Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Director Comey, "...were sent overseas..."

There is a basic understanding about the ability of the White House computers and interface with other countries.

The American people had first hand experience with the new website for applications for insurance. We all know what happened after the federal health care website collapsed. We also know the State Department has high communication costs because of wire services. 

The e-mail CHAINS were to and from outside the USA borders. It is impossible to litigate it. The 'chains' were important to the function of the State Department and they were on a private server known to a former President.

Get of it.

I would think it obvious by now, the Michigan State Attorney's office is not working for the victims of Flint.

When average employees powerless to direct their own jobs are indicted for incompetence, it should be blatantly obvious it is a cover up for those in power that should be on trial.

Like I said. The Michigan State Attorney General should forget the investigation, spend the monies on rehabilitating Flint's pipes and indict the only person responsible, Governor Rick Snyder.

July 3, 2016
By Chad Halcom

Attorneys in the Flint water crisis (click here) say Attorney General Bill Schuette's recent lawsuit in Genesee County Circuit Court makes him a powerful ally against the engineering and environmental companies that worked for the city — for now.
If and when the various lawsuits against Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam Inc. and Veolia North America Inc. reach settlement talks, however, the state and the city residents' interests may be less aligned.
More than 315 cases are pending in various state and federal courts, including the Schuette case filed in Genesee County last week. Many are still awaiting rulings on proper jurisdiction, but in general the LAN and Veolia suits are expected to coalesce over time in Genesee Circuit. Lawsuits targeting the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Gov. Rick Snyder, various state-appointed emergency managers for Flint or other state employees began landing in June at the Michigan Court of Claims, which hears cases against state agencies....

An apology to his daughter for the world she is inheriting.

When I see your smiling, exuberant face each morning, it seems like my worldly worries evaporate, at least for the hour or so before I drop you off at your little country school. You prattle on about Water Sparkles and other imaginary creatures and worlds, while I drink my tea and watch you eat your mother's sourdough toast and the eggs you collected from your hens the day before.
Despite the rush of the weekday morning's preparations, your exuberance and boundless anticipation of what the day will bring gives me a peace of mind I am usually unable to replicate for the rest of my day. I will forever treasure these times.
You are 9 now, and quite old enough to comprehend that the world you so enthusiastically desire to experience and understand is changing fast, and mostly in ways that will make your future much more challenging than mine was at your age. I remember broaching the subject of climate disruption with you when you were but 5 years old; it was almost a casual comment that I do not think I prepared you for adequately....
...Through my work though, I hope to convince enough people of enough political clout that our future is not predestined to descend into the hellish depths of resource warfare. Change for the worse is inevitable, but we have technologies, social capacities, finances, and even historical precedents to be able to avert the worst of it.
If I can claim on my deathbed that I tried my best to diminish the hardships that you will one day endure, I will have justified my actions as a scientist, and most importantly, as a parent.
I hope you can forgive our generation and be clever enough to avoid the mistakes we have already made and the ones we are still unfortunately perpetuating.
My love for you and my need to protect you helps me get out of bed each morning and face the overwhelming challenges of my profession.
Thank you for being my inspiration.

It sounds as though female Hollywood stars have grounds to file lawsuits as well.

Their images are now attached to a prostitution ring. Oh, sorry, an escort service.

July 5, 2016
By Neil Connor

A Chinese businessman (click here) is suing an Australian escort agency to which he paid millions of dollars believing he was going to get to spend the night with Hollywood stars including Megan Fox, it has been claimed.
The man paid A$3.7 million ($3.8 million) for supposed encounters with Fox, star of the Transformers movie franchise, along with Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel and Chinese model and actress Yang Ying, according to court documents cited by Australia's the Sunday Telegraph.
Named as Yu Xu by the newspaper, the businessman believed he had arranged for the women to meet him in China.
He has now launched a legal action against the parent company of the Sydney-based agency Royal Court Escorts, the report stated....

A murder in Fiji remains unsolved. It is gruesome.

