Sunday, February 16, 2014

Germany is holding onto the top spot.

The USA curling team is in competition, but, they are far behind in the standings. They won't make the semi-finals on the 20th. I am looking forward to the semi-finals and the finals. I want to see the sport at it's best.

The Olympics only come every four years. The world level competition is good. I am watching the competition tonight.

As the Men's Super-G proves, "It ain't over until it is over." (click here)

I am not going to miss this stuff, it is exciting and the athletes deserve attention.

The media reported an "Ice Tsunami." More like Abrupt Climate Change.

This year Mille Lacs is facing a very low 'safe harvest' of Walleye in May. This is a historic low for this ecosystem. 

The 2013 harvest may have been the last six digit Walleye harvest.
...Jones said a 2-inch walleye harvest slot is not unprecedented on Mille Lacs, (click here) having been implemented in 2001, 2002 and 2007. He added the state’s walleye harvest has been below this year’s allocation level of 178,500 pounds four of the last 10 years and in 2005 the harvest was below 200,000 pounds.

The fundamental concern for fish managers is that not enough walleye are becoming big walleye because of increased mortality rates. A secondary concern is that mature male walleye numbers have decreased....

Over harvesting is different than habitat degradation/change. The rapid change is quite alarming.

2014 safe harvest levels set (click here)

Walleye anglers on Mille Lacs Lake likely will see regulations similar to last year when the season opens on Saturday, May 10, based on the safe harvest level recently announced.

The 2014 walleye safe harvest level is 60,000 pounds. Of this amount, 42,900 pounds is allocated to the state and 17,100 pounds is allocated to the eight Chippewa bands with 1837 Treaty harvest rights. These allocation amounts were recently agreed upon at a meeting of DNR and tribal natural resource leaders.

A limited harvest under the existing restrictive harvest slot, combined with potential additional more restrictive regulations, will provide the needed protection to the lake's struggling walleye population....

Insects are very important to fish populations. If the biotic content is changing due to climate, it may or may not be recoverable. As climate changes, there is opportunity for different species to survive and thrive. It may be what is causing the Walleye decline.

Changing zooplankton community: First detected in 2009, spiny water flea numbers have fluctuated but show no signs of declining. Spiny water fleas may be having a negative impact on the native zooplankton community by directly competing with small fish for food and altering the historic aquatic food chain....

Today's Wind Map (click here)

If one is a homeowner near water the wind that is most damaging are the 'onshore' winds. 

In the case of lakes, the chance of ice coming ashore increases if the body of water freezes. The surface ice can expand to include onshore areas.

The video in the previous entry was due to onshore winds carrying waves and water vapor onshore.

The Polar Vortex, high wind and a lake. Good-bye house.

The videographer was also a resident. They had to stop recording because the ice was taking over the area where they were standing.