Friday, July 29, 2011

The Republicans have laid out their 2012 election strategy while 'playing' with the Debt Ceiling of the USA.

I am sure everyone is familiar with this graph.  It shows the elected majority of Democratic Senators and the unbelievable spike in 'the filibuster' by the Republicans.  This evening the Senate Minority leader has stated they would begin a filibuster of the Reid Proposal to solve the debt crisis.  In doing so he is literally taking the country's well being and its economic recovery hostage to the entire future of generations of Americans to commit to a Plutocratic form of government.  

This is called a bloodless coup.  The Speaker Boner Bill is unworkable and the immediate stand by the Minority leader to filibuster the only provision remaining to solve the debt crisis legislatively is now hostage to a deliberate attempt to hold the USA Senate Bill hostage to passage.  

I strongly urge President Obama to use the right he has in the Fourteenth Amendment to pass a new Debt Ceiling for the country.  It is constitutional and as of this evening it will save the USA from having its democracy destroyed at the hands of a very minority party, namely The Tea Party caucus.

I believe President Obama will have to sign an Executive Order that is simply one single page to raise the Debt Ceiling with a second Executive Order to have immediate measures begin on reducing the federal government's debt.  I am confident Secretary of the Treasury could elaborate to the credit worthiness of the USA, especially considering its currency is globally stable to all financial markets.  The second Executive Order would be a 'good faith' measure that Secretary Geithner could prove the good intentions of its government to succeed in reducing its debt while growing its economy and expanding its tax base.  

The USA already has a Presidential Commission report, the measure to address the nation's debt started long before this crisis.  President Obama should take some comfort in writing a clear Debt Ceiling increase as noted today after his address of the nation, the people responded to his plea for help with the House and the USA markets began rebounding to a close of less than one percent drop today.  That was quite a bit less than it was headed before President Obama spoke.

The Tea Party was fashioned and promoted by a media mogul that has been found to break the laws of Great Britain through invasion of privacy of citizens of that nation.  There is every reason to believe the USA is in danger of losing its sovereignty and it is the President's right and duty to protect the nation from a hostile agenda by very wealthy and powerful people.  I implore him to do just that.  The evidence is all too obvious.

I would think the Attorney General should be at the ready to solve these circumstances with an investigation into the intent of the Republican House and Senate to sabotage the sovereignty of the USA.  Financial sovereignty is just as important if not more so then military sovereignty.

The Federal Government CANNNOT be impeded by a Balanced Budget Amendment.

The depth of the economic slump better explains why the jobless rate doubled, climbing from 5 percent at the start of the downturn to a 26-year high 10.1 percent in October 2009.

No one would love to see a Balanced Budget Amendment for the exclusive purpose of stopping the Presidential impulse to go to war, but, our relationships around the world are complicated enough and when the USA finds it prudent to act there can't be anything preventing that.  I had to swallow that bitter pill a long time ago.  The House of Representatives are way out of line to impose such hideous provisions in any Debt Ceiling increase, especially, with these revelations regarding the debt of the initial recession which was brought about by Republican irresponsibility for eight long years that initiated with a destruction of a federal surplus.  There is no way anyone can hold President Obama responsible for the unemployment rate in the country.  

...Gross domestic product shrank 5.1 percent from the fourth quarter of 2007 to the second quarter of 2009, compared with the previously reported 4.1 percent drop, the Commerce Department said today in Washington. The second-worst contraction in the post-World War II era was a 3.7 percent decline in 1957-58.
The depth of the economic slump better explains why the jobless rate doubled, climbing from 5 percent at the start of the downturn to a 26-year high 10.1 percent in October 2009. The strongest quarter of the recovery is now the first three months of last year. Growth decelerated every quarter thereafter.
“The overall recession is indeed deeper,” Steven Landefeld, director of the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis, told reporters this week. “This is the Great Recession, the deepest one we’ve had in the post-WWII era.”...

It is Friday and Monday is even more chancy for the Markets especially with the US House calling for a weekend session.

The European Stock Markets are about to close in a little more than an hour or so (click here).  Those markets are experiencing declines.

The Asian markets are already closed.

It may be that the struggle, austerity and otherwise, made by President Obama and his global peer group may see the loss of all their work to date before this is over.

