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The Rooster

President Obama needs to hold a "Jobs Summit." Invite the Wall Street Bankers. Right, Moon?

The Full Moon
Waning Gibbous
16 days old
98.3% lit.

August 13, 2011 at 6:37 PM

"Good Night, Moon"

Watch out for the meteor shower.  I think it is sooo very cool the meteors have arrived in full moonlight.  Job well done.

Moon casts spell on meteor shower  (click title to entry -  thank you)

Full moon too bright to see remnants of comet

By Charlie Gorney
Posted Aug 14, 2011 @ 06:24 PM

About a dozen people with a shared interest in nature gathered Saturday at sundown at the Blackthorn Hill Nature Preserve to observe the yearly Perseid Meteor Shower.

Though the bright full moon made it difficult to spot the occasional meteor, all enjoyed the cool, cloudless night outside.

Daniel Thompson, biologist and Western Illinois Nature Group board member, organized the event....

In Case You Missed the Breath Taking Views of the Perseid Meteor Shower (click here)

Of course any "Jobs Summit" would have to include education and the future of our math and science experts.

There is a narcissism within the Texas Culture that does not allow for democracy.

Sunday, July 31, 2011
Photographer states:  Red River between Jackson county, Texas and Harmon county, Oklahoma.

The problem facing Texas in the way of a  profound and deep drought which has completely destroyed the land was avoidable, but, NOT if you are Texan.

I don't just mean the Climate Crisis, but, the very use of the land and the value placed on it.

Texans are not Americans, they are Texans. They are God Almighty Texans and it was completely obvious during the presidency of "W".

There was absolutely no reason for any of the problems the USA is facing due to lack of good governance from Texas including illegal immigration.  Ever ask yourself exactly how many illegal immigrants were killed due to the fact they were illegal?  The Wild West, you know.  Anything goes and 'by damn it' that is the law.  The law of Texas is no law.  Live by the gun and die by the gun.  The highest death penalty rate in the nation.

"If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent out Texas and live in Hell." - Philip Sheridan, major general in the Civil War and military governor of Texas and Louisiana afterwards

There is a lot "W"rong with the culture of Texas, but, their 'tough talking' language conveys 'authority' to most average people.  It is completely bizarre a state dead set on self-destruction for the sake of a 'buck' actually believes its governor and/or any 'favorite son' has anything to offer the rest of the nation other than a 'giant lone star' on the dance floor on inauguration evening.

The Texas culture of 'hard headed and self righteous justice,' "Wanted Dead or Alive,"  "The Smoking Gun," goes back a long, long time and has absolutely no place in the 'greater USA' except in mythology or as examples of poor governance.  Texas is stuck in time and it is why there are never any real conservation efforts when the OBVIOUS is coming down the track like a runaway rail car.  The drought could have been stopped and mediated, but, instead it is effecting the well being of the entire water supply of the nation including the Great Lakes.

Texas didn't even try.  Their money is their god and there is no reason to save any land from drought.  Their value system is so corrupted they rather defend their greed in the face of poor governance with 'attitude.'  Now, their self righteous negligence is imperiling a nation's agriculture and water supply.  In Texas today, side walks explode because of triple digit heat that over rides the 'expansion' spaces between concrete blocks.  The ranchers have had to sell off all their livestock because there is no water for them to drink or grassland for them to graze.  It will be a half a decade or more for the cattle business to recover AFTER the drought ends.

There is no excuse for this.  There is no governance or value beyond greed and certainly no respect for life in any form it takes.  Absolutely no concern or respect for an entire nation that is receiving the degradation to its biotic content because Texans never gave a dam about theirs.

May 8, 2011
Pearland, Texas
Photographer states:  My mom's yard, Pearland, Texas.

The 2012 election should be about JOBS. Putting Americans, Middle Class Americans back to work.

I am sure the topic will present itself, but, that won't be the purpose of the Republicans.  The focus of the Republicans is to benefit Plutocrats and Extremists.  If elected, they will never raise revenues except on those less able to pay and they will stall the economy while spending upto the nation's debt ceiling while destroying the entitlements this nation has as a 'base' to its economy and social fabric.

No, that is not Michele Bachmann in the picture.  It is Charmaine Yoest.  The Self Righteous and misguided face to the Anti-Abortion movement.  A miscarriage is not an abortion and an abortion is not a miscarriage.  Her 'reason for living' in opposition to Women's Choice in regard to unwanted pregnancies is completely pathetic and lacks any understanding of the real world and hard choices.

