Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nine Dead In Chabad House Attack, Israel Assists In Identify

There are many groups that use Israel as a scapegoat for their violence. There needs to be the best forensics to identify the exact persons responsible for the attacks on Israel and its missions. Forensics could also serve to consolidate proof of those MOST responsible.

I would think Israel has a good relationship with Interpol. I would also think Interpol's global interests would have or at least begin a forensics bank to assist in identification to build cases to take forward as a defense to Israel's suspicions as to whom STILL hates them after all their benevolence efforts including the generous removal of settlements in Gaza. There were high hopes for the Palestinians that would settle in Gaza and today there is more violence and not less.

There has to be a way. The 'best of us' need to seek it without hesitation and be willing to live with 'the truth.'


This isn't Iran. I don't buy that. This is still the ISI, because they know who did it.

Israel received threats of attacks back in 2009? 2010?   Pakistan investigated reports from Washington about potential attacks on Israeli targets in India and found nothing substantial. Two years or more has gone by and it serves Pakistan interests to have prescribed instability in the region. India is a convenient target for Pakistan as well.

Wasn't the Prime Minister of Pakistan kicked out recently?  What was that?

The Boston Globe has it right.  This mischief in the Pakistan Supreme Court goes on all the time.  My guess is that the violence in India is somehow fueling the idea that the USA has a real stake in the game there and can't ignore it.  My sincere estimation is the USA needs to look at its intelligence from 2009 and 2010 regarding the warning about Israeli targets in India and the perpetrator will probably be discovered.

Court activism sign of power shift in Pakistan (click here)

ISLAMABAD—A newly assertive Supreme Court is taking on the Pakistani government and army in a series of high-profile cases, signaling a power shift in a country vital to U.S. efforts to fight Islamist militants and negotiate peace in Afghanistan....

The jury is still out on the implications.

Some believe the court's actions are part of a necessary, if messy, rebalancing in a country that has long been dominated by the army or seen chaotic periods of rule by corrupt politicians. Others view the court as just another unaccountable institution undermining the elected government.

The U.S. believes a stable, civilian-led democracy in Pakistan is in its interests. But the diffusion of power could make it even more difficult for Washington to prod the country to do its bidding, especially given rampant anti-American sentiment....

Picture to Right:

Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is surrounded by security personnel as he arrives at Supreme Court for a hearing in Islamabad, Pakistan, Monday, Feb. 13, 2012. Judges were set to charge Gilani with contempt for defying their orders to reopen an old corruption case against his political ally President Asif Ali Zardari. (AP Photo/Anjum Naveed)

The Prime Minister should not be arrested on contempt either.  This is politics Pakistani style.  It has real consequences and people in office can be charged with all kinds of trumped up charges with penalties as severe as execution.  The Bhutto family knows the routine all too well.

I really believe the Supreme Court is covering for a lot of illegal activities of the ISI.  By illegal I mean it in the sense that any other country would find it inappropriate for their own intelligence to be in chronic coup of their leadership.  The Pakistani Supreme Court needs to be reviewed by outside international agencies that can decide legitimately about any corruption of inappropriate ties of the Pakistani Supreme Court to the ISI and/or political activities of these judges that abuse their power.

The bombings in India of Israeli assets seem like the final deployment of a plot that was interrupted by the USA in 2009 or 2010.  When was that?  I'll keep looking for it.

But, with the Chinese in the USA, I am confident the Pakistani ISI is feeling insecure.  Iran, too.  There was a comedy of errors in Bangkok, too.  Israel can't be blaming Iran for everything.  Evidently, the bombs in Bangkok went off accident.  So, much for Iran's expert plots against human beings.

...In Tuesday's bombing, (click here) an Iranian named Saeid Moradi was in a Bangkok house when a cache of explosives detonated, apparently by accident, taking off a section of the roof.

Thai police say that Moradi, wounded by the explosion, tried to flag down a cab on the street. "He was covered in blood, and the driver refused to take him," said Police General Pansiri Prapawat....
Israel doesn't have any diplomatic missions with Iran and anyone can understand that, but, that also means they have no means of CONFIRMING the involvement of Iran for attacks that may or may not be related to Iran's government!

