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The USA national debt.

This has to be 'the talking point' for Democrats in 2010. The reduction of the nation's debt has to be a focus for the elections and it has to be a serious, factual and targeted approach.

The Democrats CANNOT talk about this enough.

Our federal budget should be a statement of our national values. (click title to entry - thank you) One of those values is responsibility. Working with President Barack Obama, Democrats in Congress are ending the Bush Administration's irresponsible budget policies that have produced historic deficits. Instead of piling trillions of dollars of debt onto our children and grandchildren, we have restored Pay-As-You-Go budget discipline, adopted fiscally responsible budgets, and worked to stop waste, fraud, and abuse to ensure that taxpayers' money is not wasted.

On March 25th, the House Budget Committee adopted a budget resolution that builds on the efforts of the Democratic-led Congress over the last two years to restore fiscal accountability....

President Obama has developed a Task Force to focus on the National Debt and balancing the Federal Budget to effect tax relief. It is responsible, but, it isn't necessarily enough, the Democrats have to take control of the issue.

I would hope that would include a lot of education as to how the national debt is going to be reduced through measures that RIDS the current debt load of all and any frivolous spending ESPECIALLY easy to target are spending programs that have proved to have failed or are failing in their goals.

Included in that discussion is how 'the Nation's goals' have changed since much of the 'old deficit' spending was enacted. If the spending does not reflect current goals and needs of the country it gets trashed.

Reducing the sovereign authority of the USA military is not an option. It is my estimation the military, while indulged during the Bush/Cheney years, has a lot of ground to recover. The USA has used a lot of its 'stores' and it is time to rebuild our nation's military strength through warehousing. The military also has a role in these decisions. Old stores that are simply outdated, undesirable or simply stupid in its focus needs to be removed from the USA military budget and REALISTIC budgets of munitions should be introduced in aggressive campaigns throughout the legislative bodies. The military has to have an 'envoy corp' to advocate for effective focus of military spending that 'lobbies' all members of Congress to better serve their country and not cronies. Those priorities should be transparent WHERE and only where it is realistic to do so.

It is nice to have a President 'on the military's side' to improve all the mechanisms of procurement, but, it is an uphill battle for any Executive Branch to try to do this alone and it is best 'under this President' to start a vigorous campaign to educate members of Congress and the USA people to the stability of their military, its needs and how best to serve it through appropriations. The American public longs for this relationship with its military and would be happy to write to their Congress persons in advocacy of appropriate and necessary spending for that purpose. It is a way for the military to build a better relationship with the American public and act in unison to build a strong nation without gaps in authority and excess spending that serves NO ONE. The military will have to be an 'active listener' to the concerns of the public and their need to close the gap in spending vs a fast, efficient and effective military.

At the heart of this is a 'long desired peace initiative' that provides enforceable and realistic goals for the nation without derailing that initiative by wrongful wars. The American people need the military's 'long view' as well as their immediate needs to facilitate the military's directives.

Included in reduction of the National Debt is establishing a larger tax base, one with enough Middle Class 'disposable' income to continue to stimulate the economy without added unnecessary spending. That tax base will widen with every job that is created and every 'disposable' dollar that is liberated without destroying an effective health care system or education budget.

It's a tough job, but, I do believe it is this President and Congress that are best equipped to achieve it.

The reality of America today, is there is a huge gap between the 'banker bunch' and the Middle Class. It is up to the Middle Class to localize their economies and build strong local infrastructure that protects them from demise. Building strong local economies will not effect Wall Street, they are definately on a separate flight path. There are parallel societies in the USA. The 'connectedness' between 'the country's wealth' and the people disintegrated when companies turned to cheap labor and outsourcing decades ago. The Middle Class made the corporations wealthy and in turn they abandoned them.

It isn't sexy to have a prescribed method of success, but, the American educational system and work ethic has served this country well and we all need to return to it. Unions are not destructive entities for our society. Unions pulled the American worker out of poverty and made the Middle Class strong, they have a role in seeking a strong economy that is served well by the workers they represent.

In that reality, a return to 'international trade' as a method of good will and providing products to the people of a nation that doesn't already produce them is the only prudent trade practices that need to exist. Exploitive practices to dominate a 'goods market' is hostile and should be viewed as a diplomatic priority.

