Wednesday, January 20, 2016

E-mails are excuses.

When the lead was first detected in Flint's water all that had to be done was turn off the metered water while leaving fire water intact. 

Synder should have done it himself If no one else would. 

The emergency would have been logged and the supplemental water to the town would begin.

The President got closer than he ever has before.

January 20, 2016
Speaking from nearby Detroit on Wednesday, (click here) he said: "If I were a parent up there, I would be beside myself that my kid's health could be at risk."
The city's water became contaminated after a change in supplier in 2014, when lead leached from old pipes.
Since then, residents have complained of bad smells, headaches and rashes.
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has faced calls to resign over the way he has handled the crisis.
On Wednesday he released a batch of emails from 2014 and 2015 concerning the issue.
One email suggests that a day after doctors reported high levels of lead in local children, one of the governor's top advisers told him city officials, not state officials, had to "deal with it".
The switch to a river water source was a money-saving move when the city was under state financial management.
The water from Flint River stripped lead from the pipes and into the supply....
The Hawaiian Helicopter Losses - They know better. The USA military must understand the turbulence in the air and oceans due to heating. Yet, they embarked on a training mission in the worse turbulence I've ever seen. I noted about a week or so ago the waters were churning. There were advisories everywhere in Hawaii . 

I can appreciate how Americans like to train in extreme conditions to perfect their skills, but, those extreme conditions destroyed them. There are some weather conditions that will destroy militarizes. Additionally, there were no boats on the water quit possibly because of the advisories. If the boats can't go out to accompany a training mission than they can't get on the water to find downed helicopters either. 

The USA military cannot do the impossible no matter how much of their activities most consider impossible. The USA military has to add a safety margin to it's military exercises, training and missions simply because when the weather defeats them there is no one else available to defend the country.
Senator Sanders - planned parenthood - etc.- endorsements

Endorsements of grassroots organizations. We are unexpectedly taking on the establishment organization and Wall Street, "I will challenge anyone regarding LGBT...."

"What we are doing well at with huge turnouts coming to our rallies ... donations ... no support from establishment organizations, but...we are gaining and doing better all over the country due to grassroots not the establishment."
How can you say PP and HRC are the establishment? - Hillary Clinton

More comments....

It is generational, Rachel.

We know it is generational. There is a divide in the people becoming a part of the Sanders candidacy.

So while Planned Parenthood and HRC do not consider themselves as part of the establishment, They are long lived. And. They are an established organization with longevity. Longevity is important because it shows there is a commitment to the issues at hand and the issues are not solved. Young persons don't see themselves advancing to the front lines of leadership and organize themselves differently.

"Occupy Wall Street" showed the country exactly who they are and how incredibly brilliant they are. When they came up with the human microphone I was extremely impressed. They won't be silenced and they really don't want the world that abandoned them. Why should they? To let it happen all over again for them? for their children? They are not in any way establishment.

If the electronics at a Sanders rally went out, all Bernie has to do is yell "Mic Check!" and his speech would go on.

It is unbelievable the amount of gossip FOX pumps out without one ounce of proof. But then that defines gossip. FOX is a spin zone.

Ed Henry states Top Secret Emails on her personal server. It is a big deal. Need to know basis. Need to know is only briefed in person. It would not be on an email. 

Who is leaking this stuff? Anyone? It is just lies basically. It is crossing your fingers that it is true lies. That is all it is.

Inspector General and 150 FBI agents and quid pro quo with Clinton Foundation.

The only reference points to the number 150 FBI agents can be found in right wing media. It is propaganda.

Rules were broken, bent and the Justice Department doesn't bring charges. 

Nobody knows when the FBI is going to report it, somewhere around SuperTuesday.

Monica Crowley states the Obama Administration does not want Hillary Clinton to win the White House.

All of it is baseless gossip. It is gossip with a history so it seems correct, but, there is no basis to it except the political right wing spinning their viewers for clout.