Incidentally, the incident comes a day after the fourth death anniversary of Imad Mughniyah, the deputy leader of Hezbollah who was killed in a car blast in 2008.

Imad Mughniyah is dead (click title to entry - thank you)

Hezbollah (read: Iran) Terror Plot Foiled in Thailand (click here)

...Ha’aretz reports that on December 22, the Israelis gave the Thais information that three members of Hezbollah had entered their country to carry out terrorist attacks. Around the same time, the U.S. also gave the Thais information about the plot that said Western and U.S.-related sites were to be attacked. More specific intelligence was provided on January 8, which determined that this weekend was the launch date. The Israeli paper’s source claims that the plot was supposed to happen around the anniversary of the killing of Imad Mughniyah.

On Thursday, the Thais arrested Atris Hussein at the capital’s airport as he tried to get out of the country, apparently realizing that his gig was up after his bomb ingredients were found. A second suspect is at large. Ha’aretz says that, according to its source, Atris Hussein told his interrogators that the cell was going to attack Israeli tourists in Thailand. Other reports indicate that Hussein is adamant that the bomb ingredients were being moved outside of Thailand and that the country was not the target of any operation....

First Publish: 1/21/2009, 6:38 PM  
Authoritiesin Azerbaijan have thwarted a plot by Hizbullah (click here) to bomb the Israeli embassy in Baku, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Watan reported on Monday.
The paper quoted well-informed Russian sources as saying Azerbaijan's security apparatus thwarted Hizbullah's alleged plot which was aimed at avenging the killing of the Shi'ite terror group's military commander Imad Mughniyeh in a car bombing in Damascus, in February 2008.
Hizbullah has accused Israel of involvement in Mughniyeh's killing but Israel has denied the charge.
After Mughniyeh's death, Israeli embassies worldwide went on alert and Israeli authorities advised Jewish institutions across the globe to be vigilant for revenge attacks....

I really believe some of this relates more to Hizbollah/Hezbollah than Iran.  Seriously.  Didn't they try to bomb the Saudi embassy, too?  Fairly recently.  

The instinct by so many is to tie Iran to such activities because Hezbollah are primarily Shia. So, of course, all the activities of terrorists have to be affiliated with Iran by ethnic implications.  That is not the case.  I would think there needs to be solid PROOF of such terror activities directly connected to intentions of Iran's government before anyone can accurately point a finger.

This is not a game and blaming a sovereign country for activities of LONG ESTABLISHED terrorist organizations can have huge implications.

There sincerely needs to be an investigation of the activities of the Pakistani Supreme Court and the chaos it causes within the government and ultimately the impoverishment of the citizens and growth of international criminal networks.

No one ever wants peace because there is so much more money in war.

Four killed, 14 injured in India car bomb explosion (click here)
By: Our Staff Reporter
April 06, 2009, 2:57 pm

Four persons were killed and 14 others injured on Monday in a powerful car bomb explosion triggered by suspected ULFA militants at Maligaon in Guwahati. Four persons died on the spot when the bomb planted in a car at a parking area near Maligaon Chariali went off at about 2 pm, official sources said. Nine of the injured were admitted to nearby Sanjivani Hospital, two in the adjacent Northast Frontier Railway Headquarters hospital and the rest were sent to Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, sources said.

Page last updated at 14:38 GMT
Thursday, 8 October 2009 15:38 UK
Afghan officials say a car bomber blew himself up near the Indian embassy and the Afghan interior ministry.
The Taliban said it carried out the attack and the embassy was the target.
Kabul has been attacked regularly in recent months, and the Indian embassy was itself bombed in July 2008, with dozens of people killed.
Most strikes in the capital target foreign forces or government offices - but civilians are also often killed.
More recently, six Italian soldiers were killed last month in a bomb attack on a military convoy....

89 killed in car bomb attack in Peshawar (click here)

How many Americans actually appreciate the power the President gave to the electorate to recover the economy?

I sincerely don't believe the average voter in this country has stopped to realize how much President Obama has done to empower the people to rebuild their economy.  He relied a great deal on the resourcefulness and good sense of the American people during these years of recovery.  The incremental difference of the Payroll Tax Credit is only one example of his belief in the strength of the American people to recover their economy and own it.

