Thursday, April 30, 2015

$1 trillion budget for nuclear missile system refit in 2016 budget.

Rep. John Geramendi's (click here) amendment to the 2016 budget was defeated on majority vote and was postponed on a roll call vote.

His statements were not about Iran, he stated the USA, Russia and China are engaged in a new nuclear arms race and one that is very dangerous with very short awareness of a hair trigger response. He is exceptionally worried and we need to pay attention. He stated there needs to be refocus on non-proliferation.

Evidently, the W80 nuclear warhead is a designed to be deployed on cruise missiles. That technology and stealth technology can bring a nuclear missile to the USA shores before it can be detected by radar. 

The United States plans to spend at least $355 billion to maintain and rebuild its nuclear arsenal over the next decade, according to a new report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Over the next 30 years, the bill could add up to $1 trillion, according to another independent estimate....

Rep. Geramendi states we are headed down the rat hole.

He stated there is nuclear capacity repeated four times in different technology.

Stealth jets, cruise missiles, navy submarines and the silos in the Midwest. He made an analogy to the years of "Duck and Cover" when he spoke. He states the arms race is unnecessary and Russia and China are attempting to match us. "Do we cause this? We are certainly a part of it. Where is the money for education? We are pushing the spending of over a trillion dollars and it is unnecessary." He questions about the spending as opposed to clean up facilities.

Congressional Research Service
A “pit” is the plutonium core of a nuclear weapon. Until 1989, the Rocky Flats Plant (CO) mass-produced pits. Since then, the United States has made at most 11 pits per year (ppy). U.S. policyis to maintain existing nuclear weapons. To do this, the Department of Defense states that it needs the Department of Energy (DOE), which maintains U.S. nuclear weapons, to produce 50-80 ppy by 2030. While some argue that few if any new pits are needed, at least for decades, this report focuses on options to reach 80 ppy....
It is about individual Congresspersons and their coveted spending. There are 'jobs' mentioned with much of this spending. It needs to be reviewed by the United Nations for violations in the Non-Proliferation Agreement of which the USA is a member. It is very possible the US spending is way out of line by the US House. Mr. Geramendi is opposed to the level of the danger of the new technologies being entertained by the USA. There is escalation of the nuclear interests of the USA while they completely neglect the conventional needs of the military and domestic programs for the poor and children of the USA.

April 8, 2015
By Kris Osborn

National Harbor, Md. — Engineers with the U.S. Navy (click here) have finished drawing up specs for a future class of nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarines, officials said.
The technical details, known as ship specification documents, will set the stage for engineering work and eventually construction of ships in the so-called Ohio Replacement Program being developed by General Dynamics Corp.’s Electric Boat unit.
Consisting of three volumes, each with hundreds of pages, the documents detail the configuration, design and technical requirements for the next-generation boat, the first of which is slated to begin construction in 2021 and enter the fleet in 2031, Navy and company officials said....

The United Nations might ask members of the USA Congress to speak to the General Assembly and explain why the USA is increasing the danger in the world rather than at least limiting it or reducing it.

MOX fuel (click here) was first used in a thermal reactor in 1963, but did not come into commercial use until the 1980s. So far about 2000 tonnes of MOX fuel has been fabricated and loaded into power reactors. In 2006 about 180 tonnes of MOX fuel was loaded into over 30 reactors (mostly PWR) in Europe....

A MOX fuel facility was also discussed on the US House floor. 2016 is a Presidential election year. The discussion the United Nations can add to the global dialogue regarding the Non-Proliferation Treaty can be vital. If this runaway train of the USA can be brought to a halt, the elections can serve as a very good platform for a different role for the USA.

The USA should not be seeking to violate the Non-Proliferation Treaty for the sake of jobs. The spending for these programs are out of control, each project adding danger to the balance of power in the world. We all know the more monies spent on the military is less money to be spent on domestic programs. Neither Russia or China should be sacrificing their domestic economy for the sake of returning to the Cold War and nuclear prolifeation. 

The UN is not the place to divulge secrets, but, in this day and age with one country hacking into another country's computers the sincere secrets are in question. Let's say both Russia and China have the knowledge of the USA's plans for expanding it's nuclear weapons program. If all three permanent members are constructing these weapons beyond imagination to the precipice of danger; it is grossly negligent to ignore the danger and allow it to grow.

If Rep. Geramundi is correct, the 'brink of nuclear war' is brought down to minutes and far too late to respond adequately to prevent any escalation to destroying human life globally.

The USA is out of control in their military budget for the sake of jobs, especially where it spends on nuclear weapon technology. The USA conventional military is grossly out of repair and need new ships at the very least. When is the world going to not just ask 'pretty please' to stop the nuclear danger to life on Earth?

Russia and China are emerging economies, this is no time for them to be entering into a Cold War with the USA simply because some Congressperson needs jobs in their district. This is insane.

The least police are required to perform with suspects is sometimes referred to as "Ordinary Care."

Ordinary care is the care that an average reasonable man exercises to prevent harm to the person or property of others and failure to exercise which when under a duty to do so constitutes actionable negligence on the part of one causing such harm. 