To focus, China. It has grown in dimension and now offers its people more services than it had for decades. The USA economy played a huge role in that relationship, but, it has become toxic to the people of both nations and it has to come to a reasonable and responsible end. China needs to focus on providing its goods to its populous and growing its domestic economy. That holds true for India. There is nothing wrong with providing a market to a country that does not have a strong economic base. That is the relationship the USA has enjoyed with China and India. It has been good for them, however, when it threatens the lives of people and sovereignty of the USA something has gone incredibly wrong.

A GOOD BALANCE OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE is the method for institutions such as the WTO and it is there every country can bring its specialty, innovation and need for additional or less trade. Nations need to understand each other and seek to achieve goals for their people with mutual respect for their needs.

That is why our local governments and state governments need to develop strong local economies that supply services and goods to the regions they are a part. The only barrier to this accomplishment is lack of expertise, but, it cannot be that far away. Most of the Governors of the States of this nation are well versed in economic growth and what works for their people.

deficits of understanding show up it is the responsibility of the federal government to provide insight (And that was insight, not necessarily money - economic growth places a reasonable tax base to States as well.) to how economies that can best serve the people and the region they are a part, including effective labor and environmental laws that allow growth without demoralizing the people and/or the land.

I think it is very healthy for a President to extend outreach to troubled areas of the country as noted as a directive by President Obama in his recent trips to Texas, a state on the border of a country troubled by violence. The 'ideological' barriers that prohibit effective economic growth need to come down.
If necessary, move past the political infrastructure and take it to the people.

There are states in the Southern USA where even a lawyer's authority has been demoralized and virtually does not serve as an opposition to 'the ESTABLISHMENT.' As a consequence the people are trapped in a culture that does not serve their needs and are consoled by religious fervor. It is one thing to worship god, it is another thing to expect to live lives of servitude to unknown economic strife for the entirety of one's life.

It is easy to be a 'redneck' when laughter fills in the gap to economic comfort.

In regions of the country where this is the case, it isn't enough to know the economic viability of the State, but more the of people, the demographics of that economy and how the result of the economy actually upholds the integrity of those people. The American Middle Class is suppose to grow its wealth and well being over a lifetime while passing on potential to its children.

In regions of the country that propagates sustained 'impoverishment' there is something grossly wrong with 'the establishment' and it is guaranteed citizens can't move past it.
These regions also exhibit higher high school drop out rates and increased military recruitment. That is not a military representative of the country, that is a military that is served by poverty and a federal military budget that is like welfare to the people. A people will learn that a high school education will not serve them if they can't find gainful employment for their diplomas and or their college degrees. Basically, why waste time in education when it isn't going to improve the outcome.

And do the nation a favor, break up the North Carolina monopoly on military instillations that were cronied by Helms. It is a monopoly that demoralizes the people of the state.

Economic growth should be a directive of every State of the USA. Growth is actually reduced when states are mired in 'sameness' and sustained oppression of change.

Economic growth should not be thwarted by ideologies and fears as witnessed by exploitive lies that permeates our society today. This should be a resoundingly wonderful time for the Middle Class, but, instead it has been infiltrated with fear propagated by hostile media seeking control of its market place.

Ethics has to be placed high on the agenda of legislators and when hateful lies permeate a legislative body on the very floor of the House and Senate they need to be addressed in ways that matter and reveal the truth of those lies to the electorate that placed them in that capacity. I think FINES should be added to Ethics Committees decisions as well.

That probably is enough to speculate about for 2010. "Change" has to be delivered and the promise of it has to continue. Positive outlooks for economic stabilty while returning function to our society and reducing the nation's debt needs to be a 'mainstay' of dialogue between all Democrats and their electorate. Talk it up people, let's make it happen.

Why the concept of a Missile Defense Shield is nothing more than Duck and Cover.

Position one is Asia. Position 8 is North America. Where is anyone going to put the Missile Defense Shield launch vehicle to counter any missile launched from Asia to stop it before it deploys MULTIPLE warheads?

Oh, I know, we can put it on a mobile platform in the Pacific Ocean close enough to play 'close proximity tag' with the Asian missile, right?