...And so, she engages on the question (click title to entry - thank you) of what animates her interest in advocacy like any smart girlfriend might. She says it was a miscarriage – which came early in her first pregnancy – that rocked her world. The intensity of her sadness caught her by surprise. It rained as she and her husband drove home from her physician's office, and Ms. Yoest says she felt that heaven wept with her. The experience made her wonder anew how anyone would opt to terminate a pregnancy voluntarily. And it stoked her already fervent belief that a society that presents abortion as an option is putting women in harm's way....

We need revenues, not ideology.  We need vision for the future and not fear mongering.  We need recall elections until 2012.  They are vital to empower those that want their country back.  They want their country back for the right reasons, not ideological reasons.  When Bachmann says she wants her country back, think about it.  She wants it back for Plutocrats and ideologues, not Americans.

The Wisconsin Labor Movement did very, very well in the Recall Elections.

They were up against the Plutocracy of the USA.

Do you have ANY IDEA how much Priebus had riding on that recall election and TWO Republicans were recalled.

That is HUGE.


Here was the Middle Class being attacked by the Republican majority in the Wisconsin House which Priebus personally saw to in the 2010 elections.  This is the election that won him the chairmanship of the RNC.  This is huge.  The Middle Class successfully recalled two Plutocratic Candidates.  ALL the odds were against it.  The final analysis is yet to be written.  Voter suppression in only ONE of the factors that played against a good outcome for the Labor movement.  It was amazing the extent Walker and the Plutocrats went to in stacking the odds against the Labor movement.  Two seats.  That was awesome.  Applause, applause, applause.  Heroes.  The Labor Movement are heroes and over came the odds in two elections.  Didn't think they would do that good. 

The Wisconsin Labor Movement SANK two of Priebus's darlings.  WOW.

...Sitting Republican Senator Alberta Darling (click title to entry - thank you)  is clearly in the pockets of money groups like Americans for Prosperity, and anti-choice money groups like the Right to Life group.  There is also the issue of the Koch-ran Americans for Prosperity sending out absentee ballots with bad addresses and dates, which would have canceled many people’s votes.  The group Citizens United (yes that name should sound familiar) has also spent 30,000 dollars on television ads in the recall elections....

My current T-Mobile contract ends in September and I WAS going to Verizon.

Better coverage in places I find myself.  But, I won't do that until I am reassured by the employees of Verizon that they are happy with a new contract that treats them well.  NOT just adequate, but, WELL.

They are Americans.  Just that simple.

I don't believe in austerity measures that burdens the Middle Class.  

...The contract, (click title to entry - thank you) which expired at midnight on Aug. 6, covers workers in Verizon’s wireline division, which includes local-phone operations, services for businesses and governments, and long-haul wholesale traffic. Verizon is the largest wireless carrier in the United States, and the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre offices handle customer service and operator assistance.
“Nothing was moving. They’ve been bargaining since June (22) and there was no leeway. Nothing was being resolved. There was no compromise. It was at a standstill,” strike captain Julie Brominski said while picketing behind the Verizon customer service center at 121 Adams Ave. in downtown Scranton....

I was born near Scranton.  Lived there for five years of my life and I am confident there are friends and family on strike right now.

It is so easy to 'victimize' people that are unionized.  

I found some 'Well Being Q&A' from the "Gulf News" stangely normal. An economy of 'normal people' not obsessed with money.

Well-being Q&A: Flatulence and sensitive skin (click title to entry - thank you)

Indeed.  Perhaps Dr. Shyam should be writing for the USA newsprint?

Dr V.L. Shyam, MD (Ay) answers queries exclusively for readers of Friday

 Published: 00:00 August 12, 2011

My 13-year-old son has been suffering from flatulence for the past couple of months. It all started after he became cautious of what he eats as he wants to lose weight. What  can I do to help him get rid of this condition?
        Salma Alikhan, via email 
Flatulence and burping are usually caused by swallowed air or the breakdown of food through digestion; especially plant fibres. Flatulence may also be related to eating fatty foods, stress or anxiety, smoking, irritable bowel syndrome (condition characterised by abdominal pain or cramping and changes in bowel function), or in conditions in which the intestines aren't able to digest and absorb certain components of food....

I am a 17-year-old girl who has a very sensitive skin. I have acne on my face, neck and back. I have lots of acne scars on my face. My other problem is that whenever I wax my hands and do threading on my face, I develop rash all over my body. I have tried  several prevention methods but to no avail. I also have a huge white birth mark. Is there any permanent ayurvedic remedy for it? Also, please suggest an ayurvedic  treatment that'll help me get rid of excessive facial hair. 
Aishwarya Rai, via email
Consult a gynaecologist to diagnose the cause of acne and facial hair growth. However, it's
natural that during the teenage years, you make much more sebum than when you were a child. 
This is due to the hormonal changes at puberty, which stimulate the sebaceous glands. As a rule, the more sebum you make, the greasier your skin feels, and the worse acne is likely to be....