Commodities are up and specifically over the last 24 hours gold is up. (click here)

This is all due to the indecisiveness of the USA House of Representatives Majority Republican Caucus.  It is completely bizarre when one considers they are not even a true majority except for the place where they received their campaign funds in 2010.  This "Non-Majoirty" Majority is killing the global markets.  The 'money' hasn't gone anywhere, but, the stock prices are fluctuating so much the CEOs and their boards do not know where to go with their future as far as expansion, so there is profound impact on the 'jobs market' due to the inability of the House to find their footing at all.  

Because of the outcome of the 2010 elections in the US compliments of Murdoch and the Koch Brothers, the markets are about Bulls, not Bears.  One has to know how to read 'the daily bubble' in order to survive this mess.

The only way to stabilize this and see job recovery is for Legislature and President Obama to map out a long term strategy that will not be interrupted by hideous ideology.  I like the idea of a 'five year plan' at the very least, but, President Obama tends to like ten years as a mark of success to economic recovery.

The GDP is a direct result of the burgeoning recession brought on my so called 'fiscal conservatives.'  They aren't fiscally RESPONSIBLE, just CHEAP.  Fiscal Responsibility is more about being a guiding light to an economic recovery and not about undermining it which has been the rant of the Republicans controlled by their pledges.  It is hideous and completely unsophisticated approach to economic recovery of a nearly collapsed economy compliments of the last Republican Administration.

U.S. Stocks Fall as GDP Trails Estimates, Debt Concerns Increase (click title to entry - thank you)

July 29, 2011, 10:06 AM EDT
By Nikolaj Gammeltoft
July 29 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. stocks sank, pushing the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index toward its biggest weekly loss in a year, after gross domestic product grew less than estimated in the second quarter, adding to concern the economic rebound is slowing as the government inches closer to default.......Bank of America Corp. lost more than 1.6 percent...If Bank of America is any indication to how the other financial banks are doing that received TARP funds, it isn't going well.  In the past month Bank of America sent out 'a form letter' to all  its depositors fixing the amount they could borrow against their home equity loans.  If that is a foreshadowing the entire 2008 collapse could be revisited again in segmented declines.  BOA is probably going to be swallowed up no different than Lehman Brothers.  The banks were never stable before they paid back their monies.  The final outcomes may be that Morgan will STILL be the last bank standing.The refusal by BOA to prevent any more against home equity loans ( these are loans already established, not new equity loans) directly interprets into a decline of small business expansion, home improvements, medical care payments and bankruptcy prevention.  There is a lot going on here with BOA.  I just don't know if it is systemic.  YET!The other 'ying to the yang' is that it might be a strategy to prevent further foreclosures.  Either way, it ain't good news for the economy.  It will ripple out into retail sales, etc.

It may as well be a mile.

House Speaker John Boehner is only two to six votes short of having enough votes to pass his bill to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending, a member of the House GOP said Friday....

What is it 2 or 6?

Or is it 3?


Or something in between?

Is anyone specific about anything in that party?  

There is NOT a damn thing wrong with Medicare. Not a damn thing.

It IS the cost of USA Health Care and its LACK of return on longevity and quality of life. 

Japan does not spend nearly what the USA spends on healthcare while the Japanese lifestyle provides the AVERAGE longevity that exceeds all else in the world.

The problem with Medicare is the SOCIETY in which it resides, not the plan itself.\

I don't even want to hear how benefits are going to be cut or the cost to the citizen is going up, especially the most vulnerable, UNTIL 'everything' that IS "W"rong with it is corrected!  I don't want to hear how this is all genetics.  I don't want to hear how this is unachievable in out lifetimes now that the Baby Boomers are coming into the program.  I want to hear how all this is going to be corrected and the plan is going to be preserved.  I am tired of a 'sick' USA and I want it corrected.

The people on Medicare will never stop being victimized so long as there is NO universal health care.  As long as there are options for greater profits in the health care industry for corporations including physicians that are incorporated, Medicare patients will be marginalized.  As the Baby Boomers come onto the program more and more physicians will be forced to accept Medicare again, otherwise, they won't have a client base and dont' think they aren't looking at their country club fees and that very real and encroaching demographic!

