annual report, the rights group said the global response to an array of catastrophes in 2014 had been shameful.
Richer countries were guilty of taking an "abhorrent" stance by not sheltering more refugees, Amnesty said.
The outlook for 2015 was bleak, the group added.
Saying that 2014 had been a catastrophic year for victims of conflict and violence, Amnesty said world leaders needed to act immediately to confront the changing nature of armed conflict....

Here we go. I would think, although I haven't read this yet, the veto was manifest to the participation of the UN and it's security council. I think the year 1945 is a bit of a giveaway to why the veto was established with these countries.

On October 24, 1945, (click here) the victors of World War II — China, the U.S.S.R., France, the United Kingdom, and the United States — ratified the UN Charter, creating the Security Council and establishing themselves as its five permanent members with the unique ability to veto resolutions. Originally there were six temporary members, rotating every two years and distributed on an equitable geographic basis. That rule was more explicitly defined in 1965, when the number of temporary members was increased to ten (five from Africa and Asia, one from Eastern Europe, two from Latin America and the Caribbean, and two from Western Europe). The first temporary members were Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Poland....

Where are we today in relation to WWII? 

I'll be darn we are 70 years out this year. October 24th this year is the 70th year of the establishment of the UN Security Council. That is a marker to review it's purpose and duties. 

In 1945 it is my estimation the world was still raw from the war. It was a horrible war. It started horribly and ended just as horribly. In 1945 the world was still grateful for the power the USA exhibited in it's Pacific theater. So, nuclear power was a miracle to those of 1945. I would think the leaders of these great nations of people were impressed by "The Bomb."  

I am sure the organizers of the UN and the UN Security Council were concerned about their autonomy to defend their countries. These are powerful countries that manage their strategic interest with great cost to their people, they weren't about to be undone by the ruling of a Security Council. So, that status has lasted now 70 years. Who is Amnesty International to challenge that organization or power? Amnesty International isn't even a country and they receive monies from people so they can maintain records and raise concerns, but, they have no sovereign base.

I believe a conversation about this level of power is a challenge. I agree it will take a consensus of people to bring about change, but, it won't happen because Amnesty International wants it. It will happen because the great nations of the UN Security Council sees the benefit of the OPTION to suspend any veto in any vote.

The first challenge is for Amnesty International and it's global wide supports to approach the Ambassadors of the five permanent members to begin a discussion about the brevity of their power. This is a great year to begin the asking.

The UN Ambassador Samantha Powers is knee deep in the understanding of genocide and believes it should be ended before it begins. I suggest Amnesty International begin their conversation with her and with President Obama. I think Amnesty International will find an ally that can bring a judicial document to the UN Security Council to propose a more functional model of that council.