The US Congressional committee that is investigating the drug cartels in Mexico needs to write legislation to end American guns crossing the Mexican border. There needs to be charges filed against the straw purchasers. The agencies haven't finished their investigations and that is why there is Executive Priviledge to protect it. There is no other reason. It is an ongoing investigation to the drug cartels in Mexico, the violence and the role the USA citizen's are playing in that very sad reality.

Miller is going to Antarctica in July to show the ice caps are getting bigger. July? That is a lie.

Buy Dennis Miller an alligator with Uzies for Christmas.

Black Lives Matter has a legitimate complaint. The problem they face is a militarized police force during a time when terrorists are real. The Black Lives Matter movement has to persist. This is real, too. There is no reason for police to kill with immunity. The people aren't the enemy. 

I've never seen anything like that before. It is genius. No property damage, no injuries. Amazing. Completely nonconfrontational.

"Who was the Straw Purchaser" is a national security issue. The public has no right to the information.

There is no political message with "Fast and Furious." And I refuse to allow Republicans to play with the VERY FACT American guns in Straw Purchases make their way all the way to the top of the drug cartels.

January 20, 2016
By Jim Geraghty

‘El Chapo’ Drug Kingpin Had a Rifle From Federal ‘Fast & Furious’ Program (click here)

A .50-caliber rifle found at Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s hideout in Mexico was funneled through the gun-smuggling investigation known as Fast and Furious, sources confirmed Tuesday to Fox News. A .50-caliber is a massive rifle that can stop a car, or as it was intended, take down a helicopter....

To begin these programs began under "W". This particular program was in full swing within a few months of the Obama Administration taking over the Executive Branch with the ATF. The ATF put this program together, not President Obama or Attorney General Holder.

Seven years ago the ATF was trying to prove Straw Purchasers were sending weapons to Mexico. Why that was a question is anyone's guess.

While Jason Chaffez seems to think the enemy is President Obama that only proves he is the enemy himself.

There was a very powerful gun listed with the "Fast and Furious Program" found along with El Chappo/Guzman. Now everyone knows there are Straw Purchasers in the USA selling to one of the most powerful drug cartels in Mexico.

Who was the Straw Purchaser?

The USA ATF and any other agencies involved need to stop those sales. It might be Texas or Oklahoma may have lost their state rights in regard to guns if it cannot control the guns within their state. 

There is evidence that proves there are guns moving across state lines and USA sovereign borders from the USA to Mexican drug cartels. The cartels are a direct threat to the sovereignty of Mexico. The USA federal Congress has to pass legislation to end this practice.

This is a very interesting perspective.

Imagine Oscar Night and the only audience are the black actors, directors, producers, etc. I think the impression has to be that stark to make the Academy pay attention.

Was it a month or so ago on this blog I noted Spike Lee had a film called, "Chiraq" and he could not get distribution for the film.

Hollywood has a problem with African Americans, their 'place' in the USA and their messages. African Americans are not living the American Dream so therefore they are failures we don't have to emulate. Right? I mean they simply don't get it. Right?

The African American experience in the USA is very different than that of Caucasians. Very different. It took an African American judge to bring African American children out of their segregated neighborhoods to desegregate public schools. The minorities in the USA have a very different trajectory than Caucasian.

The fact that Spike Lee made a film about Chicago, about the truth and the lives of African Americans in Chicago and called it what it is "Chi-Iraq" and had every distribution company in the country turn their backs on him is a very profound message. If a filmmaker cannot find distribution for their films, then they are never seen.

African Americans have gone the black route. Black television, black radio and and any other form of communication imaginable, but, they have never become mainstreamed.

Why not? Why isn't every theater in the country showing "Chiraq?" They show Star Wars. There are black actors in Star Wars. It isn't the ethnicity, it is the message. African Americans are sequestered into segregation and they have no avenue out. Hollywood doesn't like controversy. Look what went on with Fahrenheit 911. It is the message and the truth behind the message. 

I saw the film "Trumbo." It has a message. It has a very strong message about Hollywood. What is wrong with "Chiraq?" Chiraq is not even about Hollywood.

