Wednesday, October 03, 2012

It is impossible to debate a liar.

I lost count to the number of flip flops by Romney.

Romney has taken every statement by the President and contradicted the words. Now, you'll excuse me, but, President Obama did more homework on this debate then Romney and it is perfectly obvious.

President Obama has looked at the Romney/Ryan plans and specifically stated where the differences were. No sooner are the words out of President Obama's mouth than Romney is calling the President a liar. That isn't the case. Romney's strategy was not to talk about facts and what will work, but, is to simply contradict the President and make him appear a liar.

Romney has no specifics because it would be possible to hold him to the facts of his specifics and pin down the differences between the two. 

The arithmetic of the Romney/Ryan plans don't add up. The President trying to be thorough to benefit the debate extrapolated what he could from the Romney rhetoric and found a lot of imperfections. The President tried to make the debate worth watching. It wasn't worth watching. I have ten pages of notes and it simply wasn't worth watching. It was not a debate, it was Romney dancing around every difference between he and the President to make up a new image of a centrist when he isn't.

I sincerely thought this was an opportunity for Governor Romney to actually connect with people and be specific about his plans. He wasn't and he simply tried to remake his image tonight. I didn't learn anything I didn't know before the debate started.

Romney fabricated so many lies I don't where to start.

I loved this one, he repeated it over and over for some reason, Romney said, "I will not lower taxes on higher incomes" Then he said I will lower tax rates on everyone and eliminate deductions and CREDITS. Like what?

So Romney has some kind of magic in that he is going to lower rates and remove deductions and credits that WILL KEEP THE TAX RATE THE SAME AS TODAY FOR HIGHER INCOMES.

Right. So, his Romney's effective tax rate, when all deductions are applied as it should be would be no more than 9%. So, golly, Romney would not lower his 9 percent effective income tax rate while eliminating deductions and credits. SURE and I was born yesterday. Because if Romney maintains his 9 percent effective rate while removing deductions and credits, he is removing them from the Middle Class.

Now that is THE TRUTH. But, if my extrapolation of the rhetoric is too much for Mr. Romney to agree with as his valid statement I am sure he'll change his words in a minute.

Romney's statements regarding public land leases is inaccurate.

Release Date: 07/18/12
Contacts:Stephen Baker 505.954.2022

BLM Oil and Gas Lease Sale Nets over $28 Million from Parcels in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma (click here)

Santa Fe – A quarterly oil and gas lease sale administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
netted over $28 million in revenues today from the sale of 35 federal leases 

in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. The oral auction took place at the BLM’s New Mexico State Office in Santa Fe.
A total of 34 bidders registered for today’s auction.  

Bids for 14 parcels in New Mexico brought in over $25.6 million. Bids for 15 parcels in Texas brought

 in over $2.7 million. Bids for six parcels in Oklahoma brought in over $150,000.

The highest bid per acre and per parcel was $12,600/acre for an 800-acre parcel in Lea County, 

New Mexico, by Charles Ray of Midland, Texas.

It is impossible to debate a liar. A liar is a moving target intended to deceive
the audience. 

Romney stated he would not put in place any tax cut that would add to the 
deficit. His personal tax cut alone adds to the deficit. And the statement he 
isn't going to cut taxes on higher income Americans is another way of stating,

If the coal industry is experiencing less demand in the USA, it is due to competition by hydraulic fracturing. It has nothing to do with regulation. 

posted by Nicholas Cunningham on August 10, 2012 at 9:50 am
...Innovations (click here) in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have unlocked vast sources of low-cost natural gas. Prices have plummeted as a result, as the country is awash in gas. As I’ve noted before, this is killing the coal industry. In April, for the first time ever, electricity generated from natural gas equaled that of coal, both generating an estimated 32% of U.S. electricity. This demonstrated a precipitous decline for the coal industry – literally in the last year or so....

I was disturbed with this statement by Mr. Romney, "The deficit is a critical issue. It is a moral issue as is raising taxes, cutting spending and the economy."

The statement by Mr. Romney is all about money. It says nothing about the condition of the nation or the condition of the citizens. It makes the assumption money has a higher moral standing than the people of the nation.  

What bothers me more is this is a man that pays an effective tax rate of 9%. Who is he to say what is moral about the deficit, spending cuts and the economy? Besides, President Obama has already cut domestic spending in the way of domestic sequestration by $750 billion. So, that answers Romney's moral accusations about the national debt and deficit. Perhaps Mr. Romney is not paying attention to what the President actually does for the country in the way of moral content. I believe the words President Obama used were "Economic Patriotism." I liked the way that sounded. It was in regard to FOCUSING on the Middle Class as the strongest contributing members of our society and economy.