"W"rong. Why? Because Asian submarines will blow the 'chase' missile out of the water before it has a chance to even 'home in on' the Asian missile.

I know, we can park it in Taiwan, right?

"W"rong. To begin this Taiwan thing is like a burr up China's most sensitive area already and there is no way there will be successful deployment of any missile shield. I can't believe there is even going to be a Patriot System in Taiwan that will be tolerated. I would count on a conflict between China and Taiwan over this very issue and it will behoove the USA to MIND ITS OWN BUSINESS in regard this this idiot of a mistake by Taiwan.

Wait a minute, how about Japan? Or India?

Nerpa nuclear attack submarine enters service with Russia's Navy (click here)

Russia's Nerpa nuclear attack submarine, damaged in a fatal accident during tests in November last year, has entered service with the Russian Navy after successfully passing final trials, a Pacific Fleet spokesman said Monday....

...The submarine will be subsequently leased to the Indian Navy (click here) under the name INS Chakra. India reportedly paid $650 million for a 10-year lease of the 12,000-ton K-152 Nerpa, an Akula II class nuclear-powered attack submarine.

Akula II class vessels are considered the quietest and deadliest of all Russian nuclear-powered attack submarines.

India gives names to 3 frigates built by Russia (click here)


KALININGRAD, October 7 (RIA Novosti) - Three frigates being built at the Yantar shipyard in Russia's Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad for the Indian navy have been named by the Indian president, a shipyard spokesman said on Wednesday.

Russia is building three Project 11356 modified Krivak III class (also known as Talwar class) guided missile frigates for the Indian Navy under a $1.6 billion contract signed in July, 2006.

"Three frigates for the Indian navy, which are being built at our shipyard, have been given names - the Teg [Saber], the Tarkash [Quiver], and the Trikand [Bow]. Indian President Pratibha Patil has personally named the ships," Sergei Mikhailov said....

So much for India. Japan first agreed to the strategy in 2003 until it became eminently clear the mechanisms didn't work, it would be spending monies foolishly and opening up their nation to dangers from their neighbors in Asia when they needed cooperation over North Korea more.

Japan to halt new missile defence spending (click here)

By Agence France-Presse on December 16, 2009 at 6:14 am

Tokyo: Japan's centre-left government will likely freeze new spending on its joint missile defence system with the United States after the cabinet decided on budget cuts Tuesday, media reports said.

The cabinet's decision would probably delay the deployment of new Patriot Advanced Capability-3 interceptors (PAC-3) until after April 2011, said Kyodo News and other major media, citing unnamed sources.

Defence Minister Toshimi Kitazawa declined to elaborate on the media reports and the cabinet's budget decision but later told reporters: "I cannot say we were able to secure sufficient resources."

"But I believe our basic stance for the defence of our nation was well understood," Kitazawa added. "Details about individual facilities will be decided after those negotiations."

The Sankei Shimbun said the ministry had requested 94.4 billion yen (1.06 billion dollars) for the fiscal year from April 2010 to deploy PAC-3 units at three more Japanese military bases over the next five years.

The government of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, which ended decades of conservative rule in August elections, has tried aggressively to cut spending in efforts to improve debt-ridden government finances....

United States Patent 4638737

The issue as to why India and other nations, including the USA are turning to Russia for military hardware is because Russia has it for sale. Just that simple.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the international cooperation for non-involvement of the global community after Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld abandoned Afghanistan to wage an illegal oil war in Iraq and 'the containment' of the USA has resulted in low 'stocks' of USA military hardware. Therefore, USA contractors have been kept busy supplying the USA with equipment leaving no room for allies to purchase same.

The issue with a Multi-Warhead, Anti-armor Missile? I don't really think I need to explain this, but, what the heck.

There is no way the USA or Europe can 'park' chase missiles to innumerable targets of incoming missiles in their countries. These warheads can be 'sprayed' in a wide array, or they can be leveled redundantly at one or two or three selective locations.

In order to protect the USA or Europe or Japan from such an attack would require a huge arsenal of 'tested and true' chase missiles to intercept ANY and EVERY incoming warhead. All China or Russia has to do is rain redundantly nuclear Multi-Warhead, Anti-Armor Missiles at their target and the Missile Defense Shield would be EASILY overwhelmed.

