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Muscle flexing by Russia is becoming suspicious of internal weakness.

August 5, 2014
The Guardian

...Twice in the past (click here) it has seemed as if a path away from confrontation might open up. The election of Petro Poroshenko in May was one such moment. The new president spoke with Vladimir Putin on the telephone, even met him briefly, and Russia hailed his “positive thinking”. But the opportunity, if such it was, slipped away. The downing of the Malaysian airliner last month offered another chance for re-evaluation. The tragedy was so shocking that a change of policy would not have been seen as a Russian defeat, while the Kiev government and its allies might also have been able to shift ground without looking weak.
At the very least a pause in the fighting while the crash was investigated might have been expected. But the fighting did not slacken. It got worse, as the Ukrainians continued to squeeze rebel-held territory. The fall of Slavyansk in early July had already marked a change in the military balance. The once outclassed Ukrainian army was on the offensive, an offensive that today threatens the two major cities still under rebel control. President Putin may soon face a choice between accepting that the game, in its present form, is lost, or intervening to push the Ukrainians back.
He is certainly assembling the means to do so, dispatching to the bordera combat-ready force that could, if it crossed into Ukraine, rapidly transform the situation. Nato sources suggest that the cover for such an incursion might be to label the troops as peacekeepers....

I think President Putin is more worried about the image of Russia than it's actual prowess. There is no doubt Russia could overrun Ukraine, but, it would be a threat not only to Ukraine but the former Soviet states currently members of NATO and Europe.

The Ukrainian people have spoken loud and clear, they want an autonomous country. Scary thought to that of Russia's internal political environment. If Russia isn't flexing it's muscles on a regular basis it runs the risk of appearing to crumble. That serves many, many purposes including the morale of the Russia military. But, the morale of the Russian states has to be supported as well.

The Russian Federation comprises 83 federal subjects. These have the same representation in the Federation Council but they have different amount of autonomy. 

The 83 subjects are: 
* 46 oblasts (provinces) 
* 21 republics (nominally autonomous) 
* 9 krais (territories) 
* 4 autonomous okrugs (autonomous districts) 
* 1 autonomous oblast (the Jewish Autonomous Oblast) 
* 2 federal cities (Moscow and St. Petersburg) 

We could say that there are no "states" in The Russian Federeation because none of the subjects are called "states". If we compare U.S. states with the Russian subjects then the republics are very similar to the states because they have both their own constitutions and governments.

Loyalty will not be the only support to politics if the lights don't go on. And there are the wealthy and comfortable oligarchs. With so many authorities it is difficult to know exactly what is going on in Russia. Besides that, there are the ethnic and religious in Russia. 

This is suppose to be the distribution of Muslims in Russia. (click here)

May 6, 2011
By Fred Weir
Nearly 20 years (click here) after the collapse of the atheistic Soviet Union, a recent poll found that 82 percent of Russians classify themselves as religious believers. But far fewer subscribe to organized religion....

The separation of Russia identity is so varied it keeps a Russian President up at night. There is strong concern for the stronger and stronger and more rigid demands of the Russia government and their "Russian Speaking" priorities. Unfortunately, the tighter the hold a government seeks to contain within it's borders the more likely Russians will silently commit in their hearts of hearts, they aren't sincerely Russians anymore.

President Putin is correct to seek to strengthen his economy while protecting his consumers and even extending higher pay rates to all citizens to make Russia more attractive and tempting. But, to endorse a government that seeks loyalty of a highly diversified population by enforcing a Russia identity while possibly punitively isn't nearly as attractive and creates a negative view of the Russian political climate.

VORONEZH, August 5 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin (click here) said Tuesday he has told the government to retaliate against Western sanctions.
“I have already prepared such instructions today,” the president said during a working trip to the Central Russian Voronezh Region.
“Of course, it should be done very carefully, so that domestic manufacturers are supported without detriment to consumers,” he added.
Putin said that the use of political instruments to put pressure on the Russian economy is “against all norms and rules.”
“Political instruments for putting pressure on the economy are inadmissible, this is against all norms and rules. In this respect, the Russian government has already come forward with an array of retaliatory measures to the so-called sanctions imposed by certain states,” he said.
The Russian leader said producers in various countries should be in an equal environment and this meets the national security interests and also the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
In July, the United States and the European Union announced new economic sanctions against Russia amid the Ukrainian crisis. Moscow has repeatedly called such measures counterproductive and stressed that Russia was not one of the sides of Ukrainian conflict.

