Monday, September 28, 2015

I realize this is strictly a business decision, but, in actuality it is much, much more than simply business in dollars and cents 

Is that ocean not simply gorgeous? Money cannot replace that ocean. We have only one Earth. The more we disrespect it, the worse life becomes for our children. 

The dangers of such enterprises in the Arctic Ocean can be periless for human beings as well.

No one wins or loses when people and companies come to a common reality. Our children win.  

For as gorgeous as the Arctic Ocean is please, please seal those exploratory wells as if they were never drilled. 

Shell had some mishaps in Alaska, such as when its floating drill rig Kulluk, center, ran aground in 2012. Credit James Brooks/Kodiak Daily Mirror, via Associated Press  

September 28, 2015

...Until now. (click here) On Monday, Royal Dutch Shell ended its expensive and fruitless nine-year effort to explore for oil in the Alaskan Arctic — a $7 billion investment — in another sign that the entire industry is trimming its ambitions in the wake of collapsing oil prices....

Where are the life forms? Please don't bring any back to Earth. What happens on Mars stays on Mars. Applause, NASA. Good show.

I take it this is the color photo of the fluid.

 Dark narrow streaks, up to a few hundred yards long, are seen along many slopes on Mars including Garni Crater. The identification of waterlogged salts in these streaks fits with the idea that they are formed by the underground flow of briny water that wets the surface. Credit Jet Propulsion Laboratory/University of Arizona/NASA  

Okay, now we're cooking. This is a significant area of Mars. There is definitely a fluid causing soil erosion. 

A time-lapse animation of Palikir Crater, below, shows how the streaks extend and darken during warmer months on Mars, then gradually fade as temperatures cool. 

So, I am assuming the reason NASA believes this is water is because the change in temperature and change in PHASE (solid as ice and fluid as water) matches that of water. 

Cool. Mars has a summer and a winter. Interesting. So, it has seasons similar to Earth.  

Okay, so this is the dilemma. Mars obviously has seasons that parallel Earth. And if this is water since the primary gas of the Mars troposphere is carbon dioxide where is the green stuff? Chlorophyll. Genetics is very sticky stuff. There are mutations that occur all the time. We have some very funky life forms on Earth including at Sulfur Vents in the Oceans. 

We know hostile environments propagate life. So, where is it on Mars? There has to be something there. If there is no life that accesses the CO2 and the H2O, then what is that liquid. 

28 September 2015 
By Jason Koebler

So there's probably flowing water on Mars. (click here)  But before you book tickets to the Palikir Crater Club Med, you’ll probably want to know just a bit about Mars's hottest new destination.Monday, NASA announced that the crater is home to what are probably present day brine flows. That potentially makes it one of the most important places to look for life moving forward. We've known for a few years now that Palikir has the streak formations that NASA now believes suggests there's still water there today—but even that hasn't made it a prime location to send a rover or eventual manned mission. Monday's discovery may change that, because, well, now we’re reasonably sure there’s something to actually investigate there....

Familiels of the Yazidis should be first in line to be cleared to enter the USA as immigrants.

And some time in the future when their homeland is safe they should have the right to return. Any settlement that finds power sharing or otherwise needs to include the right of return for refugees. But, these people live close to each other in their homeland. It is very important the USA accept intact families as much as that is possible.

August 8, 2014
by Zack Beauchamp

America's air strikes in Iraq (click here) aren't just about protecting Americans in the Kurdish capital of Erbil. "In recent days, Yazidi women, men, and children from the area of Sinjar have fled for their lives," President Obama said when announcing the airstrikes. "And thousands — perhaps tens of thousands — are now hiding high up on [a] mountain, with little but the clothes on their backs."
Obama explained the US is going to help them, with humanitarian airdrops and maybe even military strikes. "I've, therefore, authorized targeted airstrikes, if necessary, to help forces in Iraq as they fight to break the siege of Mount Sinjar and protect the civilians trapped there."
You may find yourself asking, then, who are the Yazidis? What do they believe? Why has the Islamic State (ISIS) trapped so many of them on a mountain without food and water? Why is the US trying to save them? Here are some answers....
Hillary Clinton should no longer apologize from AIR. There is no basis for any infractions. End of discussion. Former President Clinton is correct. Completely. You can always tell when the media is vying for the low information voters. "Couch Potatoes" are cable media's best customer.

