Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I think Governor Chris Christy won the night in the undercard debate.

He's right. If the USA actually showed Chinese government to the Chinese it would be very interesting.

...7:32 p.m. (click here) Here's an interesting bit of news: when Christie is asked about China and cyberwarfare, he says he was a victim of a hack and had his social security number stolen by Chinese hackers from when he was a U.S. attorney.
He takes the harshest tone of the night: "If the Chinese commit cyber warfare against us, they are going to see cyber warfare like they have never seen before...The information we take we will make sure all the Chinese people see it. That will have fun in Beijing when we show them how they're spending their money."
And he also promises: "I'll fly Air Force One over those islands they'll know we mean business."...

"Republican Undercard Debate" (click here)

Mass deportation has happened before in the USA. Two million in the 1930s could be equivalent to 11 million today. the speed of transportation and the methods, especially on a USA cargo jet, can occur. I think they mean what they say.

September 8, 2015
By Adrian Florido

...Presidential candidate Donald Trump's proposal )(click here) to deport all 11 million immigrants living in the country illegally, along with their U.S.-born children, sounds far-fetched. But something similar happened before.
During the 1930s and into the 1940s, up to 2 million Mexicans and Mexican-Americans were deported or expelled from cities and towns across the U.S. and shipped to Mexico. According to some estimates, more than half of these people were U.S. citizens, born in the United States.
It's a largely forgotten chapter in history that Francisco Balderrama, a California State University historian, documented in Decade of Betrayal: Mexican Repatriation in the 1930s. He co-wrote that book with the late historian Raymond Rodriguez....

Ten percent income tax can occur and the IRS dissolved if that is the will of the Congress and President. The Republicans have been angry enough over the IRS for at least a decade and long before any so called scandals. The Republicans would do it simply because it was promised over and over, year after year.

I don't see 'the drama' of the Republican debates and campaigns as simply empty politics. I believe them when they make statements of policy. I believe them when they can make it happen. 

If they can make a war over nothing, they can do anything. 

Doubt full size trailer is very unsafe.

There is such a thing as triple length trailers as well. The American roadways were never designed for these trucks. Literally corporations are turning the American highway into a place for trucks that act as trains.

The only reason these trailer and tractor combinations exist is to increase profits to companies by one or two driver's salary. It is a hideous idea. The combination trailers add a great deal of sway to increase the  danger on the highway. Add to the sway some wind and it is a tractor-trailer combination that will kill.

June 12, 2015
By Geoff Pender
Jackson, Miss. — Mississippi's transportation commissioners (click here) are urging Sen. Thad Cochran to help quash a proposal that would force the state to allow larger double-trailer trucks on its roads.
"I don't like Congress mandating that states do this," said Central Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall, who signed a letter to Cochran along with the state's other two elected commissioners. "I'm a whole lot more interested in the safety of Mississippi's drivers than I am the financial welfare of a national corporation."
National highway safety advocates also are fighting the measure, along with another passed by the House that would extend a freeze on stricter regulations on when and how long truckers must rest between long hauls....

These trucks have been unsafe for decades.

This is an article in the New York Times dating back to 1988. These tractor-trailer combination rigs have not changed and the article is still valid.

May 3, 1988
By James Gleick

LARGE double-trailer trucks,  (click here) those highway behemoths with two trailers behind a single cab, are two to three times more likely to be involved in crashes as other heavy trucks, a study in Washington State has found. 

Large trucks in general crash far more often than other vehicles, accounting for 12 percent of the nation's deaths from traffic accidents, according to the study's authors, Howard S. Stein and Ian S. Jones of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in Washington. Most of those deaths are in cars hit by the trucks. Measuring Highway Crashes...

It is going to be hideous managing traffic in any city if these tractor-trailers are allowed off the highways. Count on ridiculous traffic jams as well as damaged infrastructure. They are too long for any city.

Yesterday, Senators Jon Tester and Seantor Christopher Murphy provided notable dialogues on the US Senate floor.

Senator Jon Tester (click here) begins at 2:11:57. Senator Christopher Murphy presents his maps of how the ACA has helped Americans obtain health care.

Today, Senator Carper is stating there are monies that come to the US Treasury form The Federal Reserve at the close of any fiscal year. These monies are what is in excess of The Fed's operations. I think the American people have a lot to learn about their government and the national debt. No corruption. Pay down the national debt.

In the presentation to the Senate, Senator Christopher Murphy presented the map noted above. The top map is the USA and health care before the ACA went into effect in 2014. The top map is from 2013 of the uninsured. The following to maps are the same topic in 2014 and 2015 to date. It is easy to say by these maps alone, the ACA is a valued law. It is also obvious from the maps where Americans are neglected by their elected representatives be they Senator or House Representative. Those states never adopted the extended Medicaid and people have died in those states from lack of health care insurance. I always though death of Americans was an important problem that should be averted at every turn, however, it would seem as though ideology is more important to rhetorical Republicans. That is an assault against humanity and human rights abuses. I would think Republicans would work on their very bad habits of substituting good judgement with ideology.

I hope the clip of the Senators works well.

Congratulations to the activists and to Sea World.