President Obama was correct about the national debt as well. He inherited a mess, a very big mess; two wars unpaid for, the Bush Tax Cuts unpaid for, many programs passed during the Government Funded Economy of Bush and they weren't paid for and to put the frosting on the cake an economic meltdown. He is correct. When he entered office the national debt was a runaway train and impossible to slow down, yet stop. 

Right Wing pundits like to assign all the monies spent after January 20, 2009 to President Obama as his responsibility. "W"rong. I suppose President Obama could have stopped the two wars in their entirety, had the Democrats rewrite the tax code and written executive orders to end all the spending across the country so he could start his own 'counter' of Obama policy spending. That isn't realistic, now is it?

The National Debt in 2000 was $5,689,679,573,000.

The National Debt in 2008 was $10,345,132,000,000.

The 2008 number was the beginning of 2008 and not the end of it. The end was very different and far higher.

The national debt right now in October 2012 is $15,999,583,400,000. The national debt as it stands today is directly related to the continuing previous administration's costs of wars, programs and tax cuts. The amount the nation added to the national debt under President Obama is not even close to the 'structural debt' the entire nation inherited from the Bush years. And the costs for the Bush Tax Cuts are still adding up.

Bush-Era Tax Cuts Projected As Largest Contributor To Public Debt [CHART] (click here)

First Posted: 05/20/11 03:50 PM ET

Updated: 07/20/11 06:12 AM ET

William Alden 

If the Bush-era tax cuts are renewed next year, that policy will by 2019 be the single largest contributor to the nation's public debt -- "the sum of annual budget deficits, minus annual surpluses" -- according to new analysis from the non-partisan Center for Budget and Policy Priorities....

Romney believes in extending the Bush Era Tax Cuts. So, here ya go.

A lot of what I heard Romney say is 'Wing and Pray' stuff. In other words, when President Obama stated distributing Medicaid to the states would cut benefits by 30%, Romney simply saw that as a problem the states faced and would over come by chance the Governors could get creative. Leaving the funding of Medicaid to creativity by Governors is not what I would call specifics on how it works.

A lot of what Romney/Ryan state is 'wing and pray' stuff. Ryan's entire budget is based on a wing and a pray.

Then Romney gets all flustered when President Obama insisted the nation needs more teachers in math and science. The President was specific by saying at least 100,000. The American Jobs Act was going to provide that without costing the nation any additional monies to the deficit. Romney tried to dash in front of the camera to distract his position by saying, "Of course I believe in education, etc., etc., etc." Well, that is a good thing, huh? I suppose BELIEVING is better than specifics any day of the week.

The bottom line was Romney wants to provide money to 'each child' to pursue their education wherever they want to. He believes competition will fix everything. It is a crazy notion to defund the public education system and throw caution to the wind while literally saying, "Here let the parents figure it out."

There was one statement by Mr. Romney where he stated he would keep some of the provisions of the health care law. Even though it was found constitutional, there are only a few items on the 'Affordable Care Act" MENU of selections he would keep while trusting the American people with the rest and trashing the parts of the law that made it constitutional in the first place. But, most of all Romney believes the "American people are innovative." When it comes to health care, there is only one person that should be GUIDING the choices a person makes and that would be a physician. I would definitely rule out 'spiritual healer' and witch doctor from the list of innovations that exist in the USA.

Herbalists are interesting, but, there is a limit to the effectiveness of such practices.

Romney wants to build an economy built on oil and gas exploitation of the lands and military prowess. His ideas are antiquated. That is a valid truth. I really didn't hear much that impressed me. He ran on and on about next to nothing as if the sky was falling. Poor Mr. Lear. When Romney could have answered the debate questions with a sentence he turned it into paragraphs and paragraphs.

At one point, I had to laugh, when he stated he loved every thing under the sun, I expected the dancing trees from Michigan to enter the stage at one point. 

I give the debate to the President simply because he was serious about it. I may be the only one that does see the President as the winner of the debate, but, I won't change my mind. If a person is serious about being President than come with specifics and not simply attacks and hype. I still know less about Romney as president than I do about the current President. 

I think Romney saw the debate as a way to polish and change his image. He didn't care about what problems the nation faces. He is more interested in his own 'likeableness.' Is that a word? Oh, well.