The Obama Recovery of the USA Economy was dedicated to empowering the Middle Class as the people that would make personal spending decisions that would return economic vibrancy to their country.  That includes the lengthening of Unemployment Insurance, tax cuts from the Recovery Act, support to infrastructure projects to return jobs to a devastated construction sector and supports of Middle Class spending with efforts such as the Payroll Tax Cut which benefits business as well as people.

I think it was genius. When President Obama realized the corporate structure was abandoning the Middle Class for its own priorities, he focused on increasing the spending ability of the people while rebuilding a Small Business Infrastructure to empower entrepreneurs.

President Obama's current budget reflects a definitive direction for the country which annihilates the Bush Tax Cuts and allows 2013 to begin with the potential to restructure our federal income tax system.  The people have the power within his leadership to eliminate all loopholes in their tax system while reducing the ability of the wealthy to pay less than 23% which would be the highest tax rate.  Those choices are available with the elections of 2012.  It is not smoke and mirrors.  There can be a very clear path to reducing our national debt and deficit and ensuring our children's and country's future.

There is no one that can dispel the reality of President Obama's commitment to seeking the insight and help of the American people in this recovery.  He has been on our side.  He has relied on us to be a part of our future.  It has been a great partnership.

We are not finished in our recovery.  We need to restructure not only our tax base, but, our entitlements.  The biggest hurdle to reducing the liability of our entitlements is to bring 'MEDICAL COSTS' under control.  While it is convenient to attack Medicare as the problem, it is not the problem.  The cost of health care in the USA is the problem. If that goes unaddressed all the 'Ryan' plans will never fix what is most wrong.

Superficial fixes that pander to a Wall Street based solutions for future generations is not the answer as the "Ryans" would like us to believe.  The USA is a strong economy and getting stronger.  By reducing our national debt we can easily return to a AAA bond rating with all rating agencies including S&P, if S&P is up to it.  That is best done by setting up a realistic tax structure as outlined by Simpson-Bowles.  It is in the best interest of all the people and corporations that count on USA Bonds as a means of insuring their value in the market place.  For the wealthy to pay higher taxes is to recover their own ability to sustain their best investments and that is USA Bonds.  Higher taxes for them is more of an investment than even Warren Buffet wants to admit or explain.

When President Obama is re-elected in 2012 we need to finish the rebuilding of our financial infrastructure in the USA.  We first need to address the tax system and a solid tax base, then insure medical costs for all citizens are realistic and not out of control.  The containment of medical costs will insure quality care for all and The Affordable Care Act will provide what it promised beyond what Americans have already realized.  Containing medical costs will maintain affordable insurance within State Exchanges and it will stabilize the growth of Medicare.  Only then can we begin to realistically address other entitlements and their future burden to our national debt, if any at all.

President Obama has been able to do the impossible since his inauguration.  We need to let him continue to complete a vital mission for all of us as his partner.  We cannot let the status quo exist and provide continued dangers to the economic health of our children's futures.  

We can do this.

Oh, yes we can.

The funeral is Saturday. I wish the family deepest sympathies.

...New Jersey (click title to entry - thank you) has forgiven Whitney Houston for her personal demons, the trappings of fame. In death, Newark has embraced her for the inspirational voice and gospel singer’s spirit with which she honored her hometown — not the troubled diva she became after she left....

My only lingering thought about her death is the thoroughness in the toxicology screening.  I hope a great deal of thoughtfulness has gone into every possibility.  While she had a minor injury to her leg that has been stated as bleeding, I can't help but wonder if there was something introduced through that wound that might have acted on her wellness.  

I support the family in their need for privacy at their time of grief.

So, has Rove got his spin machine all lined up now?

The unwitting Roman Catholic Church

The expensive job creation of the private sector, Big Oil, that will eventually need a bailout for the lack of wealth to its oil sands pipeline to Texas

The Anti-Abortion movement instilling fear of never receiving mammograms

And the list goes on, right Karl?  Was that Karl "The Marx" Rove when it comes to Wisconsin and homeowners, too?

