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Did the GOP candidates of any office ever give the impression they actually respected God's creation or was it just a SLOGAN?

September 2, 2011
UNISYS Water Vapor Goes East Satellite (click title to entry - thank you)

Yes, indeed, the Wall Street MIND SPEAK at its best.

The Ontario government (click here) announced this week it will contribute $48-million to help Magna International develop technologies for electric vehicles. For its part, Magna will pitch in $430-million to the research and development effort, which is a sign that it’s probably a fairly safe bet. Case closed, the government has successfully created jobs and prevented global warming in one fell swoop, right?

Not so fast. If this was such a great investment, why isn’t it all being funded entirely with private capital? And would it still be profitable if there weren’t a host of other government subsidies for electric vehicles, such as the $5,000-$8,500 Ontario consumers receive for buying one?

They never asked that about the Space Program though.  

Good Governance sometimes requires INVESTMENT to change the face of a failed economy mired in Old World values.  But, for media services that like to inspire anger rather than confidence the 'speculation of nonsense' is more important.
The biggest problem with subsidizing green technologies is that the subsidy itself shows that people don’t want the product. If there was enough demand, companies could make a profit without the government’s help and would have no issues investing their own money….
That isn't true at all.  People in Western Nations have wanted a far greener government and private sector for CHOICES, but, they never got it.  It has to start somewhere.

If citizens in Canada and the USA were asked if they would prefer a Green Vehicle that runs on sunlight, wind sourced electricity or biofuels rather than fossil fuels, guess what they would say?  Then add the ACTUAL 'out of pocket' cost of fuel versus change; would there opinion change.  

If consumers were asked if they rather change to a greener economy for the sake of the future of their children, guess what the answer would be?

…And yesterday brought even more bad news for President Obama’s vision of a green economy. In May 2010, he touted a solar panel manufacturer in California that received $475-million in stimulus funds, as being a success story of his environmental strategy…
And that is what I always found GREAT about worshiping Wall Street, the fact the West has to surrender to China.
Absolutely.  Makes me proud.

And the Jesse James leading the pack of the ignorant, The Wall Street Journal.

For every two cents of tax subsidies for 'Big Oil,' wind and solar get nearly $1.

...Arlington officials boast the project will save $14,000 in annual electricity costs, but the solar panels have a life span of no more than 10 to 15 years. So the feds spent $300,000 to shave at most $150,000 off the net present value of Arlington's electric bills. Some 3,000 counties across the country received federal funds for the same kind of negative-return energy conservation "investments." This is the kind of "clean energy" program the administration wants to expand....

How much CO2 is NOT created?  I think the GOP has Green confused with the color of money not the planet.  

Atmospheric CO2 for July 2011 is 392.39 ppm. (click here)

Does Wall Street want to work on that one for awhile?  Or perhaps all this drought, flooding and heat is good for business.  All that government REBUILDING money now that the USA is out of Iraq.    

Often, very often, what is good for Wall Street is not good for people.  Now, take for example the Global Economic Banking Collapse...

Wildfires burn in Texas

Raw Video: Tx. Wildfire Scorches Homes, Acres

"Green Jobs" are not cost effective. Really? According to what standard exactly? Wall Street? They don't have to pay the bills for broken lives and broken dreams.

A house in Vermont is washed off its foundation in the floods that accompanied tropical storm Irene. (Courtesy The Mountain Times)

As Water Recedes, Cleanup Begins Across Northeast (click here for video)


WALLINGTON, N.J. September 1, 2011 (AP)

Weary residents across the Northeast pulled soggy furniture and ruined possessions onto their front lawns as they cleaned up and surveyed the damage wrought by Hurricane Irene.

The mess of destroyed furniture on Paul Postma's front lawn looked like a yard sale gone wrong. Over the weekend, Postma had watched as more than two feet of water filled the bottom level of his home in Lincoln Park, N.J. On Wednesday, he was using bleach to wipe down the house's mud-soaked walls.

"None of this has value," he said. "At least not anymore."…

I tell you what, why don't we let Wall Street sent every standard on God's Green Earth and watch it all disappear.  Sound like a plan?

