Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I don't care if there is two day delivery on First Class Mail, I'll use the postal service ANYWAY!

Get rid of the lousy FOREVER STAMPS !

When was delivery not two days, when the USPS had to appear to compete with private industry? 

The US Postal Service was never intended to be a private industry or compete on that level.  It is to service the mail delivery to Americans.

Does anyone actually believe private industry will employee the same number of people and service the entire nation at a profit?  It won't happen.  If the USA Postal Service disappeared it would change the face of information delivery forever.  Package delivery in some parts of the country would be non-existant and the rural routes would require trips to a Post Office Box in some private mail store.  That means more cars on the road and more time taken out of the lives of Americans in order for them to continue to have a functioning household.  And forget about the Seniors, they could not afford it nor have the ability to travel to a PO Box.

The circumstances of the USA Postal Service is hideous in the year 2011, but, we'll have to live with it until changes come to secure its future.  Since when is two day delivery of mail 'snail mail.'  Since when to career employees of the US Postal Service worried about job security?  The mess the past administration has left this country is changing the face or our democracy and it si outrageous!

...It could also mean the loss of Ed Malok’s job.  (click title to entry - thank you)

"There’s been a cloud hanging over us," he said from the Kilmer Processing and Distribution Center in Edison, where gray skies Monday mirrored the gloom of 600 workers. "The clouds are getting darker."

"Nobody’s telling us anything," added Malok, 55, of North Plainfield, who has worked at the center since 1984....

Does anyone see FedEx or UPS offering FOREVER RATES?  This is ridiculous.

The Cheney Papershredder is hard at work at Halliburton according to the most honorable BP.

The picutre was taken October 2006.

Isn't it interesting that with Democrats set to take over the House, and possibly the Senate -- and with the prospect of investigations against the White House to come about as a result -- that there should be a paper shredding company truck parked outside Dick Cheney's house.

BP accuses Halliburton of destroying Macondo evidence (click title to entry -thank you)

By Hilton Price

BP is asking a federal judge to punish Halliburton, claiming the company destroyed evidence that it did insufficient work on BP’s Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, the site of the largest oil spill in U.S. history.

BP claims Halliburton intentionally destroyed the results of slurry testing, and lost computer data evidence of cement performance results. BP is asking U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier to sanction Halliburton for the slurry results, and bring in forensic experts to find the missing computer data.

A representative for Halliburton says BP’s claims are without merit. Halliburton has already accused BP of fraud, defamation, and other claims....

Who will be the next Dark Invader?  It could be those that favor corruption over government.  Senator Scott Brown is well on his way of being more than Halliburton's best friend, he is there financier.  Where is the next war Scott?

At first glance this looks like al Qaeda. It has the 'Iraq Signature' all over it.

It makes sense that al Qaeda from Pakistan would be infiltrating Afghanistan since the USA is leaving Pakistan in its dust.  Al Qaeda believes their strategy has worked everywhere else and not it will work in Afghanistan.  I hope I am wrong and this is remedied by measures to bring people together, but, no one is going to tell me al Qaeda is not at the bottom of the corruption along with its partner the Haqqani Network.  There is every reason to believe The Haqqani Network could have adapted al Qaeda's tactics for their own purpose, too.

REPORTING FROM KABUL, AFGHANISTAN -- Bomb blasts targeting (click title to entry - thank you) Shiite Muslim gatherings in Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif killed at least 58 people and injured more than 180 others on Tuesday, a rare outbreak of sectarian violence in a country wracked by 10 years of war with Taliban insurgents.
The attacks occurred on the Shiite Muslim holy day of Ashura, which commemorates the anniversary of the 7th century martyrdom of Imam Hussain, grandson of the prophet Muhammad. The blast in the capital involved a suicide bomber who slipped into a throng of Shiite worshipers outside the Abul Fazal Abbas shrine, said Mohammed Zahir, a top Kabul police official.

That attack killed at least 54 people and injured 160 others, Zahir said....

President Karzai has returned from a conference with other global leaders and he needs to address the Afghan people.  If possible he needs to travel the country in confidence and tight security to benefit his interaction with 'the people.'  He needs to tell them about their promising future as he sees it and the fight against corruption.  The Afghan people need to understand the 'idea' of corruption and not simply  live it as if it is their only way of life.

Afghanistan has to solve its own problems and find autonomy to stability.  President Karzai has to make an effort and be among the people, not simply the palace staff.

Whatever happened to my Cashmir Goats for Afghanistan?  They aren't making headway into products needed by the global economy?  I am serious, the Afghan goat herders are good farmers.  They love their goats.

Afghan Allies Pledge Long-Term Support (click here)

Posted Monday, December 5th, 2011 at 3:20 pm

World leaders have pledged long-term support to war-torn Afghanistan as international combat troops prepare to leave the country by 2014.