There is a power structure in the USA that has old world understandings about what Americans should view and what they should not. I have never seen such violent pictures as those made by Quintan Tarantino. But, no one will distribute "Chiraq."

There is a problem and the black millionaires in the Black Entertainment Community are tired of being alone.

January 20, 2016
By Jasmyne A. Cannick

Rev. Al Sharpton (click here) is calling on blacks to boycott the Academy Awards and not watch the broadcast after the mostly white and male voting members of the Academy nominated 20 white actors as giving the best performances of 2015.
While I’m not trying to rain on Sharpton’s parade, as an African-American I have to ask the question, What would be the point?
First, blacks as a whole don’t watch the Oscars. That’s not really our thing. Sure, some of us do, but not in the numbers that would matter. If anything, we usually digest the recap online the morning after. And even if every black in the country with a television tuned out, it wouldn’t make one bit of difference. Why? Because when was the last time you saw a commercial during the Academy Awards that was targeted toward black people? Exactly.
No, a better call, a much more thoughtful call to action would be to put Hollywood’s liberalism to work by calling on black Hollywood’s white Hollywood friends to sit this one out and refrain from walking the red carpet or attending the event. Maybe Rev. Sharpton doesn’t know this, but most Americans watch the Oscars for the red carpet first and then for the actual ceremony.
There is no equity between the violence in Chicago and the contaminated water in Flint.

Flint's problem is measurable where regulations exist and the adherence to them was completely absent.

Chicago is a federal problem where regulations don't exist. Just that simple. Chicago's gun problem would be blamable if it was completely contained to the borders of Chicago. Same is true of Washington, DC and New York City. Guns travel across city and state borders and there is no controlling them. The cities tighten up their gun regulations and nothing ever changes and it is because of interstate transport of guns.

Food, Water and warm clothing.

That is a lot of snow in a very, very short period of time. People are going to be stranded. If neighborhoods can communicate together they can look out for each other.

The primary access roads leading to hospitals come first. If nothing else gets done, keep the primary roads/emergency routes are clear with emergency vehicles that can reach people in distress.

It is going to be a very rough few days, but, the worst is coming over the weekend. 

That is heart attack snow. Survival tactics. Have game boards ready for the family. 

If a home has a working fireplace that has good maintenance or a pot belly stove it is best to start the fire before it is needed and maintain the fire throughout the snowfall. The heat from the chimney will defeat any snow accumulation to block the flue. 

Don't start a fireplace with unknown maintenance or use. Only in an emergency. These forms of heat have to be maintained to be safe. 

The other worry is the roof. This level of snow fall can exceed any weight capacity of a home's roof. The steep roofs will do better than flatter roofs. The snow will gather around the sides of the house as the snow falls off the roof. 

This is a very extensive list of preparations. But, most are made before the storm or cold weather sets in. They are still good ideas.

How to Stay Safe in an Ice or Snow Storm (click here for complete list)

  • Stockpile nonperishable food and water.
  • Refill prescription medications in advance of storm.
  • Fill car with gas.
  • Charge cell phones.
  • Have flashlights, batteries, a weather radio, and a manual can opener on hand.
  • A portable generator can come in handy when the lights go out, but take precautions to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning when using.
  • Make sure you have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and the batteries powering them are fresh.
  • Have a working fire extinguisher on hand for emergencies.
  • A chain saw can come in handy for removing broken limbs after an ice storm.

This is outrageous. The profession decides the credentials of a journalist.

January 20, 2016
By Bill Chappell

Criminal background checks (click here) and assurances that a person "is competent to be a journalist" are among the requirements put forth by State Rep. Mike Pitts in a new bill in South Carolina's Legislature. The bill would also create a responsible journalism registry.
Titled the South Carolina Responsible Journalism Registry Law, the bill quickly drew condemnation from rights groups after it was introduced Tuesday (when it was also referred to a committee).
The bill is "another (unconstitutional) waste of tax dollars," says the South Carolina branch of the American Civil Liberties Union....