Texas fires: 80% of state in 'exceptional' drought (click here)

September 1, 2011 |  3:59 pm
The U.S. Drought Monitor has released a new map of drought conditions across the nation, and it's not a pretty picture for Texas. About 80% of the state is currently experiencing exceptional drought.
See what looks like a bloody scab in the bottom center of the country? The brick-red color indicates exceptional drought. The brighter red is considered the not-quite-as-bad extreme drought. And the sunny yellow color? That's only severe drought.
Slightly more than 99% of the state is in severe drought or worse. Here's a closer view….

Hey, looky thar...a beef BBQ on the hoof.  All we need are forks and we can solve all the soup kitchen dreams in Dallas.

Hundreds of homes (click title to entry - thank you) and farm animals evacuated as huge blaze rips through Oklahoma
Oklahoma City set a record for the number of days in a year with temperatures above 100 providing perfect conditions for fires

Last updated at 1:03 PM on 31st August 2011
A wildfire that sparked in a wooded area forced panicked horse owners to turn their livestock loose as they evacuated the area in Oklahoma City yesterday.
Before being contained, the raging fire caused swathes of cedar trees to explode into flame as the wind-whipped blaze reached them in the North-East of the city.
Oklahoma City set a record for the number of days in a year with temperatures above 100 and the near unrelenting heat wave this summer meant conditions were ideal for grass fires….

FOX's Chris Wallace is a legitimate "Dirt Bag."

I don't know why I hadn't paid attention to these jerks before, but, to advocate that INFANTS sitting in child restraints in care should be allowed to be exposed to second hand smoke by the driver and passenger when States such as South Carolina is trying to to the corner on that is hideous, lacks morality and is seriously a human rights violation.

This is the USA and we can't attempt to protect infants from lung disease.  This guy is a jerk, a big jerk.  He has no dignity and certainly has no sense of propriety.

According to the self righteous Chris Wallace this is a PARENTING ISSUE.  Really?  So a parent can actually decide to expose a child in a closed environment to secondary cigarette smoke.  You know something these jerks are truly idiots.  

Let's see if it were a unionized teacher that was smoking in the classroom the Chris Wallace would be up in arms.   

Right?  What a fool this idiot is, he can't even appreciate when a state legislator is trying to add decency to an infants list of abuses that can be sustained by uncaring parents.  Amazing.  An infant exposed to second hand smoke is a POLITICAL PAWN in the Right Wing Nut game.

No morality, just blunging Democrats at any cost.  There should be a law against this level of irresponsible journalism.  Chris Wallace doesn't understand that some of the best legislation that protects people from themselves begins at the state level.  He is irresponsible and cruel.  Does he actually believe the USA gets more respect for this 'type' of journalism?  He is wrong. But.  At least he didn't have to hack into a phone for this one.

And the study that inspired this legislation came from Harvard.  You know, the Georgie Bush university where he was a C student.

Press Releases

2006 Releases

Secondhand Smoke in Cars May Lead to Dangerous Levels of Contaminants For Children (click title to entry - thank you)

For immediate release: October 05, 2006  
Boston, MA – Secondhand tobacco smoke (SHS) can have harmful effects on children. Some of the adverse health outcomes include a greater likelihood of ear infections, lower respiratory infections, sudden infant death syndrome and severity of asthma symptoms. It is estimated that 35% to 45% of children are regularly exposed to SHS from adults using tobacco in homes and cars. To date, there has been little research on SHS in cars.
In the first study to measure SHS in cars in real driving conditions, Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers have shown that smoking in cars can produce unsafe levels of SHS. Even with the driver’s window slightly open, mean respirable suspended particles (RSP) concentrations hit levels rated “hazardous” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In the study, concentrations of 272 µg/m3 were measured, with a peak level of 505 µg/m3. In comparison, the EPA’s air quality index rates concentrations of more than 40 µg/m3 as “unhealthy for sensitive groups,” such as children and the elderly, and more than 250 µg/m3 as “hazardous” for the general population. The results showed that smoking a single cigarette for just five minutes could produce potentially harmful RSP levels. Given the levels the researchers observed, SHS in cars poses a potentially serious threat to children’s health.
The authors hope that their findings will encourage renewed efforts to promote smoke-free environments for children both in cars and homes. The study will be published in the November 2006 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and is available online now at
Yes, indeed, Harvard the home of Presidents including the current President.  Amazing.
Does Chris Wallace actually believe anything he has to say is credible with this type of advocacy.  Victimizing infants has to be a new low for FOX.  Right?  I don't know though, manipulating a dead girls messages to hopeful parents ranks right there.   