MDS is a huge waste of money and would dearly hope the global community would get over the idea of being safe from nuclear holocaust EXCEPT to disarm from it completely and insist on Non-Proliferation as the ONLY diplomatic directive of every country currently engaged in this STUPID strategy and growing number of nuclear states.

End of discussion.

Why then are countries like Taiwan desirous of this mess? Because they think it is intimidating. I got news, if Taiwan is actually believing they will become impervious to the wrath of China with such systems deployed in that tiny island 'state' of China, it will wake up to a grossly different reality REGARDLESS of its' worth to the Chinese economy.

Rolling back the myth. It is not possible for a 'missile shield' to protect anyone more than "Duck and Cover" did.

Transparency to at the very least NATO allies about the 'real capacity' of any missile defense shield is necessary.

Officials investigating cause of missile failure (click title to entry - thank you)

By The Garden Island
Published: Saturday, December 12, 2009 3:09 AM HST
LIHU‘E — Officials continue to investigate why a target missile went awry at the U.S. Navy Pacific Missile Range Facility Friday, causing the cancellation of a planned missile-defense test, according to a press release.

A planned test of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system scheduled to be conducted from PMRF, at Barking Sands, near Kekaha, was not able to be completed Friday due to an anomaly with the target missile.

The target missile was successfully deployed from a C-17 transport aircraft but the target’s rocket motor did not ignite, the release states.

The THAAD interceptor missile was not launched, though the system’s fire-control system conducted a number of successful simulations, according to the release.

The THAAD system components were verified to be in working order, and the system was ready to conduct the mission.

Program officials are conducting an extensive investigation to determine the cause of the anomaly.

AND it is a bit ludicrous to even believe a private military contractor isn't making this technology available to other nations. It is also a bit outrageous for Taiwan to be asking for it because that puts the technology at the disposal of China.

So, given these dynamics, it would seem as though Russia simply has to offer Raytheon a contract at this point. If Taiwan begins this mess, it is a threat to mainland China and will open all sorts of Pandora boxes.

This is exactly the reason why Nuclear Non-Proliferation has to be effective on a global basis. If there isn't comprehensive agreement and cooperation, it mostly likely won't work and will be a ludicrous act of political grandstanding without delivering a quality and enforceable treaty.

Raytheon gets $1.1b Taiwan contract (click here)

Bloomberg News / December 24, 2009
Raytheon Co., the world’s largest missile maker, has won contracts totaling $1.1 billion to produce the Patriot Air and Missile Defense System for Taiwan.

The awards include an initial contract for ground-system hardware valued at $965.6 million and an initial order for spare parts valued at $134.4 million, Waltham-based Raytheon said yesterday.

The US Defense Department in October 2008 proposed making $6.46 billion worth of weapons sales to Taiwan, including the most advanced Patriot antimissile system. Taiwan received $18.3 billion in US arms under the Foreign Military Sales program from 1950 to 2006.

Raytheon had 2008 sales of about $23.2 billion.


Nuclear Non-Proliferation has a START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty).

...There are three major sticking points in the new agreement: (click title to entry - thank you)

1. How to link strategic arms reduction with restricting the global missile-defense system.

2. Limiting the "return potential" - the number of carriers and warheads which are stockpiled but could be brought back into action.

3. Control over mobile ground systems and restrictions on the areas of their deployment.

The missile-defense system long ago became a political issue between Russia and the United States. Nevertheless, a missile defense system capable of protecting against several hundred intercontinental missiles is unlikely to be built in the next 15 to 20 years. Therefore, all it could do would be to minimize damage in case of an attack, and only if its first strike hits the bulk of the enemy's missiles. And, even so, in case of a hypothetical conflict between Russia and the United States, dozens of warheads would break through, and damage would be unacceptable....

The original START I treaty was signed on July 31, 1991 and entered into enforceable law on December 5, 1994. It was limited to the USA and Russia. While that is a huge accomplishment for both nations are they being short sighted to leave China out of the equation?