July 5, 2016
By Tess Nichol

...Although he and his wife (click here) chose not to open the bundle, police later confirmed it contained a human head, but did not say who the victim was.
"It's a funny little feeling in your tummy. Like, that was somebody's life a few days ago," Mr Bickley said.
"It's also a funny feeling about how the people who had put that package together had been so inhuman.
"[They had] been able to cut it up and spend considerable time putting it into this parcel, which was very neatly and securely fastened so it actually survived all the tides that brought it ashore again."
Fiji police this week said DNA tests showed the body parts belonged to Russian couple Yuri and Natalia Shipulin, who went missing on June 16.
Police believe the Russians, who had reportedly been in Fiji since 2011, were murdered and dismembered.

This sounds remarkably like security problems for the London Olympics.

Is the USA going to be stuck picking up the cost again? If a country doesn't have a strong security infrastructure, why is that country chosen? Any country will do and the Olympic Committee simply understands when it becomes obvious the country is in over it's head, the USA will come to the rescue? This is the second time.

July 5, 2016
By Sebastian Smith and Madeleine Prade

It wasn't the welcome (click here) those arriving at Rio de Janeiro's main airport would have hoped for - police holding up banners that read "Welcome to Hell".
The demonstration today - a month before the Olympics open- was the latest by Brazilian police protesting over unpaid salaries and a string of recent police deaths.
More than 100 emergency services workers, including firefighters, took part in the protest in the arrival hall at Galeao International Airport, which will be a key entry point for the expected half-million tourists to the Games starting on August 5.
Officers held up a banner reading: "Welcome to hell. Police and firefighters don't get paid, whoever comes to Rio de Janeiro will not be safe."
Mannequins dressed in uniform were laid out on the floor to represent the more than 50 officers killed in Rio de Janeiro so far this year. A female officer with fake blood smeared on her face and hands clutched a mannequin dressed in a T-shirt reading "SOS policia"....
Syria's instability has to do with the Shia Crescent and the impacts of the Arab Spring.

End of discussion.

If Mars is any indication this is the chosen neighborhood for human beings on their way out of the Milky Way.

It is amazing how men design plans to abandon Earth when it gets to hot. Do you know I and my female peers have been saying that for at least two decades?

We have always stated when it comes to HEALING Earth from the abuses of Wall Street men's first choice is to abandon it. It is true. Here we are with an Earth of unheeded warnings and men are looking to Mars as their first "Star Trek" choice.

President Obama was the first president to INVEST in Earth in our history. He is not an old white man. He is a father with two daughters. That is significant. When there is a 'child' connection to a person's life the instinct is to always 'fix it' in preservation of their future. All the presidents before President Obama were mostly old white men. The exception was Bill Clinton. To his credit former President Carter placed solar panels on the roof of the White House. I guess that is more a statement about old Republican White men. Look what Cheney did to Canada and the "Halliburton Loophole."

I suppose the correct statement is "Republicans are untrustworthy." War. Abuses of Earth. Exploitation of impoverished populations for profit. Lack of any kind of economic understanding. Oppression of people to force a poor and waning middle class. I would think the Republicans would get the message by now that they have it all "W"rong. 

July 5, 2016
By Kenneth Chang

Ducking through intense belts of violent radiation (click here) as it skimmed over the clouds of Jupiter at 130,000 miles per hour, NASA’s Juno spacecraft finally clinched its spot on Monday in the orbit of the solar system’s largest planet.
It took five years for Juno to travel this far on its $1.1 billion mission, and the moment was one that NASA scientists and space enthusiasts had eagerly — and anxiously — anticipated.
At 11:53 p.m., Eastern time, a signal from the spacecraft announced the end of a 35-minute engine burn that left it in the grip of its desired orbit around Jupiter. Cheers and clapping erupted at the mission operations center at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in Pasadena, Calif., which is managing Juno.
“This is the hardest thing NASA has ever done,” Scott Bolton, Juno’s principal investigator, told the mission team a few minutes later. “That’s my claim.”...
I didn't talk all weekend about a tweet. I think that has unspoken status.

The anti-Hillary ad with the anti semitic star and then replacing such an ad is TYPICAL Republican dog whistle.

Kindly move on from there.