The problem with Hillary Clinton is there is no problem with Hillary Clinton. Dead serious. What real problems exist? Come on let's go, what is "W"rong with Hillary Clinton? I even love her hairstyle and I'll probably take her picture with me next time I go the my hair stylist.

The national dialogue regarding taxation is not correct.

The taxes on the wealthy in the USA is not 40 percent. It is not even 25 percent. 

To the right are the taxes paid by the people of Alabama. (click here)

15 January 2015
By Robert Frank

...In other words, (click here) it said the tax systems are "upside down," with the poor paying more and the rich paying less. Overall, the poorest 20 percent of Americans paid an average of 10.9 percent of their income in state and local taxes and the middle 20 percent of Americans paid 9.4 percent. The top 1 percent, meanwhile, pay only 5.4 percent of their income to state and local taxes...

If any tax changes gets the wealthy to pay more than ten percent it will be a windfall for the US Treasury.

Who pays?  Released January 14th, 2015 (click here) Find the state one lives in and realize the completely inappropriate rate the WORKING POOR actually pays.

The tax structure in the USA is completely hostile to the Poor and Middle Class. It has to be a high priority for change in the 2016 elections. The governments, be they state or federal, needs to get off the back of those least able to pay.

The current tax codes are completely unjust. Many of the state tax rates rely on the federal filing.

2016 is the "Red Line" for changing the tax code to give relief to the Working Poor and Middle Class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Who does Tom Cotton think he is?

He stated, "Most of our military commanders can find Hassan Rouhani any time of day." What is that suppose to me and the USA military commanders don't take orders from such an idiot as Tom Cotton.

I've got a project for Tom Cotton. He needs to draw up a national bedbug policy that includes insurance for homeowners and renters. Then pass the bill.

Tom Cotton is on the Intelligence Committee? Is there an IQ that is required for that position? 

There is no Free Syrian Army. 

Why is it after 11 years of nation building the USA just doesn't know when to quit? The USA walked into and across Afghanistan and Iraq within days. I find that interesting. Perhaps Senators McCain and Graham can expand upon those facts.

Tom Cotton can draw up a bill that says "Assad must go." I suggest he get signatures from the Syrians and the Syrian Free Army (which doesn't exist) before he draws up that bill, though. 

We cannot concede to Russia and Iran that they have an alliance with Assad. Okay. We don't have to concede, Russia and Iran already knows they have an alliance with Assad. Russia and Iran does need Tom Cotton's permission to conduct an alliance with Assad. 

I tell you what. The USA media needs to find a way for Tom Cotton to save face. Do that and he might even end his meaningless rants.
Donald Trump's Tax Plan does lower the cost of government without making it smaller. He wants to eliminate wasteful spending. Then he adds lower tax rates. For the people that will have zero taxes has the opportunity to add circulating money to the economy. 

Kindly recall when President Obama lowered the social security tax. It was 2 percent. The idea was to add cash to the economy to push the recovery along. It worked. People had higher disposable income at all income levels across the board. When that ended Walmart had a hissy fit because many of their customers would no longer have disposable income.

That is similar to the Trump Tax Proposal. It removes tax burden for couples under $50,000 per year. That is a lot of money back in a couples piggy bank that can even lead to home ownership. 

The payroll deduction alone is enough to stimulate growth in a significant way. Nothing else has to be done. It's easy.  
Hassan Rouhani gave a great speech calling for a unified effort across the region to end terrorists.

King Abdullah II of Jordan is giving an absolutely incredible speech.

He states, "...the differences between us is miniscule compared to the values we share."  

"Since when is fear and intimidation become the qualities of God?"

Moderation does not mean abandoning all values to allow danger to our countries and peoples? 