The wedge issues are really shaping up.  Oh, yeah, and don't forget President Obama's budget that wipes out the Bush Tax Credits.

Does any other word besides corruption come to mind?

The call for Nancy G. Brinker to resign won't save the Komen Foundation.  The foundation was very believable as a committed institution because it was lead by a women that dedicated its purpose to the loss of her sister.  It is the realization that such an organization can be manipulated into serving political agendas that have disillusioned the women at one time dedicated to it's purpose.  Brinker is as much a part of the cornerstone of that organization as any monies within the Foundation itself.  If she could lie to protect the foundation she built in dedication to her sister, the mission is ruined along with its credibility.  Sorry, but, it just is and Planned Parenthood needs to establish its own foundation to run parallel to Komen.  It simply can't happen again.  If that means Planned Parenthood has to restructure to accommodate its own foundation then it needs to begin.

The cost of the Keystone XL Pipeline is estimated to begin at US$7 billion.

It carries the dirtiest and most environmentally costly oil in the world.

Girling pictured left over estimated the number of jobs created due to the XL Pipeline to be 20,000.  Even at that estimate job number it is an estimated cost per job of $350,000.  The USA Right Wing always complains the government spends too much on job creation.  Hello?

Girling does not have impressive credentials.  He is former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TC PipeLines GP, Inc. (general partner of TC PipeLines, LP). He is also the former Chairman of TransCanada Power.  He is the former Chairman of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) and the Natural Gas Council (NGC), and a former Director of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA).

After proposing the most destructive project to American Agriculture, Mr. Girling is now a Director at Agrium a major retail supplier of agricultural products and services in North and South America.

I am not sure what his ambition is at this point, but, considering the imperiled state of American agriculture with his old project the Keystone XL Pipeline he may see a great profit margin for agricultural products rather than CRUD (not crude) GRADE OIL FROM SAND.  The less the agricultural commodity to sell the higher the price.

A tar sands tailings pond (click title to entry - thank you) north of Fort McMurray, Canada. California is seeking to enforce a rule that would discourage the oil's use. Photograph: Alamy

...California's low-carbon fuel standard is the world's first attempt to require oil suppliers to slash the carbon footprint of their motor fuels, measured not just by emissions from tailpipes but across their full lifecycle, from extraction to combustion. Eleven Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, and the European Union, are closely tracking California's case because they are working to adopt similar rules....

The Keystone XL Pipeline has no customers now and will have even less in the future.  It is a White Elephant and a great deal of threat to American farmlands.  It is nothing but a SIMPLETON political play in hopes of maintaining and possibly gaining seats in the US House and Senate while attempting to embarrass President Obama's decision as pandering to HIS BASE.  Has anyone checked what his base actually consists of these days?  It isn't exactly limited to environmentalists considering he has legislation such as The Dream Act and the American Jobs Act that was scoffed at by the GOP.

Chiquita joins companies avoiding oilsands fuels

Date: Thursday Dec. 15, 2011 5:07 PM ET
A major American food company (click here) is promising to avoid using fuel from Alberta's oilsands.
Chiquita Brands, which sells hundreds of millions of dollars of fruit, juice and snacks around the world, says it has joined 13 other companies and one city in trying to reduce its carbon footprint.
"We are committed to directing our transportation providers to avoid, where possible, fuels from tarsands refineries," says a letter from Chiquita vice-president Manuel Rodriguez to Aaron Sanger of the environmental group ForestEthics.
"We will identify all fuel providers for these (Chiquita-)owned or dedicated trucking fleets and work with ForestEthics to identify any connection between Chiquita's fuel providers and tarsands refineries toward the goal of eliminating fuel from these providers that is connected with tarsands refineries."
Other companies that have joined the ForestEthics campaign have taken a variety of actions.
Cosmetics giant Avon and U.S. drugstore chain Walgreen's have both made commitments similar to Chiquita's.
Others, such as Gap, Levi Strauss and Timberland, have only said they are trying to reduce the environmental impact of transporting their products. The city of Bellingham, Wash., has guidelines minimizing fuel purchases that take oilsands feedstock....