When START I was enforceable China was only beginning its nuclear focus. It was no threat to any nation, but, it has come a long way and to overlook the potential it has to the stability of the civilized world is to realize Japan's disarmament is worthless and gratuitous.

Last updated Feb. 4, 2003
Summary of Chinese Nuclear Arsenal: (click here)

China's nuclear arsenal is in the midst of a rapid modernization program begun in the mid-1980s. By increasing the size, accuracy, range, and survivability of the nuclear arsenal, Chinese leaders aim to strengthen Beijing's deterrent. China hopes to mimic the United States and Russia in deploying its nuclear weapons in a sea-, air-, and land-based triad. U.S. intelligence and defense agencies predict that over the next 15 years China may increase the number of warheads aimed at U.S. targets from 20 to between 75-100.

In the next decade, China will likely make its most precipitous headway in the development of ballistic missiles. Development efforts stress increasing the number of mobile, solid-fuel, intercontinental missiles in order to maximize deterrence. Currently China has a host of nuclear missiles at its disposal. These include 20 liquid-fueled intermediate range Dong Feng-4s (DF-4s), 48 medium range solid-fuel DF-21s, which are mobile, and 20 silo-based intercontinental DF-5s, which can reach the United States. The DF-3 has become outdated and is being retired. Other solid-fueled short-range missiles, the DF-11 and DF-15 (they are called the M-11 and M-9 when exported), may have nuclear capability. Two new mobile solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) are under development.

U.S. intelligence surmises that China has long had the ability to develop multiple reentry vehicles (MRVs) for its missiles. Should China choose to develop these systems, ICBMs could be so-outfitted within only a few years. U.S. deployment of a missile defense system could precipitate such action...

The problem is this, the USA has advanced systems the global community views as a threat to their national security. That is no small matter. It doesn't matter if the missile shield systems don't work and haven't worked for decades costing the USA treasury megabucks of worthless endeavor, the global community views this potential as real.

Part of the reason the USA will not capitulate its technology is a matter of pride and a form of 'selling out' for peace, but, also because the 'viewed potential' can serve the purpose as a deterrent.

The 'truth' is that deterrent isn't real and it is foolish to continue any appearance of such a measure as a valid issue for national security for the USA. The PROBLEM is with such a measure 'in the mix' of diplomacy and international stability there are real barriers to the movement forward.

So, the question arises, how 'in fact' do we accomplish more than just another START treaty but real and profound non-proliferation?

It might be that START is simply a history lesson and today the real measure of peace and non-proliferation is bringing all the five legal nuclear nations to same Peace Table to bring about the change a weary world views as the quintessential measure for enforceable non-proliferation.

I profoundly believe 'we have to go there' and I also strongly believe the USA and Russia can deliver that reality to the children of their nations.

I would strongly suggest the first step that should and can be taken immediately is for the USA and Russia to sign a Pre-Treaty Summit Pact to pursue to the end such an agreement and have it legislated into law by both the USA legislature and the Russian Duma.

Blackwater Militia / Paramilitary by any name is a sovereignty issue.

Basically, what Bush/Cheney did is to turn this private paramilitary organization into a 'license to kill' organization for the purpose of appearing to have control.

When a private organization can be placed above the law, the USA military still controls sovereignty of its troops when an incident occurs. In this case, Blackwater decided to carry out its contracts successfully and could kill anyone in sight to achieve a paycheck. That is a human rights violation of the highest magnitude. This methodology, at some level (even the level of the paramilitary soldier alone), was consented to by the 'corporation.'
The civilians were disposable by Blackwater while its 'bottom line' was not.

Blackwater could never handle its own potential and a threat to American soldiers for its blundering status. No private paramilitary organization should have been allowed to grow to this size and now poses enormous threat to the USA, its operations with American police and sheriff forces should be ended. Any police brutality and or wrongful deaths occurring by Blackwater graduates should result in lawsuits against those that trained the officer.

Additionally, Blackwater will ultimately compete with the USA military for recruits. That alone is a sovereignty issue within the borders of the USA.

Private Paramilitary Organizations that reach a size attracting 'Wall Street Wealth Merchants' will result in perpetual war and never peace.

