Saturday, April 16, 2016

The rail summit.

The dream is still alive and discussed (click here)

We need to do this.

There are extensive small rail operations already in place. The coast to coast project does not mean smaller operators have to give up their control. The smaller systems could simply be expanded with larger potential if that is what works. The smaller systems can 'buy in' to the larger rail system with potential earnings to pay for their share. The existing systems can all be shareholders to a larger system. It would be a mistake to exert a single proprietor. Diversity works in such extensive systems.

It is time to summit.

By chance some don't see it as plainly as I do.

Sea World Orcas

Keiko is the only Orca set free after being caught in the wild, then trained for performances and widely known by the public.

He was 27 years old when he died. That is very old. In captivity males live about 17 years and female about 29 years old. He died of pneumonia. That is not an unusual cause of death for Orcas in captivity (click here).  It could have been his time with a weakened immune system due to age. The ocean climate including bacteria, etc., were probably different than when he lived there before. 

Is Keiko definitive to all whale releases? That is not a conclusion that can be made. 

He traveled to Norway and passed in Taknes Fjord. What is the shape of a fjord? What is the shape of a captive marine mammal pool? How does it look with ecolocation? Marine mammals are exceptionally intelligent.

It seems when he was the weakest in his life time and felt threatened because of his compromised ability to breath with pneumonia; he sought a fjord because it felt very safe and familiar. How did he know there was a fjord within the water? Ecolocation. When he felt threatened a fjord would probably mimic his former pool and limited his energy to expend in his distress.

I think it is fairly obvious Orcas after capture change their impression of the world.

Can and should this be attempted again? Can it? Yes, there is nothing preventing it by law that I am aware of. Should it? Those are ethical questions and should be brought as a paper to a professional society such as "The Society of Marine Mammalogy." (click here) Even a professional poster at a convention or in a journal could establish the ethics surrounding the issue. I am not aware of any professional presentation about Keiko and/or captive Orcas.

I could not hear the commercial from Sea World one more time without clarifying the status of Orcas in performance shows. These captive mammals due fall under the Endangered Species Act.

I think a lot can be learned from Keiko. I also think there needs to be scientific papers written on captive Orcas. Access is based upon their status defined in the Marine Mammal Protection Act as well as the Endangered Species Act. 

Professional organizations have members from around the world and is a good place to work through ethics and possibilities.

Have a better day.

Our Mission (click here)

The mission of the international Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) is to promote the global advancement of marine mammal science and contribute to its relevance and impact in education, conservation and management.

Our Objectives

  • Evaluate and promote the educational, scientific and managerial advancement of marine mammal science.
  • Gather and disseminate to members of the Society, the public and public and private institutions, scientific, technical and management information through publications and meetings.
  • Provide scientific information, as required, on matters related to the conservation and management of marine mammal resources.
There is a distinctive difference between corporations and human beings. Habeas corpus does not apply to corporations.

Corporations ? rights ? are limited and primarily CREATED BY THE CREATOR by contact law. A corporation has no body, can't be housed or jailed. "Lehman Brothers, Inc." could never serve prison sentences. The habeas corpus of LAW is exclusive to human beings. Corporations can never have a parole officer. 

Latin for "you have the body," it is a writ (court order) which directs the law enforcement officials (prison administrators, police or sheriff) who have custody of a prisoner to appear in court with the prisoner to help the judge determine whether the prisoner is lawfully in prison or jail. The writ is obtained by petition to a judge in the county or district where the prisoner is incarcerated, and the judge sets a hearing on whether there is a legal basis for holding the prisoner. Habeas corpus is a protection against illegal confinement, such as holding a person without charges, when due process obviously has been denied, bail is excessive, parole has been granted, an accused has been improperly surrendered by the bail bondsman or probation has been summarily terminated without cause. Historically called "the great writ," the renowned scholar of the Common Law, William Blackstone, called it the "most celebrated writ in English law." It may also be used as a means to contest child custody and deportation proceedings in court. The writ of habeas corpus can be employed procedurally in federal district courts to challenge the constitutionality of a state court conviction.

Corporation do not have citizen rights and vote. The weigh in to spend cash in order to effect an election. Think about that one. There has been criminality provided by the Supreme Court to effect elections. That is not a crime? That isn't criminality? That isn't an attempt to control the country to remove the social standards of 'the people?' 

Undue Influence is a VIOLATION in contract law:

In contract law, a defense that can be used by a party to argue against the formation of a binding contract between two parties. The use of undue influence by one party over another puts the free will of one of the parties entering the contract into question, and therefore leads to the contract being unenforceable and voidable by the victim party. To prove undue influence, a party must show that one party to the contract is a person with weaknesses which make him likely to be affected by such persuasion, and that the party exercising the persuasion is someone in a special relationship with the victim that makes the victim especially susceptible to such persuasion.

Plutocracy is not democracy.

Superpacs don't have a special relationship with the victim? The voter? It is a hostile relationship built completely on Undue Influence.