Is that like 'too normal' to be true?  That is refreshing.  You know, skin care and Pepto Bismol in a    newspaper does wonders for Wall Street.  Seriously.  

Great Britain has been known to try austerity measures before, in 1961 actually.  BUT, the entire global economy wasn't crashed by incompetent bankers, though.

Austerity measures are destroying the recovery.

But, then Cameron was like the USA Tea Baggers.  

Conservative and arriving to power in 2010.

Remember the study that came out last week about how children from chronic abuse circumstances resulted in greater medical troubles as they grew into adulthood and throughout their life?

I found something.  

The concept has been around a while.  It is called, "The Inverse Care Law."  Imagine that, laws of medicine as well as science, but, I suppose that is the same thing after all.

What the "Inverse Care Law" states is that the less people USE their medical capacity in a country the less 'expert' it becomes and therefore, the more it is used the more expert it becomes.  Interesting, isn't it?  If more of the population is exposed to quality health care and preventive care the healthier the country will be.  Hm.  A healthy workforce by which 'abuse' at any age is 'realized' in examinations by physicians and medical personnel.  

...Compared with patients in least deprived areas, (click title to entry - thank you) patients in the most deprived areas had a greater number of psychological problems, more long-term illness, more multimorbidity, and more chronic health problems. Access to care generally took longer, and satisfaction with access was significantly lower in the most deprived areas. Patients in the most deprived areas had more problems to discuss (especially psychosocial), yet clinicalencounter length was generally shorter. GP stress was higher and patient enablement was lower in encounters dealing with psychosocial problems in the most deprived areas. Variation in patient enablement between GPs was related to both GP empathy and severity of deprivation.

CONCLUSIONS The increased burden of ill health and multimorbidity in poor communities results in high demands on clinical encounters in primary care. Poorer access, less time, higher GP stress, and lower patient enablement are some of the ways that the inverse care law continues to operate within the NHS and confounds attempts to narrow health inequalities.

Prime Minister David Cameron is a bigot and a racist. His austerity measures is the cause of the violence and has been the cause of the violence.

I guess one could say I took offense to the Prime Minister's statements about enlisting USA Gang Prevention Measures.

Cameron had the audacity to reach across 'the pond' to state the violence was gang related as in the USA.  He was referring to inner city gang violence.  You know the 'darkies.'  Somehow the USA was responsible for the violence in his country.


I suppose that was the case in March of this year as well, huh?

03/26/2011, 8:24 PM 
“Police fought mobs of masked thugs who pelted officers with ammonia and fireworks loaded with coins.
The anti-capitalists started fires and smashed their way into banks, hotels and shops, bringing chaos to Britain’s busiest shopping street.
The violence began as Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, addressed a TUC rally of at least 250,000 peaceful protesters in Hyde Park who had marched from Westminster to demonstrate against government spending cuts.
As he spoke, an apparently co-ordinated attack began on shops and police in Oxford Street as a mob tried to storm into shops including Topshop, BHS and John Lewis.
MPs and retailers said the scenes damaged Britain’s reputation around the world.”

The sooner Cameron stops making pitiful excuses for his painful and unrealistic austerity measures, the better.  They are a failure and make the British economy worse and not better.  Cameron doesn't seem to look himself in the mirror well enough to actually grapple with 'the truth.'

...Cameron, describing the four nights of looting, (click here) arson and violence, in which five people were killed, as "criminality, pure and simple," said the initial police response had been inadequate.
His remarks drew a sharp reaction from the police service, which is facing deep cuts in numbers as part of a government austerity drive aimed at cutting the large public debt.
"The fact that politicians chose to come back is an irrelevance in terms of the tactics that were by then developing," said Hugh Orde, head of the Association of Chief Police Officers, referring to Cameron and other senior ministers who cut short their holidays after two days of mayhem at home....
The 'gang' is not the problem.  These people came together at a moment's notice to support their own point of view as it was in protest of a draconian and ideological austerity attack on the Middle Class and Poor of Great Britain.