The troop build up along the Russia border serves many purposes, but, President Putin sincerely isn't in a conflict. If Russia were to enter into a war economy I am not completely confident there would not be a repeat of December 2, 1991. Is that date correct? Yeah, December 2, 1991.

I want a "Class Picture."

This is a real coup for the President. The continent is under appreciated as an economic engine. The workers of South Africa proved exactly how intelligent and prepared they are to work. The South African work force has provided incredible profits to companies while they remained in poverty. I hope the unions were invited as well to bring about a perspective on how citizens can be empowered when a company realizes workers are an intricate part of profits. To achieve those profits workers have to have their health, pride in their work and the benefits work brings to them, their family and communities.

There were some strategies in the past to unit Africa, but, it never addressed the innate weakness of government to enforce law. The laws were also not necessarily benevolent laws which, along with poverty, spawned the rebel groups. The rebels tend to organize around religion. Religion lends itself to structure and morality. Unfortunately, it lends itself to the oppression and victimization of women. 

I am confident there is work to do, but, what a wonderful summit to bring all their agendas to the USA and interested companies. I especially liked the forthright statements of the governments seeking to end poaching in their countries. In particular, ending the markets for those living commodities is paramount to success. China needs to instill morality in their populous to end hideous deaths of precious and endangered animals such as elephants. 

These living creatures are more than a market commodity, they are the backbone of tourism which is very, very important to these beautiful countries. I fully expect there will be civilized approaches to any natural commodities. I want no mistreatment of the natural resources of Africa or ANY deaths of citizens in pursuit of such riches. I also fully expect the people of these beautiful countries to receive the rewards of their economies. No exception. This is a magnificent opportunity to begin anew in Africa and I fully expect that to occur. This is a wonderful opportunity for these leaders to begin again their relations with their citizens.

I am sure national security will be high on the agenda of most if not all these countries. I look forward to the people being safe within their borders. These leaders are remarkable people. Within their countries lie many ethnic groups, religious diversity and language. They are an asset to their nation as someone who can make the transition from USA and back to them to bring a message of hope and renewal. The leaders of these nations deserve respect from their nation, but, they will best get that through respect of the people as well.

It's a challenge. President Obama has done the right thing. It was a very brave adventure. I congratulate him. It is impressive.

One last thing. I expect the issue of WATER RESOURCES even if that includes dams and reservoirs for Ethiopia was high on the agenda, too. The USA EPA probably could provide insight to water quality along with the good work of the United Nations to date. The UN has been piecing water quality together in many ways, but, some consolidation to provide consistent water resources would be a very good thing.

First African Summit in D.C. to be largest ever; economic growth on agenda

August 4, 2014
By Anita Kumar and Lesley Clark

...Among the attendees (click here) will be a delegation from Libya, which Ben Rhodes, a deputy White House national security adviser, said the administration was "pleased" to welcome, given the unrest that prompted the U.S. to evacuate its embassy staff there.
"It's important for us to find ways to be able to engage Libyan leaders," Rhodes said.
The summit, which kicks off Monday, will focus on a need for companies to invest in the up-and-coming economies in Africa, as well as democracy-building, education and health care. Business deals worth $900 million are expected to be announced at the event.
“We’ve made enormous progress over the last several years in not just providing traditional aid to Africa...but rather partnering and thinking about how can we trade more and how can we do business together, and that’s the kind of relationship that Africa’s looking for,” Obama told reporters Friday.
Africa survived the economic crisis better than expected with growth in telecommunications, construction, transportation and banking. It has six of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies. Nations have averaged growth rates of 5-6 percent the last decade. By 2050, one in four workers worldwide will be in Africa....

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2014/08/04/235248/first-african-summit-in-dc-to.html#storylink=cpy

If there are experimental treatments known to work, but, haven't been cleared for use in human beings, DO IT NOW!

I am sincerely not worried about the containment of the microbe. That isn't want this is about. Containment has been very effective with the first strain of Ebola for a very long time. The idea there are experimental medications or otherwise that can give people hope to fight back it needs to be administered. This is a fatal disease. HIV received very fast approval when the studies of AZT in Boston proved incredible new realities.

Why haven't these experimental medications and treatments been administered in West Africa long before now. I also see no reason why anyone coming from West Africa into the USA cannot be held in quarantine until they are proven to be free of the disease. I think the hospital in New York is negligent in taking the complaints of a PATIENT so minimally. 