A good start to changing the health care paradigm in the USA is to recognize ONLY non-profit corporations that effectively use their non-profit status to reduce health care costs to their consumers while maintaining high quality care.  In other words, hospitals that are non-profit, but, have a construction schedule to choke a horse is not effective use of the profit.

Getting back to the House of Representatives...

..., the problem is that the Tea Party Republicans aren't sincerely 'Party Republicans' so much as 'affiliates' hooked on the money they receive as candidates to be elected.  They have their own leader, namely Sarah Palin who is supported by Murdoch.  The Tea Party is a separate political party.  They can claim they are loosely connected and that on an organizational level is probably true, but, they are connected through the media services provided by Murdoch and Limbaugh.  The media service organizes them and practically writes policy for them and as witnessed on Hannity disciplines even the most senior and respected Seantors of the Republican Party.  John McCain ran for President, he is the party leader regardless of McConnell's job description.  I believe Mc Cain stated what he did on Hannity, not because he believed it but because in his estimation the country needs a two party system and doesn't want further division in the RNC.  But, the bottom line is if Murdoch can inflict political reprimands on national television then they are in control of the outcome not the Tea Party or the Republicans themselves.  Murdoch bought a political party in the USA and now they operate under self imposed gag orders.

John McCain is a great American and continues to be so especially realizing the monster that was created by Murdoch when he adopted Palin.

Fort Hood is the staging ground for troops to Afghanistan.

The original report from the BBC. This "You Tube" rendition isolated the comments that shocked the journalist.  (click title to entry - thank you)

US Muslims react to Texas shootings

A vigil has taken place for the 12 civilians and one soldier killed at an Ford Hood army base in Texas by army major Nidal Malik Hasan.
The shock at the killings has reverberated around America, and led to questions about the loyalty and trustworthiness of Muslim Americans, particularly those serving in the military.
Reporter Gavin Lee reports from Fort Hood on the aftermath of the shootings, and Muslim American lawyer and a playwright Wajahat Ali comments on Muslim's reaction to the incident.

This is an interview from the BBC after the Fort Hood killings by Hasan. There is a mosque in Fort Hood and according to this interview those that empathize with the people, be they Taliban or not, of Afghanistan have no sense of lawful conduct when it comes to their peer group. I do believe Fort Hood's identity is tainted by its purpose.  The voice in the You Tube dialogue is a young man.  The young men seem to be the ones with the greatest interest and problems even on a global basis, while some women have entered the fray from time to time.

...Abdo, who joined the Army (click here)  in April of 2009, gained national attention last summer when he refused to deploy with his unit to Afghanistan, insisting his Muslim faith prevented him from serving. He fought his deployment since 2010 and gave multiple interviews.

“I was under the impression that I could serve both the US Army and my God simultaneously,’’ he said in a television interview with CNN last summer. “As the time had come near to deployment, I started really asking myself . . . whether God would accept what I was doing and whether I was really meant to go to war as opposed to the peace that Islam preaches.’’

Army officials said Abdo was granted conscientious objector status in May, but his discharge was put on hold after the Army said it had discovered child pornography on his computer....

The child pornography is sought as the men pursue their virgins after death.  There is definately a sexual content to their 'identity crisis' that leads them to the rampage of massacre.  

I probably did not make myself clear in the previous statement.  Virgins.  The young virgin.  Their immature choices would reflect the dysfunction of their own personalities within their faith.  More or less the influence of radicalized peers seeking a form of enticement to reality of an afterlife to literally 'die for.'  I doubt these men would be acting on their impulse for 'kiddy porn' so much as using it as a dreamscape.

Maybe the Republican Party does need its cronies and wheelers and dealers.

...The late-night decision (click title to entry - than you) to call off the vote came after hours of frantic, unsuccessful arm twisting, with House leaders ushering wavering members into leadership offices to meet with the speaker, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield).

The efforts began early in the afternoon as Boehner's chief of staff, and then the speaker himself, pulled members off the floor for private conversations, at least once with the powerful Appropriations Committee chairman, Rep. Harold Rogers (R-Ky.), in tow. A dazed-looking undecided freshman listened to overtures from a smiling, gesticulating member of the leadership team. A committee chairman wrapped his arm around a congressman who was leaning no, as other members surrounded the man....