Thursday, June 28, 2012

From the White House website today.

Dan Lungren is not for real.

He stated the subpoenas before the Justice Department is about terrorists? To begin, that is Homeland Security. There is nothing introduced at all about terrorist activity involved with this? I don't believe Lungren can assure jurisdiction under that standard.

5:00 PM on the House floor: Issa just admitted he subjugated the hearings regarding the priorities of the ATF agents in regard to gun control to protect the agents as brought forward by the minority members. That is the problem here. Issa conducted a political agenda at the cost of the American people while subjugating the authority of committee to come to conclusions to legislate to protect the agents and hence the American people. There is continued violence in Mexico due to continued traffiking of weapons and Issa stands in the way of resolving that.

Rep. Laborador's priority is wrongly applied if there are agents before the committee sincerely interested in their own protection and their peers. A House Committee is not suppose to postpone the proper legislation to protect the nation by extending reading sessions of classified documents. If there are only 5% of the documents provided the list may be inappropriate. The need for hearings to develop legislation to protect the nation isn't suppose to be overburdened by unnecessary hunting for reasons to act. The delay in obtaining the needed facts is the fact of the lack of leadership in the House. The majority is divided with a minority of freshman seeking to scrutinize the record rather than obtain the facts and legislate.

Testimony means something. It costs real money to bring agents from the field to testify before the House. Issa is wasting everyone's time. Let's just say the program was signed off by the Justice Department. Basically, so what? The standard of operation was already set before the previous administration. The death of Officer Brian Terry ended the program. Authorizing a program does mean the Justice Department carried it out, it means there was funding for requests from ATF. The entire focus is ridiculous and political. The focus by Issa has not satisfied the needs of the agents in the field and leaves the USA vulnerable to violence and drugs from Mexico across the USA border. It is outrageous what has happened here and it isn't the fault of the Justice Department. The House nor Senate has legislated the necessary law to protect the nation and our agents. 

There has been one death. One unfortunate death, but, it has brought to light the need to act and not delay the protection of Americans and our agents. It is time the House actually listens to the needs of the ATF and the Border Patrol rather than standing in the way of them.

President Obama's Bilateral Meeting with President Calderón of Mexico

There is no information to give up relevant to knowing the facts. The error made early in the investigation when the topic was new to the Justice Department has been admitted and corrected. There is nothing to prove. 

President Obama has the right to Executive Privilege for obvious reasons. 

Perhaps the USA Republicans need the help of Murdoch's phone hacking office to get to the  REAL truth about AG Holder.

The desperation of the Arizona ATF was obvious, but, they don't hold anyone responsible for the bleeding of weapons to Mexico from the USA except THE LACK OF LAWS to prosecute those guilty of the crimes. The ATF agents want to stop this hideous killing in Mexico, but, the laws available to them are weak. If that sounds like there needs to be tighter gun laws then that comes from the needs of American Agents and their reality in the field in trying to protect the American people from cartels determined to market their illegal goods in this country.

Issa never focused on what was important, but, with the assistance of the political activists at Murdoch's media, the focus fell to political aspirations facilitated by a tragic death of a Border Agent as brave as the any at the ATF trying to protect the people of this country.

Now, either Issa wants to get down to the reasons why Border Officer Brian Terry died in the first place and legislate real laws to protect men and other agents like him or he wants to be scored well by the National Rifle Association !

Congressman Steny Hoyer is correct.

The Issa investigation to the gun walking charges were seriously flawed.

A journalist has conducted a more thorough investigation than Issa. Katherine Eban didn't need emails to bring real facts to the public.

Fortune magazine reporter Katherine Eban reveals details of her “Fast and Furious” investigation that finds gun walking “proof” unreliable. (click title to entry - thank you)
Eban says, “After six months of investigation, what became clear to me is that the things that Congress was holding up as centerpieces of proof that guns had been walked were, in fact, misconstrued, incorrect, resulted from other motives, other reasons, that there were alternate explanations and that really, this was a case of cherry picking, you know, small phrases, sentences, without any of the context really that you need in order to understand what actually happened in Phoenix Group Seven.”...

Rep. Hoyer pointed out any other contempt hearing before the House took the 87 days in average to reach the floor. Time to allow the House members to prepare for the hearing and understand not only the charge, but, the facts. This is a railroading of AG Holder.

I watched the hearings, Issa never looked for the applications of the ATF activities, he was looking for reason for impeachment. He wanted documents and nothing more. He harassed the AG even when the Assistant AG testified it was not good enough. Issa never called the agents involved to the House floor.

...Ten weeks later, an ATF agent named John Dodson, (click here) whom Voth had supervised, made startling allegations on the CBS Evening News. He charged that his supervisors had intentionally allowed American firearms to be trafficked—a tactic known as "walking guns"—to Mexican drug cartels. Dodson claimed that supervisors repeatedly ordered him not to seize weapons because they wanted to track the guns into the hands of criminal ringleaders. The program showed internal e-mails from Voth, which purportedly revealed agents locked in a dispute over the deadly strategy. The guns permitted to flow to criminals, the program charged, played a role in Terry's death....

The scandal was never going to have the substance enough to bring down the Obama White House so it became a focused effort to 'find a way' to discredit the Holder Justice Department with Right Wing Senators likes Brown demanding his resignation. There was never an adequate investigation by the House. When the Assistant Attorney General said there never was reason for a Special Prosecutor it should have ended, but, the end game was political and not ethical or moral. Unfortunately, the Terry family has been put into the Republican meat grinder and this is the result.

There is no basis for contempt. The guns were not provided by ATF, they were purchased and tracked. So, the facts, even as Issa reports them to the media is incorrect. A contempt of congress charge has to be backed by facts and Issa himself hasn't put forward anything as proof beside rhetoric.

There is a lot more than 200 Mexicans dead and the USA didn't pull the trigger.

Thank you. The Supreme Court has returned the priority of the citizen.

The citizen is paramount to the authority and sovereignty of the USA. 

This is a great moment for all of us. 

Thank you.

There is some discussion about the mandatory expansion of Medicaid being ruled out. There are other methods of achieving the same goal. The participation can be an incentive. I think the Secretary of Health and Human Services can carry that out. There have been statutes in the past which can apply as an incentive to participation.

The states need incentives and guidelines from the Secretary to develop the State Exchanges.

Healthcare to create 5.6 million new jobs by 2020 (click title to entry - thank you)