Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poor, Mr. Thune. In order for him to understand why he has so many objections is because he needs to ask one question. Only one.

That is all any of the Senators need to ask.

He needs to ask, "Does the Senate Bill have a good Public OPTION, so that when the Insurance Companies take vengence on the American public, the public has a viable option to SAVE THEIR LIVES?"

You see, President Obama told everyone at the very beginning of this that there needs to be a Public Option, you can ask Dr. Dean about the particulars, to compete with commercial insurance.

Oh, one other issue, I think it was Orrin Hatch that (and I might be wrong about that) that said, Medicare Advantage needs to be surgically addressed to correct corruption issues.

At least they admit there are corruption issues.

But, to surgically remove 'systemic corruption' would mean Medicare Advantage would need an autopsy. No sense in going there.

Like I said, at the very BEST it is inequitable. Besides the criminal corruption. They offer benefits, like their Silver Sneakers Program, to some to make the package more attractive than any other there is to choose from, BUT, for the people that don't participate (for whatever reason that is, like disability) they don't provide a payment to them as a non-participant. That is at the very least, unfair and morally disparaging to folks.

Last entry before vote.

Thank you all, I am looking forward to witnessing history tomorrow morning. I am proud of my party. I have been proud of them for a long, long time.

If I were David Vitter I wouldn't be standing on the Senate floor and bragging about what I didn't know. Not if he wants to keep his office.

I sure has heck wouldn't be sounding like a Murdoch puppet, either.

Ya gotta love this mess. The Republicans have delayed improvements to the American Health Care System for two decades and now they say they need to delay it longer.

I don't think so.

You know, if I were a USA Senator, especially a Republican looking for delays in improving the health and well being of the American people I wouldn't be standing on the Senate floor quoting Murdock morons as did Orrin Hatch and David Vitter.

I wouldn't be standing on the Senate Floor I didn't know squat about what I was suppose to know. That is a lousy 'work ethic.'

I give the Republicans a hint and then critic this mess further.

Most, if not all Democrats, especially those involved in the Conservation movement, like myself are well aware of the underhanded methodologies of Republicans. I remember one New Years Eve. I believe it was 2005. I was just about to get all 'dolled up' to join friends for a party and I made the 'instinctual move' to check my email before I started. Sure enough there was an email about a measure the Republicans pulled at the last minute to try to sneak through more infringements upon our Nation's natural resources. The Parks I believe. So, I put aside the dress and the make up and the party and called my host. As soon as he heard my voice he knew. He knew as soon as he heard my voice what the deal was. He simply said, "I'll be waiting for you when you get here." I then turned to my word processor and started to compose methodologies and information and statutes that would stop the incideous attempt to exploit the USA's people of their right to sanity in the natural world.

So, I know Republicans inside and out. The thing is this, and the advise I give them, is that a person that SINCERELY cares deeply about their country, their rights and in this case their constituency doesn't complain about it.

One simply accepts the task before them and 'digs in' up to their elbows and gets the job done. All I have heard since Deb St-"ABE-NOW" left the floor after her beautiful assessment of the Health Care Bill, is belly aching. Nothing more, nothing less, but, belly aching. The Republicans haven't got a clue and they are the laziest bunch of elected officials I have ever witnessed.

Belly aching and quoting the Murdoch tribe.

Deb finished her assessment, took her posters and left the Senate floor. Who was next? The great stateman, Orrin Hatch.

He had heard Deb state everything SHE KNEW about the bill, he had heard (Or at least should have.) the reading of the Manager's Amendment. Nearly 400 pages of it. And what does he say?

Orrin Hatch said the Democrats were covert.

Orrin Hatch said, " back room Chicago style..." - that is language directly out of the Murdoch playbook. What are the agents of Murdoch? AHhhhhhh....Oh, yeah....Boortz and Hannity. Exact slanderous words they use to describe my President.


After 'clueless' Hatch finished being a jerk, Bennett took the floor and did nothing but tried to play CYA.

See, Bennett has been in office since 1993. He was one of the "Contract with America" Republicans that has caused this mess. So, what he attempted to do was to say the Health Care Reform Bill was postponing the 'relief' to the American people KNOWING there are deaths every year. Perhaps he proposed another bill to rush through the legislature before Christmas to be sure those 43,000 Americans would not die between now and the year to follow? NO, he didn't do that. He simply whined about the benefits not taking effect for four years after the passage this year. Well, I would do at least passage of this bill considering 'the history' of human rights abuses he had accumulated since 1993. What gets me, is that if we have numbers of people that die every year in this country due to lack of health insurance, I don't know why we don't have names to accompany that. In this country, that type of government neglect is at least manslaughter.

I don't believe I heard him quote Murdoch though, just CYA, that is all I heard from him.

Then pathetic Vitter comes to the floor, whining again about the number of pages of the Health Care Reform Bill and another amendment of (I'll be generous.) 400 page and then complaining about the 383? pages of the Manager's Amendment. He complained about it as if it hadn't been read at all. I mean give me a break here. If that isn't being a flyin' moron then don't ask me what is.

His favorite is from Hannity, "Obama-care." Well, heck, at least he cares. I can't say that of any Republican.

The Republicans have a problem. They don't have the where-with-all to even have an independent vocabulary from that of the Murdoch network. They don't use legislatively effective language and THEY DON'T READ.

That is a problem and the people from their States need to understand they in turn have a problem. The have legislators that 'take their cue' from radio talk show hosts. That is SICK. There isn't anything else to say, but, when legislators are 'quoting' Murdoch commentators, that is nothing more than contributing to 'mind speak' and 'mind set' to insure their elections. It is no different than when Grassley went before his constituents and stated, the House Bill was "...going to pull the plug on Grandma." Like, what?

The Republicans have no dignity, they don't know how to protect the people they represent and they are so 'enamored' with Murdoch rhetoric, it is blastedly creepy.

They need to get over themselves. They need to find a way to be dignified enough to be worthy of their place in the Senate and start acting like it; rather than using it for rhetorical campaigning every time the 'curtain' rises.

I am dead serious about WHOM died in this country for the last two decades because there was no health insurance since the Former First Lady tried and failed due to corporate corruption of our political system.

They all need to get a life and step aside for real Americans to take the Senate floor.

I am looking forward to the vote early tomorrow morning. I think I need to slice an apple. I might get hungry between now and then.