I have an idea, let's tax the alphabet every time it is used in print. That should bring in millions to the treasury.

2015 was the hottest year on record.

That blue spot between North America and Europe is where the Arctic Ocean and Greenland Ice have melt water runoff.. The ice is melting and as it does it temporarily cools the waters of the north Atlantic. 

It is like adding ice to a warm soda. It gets cold temporarily until the room temperature warms it again.
NASA and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (click here) announced today that their independent analyses revealed last year was a scorcher, surpassing every year since modern record keeping began in 1880.
NOAA reported last year's average temperature for the Earth as a whole was 58.62 degrees Fahrenheit -- that's 0.29 degrees higher than the previous year. NASA also calculated a temperature increase of 0.29 degrees over the previous year....

This is what happens when political simpletons sell out to cronies. No economy.

January 20, 2016
By Adam Shell

The sell-off (click here) that has engulfed global stock markets early in 2016 intensified Wednesday, with oil breaking below $28 a barrel for the first time since 2003, the Dow plunging about 300 points, Japanese stocks skidding into bear market territory and European shares shedding 3%.
Sparking Wednesday's stock sell-off around the world were many of the same worries that have dragged down shares all year: fears of slowing growth around the globe and the continued plunge in oil at a time when markets are craving stabilization in the oil patch. U.S.-produced crude was down $1.05 a barrel, or 3.7%, to $27.37, its lowest level since September 2003....

The Republican cronies have been crying to open international markets to our oil. How completely stupid was that idea? 

Now, there is a glut of oil everywhere and the only ones that will survive are the countries of the middle east that have sovereign authority to their selling price.

According to the petroleum industry itself there are 36 bankrupt companies as of November 2015. 

The only people making money in Texas are the lawyers.

Whew. Dodged a bullet–this year. (click here) Haynes and Boone, LLP is an international corporate law firm with offices in Texas, New York, California, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Shanghai and Mexico City. Their HQ is in Texas. The firm has a sizable Bankruptcy and Energy practices. Unfortunately those two practices are increasingly becoming one, and the firm says they’re adding lawyers to the Bankruptcy practice. Last week Haynes and Boone issued their very first Oil Patch Bankruptcy Monitor (full copy below), a report that details the rising tide of 2015 exploration and production company Chapter 11 filings. The report lists 36 bankruptcies in 2015 totaling about $13 billion in cumulative secured and unsecured debt. With fear and trepidation we reviewed the list–and found that none of the companies listed have major, nor even minor, operations in the Marcellus/Utica. However, that may not remain the case…

This is Business 101 stuff. Supply and demand. Flood a market and there goes the profit. The petroleum industry has been on 'cash flow' since 2005 when Peak Oil occurred.

The petroleum industry has been running on inflated egos and politicians. Where are the jobs? You know, all those "Drill, babe, drill" jobs.

Everyday that goes by there are more and more petroleum industry companies declaring bankruptcy. These are the geniuses of Wall Street. They run and hide among commodities when they have blown up a bubble. Now, the commodities are losing their value. Why? Because the geniuses of Wall Street is a lie. There are no geniuses of Wall Street. Moral people go to work for Wall Street and leave because they can't live with themselves.

Defendants (click here) could face the death penalty in Bangladesh if found guilty over disaster in which more than 1,100 people died.

This is Wall Street. The saviors of the poor.

See the truth is the USA has regulations and standards and minimum wage and all those that can't really create new profit for a company choose to exploit a country hungry for OPPORTUNITY. The problem is poverty wages and poverty construction achieves nothing for the people victimized by Wall Street.

I wonder what Davos will have to say this year? Should there be an INVESTMENT cost upfront for the countries of the impoverished to be sure people actually improve their standard of living and live through it.

Say hello to your next Energy Secretary. Somehow she just doesn't hold a candle to Dr. Moniz.