That is a definition from Merrium-Webster. The Baltimore police officers did not perform ordinary care to protect Mr. Gray from being harmed in the van. He went into the van alive and he came out dead. There isn't anything else to say. At the very least this is negligent homicide. If there was deliberate steering of the van to inflict harm it then falls into a higher degree of murder.

The Washington Post has to print a retraction.

April 29, 2015
By Peter Hermann

...The prisoner, who is currently in jail, (click here) was separated from Gray by a metal partition and could not see him. His statement is contained in an application for a search warrant, which is sealed by the court. The Post was given the document under the condition that the prisoner not be named because the person who provided it feared for the inmate’s safety....

According to what the other person arrested that shared a van with Mr. Gray states he heard a noise lasting four seconds that could have been Mr. Gray pounding his head on the van. Four seconds is not a concerted effort to kill or maim one's self.  The other person arrested is not currently in jail.

He clarified his statement to Baltimore homicide while interviewed on television by a journalist. 

Mr. Freddy Gray's Death

The Baltimore Police Department already stated in a news conference early on, he was not buckled into the van. Mr. Gray was riding in the vans without seat belts.

The negligence is through the roof. Then take into account this is not the first negligent death. If there were actions by the police to facilitate an unsafe ride besides the seat belts makes it premeditated.

If the person in the next van compartment might hear his body banging against the sides of the van. A dead man has no muscle tone.

Allahu akbar! Amazing. I thought they revived the child. The baby was alive the entire time.

The men call out "Allahu akbar" several times during the rescue. Gives me chills. She moves spontaneously while have buried in rubble. I don't know if any of the men even would know CPR.

0.85 °C change in global temperature since the industrial revolution is an enormous change.

Question: How much heat does it take to raise Earth by one degree centigrade? 
Answer: A lot. 
When Earth heats it is not a minor event, it effects the global balance of heat distribution. 

Alaskan Tundra (click here)
Global warming is at it again, heating up one of America’s most prized natural possessions at an alarming rate- the breathtaking Alaskan Tundra. Rising temperatures are melting the permafrost, not only destroying the unique ecosystem but also acting as a super boost for global warming in other parts of the planet. The heat is on (no pun intended) for a solution, as we may be seeing more tropical tundra in the future. 

The Climate Crisis first evaporates the snow into water vapor used to mitigate global heat. Then it removes the water vapor from the actual soil. That does not happen overnight. Drought is a long term emergency. This level of drought is catastrophic to the biotic content.

28 April 2015 

If climate change was a game, (click here) we'd have racked up quite a score. A fresh study suggests that humans are responsible for a hefty number of today's extreme hot days and rainstorms.

Weather extremes, such as a Russian heatwave in 2010 and a drought in Texas in 2011, have been blamed on climate change before – but the attribution of individual events to it is still hotly debated.

So Erich Fischer and Reto Knutti at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science in Zurich, Switzerland, took a bird's-eye view of how human activity is changing the planet. Using 25 different climate models, they calculated how the odds of unusual events – such as a 1-in-100 day temperature high or a 1-in-10,000 day rainfall event – have changed with the rise in global temperatures.

Their results show that global warming of 0.85 °C since the industrial revolution has had a powerful effect. Climate change is now responsible for 75 per cent of our extreme highs in temperature and 18 per cent of extreme rainfall, according to the data. The rarer a particular event, the more likely that warming is the cause, they say....

How to charge Hillary Clinton as a public enemy; AKA as Karl Rove needs to get a life.

Let's see if I get this right.

Joe Scarborough states the newspapers he is reading states The Clinton Foundation received a huge donation from Algeria and then Algeria was removed from the terror list.

It was proved that was a lie because the only way to remove a country from the terror list involves a process with Congress. 

The truth is more than likely any monies received by The Clinton Foundation are matching funds met with private donors. Those monies will be turned back into the country with greater capacity and an expertise from the Foundation to make it happen. 

Moving countries forward is complicated and often is more about building better international relationships. The State Department can't have the same expertise as The Clinton Foundation. The Foundation has much more time and freedom to help countries understand how they have to create a more productive infrastructure including legislation. 

So, The Clinton Foundation is a uniquely qualified to provide necessary services to change the trajectory of an entire country of people. Their processes to achieve those goals is as complicated as the Former President and the Former Secretary themselves. Otherwise anyone could do this. We have already noted a unique demand by an international community and the people of the USA to shun retirement and engage a foundation that can continue to carry out his directives.

So, now that the Republicans have been proved liars to the idea of freelancing terrorists and their supports; the Clintons now are acting on Human Rights Statistics in their negligence of protecting the USA. 

Excuse me.

The 'descriptive' words to insight anger in the Public Court to defame Hillary is again a 'designer use of any law international or domestic.' The result is obvious. In both cases the Republicans are seeking to leverage "Hate of Hillary" as the most slippery candidate in the field.

This needs to end and the Republicans have issues to address. What are they afraid of is more the correct 'descriptive' words in the equation.