Sunday, September 07, 2014

As for me, I'd rather see the sun rise of the next day.

One other thing about the journalists ransom fund. It could manifest in the form of insurance. Like the ships used for ransom off Somalia. Possibly Lloyd's of London (click here). I think the journalism business uses the words, "It comes with the territory." as a defense for what goes on.

The real cure for such dangerous tasks is to not pay for the story in the first place as potentially tainted by false beliefs such as purported by John McCain.

It is no different than when Hetherington and Hondros died in Libya. It was completely misguided for any professional journalist to believe without being embedded with sufficient military presence they would survive the day. Computers are remarkable in recording 'on the street' authenticity, but, they don't protect those that believe they are bringing the story to the viewer or reader.

A nomination or winner of an award is not all that. Making a living means living through it, not being memorialized for the effort.

April 21, 2011
An Oscar-nominated war-film director (click here) and a second prize-winning photojournalist died covering a battle between rebels and Libyan government forces in the western city of Misrata on Wednesday.
Two other Western photographers apparently working alongside them were wounded.
British-born Tim Hetherington, co-director of the 2010 documentary "Restrepo" about U.S. soldiers on an outpost in Afghanistan, was killed, said his U.S.-based publicist, Johanna Ramos Boyer.
Chris Hondros, a New York-based photographer for Getty Images, died later Wednesday after suffering a serious head wound, according to Getty's director of photography, Pancho Bernasconi....

They too, should not have done it.

When it comes to Ukraine, President Poroshenko is correct.

He has the backing of the Former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger when attempting to create a bridge between The West and Russia. President Poroshenko was the perfect choice in the Ukraine elections. He has had strong economic ties with Russia while seeking new economic relationships with Europe. Putin blew it when he escalated tensions. Just that simple.

What was that I hear?

"We just don't want to take the chance!"

Excuse me.

That is populous fear. There is no fact there. It speaks loudly to the reason why the USA needs to reduce it's military profile. Readiness is fine, but, to understand why the USA has a WWII military industrial complex is to realize why other people of other nations have a populous fear of the USA.

Somewhere within the radical Islamic culture right now there are young men stating, "But, they can wipe us out in a moment without provocation. Why shouldn't we attack them now?"

Americans have gotten used to living in Cloud City with a massive military footprint to kill any insect colony that they don't want to take a chance with.

At least "W" had 911 to legitimize his lies, but, Obama has a couple of beheaded journalists, one which was living with his Syrian wife. That is not a reason to war. That is bad judgement and ambition of a couple of folks that didn't have people to pay ransom.  There is no legitimate reason for the USA to enter into a war posture. 

Bad judgement by journalists do not dictate the actions of the USA military nor ever should. The truth is the USA media is responsible for the deaths of those two young men. The media followed the words and actions of John McCain as if he was the Commander and Chief. The journalists that could report on the rebels decided it was a noble effort. Then the tables were turned on them and the rebels turned out to be questionable in their abilities and out of the chaos called Syria rose a new warlord called IS/IS/L. Like I said bad judgement BY EVERYONE in the media services. Everyone. And the USA is not going to fight wars propagated by a plutocratic media.

If the media is going to be this stupid, it needs it's own fund to pay ransom for their colleagues.

Keeping USA Embassy staff in a country without a sovereign government while wishing and hoping a new one formed out of desperation will only result in more danger the staff faces. That is why there are more and more and more military sent to Baghdad. The staff needs to be removed from the former Iraq. There is no reason for an embassy in Baghdad EXPECT war. They haven't experienced the worst yet.

The United States is there and it is escalating. Kerry and Obama are carrying out the Bush crimes all over again. The land and it's use is not up to us, it is up to the people that live there. Destroying American war machines is the right thing to do, but, to enter into war again is going to be more killing and more reason to kill.

This is Kerry - The War Secretary.

It is going to be interesting come November when there are dead Americans that start showing up. Everyone expects this to get better, but, it isn't getting better yet and as long as the USA continues to have a presence there it isn't going to.

The bombing helped did it? While Kurdish and Shi'ite fighters are on the ground it gave them an advantage and they took the dam. Then why is the USA bombing at the dam again?

Dead Americans won't effect Republicans, this is what they want. But, the rest of the 67% is an entirely different issue. When dead Americans start coming home in flag draped coffins then you'll see how much they want to return to a land where there isn't even a country.

The USA media is a joke.

Every one of them is screaming we don't want another 911. But, they conveniently forget THE TRUTH about 911. 

My advise to anyone concerned about another 911 is; don't put the bastards in office. That IS the only appropriate response to the 'idea' the USA is direly needed to attack Syria for reasons of Homeland Security.

Iraqi security forces and Shi'ite militia men fire at ISIS forces about 105 miles north of Baghdad in support of the people of Amili.