"Gibson Guitar" broke the law and now the Right Wing wants to make a jobs issue. I DON''T THINK SO !

 Hiern (click here)
    Monogr. Eben. 191: (1873).

Very expensive hardwoods are expensive because they are so rare and poaching is illegal.  FINALLY, it is illegal in the USA.

It is not a jobs issue, as a matter of fact it is a NON-Issue except for Gibson Guitar.

...The raids (click title to entry - thank you) at two Nashville facilities and one in Memphis recalled a similar raid in Nashville in November 2009, when agents seized a shipment of ebony from Madagascar. They were enforcing the Lacey Act, a century-old endangered species law that was amended in 2008 to include plants as well as animals. But Juszkiewicz says the government won't tell him exactly how — or if — his company has violated that law....

In the last decade the Tropical Hardwoods of the world have come into demand with special 'cerifications' that guarantee they are harvested from SUSTAINABLE forests.

The countries that were suffering the losses were able to develop an organization to protect the interest of these nations and their people.  The organization is called:  CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (click here).

In many countries around the world there are endangered species of forest and the countries want to stop THE POACHING.  What Gibson Guitar did was to receive poached hardwoods from Madagascar.  it is a violation of international laws and they are wrong.

They made the purchase and they didn't care and figured that once the products were made and distributed, "Well, too bad."  

The species in question is Madagascar Ebony (click here).  These are regulated forests that are harvested from time to time when it is safe for them to be harvested and they are sold for high prices.  Poaching of hardwoods is illegal.  This is INTERNATIONAL law and the USA is required to enforce that law.

Gibson Guitar has a problem.  They accepted a shipment of poached hardwood from Madagascar.  Whether they did it willingly or without knowing is except perhaps to the judge they can plead their case to.  I suggest Gibson Guitar find a 'qualified buyer' for their enterprise so their workers are experiencing some trauma in regard to the practice of their trade and their 'cash flow' is uninterrupted.

Do I believe this is relevant to a JOBS ISSUE?  Absolutely not, this is about the USA upholding international treaties and that is not funny business.  In 2008 the antiquated law was FINALLY updated to include plants as well as animals.

This is just another example of the definition the Right Wing give to American Exceptionalism.  They expect everything Americans do be above the law.  Americans to the Right Wing are exempted from any impingement upon profits including ETHICAL standards of governments, unions and citizens.

According to self-righteous Right Wing Commentators, they expect President Obama to CAVE on...

... banking regulation, fossil fuel regulation and seek to deregulate everything under the sun while cutting taxes so that he can SEDUCE the House into voting for this jobs bill.  They have no reason to state that.

We cannot and will not return to the years of BUSH, either '41' or '43.'  

If Wall Street can't turn a profit with regulations that support the consumer than they don't need to be in business, because, we aren't going to beg for employment that eventually robs of our homes and personal accomplishments.  We can do better on our own.

The Small Business Administration was abandoned after October 2008 and it is there we need to focus on providing support for an economy Americans can be proud of to stabilize the American economy, increase consumer demand and grow jobs.

USA Unemployment is not about JUST outsourcing jobs and making the USA work environment 'go further.'

There is no reason to change the Work Ethic or Employment Culture to make it more difficult for a person to make a living.

The opining raising its 'innovative head' on the 24 hour news agencies is hideous.  Their position only panders to Wall Street while OPPRESSING the unemployed and cowering them into accepting far less than a fair wage and 40 hour work week.

There have been all kinds of innovative 'work hours' over the years to accommodate parents, especially single parents that need more time during the day to care for their children and attend school programs.  So, finding a 'partner' when working is more than welcome in the venue of employment in America, but, it should never be THE WORK PATTERN of choice. Americans cannot afford to work less hours UNLESS of course they are going to be paid more.  That is not happening.  More and more Americans are FORCED to accept 'designer ideas' for a NEW American Work Culture and it is a pile of crap.