He states Jerusalem is an interest to Arab nations as well. 

He states the United Nations creates opportunity especially to young people. It also finds solutions to dangerous conflict. 

The refugees. Jordan's population is 20 percent refugees. I don't know how that small country can carry such a burden,but, it does and it does it with determination and pride. Evidently, Jordan and Lebanon has been carrying the majority of burden of the refugees for the past four years. 

The King is calling for the shared prosperity of peace. He lost a fighter jet pilot to Daesh. It did not harden him. He still embraces peace, prosperity and a growing opportunity of the young people of the Middle East. 
President Xi Jinping of China has stated history is always interesting, but, obsession with it should not appear in peace agreements. He has stated every country should renew it's focus on the UN Charter and look to the future. He stated countries are interrelated in the 21st century. He further states moving countries to better quality of life of it's people is good for everyone.

Interesting. He is talking about civilizations, mutual respect and unique visions for their people. He is calling for peace and prosperity while addressing the nature of Earth.

The idea China has built artificial islands to drive expanded borders has to be questioned. But, in some ways China is competing for international notoriety along with other countries that have built artificial islands such as Russia and the UAE. Are these new Chinese islands for commercial tourism? There has to be a limit to building in international waters.

He is concerned with global warming and I thank him for that.

I was also listening to Donald Trump and I liked what I heard. I am also pleased Donald Trump now finds publication of his policies helpful to his candidacy.

The practice of harassment by the American press.

Joe Biden Eligible for October Debate — if He Declares (click here)

This is a non-article. While it may be true, it has no point. So, he is eligible, so what.

The Republicans run their entire party on harassment. If there is an inkling of a new trend to thought by the American people a Republican will speak to it. There is so much harassment in the Republican Party is completely explains Scott Walker's decision to run for President. Trump was a surprise, right, but hapless Walker was expected to win the Presidency.

This article about Vice President is the same thing. Where is the morality here? Vice President Biden has lost a son. Yet, the American media wants to harass him to run for office. I mean, the Veep has a superpac that is suppose to do something with it's money, right?

SuperPACS are great news for media services. SuperPACS spend billions of US$ every time an election is occurring. Why not harass Americans to run for office if they already have an existing SuperPAC. Harassment is good for the economy.

What harassment is not good for, is governance. Political harassment weakens the USA Democracy. Political harassment derails democracy and becomes a 'plastic-elastic' authority. An unelected authority. 

I watched political harassment drive false 'red lines' in regard to Syria. The USA had no relationship with Syrians in any way, until, it was obvious Assad was involved in a civil war. The 'red lines' resulted out of political harassment. Even today the Republicans are using the idea of "red lines" to create an entire party that is hapless, namely the Democrats. 

"Red Lines" meant nothing and in fact would have been an invasion into Syria that completely resembles Iraq. A Neocon war without purpose that is used for political gain. 

Now, get that! If President Obama didn't step back from the harassment, the American people would be involved in a war in Syria that was supposedly moral.
Countries can have civil war. The war in Sudan resulted in the development of a separate sovereign country. These things happen, they happen without American soldiers. They happen and an authority comes out of the leadership. The USA has an interest in every country, but, that doesn't mean it is a military presence.

I wish Vice President Biden and his family great peace. We love him and if he resolves to announce before or after the first debate we'll stand with him.
I thought I'd run for President. My election slogan is, "Mullah Omar was dead two years before Obama knew it."

That is probably a lie, but, the American people will buy anything. 

The USA's actions with a "Free Syrian Army" is not backed up except for the same war begun after Septemer 11, 2001. Ba'athists are al Qaeda in disguise.

The FACT the Free Syrian Army is a myth means Assad won the war!

Get out of the way!!!!!!!!! 

The USA is illegally causing deaths in Syria because it is supplying small arms, outside that of the UN Small Arms Treaty, to a MYTH!!!!   

The problem with Petraeus is that he does not accept the fact nation building doesn't work. He is trying to 'find a way.' That is the USA military. When it speaks to the Commander and Chief it never states "You're out of your mind. An invasion into the region will solve nothing and simply cause more problem."