Some 100 nations and international organizations attended Monday's international conference, in the Germany city of Bonn, which was aimed at charting the course for the country's future,

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the U.S. is ready to support Afghanistan, but the South Asian nation must carry through on reforms, take responsibility for its own security, and build a democracy rooted in the rule of law.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai told the conference that after the withdrawal of NATO troops from his country in 2014, Afghanistan will still need international help for at least another decade....

I could be the auctions are causing an increase in hatred as well as control is sought over benefits for the government.  NATO and the USA should be offered a preference for reasonable bids that benefit the people of both regions of the world.

Afghanistan opens bids on gold, copper deposits (click here)
Afghanistan opened bids Tuesday on billions of dollars worth of copper and gold deposits in four areas of the country that together are roughly half the size of the Grand Canyon.
Despite ongoing violence, Afghanistan has high hopes that its budding mining industry will generate billions in revenue to help rebuild the nation after 30 years of war. For Afghanistan, a landlocked country with virtually no exports, the minerals are a potential windfall but it will require international investment, a better transportation network and improved security.
Geologists have known for decades about Afghanistan's vast deposits of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and other prized minerals, including rare earth minerals used in cell phones, hybrid car batteries, defense industries and wind turbines….

The Haqqani are active in Kabul.  I see.

Named after its leader Jalaluddin Haqqani, (click here) the Haqqani Network is a group within the insurgency in Afghanistan that is based out of North Wazirstan in the Pakistani Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). The group has been active mainly in the east of Afghanistan—in Paktia, Paktika, Khost, Ghazni Wardak and even Kabul provinces....

In response to the incident that killed 24 Pakistan military, the border patrols are being recalled.  The reason they were put in place was to defend the Paksitan border as a sovereign issue, not to assist NATO in ending the problems in the tribal areas.  The border outposts were to inhibit any troop movements in the country, not to stop al Qaeda or other terrorist organizations.  The Pakistan outposts never coordinated in a real way with NATO as that would be a reliquishment of sovereign authority according to the ISI.  The entire dynamic was doomed from the beginning.  Pakistan is not an ally or a country for that matter, it is a saprophite.  Pakistan is sad, but, it can have the alliance with China all it wants and NATO/USA can keep their monies in their treasuries.

US to vacate Shamsi Airbase within time: Munter (click here)
ISLAMABAD: American Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter said that the Shamsi air base would be vacated within the stipulated time. Talking to the state telivision, he also said that the outcome of the investigations on the NATO attack would be shared with the country. He also promised that strict action would be taken against the elements responsible for the attacks. He also reiterated his great respect and consideration for the aspirations and feelings of the Pakistani masses and rejected statements by Mansoor Ejaz as a pack of lies. The Defence Committee had set a fifteen-day deadline for the US to vacate the Shamsi air base following the NATO attack. The move is not expected to significantly curtail US drone attacks in Pakistan since the base was only used to service drones that had mechanical difficulties. Pakistan had also decided to boycott the Bonn Conference and stop NATO supplies following the attack. agencies.

The sooner NATO is out of there, the better.  No one needs it and it is time Paksitan and Afghanistan have something to offer rather than being needy.  Ten years is a long time for the USA to be within a country to still have these problems. 

 It is like there was this awakening to our own reality when President Obama took office.  We need to leave.  No more economic support to countries that ally themselves with China causing the USA insults to their own military and its capacity.  No more.  The USA needs to return to autonomous manufacturing of its own military hardware and software.  Anything else is nonsense.

The USA needs to come to terms with a China obsession to own everything the USA owns, operate in ways the USA operates and mimic our national security.  China is not being benign or benevolent to the USA, it is scared out of its wits over our capacity for innovation and advancement of science.  Enough of the 'Happy Family" standard with China.  China has problems with strategies, but, due to past indulgences the USA does too.

Either the American generals took complete leave of their senses, or some nutjob local commander decided to have his John Wayne moment and gunned down his nation’s stated policy

They came, they saw, they bombed. The ugly American just got uglier....

Well, "The Ugly American" won't be in Pakistan anymore, enjoy, I know we will.  Go aks China for indulgences and get used to it!

Medicare Part D has returned monies to the USA economy rather than Big Pharma profits.

Health care law changing behavior

  • Comments WASHINGTON – More than 2.65 million Medicare recipients have saved more than $1.5 billion on their prescriptions this year, a $569-per-person average, while premiums have remained stable, the government plans to announce todayWASHINGTON – More than 2.65 million Medicare recipients have saved more than $1.5 billion on their prescriptions this year, a $569-per-person average, while premiums have remained stable, the government plans to announce today.

Democrats have to stand firm on a Millionaires Surtax.

GOP candidate Mitt Romney says he supports one-year extension of payroll tax cuts

...“I don’t want to raise taxes on people in the middle of a recession. Of course not,” Romney said last month when asked in a debate in Rochester, Mich., whether he would support a payroll tax cut.
Romney’s comments Monday were his first unequivocal statement of support for the measure. Democrats immediately argued that he changed his position based on public opinion.