These 'employment innovators' are seeking to make little change in the way Wall Street does things but more wants American Labor to bow to their superiors and panhandle on their off hours.

Outsourcing is NOT the issue.  The problem with unemployment in America is the lack of EQUITY in the global market place.  China is dominating the GLOBAL markets making it nearly impossible to compete with American and European products thus shutting down employment in the USA.  Outsourcing does a lot of damage, not just in employment, but, also in the MONIES invested in the USA that are not leaving for foreign treasuries.  Outsourcing allows countries like China and India to tap into the wealth of the USA without paying the bills of our people.  Their employees half a globe away are not paying income tax or purchasing American goods in their neighborhoods.

Years ago Kathy Gifford caught wrath from consumers for products with her name on them produced in Mexican Sweatshops, yet, Americans that purchase from Big Box Stores that import goods from China and India are guilty of the same thing, but, because that means targeting Wall Street and not a particular celebrity for retribution that seems to slide by without notice.  

The fact of the matter is that Wall Street needs to build and employ Americans.  Americans need to stop accepting products from outside the country and stop accepting customer service and otherwise from outsourced venues.

The 'Sweet Talking" Wall Streeter isn't going to get away with it and blaming the victim, the American Worker, isn't going to cut it anymore.

China has profound domestic problems that 'match' that of the USA unemployed.

 ...The Chinese government faces numerous economic challenges, including: 

(a) reducing its high domestic savings rate and correspondingly low domestic demand; 

(b) sustaining adequate job growth for tens of millions of migrants and new entrants to the work force; 

(c) reducing corruption and other economic crimes; and 

(d) containing environmental damage and social strife related to the economy's rapid transformation....

China has a TWO CLASS system  (Starting to sound familiar to the NEW DEMOGRAPHICS of the USA.)  Their Middle Class is non-existent because the companies producing goods DEMAND dirt poor wages in order to support their corporate profits and greed.  If the Chinese Worker or the Indian Worker was paid a Middle Class wage no different than the USA, their goods would have to compete with USA and European goods because there would be no difference in price.  

China is in a self-defeating loop because they have no labor unions, no Middle Class, no way of digging itself out of its communist indebtedness to supporting the Poor and they export their dynamics because Capitalists have exported their BONUSES to other labor markets.

China is never going to stop having problems and the global market is never going to be able to compete because Wall Street is playing a global game and they don't care who lives and dies to provide their profits and bonuses.

Capitalistic Corporate governance does not value loyalty and reliability the corner stone of American labor.

The Labor Culture of the USA is not upheld as a valuable commodity anymore.  What this amounts to is, "Why should a corporation seek longevity in their employees matched by MERIT increases when the PEAK of their job skills can be resulted on a 'turn over' every two years.  The CEOs have decided that employees rewarded for good job performance provide no special outcome to their pay scale.  The 'expertise' at two years is the same as twenty years so why keep them on?

What the American Work Force has to offer; CEOs ain't buying! 

...This remarkably brazen assault on core American workplace values (click here) originated at Booz & Co., one of the nation's most prestigious corporate consulting firms. America's corporations, Booz analysts advised earlier this year, need to start attacking the "exorbitant" paychecks now going to their most prized, "steady and reliable" veteran workers.
The Booz analysts offer an example of the "significantly overpaid" worker they have in mind. They call him Joe the Machinist, "a stellar employee who knows the ins and outs of the organization, the result of his many years on the job."

Joe's "wealth of institutional knowledge" has become a valued corporate asset. But Joe, after over two decades on the job, is making a lot more than he used to make, especially "compared with co-workers who have been doing the same job for just two years."
Corporate America, the Booz & Co. advice continues, now needs to "address these kinds of wage disparities." Companies need to start "retooling labor costs" to narrow "the gap between high wages and market value."...

Capitalism is a self defeating strategy as it destroys competition... and the economic base that drives the economy itself, the tax base, etc.

The "Old World" car industry is a prime example of how capitalism destroys economic viability.  There is no saying no to lower prices.  There is no saying no to 'gadetry' in order to 'make the sale.'  The Republicans best strategy is supply side economics that creates the lowest paid work force and cheapest products because that is where 'it' is all going anyway.  So why put it off.  