...The fortunes of Blackwater (click here) – the security firm that has come to represent the unacceptable face of privatised warfare – have closely mirrored the trajectory of America's military efforts to combat terrorism in the wake of 9/11.

Before the attacks, Blackwater was a little-known security training firm based in Moyock, North Carolina, with just over $200,000 in federal contracts. By 2006 its work for the US had mushroomed to almost $600m. Its turnover is now well over $1bn....

When a paramilitary organization attempts to exonerate itself by intimidating governments and potentially American judges, they are threat to sovereignty. It would have been better if there was a better outcome for control of this maniac group in the American courts.

If Blackwater employees' words were used against them when they were stupid enough to say them to authorities that is ADMISSIBLE evidence.

The facts were completely plain. The people killed that day were innocent civilians. If a paramilitary organization cannot discern innocent people from insurgents they are ineffective in their operations. Any death of innocent people is treated with great severity by the USA military, so therefore, perhaps such incidents should be handled through military tribunals in the country where the attack occurred for such an organization. These are private contractors and should not carry the weight of a USA military soldier in any country on Earth subscribing to the Geneva Conventions in relation to POWs. Besides Eric Prince would tell anyone he has god on his side, so, he doesn't really need the Geneva Conventions, now does he?

Blackwater chief hails ruling in Iraq shooting case (click title to entry - thank you)

WASHINGTON — The CEO of the company formerly known as Blackwater issued a statement praising a judge's decision to dismiss charges against five of his firm's security guards charged with fatally shooting 14 unarmed Iraqis.

"The company supports the judge's decision to dismiss the charges," (No clue.) said Joseph Yorio, chairman and CEO of the newly christened Xe Services, in a statement appearing in several US media....

With the realization the USA cannot control its' paramilitary private contractors, all contracts with any country should be easily cancelled as a threat to sovereignty.

If one is to speak to an expert, such as General Stanley McCrystal, he will state counter-insurgency measures includes 'being careful' of the civilians as to not alienate them from a 'return' of control to their government. THEREFORE, the methods used by Blackwater 'aids' the insurgency and does not thwart it. The contracts Blackwater holds with the USA government currently can be thrown out as worthless based upon USA military directives. The group is INCOMPETENT.

If a paramilitary organization AIDS an insurgency, it is endangering USA soldiers' lives and needs to be removed from any battlefield IMMEDIATELY.

...According to The Nation and other Pakistani bloggers the infamous Blackwater (click here) –notorious for being kicked out of Iraq–is now consolidating its position in Pakistan. This is seriously disturbing as the company is known for its excessive use of force and for its disrespect for the local laws of Iraq. Will they repeat the same idiotic practices in Pakistan all in the name of providing security to high ranking US officials?...

Rehman denies visa issuance for Blackwater (click here)

Updated at: 2303 PST, Friday, January 01, 2010
ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik said Friday neither the Blackwater was registered in Pakistan nor its officials were issued Pakistani visas.

He also denied any contract between Blackwater and Pakistani Intelligence Agency.

Addressing business community at Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Malik said no such agency named Blackwater is working in Pakistan while he provided his mobile phone number for information in this regard.

He further said discussions with religious extremists failed in the past and the militants are getting foreign aid.

“Militants’ objective is to split Pakistan,” he added.

He urged the business community to give 0.2 percent of its earning to the fund established for the improvement of the police.

There needs to be a perpetual "Arbor Tax Credit" for private land owners in the USA, as good will gesture honoring Nobel Laureate, Wanger Maathai.

This is actually a vital function for the USA, as there is evidence 'habitat loss' is actually placing bird species in 'threatened' and/or 'endangered' species range. This is a burgeoning reality with 'bird counts' this year. It is also an economic stimulus and will provide incentive for folks to purchase trees from nurseries.

The USA Tax Credit should reflect the spirit of this Nobel Laureate providing incentive for every private land owner, including homeowners, to plant trees on their property WITHOUT destroying a tree. The natural death of a tree is exempt.

The tax credit should be worth 'the cost of the tree (at fair market value) and labor to plant it plus 10%.'