“After belittling the middle-class tax cut the president proposed by calling it a ‘little Band-Aid,’ and saying he is ‘not looking to put money in people’s pockets — that’s the other party,’ Mitt Romney flip-flopped and now says he’s for it,” the press secretary for the Obama campaign, Ben LaBolt, said in an email.

Earlier Monday, Obama called the payroll tax extension “the last line of defense between hardship and catastrophe” for many middle-class families. While some congressional Republicans are still reluctant to extend the tax cut, many of the disagreements center on how to pay for it.

The Republican Rhetoric to justify the continuation of the Bush Tax Cuts and opposing a Millionaires Surtax is extremely flawed. Romney has made the point he would not raise taxes on anyone during a recession. The recession ended a long time ago. This is different and President Obama could not be more correct. No one is paying attention.

The latest jobs report from the US Department of Labor indicated growth in the private sector in all categories EXCEPT one. There were loss of jobs in construction. Now while that is reversible to some extent by infrastructure projects the point is there is a net loss of construction jobs from the 2008 global financial collapse.

I have said it before, the loss of economy in 2008 will not return. The Bush/Cheney Economy hung its hat on construction, every bill passed in the Republican Majority was a jobs bill pandering to the construction industry. It is how the USA has more homes than homebuyers and why real estate value has fallen. There isn't anything else to build except infrastructure. There was a mild increase in housing starts, but, the employment of construction workers has fallen consistently. THOSE JOBS ARE GONE.

This is not a recession whereby simply offering tax breaks will allow the economy to be stimulated back to its original composition. This is a paradigm shift based in solid market analysis. The only way this economy is going to improve is to infuse the private and public sector with funding to GROW NEW JOBS. It is why the Alternative Energy Industries are so important. It is why returning capacity of manufacturing to USA soil is happening. There needs to be a return of American jobs in places where the country has no longer any jobs at all. All those workers need new careers, their old skills are no longer needed.

This is not a continuing recession, it is a paradigm shift. The Republicans have it "W"rong as they always do. The money has flowed to the top income brackets and is stagnant there. The surtax will return monies to the USA Treasury to pay down the debt, close in the gap of the deficit and used for stimulating a new economy.

Since when is 8.6% unemployment not 8.6% unemployment? We saw similar dynamics for most of the Bush/Cheney economy. There were lower unemployment ratings because people gave up, it is a well traveled path for over a decade. I sincerely believe, the drop in unemployment is due to higher temporary jobs since October. I know people that are working a second job or a temporary job now to help with their home budgets, but, they know they are primarily temporary jobs.

Offering temporary work is a Wall Street dream come true. They don't have to offer benefits and only have to pay employment to people when they see it necessary to do so. This has been a growing paradigm with Wall Street and we know it. People look for these opportunities and know that temporary jobs need to be taken advantage of for as long as they last because the permanent employment promised as part of the American Dream is becoming a thing of the past.

This paradigm shift is why local economies have to thrive. The local economies will build demand to the extent it can and add NEW employment in meaningful ways. Local economies seek stability, not highs and lows. Local economies is where economic infrastructure can be rid of corruption. President Obama is most correct in his statements regarding the economy when he focuses on keeping the markets moving with infusion of disposable income to the largest number of people; the Middle Class and Working Poor. Their focus can bring about new jobs and increased opportunity.

This is NOT a recession whereby tax cuts are going to solve the problem of one again expanding Wall Street's market share. This is a paradigm shift because the previous administration had NO IDEAS, butonly old methods of exploiting the American Dream which in turn destroyed it. The Democrats have to stand firm on the Millionaires Surtax.

Where is the focus on services in the new economy for CHILDREN? There is market share there for those that want to specialize in "Child Craft" that brings about achievement in education and physical well being. The Child has been forgotten and exploited during the past administration along with the construction industry and is why they are failing in achievement, both intellectually and physically. Our nation's children have been used along with the homes they once lived in. We need an entire new economy based in "Child Craft."

"Child Craft" isn't simply more electronics either.  It is a matter of getting out of doors, playing tag, kick ball, using energy for fitness rather than bullying and learning what coloring is with crayons, paints and finger paint.  Expanding expertise in knowledge of math, spelling and composition of both.  There is a wide field to child craft and it does not end with the new electronic program.  Competency is not secured with electronic exercises alone.  "Child Craft" is about being human and not the extension of a computer.  Computers aren't going anywhere, but, the competency to do math with paper and pencil and slide rule is dwindling rapidly.

A Mission to Mars that include human beings DEMANDS engineers.  Real engineers.  The electricity to power computers may not be available at times that are crucial.  NASA needs to not just build trajectories and rockets, they need to perfect the composition of those PERFECTLY qualified for such missions and have an outreach through our Department of Education to inspire learners.  There is a lot to "Child Craft" but most importantly it has to believe in the individual, the potential and the diversity of each of them.

Have a better day.