When it comes to Lindsay Graham and 'his Neocon' gets the best of him, he should notice the changes at the South Carolina sea ports. If he is going to serve South Carolina well, he should be looking to settle disputes to increase imports and EXPORTS to other countries! He is nothing more than a wannbee commander and chief. 

I know more about South Carolina sea ports than Graham could wish to know. 

Assad needs to get on with getting rid of Daesh and bring the people home from refugee camps. The USA has no moral authority in Syria. 

The UN Security Council is a important as it always has been even with a stalemate. At least it is a stalemate. The UN Security Council does not exist to justify USA's Neocon wars.

Assad won the civil war and it was not with barrel bombs alone. Assad has to end Daesh unless he actually values them as an anti-West ally.

This article is from the British "Business Insider," not the New York Times. As noted in the article the idea of barrel bombs, etc., is better to terrify the American people than any conventional weapons.

Oh, why wouldn't the American people be terrified of conventional warfare in Syria? Because Americans are sensitized to suicide bombers and explosions than realize Syria is not a threat to the USA.

Besides an Assad without anything besides barrel bombs is a military that can be conquered. 

September 23, 2015

..."There's been a lot of press (click here) on chemical weapons and unconventional warfare, but the vast majority of the deaths in Syria have been from relatively conventional weapons," Jacob Parakilas, a senior weapons researcher at AOAV who work on the project, told Business Insider. "We really wanted to highlight the harms that those [weapons] do, especially the indiscriminate harm to civilians and noncombatants."
Parakilas noted that air-dropped munitions (e.g. S-25 OFM, OFAB 100-120, ODAB 500) as well as the larger launcher systems (e.g. larger Grads, SAKR, LUNA-M/FROG 7) are exclusive to troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The regime's air war on rebel-held territories began in July 2012.
Furthermore, Parakilas said that weapons used by both sides have been used more by the government because it has had superior quantities throughout the war.
Here's each of the weapons, along with a video (linked) and an infographic:
Note: The research is based on open source reporting, non-governmental agencies such as the Syrian Observatory on Human Rights, and confirmed media reports....

There are wars that exist without USA participation.

"Morning Papers"

The Rooster


The expression of the war in Syria that it is anti-Assad otherwise there will be continued war and death is inaccurate. It's political rhetoric.

September 28, 2015
By Oren Dorell 

New York City — President Obama (click here) and the leaders of Iran and Russia are set Monday to lay out their visions for addressing the four-year-long civil war in Syria that has created a refugee crisis in Europe.
The leaders’ speeches will be among the first of the General Debate of the 70th United Nations General Assembly, which kicks off Monday. Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin are due to meet later, to discuss where they share common ground in the Syrian war.
Putin has recently poured weapons into Syria to support the embattled regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad in his struggle against the Islamic State and other rebel groups. Obama wants  Assad out and has made a feeble attempt to support other rebels aligned against the Islamic State radicals.
“This is the beginning of a genuine effort to see if there is a way to de-conflict, but also to find a way forward that will be effective in keeping a united, secular Syria that can be at peace and stable again without foreign troops present, and that’s our hope,” Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday of the planned meeting....

The USA invaded Iraq wrongfully. It then took on this stupid idea of "If you broke, you bought it." That was completely political in the USA and killed innocent people in Iraq. During this time, the dialogue between Iran and the USA became more toxic. The diplomatic relationship was completely absent. The USA invaded Iraq wrongfully and never tried to develop diplomatic relationships to a neighboring country. It is unthinkable the USA simply escalated tensions with Iran while posing a threat to their sovereign authorities. Iran was trapped into a defensive and offensive posture. It had no choice. Iran was never given a choice until President Obama came into office.

The damage done to Iraq was complete. The people were divided from their government and once again Iraq was given a so called congress and collective assembly. What changed with Iraq? Absolutely nothing. Iraq went from Saddam to still yet another figure head that has absolutely no sovereign control, even today.

