Monday, August 06, 2012

Absolute PROOF of how the Right Wing exploited the American Dream for lack of a sustainable economic POLICY.

...These things came together to creating a perfect storm that meant a huge loss. Now the question then is what did the president do to restoke the economy? And he passed an across the board tax cut that affected families that had children, that affected working families, it affected people across our economy with the idea that this tax cut and his economic policy would rebuild our economy...

This was April of 2004 and while Romney concedes 'historical events' effects the USA economy, he also states something far more profound.

...The United States has come back and is regrowing and we're creating jobs. The last half of the last year was a very strong period of economic growth particularly the last quarter. And the first quarter looks like another strong period. Records housing starts, record home ownership, job creation the last month over 300,00 thousand people every indication is that the economic policies adopted and pursued by this president are creating jobs at a very high pace...

The Republicans have no POLICY for a sustainable USA economy. They USE Bubble and Burst to placate the electorate. That is their policy. They played with the American Dream. They ultimately crashed the USA economy when bank CEOs were unable to find their own way out of their willingness to exploit the real estate bubble through private EQUITY sources.

The banks tried every aspect of private equity including other governments and other major corporations and billionaires. They could not find the money they needed to stop their implosion. That entire dynamic was compliments of the Republican economic strategy of Bubble and Bust.

The tax cuts Romney refers to in this You Tube report are the infamous Bush Tax Cuts.

The strategy is obvious, remove tax burden from the MIDDLE CLASS while providing the wealthy with everything they can dream of to facilitate an economy.

IT DIDN'T WORK. The Bush Tax Cuts caused the Housing Bubble by providing a faux understanding of homeownership while increasing the National Debt.

The Bush Tax Cuts destroyed the American Dream, USA economy and has sent the global economy into huge turmoil.

We, as a nation, cannot afford ethically, morally or financially to play the political game known to us as Right Wing Politics.

The economic collapse was no surprise to an award winning economist. This was 2005. By 2006 there were major real estate holders seeking to move their inventory. In 2006, when movement started in the real estate inventories the then Secretary of the Treasury, John W. Snow was pressured to leave office. In response to the impending disaster, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, Henry Paulson was tapped to fill that void. Paulson spent most of his time in China. I have no doubt he expected the Chinese to bailout the impending bubble collapse, but, it didn't work and at the last minute he was infusing private banks with national monies in September of 2008.

That Hissing Sound (click title to entry - thank you)

by Paul Krugman

Published: August 8, 2005

...So the news that the U.S. housing bubble is over won't come in the form of plunging prices; it will come in the form of falling sales and rising inventory, as sellers try to get prices that buyers are no longer willing to pay. And the process may already have started.

Of course, some people still deny that there's a housing bubble. Let me explain how we know that they're wrong....

"Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice,"

Murdoch's news media executives are charged with "Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice" as well as "Phone Hacking."

This is the Right Wing media in the USA.

...Brooks, 44, (click title to entry - thank you) answered bail at Lewisham police station on Thursday night and will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on September 3.

Six others journalists from the News of the World, including British Prime Minister David Cameron's former spin doctor Andy Coulson, have been officially charged and will appear at the same court on August 16....
Ruthless, tabloid journalism which is the venue of the Right Wing media causes 'behaviors.' It causes political figures to 'posture' to prevent attacks and to elicit support. In this case, David Cameron attempted to solicit Rebecca Brooks as if in a love affair to play her into his court.

We have all witnessed the outrageous behaviors by the Political Right Wing. It is threatening our democracy and has shut down the legislative process in the USA. The obstruction of the Senate Republicans and the divided Republican House is completely dysfunctional for our democracy and has caused economic hardship of the citizen.

This type of 'interaction' between the Right Wing media and the RNC is legendary in the USA. It is known to influence elections and I always thought that was influence peddling.

The USA needs to reform its election laws including funding, voter empowerment and truth based legislation rather than pandering political directives such as "Terry's Law." There are reasons for legislation and it should never be based in falsehoods created for political pandering. We can thank Murdoch for the moronic basis of our elections in the USA. There is no dignity in it and there is certainly no truth.

Romney can try to avoid the truth while counting the days to the election, but, using media pandering won't help him.

Typical Right Wing defense. Resort to childish tactics of calling names. There are no adults in the Romney campaign.


They can't help it. They have no real position. They run emotional campaigns and this is more proof. 

Fear, hate, anger. That is the ideological political strategy of the RNC and the Romney Campaign.

Romney is stating the US military is endangered of losing its capacity to vote? Really? Give me a break. Talk about fabricated. The military tilt is trying to legitimize the position of legislation against voter fraud. That is all it is and we all know it.