Oh, profitability is not all the concern of the project.  The Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation needs financial support as well.  They have risked all they have to protect their lands after Shell Oil chronically took advantage of their impoverishment and inability to fight back against lack of corporate adherence to agreements with the tribe.

Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation sues Shell for tar sands destruction (click here)

November 30th, 2011
London – On the eve of the 17th COP of the UNFCCC, the world’s climate summit, the UK Tar Sands Network will serve papers to Shell UK executives on behalf of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN). ACFN plans to sue Shell for failure to meet contractual agreements made between Shell and the First Nations regarding existing tar sands projects within ACFN traditional territory and Canada’s pristine Athabasca, a UNESCO heritage site  . Later today, Chief Allan Adam along with the entire council of ACFN will rally outside Shell Canada corporate headquarters in downtown Calgary and hold a press conference.
After years of agreements with Shell Oil, the Athabasca Chipewyan people have decided to risk everything by challenging Shell’s practices and filing suit. “We’re drawing the line, and taking a strong stand against Shell. ACFN wants no further developments until Shell is brought to justice and our broader concerns about the cumulative impacts in the region are addressed,” stated Chief Adam...

Donations to the tribe can be made by contacting them.  Click here for their website link.  Their 'contact' link doesn't work, but, there is information at the bottom of the webpage.

Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation 
P.O. Box 366, Fort Chipewyan, AB, T0P 1B0
Canadian Phone:  1-780-697-3730
Toll Free:  1-888-420-7011
(Fax) 1-780-697-3500
UNESCO World Heritage Site

...Situated on the Northern Boreal Plains in the north-central region of Canada, Wood Buffalo comprises a vast wilderness area (44,807 km2 ) which is home to North America's largest population of wild bison. It is also the natural nesting place of the whooping crane. Another of the park's attractions is the world's largest inland delta, located at the mouth of the Peace and Athabasca rivers....

Wood Buffalo is not simply a cute name, it honors an endangered species of buffalo, called The Wood Buffalo.  And they live within these lands.

Published 07 December 2011
Updated 22 December 2011
This is not the case, and on 30 November, California's Air Resources Board sent a reaction letter to the EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard, seen by EurActiv, explaining that their fuel standard had not failed and was indeed ongoing.
'Robust' regulation
“We believe that a robust greenhouse gas (GHG) regulation to address transportation fuels like LCFS must account for differences in the carbon intensity of crudes,” the letter says.
“The principle of accounting for the lifecycle GHG emissions of transportation fuels, including those associated with the production and transportation of crude oil continues to be an important feature of the LCFS,” it says.
California’s LCFS, which was implemented at the beginning of this year, obliges a 10% reduction in the carbon intensity of the state’s transport fuels by 2020....

Lying Lobbists, sounds like the USA GOP at work.  "When all else fails, lie!"

The oil sands map above is typical of Republicans that know 'how best' to handle environmental issues.  Just like their Gerrymandering.  Draw lines that make sense while ignoring the fact clear air and water and wildlife habitat within the new lines actually matters.  After all, the wildlife have to be able to honor the rights of corporations to turn sand into oil, otherwise they are FAIR GAME!

And whom owns the GOP exactly?

Jack Gerard, Oil Industry Chief, Warns Obama On Canada Pipeline (click here)

First Posted: 1/4/12
Updated: 1/5/12

WASHINGTON (AP) — The oil industry's top lobbyist warned the Obama administration Wednesday to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline or face "huge political consequences" in an election year.
Jack Gerard, president of the American Petroleum Institute, said it would be a "huge mistake" for President Barack Obama to reject the 1,700-mile, Canada-to-Texas pipeline. Obama faces a Feb. 21 deadline to decide whether the $7 billion pipeline is in the national interest.
"Clearly, the Keystone XL pipeline is in the national interest," Gerard said at the trade association's annual "State of American Energy" event. "A determination to decide anything less than that I believe will have huge political consequences."
Gerard said the oil group has teamed up with at least 15 unions to support the pipeline, which would create thousands of jobs....

So, oil has the USA political system in its back pocket, huh?


Whom exactly is backing this idiotic project in the USA Congress?  A project with no customers, a diminishing source of CRUD oil sands while threatening endangered species and tribal rights.  Whom exactly might that be?