But, wasn't it and isn't it LABOR that is the problem otherwise USA jobs would return.

NO.  It is not labor, because labor supports the economic base of which the MAJORITY is the Middle Class.  The Middle Class is where consumer is created.  If no one believes that ask Steve Jobs.

One of the most hideous statements I ever heard a conservative commentator make is how the Poor in the USA want for nothing.  They live indoors, with a computer, television, refrigerator, etc. just like 'we' (the Unpoor) do. So, like what is the problem?

The problem is that "The State of Poor" is becoming the majority.  Low wages, cheap products, no health insurance and no contribution to the 'consumer economy.'  The Poor have a sedentary lifestyle except for what exercise program they can put in their CD player because there is no money to participate in 'The Consumer Economy of Choice.'   There sedentary lifestyle contributes to higher health care needs and a larger burden on the health care system when the emergency room is their 'doctor of choice.'

Capitalism has been defeated as a viable means of an economy in the USA because there is no manufacturing and there is no industry that can compete with imports from China and India.  

There needs to be import taxes on goods coming into the USA economy to allow products produced here to compete.


But, wait.

That's right it would be a tax after all and Grover Norquist would not approve.  Is Norquist invested in China or what?

This is what happens when "The Private Sector" is left to ? create jobs ? The Private Sector is CHINA. What jobs?

...Solyndra (click title to entry - thank you) was the first company to receive a loan guarantee under an advanced clean energy program created in 2005. The Energy Department came under criticism last year when the company postponed plans to expand the Fremont factory, cut jobs and withdrew plans for an initial public offering.

At the time, U.S. firms were just beginning to smart from the rapid influx of cheap solar panels from China....

The strongest venue for a USA recovery is for small businesses to become a source of excellent products.  "Home Grown" enterprises need loyalty from consumers.  It is a matter of rebuilding the USA economy and shunning foreign products that degrade our economy, Middle Class and recovery.
American small businesses have to tell the story of their product to bring about awareness of their local impact to derive loyalty.
In this picture are "Michgan Red Haven" peaches delivered to a storefront that produces their own products from local farmers.  The staff will peel these peaches and prepare all kinds of pies, preserves, fresh yogurt, relishes and garnishes. 

The attempts of the USA to revitalize its economy is being actively undermined by China.  I sincerely believe there have to be measures to save our investments by increasing taxes on foreign goods coming from China.  There is no other way. 

July 7, 2011

DOE Offers Conditional Commitment for a $105 Million Loan Guarantee for First-of-its-Kind Cellulosic Bio-Refinery (click here)

Project Will Create Over 200 Jobs and Displace an Estimated 13.5 Million Gallons of Gasoline Annually
Washington D.C. – U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced the offer of a conditional commitment for a $105 million loan guarantee to support the development of the nation’s first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant. Project LIBERTY, sponsored by POET, LLC, will produce up to 25 million gallons of ethanol per year and will be located in Emmetsburg, Iowa. POET estimates the project will generate approximately 200 jobs during construction and 40 permanent jobs at the plant. POET estimates the project will also bring approximately $14 million in new revenue to area farmers.
“This project will help decrease our dependence on oil, create jobs and aid our transition to clean, renewable energy that is produced here at home,” said Secretary Chu. “The innovations used in this project are another example of how we are seizing the opportunity to create new economic opportunities to win the clean energy future.”..

I would expect the USA and Europe to be livid about
these problems.

I. Towards a WTO Framework Agreement on Energy  
Energy requires an integrated approach and does not lend itself to sectoral negotiations, depending upon different forms of energy applied to competing energy sectors. The sector encompasses fossil and non-fossil fuels and energy including oil, gas, coal, wood, electricity, atomic energy and renewable sources of electrical energy production (solar, wind, wave and tidal), as well as biofuels. All these forms of energy should be subject to the same rules and thus conditions of competition. The production and transmission of energy is a complex operation which often involves both goods and services. It also entails technology and thus is affected by intellectual property rights. The sector shows a high level of governmental involvement which calls for coherent rules on competition and government procurement….