It should apply to any tree planted on private property in excess of those that may have been cut down. If a property owner cuts down two trees, but, plants three; the tax credit is only on the extra tree planted. If the natural death of a tree occurs on private property, that is exempt from the 'removal' aspect of the statute and the replacement tree is given full credit.

The trees have to be 'native tree species' to the region of the country where planted. They can be propagated by the property owner, but, the credit will represent a 'standard' credit for self propagated trees that are made part of the permanent landscape of the property. The standard credit would reflect the cost of purchase of a tree, but, without the 10% or labor costs.

It is a one time credit per tree, that can receive an extra 5% credit if the tree is planted on National Arbor Day by proof of receipt purchase within thirty days of the last Friday in April. GPS reading would valiate the location of the tree upon planting and would have to be recorded on the citizens' tax return.

A non-profit organization could be established to 'register' the planted trees and formulate the extent the nation is replacing its trees or that could be a function of the Arbor Day Foundation.

This is another global atrocity. Iran NEEDS a martyred leader? WHAT ???????????

Mir Hossein Mousavi has decided he is a 'disposable human being' in order to 'gain citizen rights' in Iran.


I guess the current Iranian 'authority' is not the nation's leaders. They don't seem to be able to formulate solutions to problems and have missed another global deadline. I suppose 'the people' of Iran that oppose their government have good reason to do so.

Iranian Opposition Leader Sends New Warning (click here)

Top Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi is warning Tehran's government it will not be able to put down the reform movement by force, and says he is not afraid to become a martyr.

In a statement posted on opposition Web sites - Mousavi's own Kaleme site and Jaras - Friday, the reformer said Iran is in the midst of a "serious crisis."

Mousavi warned that jailing or killing opposition leaders will not calm the situation. He also called on the government to adopt a five-point plan, which includes freeing political prisoners and establishing new, transparent election laws.

The statement follows some of the worst violence to hit the country since June, when President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won a disputed election....

Iran's Ahmadinejad dismisses West's year-end deadline (click here)

Tue Dec 22, 2009 4:07pm EST


..."Who are they to set us a deadline?" Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech in the southern city of Shiraz...

Who are they? Perhaps it is time the global community introduce themselves. End any access to other nations by cancelling visas and passports and begin to send monies to a new treasury that actually belongs to the people of Iran over seen by Mir Hussein Mousavi. An offshore account that the opposition leadership has to facilitate their own protections would be interesting.

If Mousavi IS 'the people's protector' than he needs to begin the next formal government of Iran that actually cooperates with the generous offer by Russia to process the Iranian uranium.

It is time for the global community to stop dancing on 'formalities' and call it the way they see it. Cooperation is no longer 'an option' but needs to be enforceable through methods that show the 'extreme' power it is capable of carrying out without violence.

This is NOT that difficult. There is already a new government waiting to be empowered. What DOES seem to be the issue?

Holds on Iranian assets need to begin immediately and redirected to the new sovereign authority of Iran.


Any contracts with the old 'regime' in Iran should still be honored and there should be no delay in empowering the leadership that 'CAN' formulate solutions. This is 'exterior' control of hostile nations and the global community should have methods to facilitate a 'real' threat to the operations of such countries and leadership. I don't care the country, there is no way one country should have this type of 'opportunity to kill' or 'even make the threat' to another's peoples.

It should be nearly as simple and turning off and on a faucet. There is no reason for this level of hostility to exist in a country containing nuclear 'opportunity.' If illegal countries want illegal nuclear weapons under Non-Proliferation there in lies the ability to stop it. Legal nations are a joke at this point and they need to take control of the Non-Proliferation Treaty and give it some 'teeth.' The IAEA should be involved in the decision capacity of this measure.

The 'right' to proceed under The Geneva Conventions is based in 'the innocence of citizens.' The sanctions are becoming danger to the Iranian people, their government has become hostile to their very existence and is exerting deadly force of the citizenry, hence 'potentially' genocidal to entire generation of young Iranians.

The Murderer Bomber in Afghanistan that killed CIA agents was trying to masquerade as an 'informant.' I guess informants are necessary with Karzai.

Come on now. Do people bring strangers home at first meeting? No. Then why allow people without credentials into a compound? This was going to happen. This is a really bad practice. Informants don't happen, they are 'proven' to be invaluable. This is not a good methodology. At all.