This isn't the kind of disease that can be fought off by the bodies natural defenses. Perhaps, as the microbe might mutate it will become less and less virulent, but, that is not the reality today. Every experimental treatment and medicine with promise should already be in West Africa and in use. These people are dying. They at least have hope. There isn't funding SOMEWHERE to sponsor these programs? That is hideous. 

August 5, 2014
By Alan Blinder

...Samaritan’s Purse, (click here) which is paying for the transportation and medical costs for both aid workers, said that Dr. Brantly and Ms. Writebol had received doses of an experimental serum while in Africa. But an Emory doctor, Bruce S. Ribner, said at a news conference last week that he anticipated the “critical component” of their treatment here would be what he described as “supportive care.”...

Everyone train for escaping a chock hold, otherwise, the New York Examiner says, "Die."

This is how the NYPD intimidates citizens to end their exposure of illegal techniques and methods during police brutality.

These two individuals are INNOCENT by the charge of police harassment alone. I really don't care where they conduct their social lives AND/OR the ONLY employment available.

The NYPD harassed a 17 year old, charged her and ruined her life because they can't take the heat of their own failings.

Some of the final words by Eric Garner was the FACT he was continually harassed by the police. Where are the arrests of the illegal importers of cigarettes and tobacco? Eric Garner was not the one responsible for undermining the law. He did not purchase illegal cigarettes. Eric Garner dies just so the COPS can say they are doing something about illegal cigarettes on the street. The cops are that pathetic. They can't stop real crime, they have to harass average citizens to say they are earning a dollar. Well, Eric was earning a dollar, too.

YES, I am defending his activities. It is his REALITY!

Man Who Filmed NYPD's Fatal Chokehold Arrested On Gun Charges (click here)

Link: http://gothamist.com/2014/08/04/man_who_filmed_nypds_fatal_chokehol.php
According to the NYPD, at 9:45 p.m. on August 2, members of the "Staten Island Narcotics Module" saw Orta talking to a 17-year-old girl at Bay Street and Victory Boulevard. Cops say the pair walked into "the Hotel Richmond, a known drug prone location, located at 71 Central Avenue. The two suspects are inside only for moments and then depart."
Then, police say, plainclothes cops with their shields out approached the two, but Orta slipped an item into the girl's waistband. The officers then "took control of the two" and found an unloaded .25 caliber Norton handgun on her.
Orta was charged with criminal possession of a weapon while the girl, Alba Lekaj, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of marijuana....

How to get out of a Choke Hold ! Street fighting

This is the quintessential definition of a MORON.

Brooks is the one sitting down. This is such a stupid statement. It only proves how much the GOP can't see past their own skin color.

August 4, 2014
By Jonathan Capehart

Ron Fournier spoke an objective truth yesterday on Fox News Sunday. “The fastest growing bloc in this country thinks the Republican Party hates them,” the National Journal writer said to Michael Needham, chief executive of Heritage Action for America....
The operative words here is "Ron Fournier" not red, WHITE and blue.
Ron Fournier is a sensationalist. Brooks didn't care about being called a racist he was interested in capturing the attention of Fournier's listening audience. It shows how the GOP pumps populism for something they call an electorate.

...Ron Fournier, (click here) the AP's Washington bureau chief, has such a keen ear, he can practically read the judge's and the senators' minds.
In the polite, white-hot world of confirmation hearings, senators and witnesses can't always say what they want to say. So they speak in code. Here's a translation of what was said in the opening moments of the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings, and what the players actually meant....
So, for example, the audience heard Sotomayor thank her family this morning, and tell the Judiciary Committee, "If I introduced every one that's family, we'd be here all morning."...

It is how they roll, babe!
Allow me to translate. Brooks: Yes, I am Wall Street, I will kiss it's royal behind, I AM YOUR BOY! Throw money my way, I'll make sure the Middle Class disappears along with food stamps and health care insurance. With no contraception they'll multiple like rabbits. What could be better, Pure Profits. YEAH!
The GOP calls it politics. Right. There are real receipts for Wall Street within that racism. Republicans have no conscience, they only have wallets.

They are taking no prisoners. There is a dead general.

...Massoud Hossaini, (click here) a photographer for The Associated Press, said that he arrived at the camp’s gate ahead of other journalists, and just as coalition armored vehicles were pulling out of the compound. A coalition soldier manning the roof-mounted gun on one of the vehicles shouted for Mr. Hossaini to “get away,” and then fired an apparent warning shot.

“I don’t know what he fired. It was fired near our car,” he said, adding that he left the scene straight away....