January 20, 2016
Welcome to Trail Guide, (click here) your host through the wilds of the 2016 presidential campaign. It's Wednesday, Jan. 20, and here's what we're talking about: 
Donald Trump says he'd welcome Sarah Palin as part of his White House, a day after she endorsed him...

This is what happens when a false prophet comes to Islam. Homs is in complete ruins.

RT correspondent Murad Gazdiev and his crew (click here) have managed to film an aerial view of the city of Homs in Syria, which saw one of the heaviest battles of the Syrian civil war. The clip shows the city, once Syria's third largest and a major industrial hub, totally devastated by war.

There is no quick fix for Flint and other Michigan cities.

Get the Army Corp of Engineers to carry out infrastructure renovations!!!!

How can Flint or any other Michigan city strapped with debt attract new business with all this garbage infrastructure!

There is an Army Corp District in DETROIT!!!!!!!

We don't need the Wall Street bosses of Snyder!

Where are the US Senators? Where are the US Representatives?

The people of Michigan need engineering plans, Brownfields monies and reconstruction. 


Get injunctions against the emergency managers based upon demonstrated incompetency. Go to the mayor and councils, hold their hand and fill out applications.

The US Senators and US House Representatives have staff I take it.

Tell them to get off their ass. Applications are their specialty.

No one can see an oppressed population before their own eyes? People unable to find a path forward? People who feel as though living in the street is where they belong?

The Democrats better get ready, here come the Mavericks.

Donald Trump has stood by the Tea Party as their champion since their inception in 2008 after the election of President Obama.

So, it was a big day for Donald Trump. Ted Cruz was a gentleman and let Sarah know there are no bad feelings.

It will all fall into line now. There is a new leadership for the Republicans and they are all mavericks.

Sarah Palin needs to go home to her son and get him good help. He is screaming out for help. There is an article in the New York Times that maps out a tragedy the USA has to defeat within the hearts and minds of their soldiers.

January 19, 2016
By Nicholas Kulishi and Christopher Drew

...His executive officer (click here) noticed that the commander’s Sig Sauer pistol was out on his desk that night, Dec. 21, 2012, where he had never seen it before. By the time Commander Price went back to his room, the photograph of his 9-year-old daughter was gone from his desk. In his trouser pocket was a report on the recent death of an Afghan girl in an explosion near an American base.

When Commander Price, the 42-year-old leader of SEAL Team 4, did not appear for a meeting the next morning with an Afghan general, his men searched in the mess hall, in the showers and finally along the row of berths called the Green Mile. In his room, they found him lying in his sleeping bag, the pistol in his hand, a pool of blood beneath the bed....

I don't care how well trained they are or how well oriented they are to their responsibilities, our best are dying at their own hand.

Their initial training is short, they are tossed into combat within weeks of their last home visit and when they enter combat they are carrying their hometown values with them. It is destroying them.

This thing the military calls "Urban Combat" is crazy. The American soldier is about defeating an enemy with advanced weaponry. Their expertise is not about patrolling the streets because their government can't find enough good men to maintain the peace. There is no war in Afghanistan that the USA has a role within and that is demonstrated by the attacks on a hospital. This is crazy. The American soldier can defeat anyone, but, combat patrols to end a deadly cultural existence is not their forte and not their responsibility. And don't tell me these militants cling to ancient religions that are something no one can do anything about. Bullshit!

The communities in Afghanistan are some of the worst sources of the international drug trade. That has absolutely nothing to do with morality. They are some of the incredible capitalists in the world accompanied by violence. The troops need to come home and NOW!

There is a university in the tribal region? Wow.

Northwest Pakistan is where the tribal region exists. Let's see, Bacha Khan University...

Jobs in Charsadda city and surrounding areas . (click here) All type of Jobs in Charsadda like bank jobs , telecom companies jobs (Ufone , Telenor , Mobilink , Ptcl) , Government jobs (Wapda , Hospitals) and all private jobs in Charsadda , Pakistan. You can find manager , data entry , clerk , labour , doctor and engenering jobs in Charsadda and all other career opportunities in Charsadda on

Yep, this is the tribal region. I am impressed. This is a real movement forward for Pakistan. I know this is very bad news, but, these things are going to happen. Here again, the Taliban have perched in the mountainous regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan and they abhor education, especially education of women.