And I am going to add this. If this is the level of 'infiltration' that occurs in Afghanistan, there is no excuse for the conflict there. This is primitive and can easily be overcome by Western application of policy. This is going to be over before it starts. NATO and the USA have to do some good assessments to the degree of force that is necessary in Afghanistan in their counter-insurgency methods. This is really primitive in its application. Letting down 'the coalition's guard' to enhance 'friendliness' is not a reasonable methodology. It will be exploited. The Afghan people have to come to realize this 'degree of anger' within their populous is a problem they have to overcome to increase their quality of life. NATO and the USA have a right to their sovereign authority within Afghanistan given the degree of corruption and the danger this country has become to the global community. The people of Afghanistan OWN THE PROBLEM, other nation's do not.

Corruption this deep within a society and its government will 'WHINE' about EVERYTHING in order to demoralize the 'controlling' entity/force. Making 'the connection' with the Afghan people is important, but, it should not be deadly. The Taliban are 'gaming' NATO. They are an enemy to the global community, they fall under the Geneva Conventions and we have a right to kill them. Ahhh, too bad.

These CIA agents were brought to Afghanistan in 'good will' to harness the ability of the Afghan people to generate an economy, secure their sovereign authority to be a nation. The agents felt so strongly about 'out reach' to the people they welcomed anyone that was attempting to be 'out of the control of the Taliban' to their compound to facilitate assistance. In turn, the Taliban attacked the very people that were there to help. These folks were civilians. The Afghan people and Karzai scream bloody murder then their civilians are killed, so it is our turn now.

We have a right to national security in the USA and Europe. We have a right to have the largest drug culture end. We have a right to stop corruption of a nation that has proven to support terrorist networks that have attacked the USA and allies. It's over. Afghanistan is going to correct its path or the global community will correct it for them. If that means there are mountains without recognizable borders to a country then that is what that means. If Afghanistan becomes an extension of its neighbor's sovereign authority to facilitate the end of deaths in bordering countries than so be it. I strongly suggest every country surrounding Afghanistan begin to plan to extend their sovereign borders to absorb this dangerous entity in the region.

The surrounding nations to Afghanistan might want to begin a summit process to coordinate their intentions and prevent conflict between them. They need to recognize human rights issues regarding cultural genocide and the right of the people of Afghanistan to continue their ethnic cultures regardless of the control of any sovereign authority that annexes a portion of the region. I am dead serious.

The Annual Rickshaw Race is underway. Motorized? Cheating.

And to top it off the city they are racing to has a monument of Ghandi. (click here)

Classic Run (from 2009 - click here)

Do you see the cost of the entry fee? Like? What? (click here) And that is in Euros. It translates into about $1900 US. It is an outrage. What happened to the Rupee?

I want divisions here. Motorized and Foot Driven. The guys starting out in Rickshaw or that adhere to tradition don't have a chance. Where are the unions on this? I am serious. The judges have sold out to Wall Street.

There are no purists in the bunch? In India? No purists? Astonishing. It is all that outsourcing that has corrupted their value system.

...This year, 45 participants from 11 countries will be spending New Year's Eve (click title to entry -thank you) on the road to Pondicherry in the first of seven stages of the fourth annual Classic Run Rickshaw Challenge. From Chennai to Kanniyakumari, these participants will experience an autorickshaw adventure that will take 11 days and 1,000 kilometers to complete!

The idea is for every participant to travel to Chennai, learn how to drive an auto rickshaw, and then personally drive their custom-made autorickshaws along a pre-charted route through Tamil Nadu. Participants will be allowed only one break, which will be on New Year's Day to recover from what is anticipated to be an incredible beach party in Pondicherry.

This annual event hold significant importance for its founding company, Chennai Event Management Services. In 2006, founder Aravind Bremanandam introduced autorickshaw expeditions to India in response to the growing trend of adventure tourism. His first route and only route in 2006, an event called the Indian Autorickshaw Challenge, started in Chennai and finished in Kanniyakumari. Today, four years later, that route has been renamed to the Classic Run and three more unique routes have been introduced into the Rickshaw Challenge franchise....