Pennsylvania Governor Corbett has a problem.

Does he execute a man that should not be on death row in Pennsylvania or any place else?

Corbett needs to recall the death warrant until the re-sentencing of a man imprisoned before he was an adult. 

...A Philadelphia judge (click here) on Friday vacated Williams' death sentence, finding that prosecutors hid evidence of the alleged sexual abuse at his 1986 murder trial and granting him a new sentencing hearing.

But Philadelphia's district attorney has appealed her stay and wants the 46-year-old Williams executed before his death warrant expires at midnight Wednesday.

Terrance “Terry” Williams at the age of 17 killed the men sexually abusing him. The evidence to the sexual abuse was never stated in Williams trial. Due to the fact sex abuse is an aggravation to any crime the likelihood of Williams getting a lesser sentence is very good.

Pennsylvania has not executed anyone in 50 years. Evidently, Tom Corbett wants desperately to alleviate the state budget of the burden of housing death row inmates and believe it will close a budget hole to start the killing all over again.

Harrisburg, U.S.A.  – Governor Tom Corbett (click here) has signed execution warrants for three men, each of whom were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death.

Terry Ray Chamberlain, Andre Staton and David Richard Ramtahal are scheduled to be executed in October. They are incarcerated at the State Correctional Institution at Greene....

Terrance Williams should not be executed. He needs to be re-sentenced when the truth is told. The government willfully withheld evidence that would cause a far different outcome to his trial. The authorities in re-sentencing also needs to penalize those that committed FRAUD against Mr. Williams while nearly causing his death by a wrongful sentence after his trial.

Judge Halts Execution of Terrance Williams

A Philadelphia judge has halted Wednesday’s scheduled execution of death-row inmate Terrance “Terry” Williams and granted him a new sentencing hearing.

By David Chang |  Friday, Sep 28, 2012
A Philadelphia judge has halted Wednesday’s scheduled execution of death-row inmate Terrance “Terry” Williams and granted him a new sentencing hearing.
Judge M. Teresa Sarmina said Friday prosecutors suppressed evidence that Williams’ victim was an alleged pedophile who abused boys, including Williams.
However, Sarmina upheld Williams’ first-degree murder conviction.
Williams’ lawyers say police and prosecutors withheld evidence about the sexual link between him and victim Amos Norwood, so the jury never heard about it before voting for a death sentence.
Philadelphia prosecutors deny any wrongdoing in the 1986 trial.
Williams would be the first person executed involuntarily in Pennsylvania since 1962.

Tom Corbett will be breaking the law by executing Terrance Williams. The trial was misconducted when it came to his sentencing as a 17 year old. Executing a man who has known nothing but prison for his adult years when there is profound truth to the doubt of his sentencing would be an act of vindictiveness and not justice. Society should not allow such acts of vindictiveness exist in its criminal justice system ever. The USA is not about persecution of its inmates, it is about achieving justice for the crime they committed and the circumstances of which they committed it. Corbett is in serious reach of killing a man never deserving of it and being unfit for office. Corbett is not a jury and he should not put himself in the role of the executioner on a whim!

House Republican leadership has failed the nation.

Besides sending the nation into its first credit downgrade because they could not come to terms with the debt ceiling and made a spectacle of themselves globally, they have not been able to compromise between their extremist Tea Party and main stream House Republicans to pass a Farm Bill.

They continued for two years to name post offices, campaign on the House floor, pass legislation that would not pass the Senate, delayed funding of the FAA causing dips in the economy, refused to pass the American Jobs Act which was paid for and would have put millions of Americans back to work while building our infrastructure, returning functioning to school systems across this nation and could not and have not come to terms with the DIRE need for raising taxes in the only demographic that can possibly afford to pay more taxes, THE WEALTHY; THEIR CRONIES.

They are corrupt to the core and need not return in November. The American people do not need politicians with strategies, they need leaders that can work together to solve the country's problems. The Republicans cannot even decide on what side of the bed they sleep on any given night and we expect them to solve problems.

Really?  I mean Really?

By Molly K. Hooper 10/02/12 05:00 AM ET
Speaker John Boehner (click here) has implemented a Karl Rove-like campaign strategy aimed at helping Republicans in blue and red states that are not considered competitive in the 2012 presidential contest.
Boehner is focused on so-called “orphan” districts, knowing that winning these races is the key to retaining the House GOP majority. 
The Ohio Republican only recently noted his concerns on orphan candidates, but he has been working on the issue since early in the 2012 cycle....