I find this amazing. The Pakistan government is really moving that country forward. I have a great deal of sympathy for the people of Pakistan today.  They made a decision, didn't they? They made a decision that all people are vital to the future of Pakistan and it requires advanced education. Now, the Taliban, because of their ideology, are trying to instill the idea the university was a very bad decision.

I am proud of Pakistan today. They are fighting the good fight and the dear people lost today was part of Pakistan's future. Now, they are gone. The tribal region is moving out of ancient thoughts that keeps their children in primative practices and turns their young men into killing machines. 

It is time to honor the dead and realize the value they were adding to the future of Pakistan. These peoples are heroes. They made their own decision to attend the university and they stepped into those corridors determined to pursue a better future for themselves and Pakistan. They should be alive today, except, for a terrorist regime that has long overstayed any purpose it may have had.

These are difficult times. Many countries are fighting for their futures. It is difficult to carry on when such HOPE is confronted with violence. The people of Charsadda have to move forward. This is difficult and not long ago there was an attack on children. The Pakistanis have to resolve to eliminate the Taliban from their region. If Pakistan and Afghanistan joined forces the hopes they have for their children and the future would be far easier to attain.

January 20, 2016
By Ismal Kahn

Peshawar, Pakistan — At least 22 people were killed (click here) and many more wounded when militants attacked a university campus in northwestern Pakistan on Wednesday, a police official said.
A leader of the Pakistani Taliban said the group claimed responsibility for the attack, among the most brazen in a long insurgency it has waged against the authorities here that has targeted educational institutions in particular.
The site of Wednesday’s assault, Bacha Khan University in Charsadda, was just 25 miles from a school in Peshawar where the Pakistani Taliban killed 145 people, most of them children, in 2014. Two years earlier, the group shot Malala Yousafzai, the teenage activist for girls’ rights and future Nobel Peace Prize laureate....

The sea is not going to calm down. The only thing this training mission accomplished was to realize nature is a powerful force.

There should have been a deployment of boats in the water along with the training mission.

A search vessel cruises the waters off the beach at Haleiwa, Hawaii, Friday, 
Jan. 15, 2016. Two Marine helicopters carrying 12 crew members collided off \
the island of Oahu during a nighttime training mission, and rescuers are 
searching a debris field in choppy waters, military officials said. (AP 
Photo/Audrey McAvoy)

January 20, 2016
By Jennifer Sinco Kelleher and Marina Riker
Officials Tuesday (click here) suspended their massive search for 12 Marines who were aboard two helicopters that crashed off Hawaii last week.
The around-the-clock effort failed to locate any sign of the 12 service members despite five days of searching by several agencies.
Officials said at a late afternoon news conference that the search would be suspended at sundown and the Marine Corps would transition to "recovery and salvage" efforts. A memorial is tentatively planned for Friday at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe Bay.
"The decision to suspend the search without finding survivors is particularly difficult," said Capt. James Jenkins, chief of staff and acting commander of the Coast Guard 14th District in Honolulu.
The search began late Thursday when a civilian on a beach reported seeing the helicopters flying and then a fireball....

The problem is bigger than an apology.

The issue here is the focus. The focus wasn't the people it was the money. It is a blatant and willful act that had no one other than a business manager working the books. This is a prime example of how Republicans are dedicated to balancing the books while making 'tough decisions." This tough decision resulted in lead poisoning of children that do not have control over their environment or the food and water they consume.'

There is far more to governing then finding a cheap alternative. Governing is not Wall Street and Wall Street is not governing. Wall Street makes selective choices to increase profits to stockholders. Governing is a matter of reflecting on all the issues that impact a population of people. Governing requires spending money that provides goods and services for everyone. There is no cutting costs on expenses like water and/or water treatment. There are no corners to cut and that has been the problem in Flint from the beginning. 