Here is a political expression for you to carry into the elections; "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."  

When Gulf War One occurred the Iraqi military fell within 24 hours. What else is different from Iraq today? Iraq had conventional weapons. Tanks, all sorts of conventional weapons. So, Iraq withdrew from Kuwait and it was over. 

In Gulf War Two the very same thing happened. Since the USA moved into Baghdad it took about three or four days. What makes anyone think there is going to a peace in the Middle East?  

There is no viable authority in Syria besides Bashir Assad. There isn't even a platoon of the Free Syrian Army. There is no one else that has power in Syria besides Assad. The American Neocons just need to shut up, they have killed enough innocent people in Syria already through stupid programs with weapons that had no basis in reality. 

The USA needs to stop TRYING their political dogma as if it is really viable and listen instead to other countries and allies within the region to bring about security. NOT DEMOCRACY, but, security. The Assad government was ugly and it will be ugly in the future. Lebanon needs the attention of those seeking to stabilize the Middle East because Hezbollah is chronically attempting to overthrow the Lebanon government.

General Petraeus his ideas of harnessing al Qaeda groups to fight Assad. That is about as smart as the USA providing arms to Osama bin Laden when they opposed Russia. Every aspect of the war against Russia in the region caused more problems than it has ever solved. The USA's proxy wars have only POSTPONED the reality that Russia is a vital ally in the region, including Afghanistan. The USA does not need anymore of the Petraeus wet dream.

28 September 2015

Militants have occupied (click here) some government buildings, including a prison, and heavy fighting is continuing.
One report said the Taliban had raised their flag in the city centre.
The government said at least 25 militants and two Afghan policemen had been killed and that reinforcements had been sent to the city.
Monday's attack appears to be one of the most significant mounted on a provincial capital by the Taliban, correspondents say.
Kunduz police spokesman Sayed Sarwar Husaini told the BBC's Mahfouz Zubaide that militants had captured the jail in Kunduz and freed about 500 prisoners, including members of the Taliban....

The USA has to end it's proxy wars and so does Russia. They have to work together to end the instability in the Middle East and the entire region for that matter. The truth is, Russia and Iran have far more on the line with all this instability that was spawned by the Iraq invasion and occupation.

If the tribes of Afghanistan want to war, it is none of our business and we need to bring the troops home, like yesterday.

There is a power sharing government in Afghanistan. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has all the experience he needs to lead a military. The USA should be very grateful for that. There is absolutely not other leader the USA has instilled into power with a so called democratic vote that can actually be a commander and chief. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah can get the job done. That's all we need to know and the USA proxy war with Russia is over! 

September 29, 2015

...Ghani and Abdullah (click here) are taking charge as most foreign troops are scheduled to withdraw by year’s end and the Taliban is resurging in many areas of the country. Afghanistan’s central government is also nearly broke and can barely pay the salaries of its federal and provincial employees....

In respect to President Ghani, he has proven to be a remarkable diplomat and is very worldly. I can honestly say President Ghani is a man of peace as is Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.

Let me add one more thing. This is reality.

Mullah Omar was dead two years before the news made it to the media. TWO YEARS. That means the entire face of the Afghan conflict is unknown to the American people. 

There are wars that exist in the world that the USA does not participate in. Afghanistan is one of them. Bring the troops home. I am confident Russia has been involved in the entire region, but, the USA media wanted CONTROL of the 'war speak' to promote political dialogue. 

We know for a fact Iran is always involved in this small focus wars because of Shi'ite minorities. That is nothing new. It is up to the Arab nations/Arab League to find a peace with Iran. The sooner there is a peace between the Shia and Sunnis the sooner there will be an end to aggressions. Iran's leadership is still mired in the Iranian Revolution and that needs to change. I think everyone understands the removal of the Shah and consents to it. Iran has to be recognized as the power it is and peace talks need to result that will quite the entire Shia Crescent.

ENOUGH. Bring the USA troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq. John McCain should be playing at the southern border to end drug cartels. That would actually be productive for him. He is from Arizona, right?