November 10, 2015
By Rupert Neate

SeaWorld (click here) will end orca shows at its theme park in San Diego as part of a comprehensive overhaul of the company in the wake of mounting protests over its treatment of animals..

The company, which has lost half of its market value since the 2013 release of Blackfish, a film cataloguing alleged mistreatment of killer whales at its parks, said on Monday that it would phase out killer whale shows at its California park by 2017.

“We are listening to our guests, evolving as a company, we are always changing,” said chief executive Joel Manby. “In 2017 we will launch an all new orca experience focused on natural environment [of whales]. 2016 will be the last year of our theatrical killer whale experience in San Diego.”

I am really pleased Sea World is making a change in their respect for the ocean's marine mammals. It is going to be a very popular exhibit. It will provide the respect people need to realize how important the oceans are and how important these marine mammals are to the ocean ECOLOGY.

Orcas are top line predators. Predators are paramount to the health of any ecosystem. Tilikum should be retired to the California facility. He is far to dangerous a male Orca to continue any direct contact.

He is big and strong and he knows it. Three quarters of the accidents with Tilikum is due to his dominance as a male Orca. He takes on competition. When I review his actions with Dawn it was all mating behavior because something happened and she was no longer dominant in his hierarchy. It is not unusual for a male to take a female to depth for copulation. That is my assessment. Tilikum just flips a switch in that brain of his and the trainer is no longer a superior, but, conquered at his whim.

Tilikum is a really tough case. I can't decide whether or not he is a good subject to return to the ocean's natural and free habitat. He is a dominant Orca, but, his dorsal fin is curved. It is difficult to say whether he would be accepted into a pod or not. He is sizeable and could provide real competition to any Orca that tries to fight him. He would have to face fights within a pod to gain acceptance.

Given Tilikum's personality and the way he seeks domination, if he was born and left in the wilds of the ocean, he would be the dominant male in his pod. Right now, Tilikum is a tempting release, but, he hasn't been tried in any hunting and killing of prey. That venture demands plenty of funding and Sea World has lost considerable value in two years. The funding would have to be available and dedicated so there was a guarantee to finish what any project to release would start.

There may be funding/grants to attempt to release him to the ocean, but, the funding has to be complete from start to finish before any such project could begin. Tilikum cannot be confused to his final destination. He has to be set on a path that will provide him with a clear understanding of where he is going. To begin such a project only to have him returned to a tank is pure cruelty to him.

I wish everyone the best of luck, but, I wish the Sea World Ocras of San Diego peace.

This is a magnificent gift from the DOD to military famililes as Veteran's Day approaches. Thank you.

It is a good faith promise to the families of our lost soldiers. It is about bringing everyone home. It tells families the USA respects every life of every soldier. Our soldiers lives are unique and valued and they are a loss to us as a country. It is important this has been realized. It places a commodity on a soldier's life. That soldier is an American and the USA will never send them into battle or into a firefight without complete confidence they will come home alive.

We lost that reassurance for some reason when the prisoners of Daesh were rescued and we lost one soldier. It was one soldier too many because the intelligence wasn't exact. We made a promise to our soldiers when they volunteered.

This act of compassion brings home soldiers to families and we spare no cost to do it no matter how long it takes. These are lessons dearly learned about being a better and more precise fighting force. We rather they come home to their families intact and willing to continue their career.

November 9, 2015
By Audrey McAvoy

Honolulu — The remains of seven crew members (click here) missing since the USS Oklahoma capsized in the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor have been identified, the military said Monday.
The names of the servicemen identified using dental records will be released after their families have been notified.
In June, the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency began digging up the remains of nearly 400 USS Oklahoma sailors and Marines from a veterans cemetery in Honolulu where they were buried as "unknowns."
Within five years, officials expect to identify about 80 percent of the Oklahoma crew members still considered missing.

This is the Fifth Circuit. This is nothing new.

As long as the issue is a conservative political issue, it will align with the conservatives in the country.

Now that it is going to the Supreme Court I hope they rule soon. This is the Executive Branch and it is that important.

November 9, 2015
By Kevin McGill

New Orleans (AP) — President Barack Obama's (click here) plan to protect from deportation an estimated 5 million people living in the United States illegally suffered another setback Monday in a ruling from a New Orleans-based federal appeals court.
In a 2-1 decision, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a Texas-based federal judge's injunction blocking the administration's immigration initiative.
Republicans had criticized the plan as an illegal executive overreach when Obama announced it last November. Twenty-six states challenged the plan in court.
The administration argued that the executive branch was within its rights in deciding to defer deportation of selected groups of immigrants, including children who were brought to the U.S. illegally...

Ted Cruz is a rhetorical Republican. His statements havce always been the same.

He is maintaining his 'posture' to insure his re-election AND strategy for the Presidential nomination. He is a rhetorical Republican because it invites many Republicans into his camp. He doesn't care what anyone thinks; he believes the two front runners will fall out of favor. His is counting on his rhetorical posture at the time to vote in the primary to carry him to victory either expected or unexpected. He will be the one Republican that has been a standard for the party that they feel they can count on. That is Ted Cruz in a nutshell. There isn't anything that is going to change.