"The Rust Belt" had a booming economy until the automotive industry abandoned the USA and sought cheap labor elsewhere. Just because the auto industry saw cheaper costs, Flint didn't have that luxury. The city continued to be home to Americans, the difference then became the reality of poverty. The Americans in Flint, Michigan never were provided a new form of employment and the costs to the city continued. Flint residents continued to pay their property taxes and there were loans and all sorts of coping with the profound loss of tax base, but, it never recovered. Today, towns like Flint are still facing huge budget short falls and has absolutely nothing to do with local elected officials. The problems these town have are far beyond a change in governance.

In the case of Flint, it was perking along with improvements the mayor and council could find year after year; but; to solve it's budget problem required opening up a new GM parts plant. That wasn't going to happen. The town applied for Brownfield Sites monies from the federal government in hopes new manufacturing would find the town attractive again. Once those Brownfield monies disappeared and there was still no filling in the budget gap the town had to face options that were neither realistic or productive. Declaring bankruptcy for a city is devastating. It is a matter of rebuilding from the ground up, but, it doesn't mean the baseline costs change.

The problem today, in Flint as in other cities in Michigan, as an apology doesn't do a darn thing to them. Flint woke up today to an apology and their circumstances hadn't changed. I don't know what it feels like to be a parent to a child that has experienced lead poisoning. The child is handicapped today because of environmental poisoning. That is not suppose to happen to Americans. 

The problem began and ends with Governor Snyder and his emergency managers. The emergency manager program needs to end. Just that simple. Governor Synder needs to resign. He has proven he is not capable of even understanding governance. He is not capable and the people of Michigan should have a new election for the remaining time of his term in office.

There is an expression "You can't put an old head on young shoulders." That is exactly the problem here, "You can't put a governing head on Wall Street shoulders and survive the day." It's over for Snyder. He needs to resign. He can't do the job and how much has to happen to prove how incompetent he is.

Michigan is a tough problem for the country. It takes experience and knowledge of the best governance skills to solve their problems. Snyder doesn't even come close.

And by the way, the automotive industry didn't survive their own skills to improve profits either. Americans are wondering when Wall Street will finally get it.

January 20, 2016
By Caitlin Dickson
Governor Rick Snyder (click here) apologized to the residents of Flint, Michigan Tuesday evening for the failure in state, local and federal leadership resulting in a water contamination crisis that has consumed the city for nearly two years.
"To you, the people of Flint, I say tonight as I have before, I am sorry and I will fix it," Snyder said in his annual state of the state address, calling on state lawmakers to approve $28 million in funds to help replace water faucets in city schools and daycare centers, do diagnostic tests and treat children who may have been exposed to lead and other hazardous chemicals, and study the city’s piping system.
Snyder’s apology came amid calls for his resignation over what critics charge has been a delayed and neglectful response to the city’s water crisis. Flint residents began complaining about the taste, odor, and color of their tap water as well as side effects like rashes and hair loss within a month after the city had switched its drinking water supply from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to the Flint River in April 2014. But it wasn’t until October of 2015—after reports revealed an increase in lead-in-blood levels among Flint residents and children in particular—that Snyder finally ordered Flint to stop using the river water and return to Detroit’s supply....

The threats are real and have to be taken seriously, but, certainly the source as to be found.

There are nothing new about bomb threats. They would be called in when I was in school. The response was always the same and then we got on with our day. But, someone finds it funny to cause scary situations across the country. If is becomes a real problem the SBIs will have to get involved.

January 19. 2016
By Laila Kearney

Bomb and mass shooting threats (click here) were made against more than two dozen schools in New Jersey on Tuesday, along with schools in at least six other states, forcing evacuations and lockdowns that affected thousands of students.
They were the latest in a string of anonymous threats of violence, all apparent hoaxes, made against U.S. schools in recent weeks.

As least 26 schools in New Jersey received the threats by phone starting at about 8:50 a.m. EST, said Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino, adding that the schools were all subsequently declared safe....