Prime Minister David Cameron (click here) blamed the worst riots in Britain for decades on street gang members and opportunistic looters and denied government austerity measures or poverty caused the violence in London and other major English cities.
Cameron told an emergency session of parliament that police tactics had failed at the start of the rioting. Courts worked through the night to dealwith hundreds of mostly young people arrested during the mayhem....
Unfortunately, Cameron is not a Nobel Laureate and can't seem to admit when he is "W"rong.  What a shame.  I suppose the riots in Greece are infiltration of USA Gang violence, too.  Huh?
...Increasingly the evidence points to the workers of Europe as being correct (click here) as the austerity measures instituted earlier this year wreak havoc on the economies they were designed to save. Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman points us to two case studies – Ireland, which rushed headlong into austerity, and Spain, which moved at a much more conservative pace. In June, while the press was full of lavish praise for Ireland, Krugman looked at the economic data,...

...In its latest economic assessment, the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development urged policymakers around the world to be careful not to choke off the economic recovery by cutting back on spending too much and too soon....

These are examples of the vortexes that have been 'at work' degrading Earth's troposphere since October 4, 2002.


Below are personal notes made on March 7, 2007.  This information was stored within this blog in the back pages and as drafts.  

I have the original 'screen shots' of the vortexes of October 4, 2002.  One was in the North Pacific and one was in the North Atlantic.  The Arctic Oscillation and North Atlantic Oscillation as most scientists call them.  They rarely ever manifested together and were never well understood until they became a chronic tropospheric disturbance since then.  From October 4, 2002 there have been many, many more vortexes.  Some the length of the entire hemisphere.  It has been a long time these storms have done their damage due to Human Induced Global Warming.

Kind of a silly term.  Global Warming.  The 'air mass' around Earth is exactly that and 'gas laws' of science dictate that this air mass is global and any of the properties that effect one area of the globe is transmitted to the entire 'mass' of air of the globe.  So, when Earth warms it is global by definition of the gas laws that dictate the 'behavior of gas.'  

Hm.  Indeed.  On this day in particular the vortexes were huge.  The one west of Alaska was coming across the Bering Strait.

Indeed, dedication.  I know them better than my own finger prints.  Yep.

March 7, 2007

1228 gmt

vortex as tropical latitudes forming
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The Climate Crisis Vortexes changed the equation.

In case 'linear' and 'parabolic' has to be visualized, this is it.  When the vortexes manifested on October 4, 2002 the 'linear progression' of the Climate Crisis changed and accelerated.  

There is no going back.  This is a new reality for the global community.  There is no returning to OLD consumer economics in that their will be fossil fuels in production of cars.  It just isn't possible, anymore.

Oh, there is so called "Natural Gas" but that is methane.  Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases on earth.  Releases of methane into the atmosphere does far more damage then releases of carbon dioxide.  Every molecule of 'natural gas'/ methane that is burned for energy to harness the power of the HYDROGEN of the molecule produces one molecule of carbon dioxide.  There is no real advantage to using methane as a 'tomorrow' source of energy.  It is far too late for that.

...Natural-gas powered passenger cars may be getting closer to  going mainstream in the US. (click title to entry - thank you)
General Motors signed an agreement with Vancouver-based Westport Innovations Inc. (WPT.TO) to develop natural gas engine controls, emissions and performance strategies.
Reuters reports that the multi-million dollar project will focus on light-weight engines as small as 0.5 liters, a size that would be used in small, passenger vehicles...
This 'project' is a waste of money for GM.  They should abandon it.  It is too late for natural gas to be used as a automobile fuel.  Besides who needs explosions on the road along side of electric cars incapable of such a explosion.  It's a silly notion.  I realize given the 'environmentally conscience' of GM this seems like a worthwhile pursuit, but, it isn't.  Perhaps for modernized 'tow motors' or large construction equipment, but, not personal automobiles.  
Nothing against GM.  The 'idea' and willingness to explore is admirable, but, misguided as these decisions are based in outdated understandings of the path of our planet, Earth' and the quality of life on it.

Parabolic degradation of Earth is a Climate Crisis, not simply a change in fossil fuel sources.  
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There is no simple way of explaining the dangerous Climate Crisis to the populous. It is geophysics. This isn't simple and never will be.

The scientists involved in evaluating the data Earth offers up are the best our global brain trusts have to offer.  They are dedicated and very concerned, not for themselves, but, for all people on Earth. 

This is no joke.  This is their life's work and they could not be more sincere.  

I happen to agree with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Why?  Because the climate models were correct for a while until the high level tropospheric vortexes appeared on October 2, 2002.  They changed everything.  A graph before these huge climate storms appeared would have been a straight line of decline of the ice fields and ice structures around the world.  But, the linear graph changed to a parabolic curve with the manifestation of the vortexes.  The decline in ice of any kind in the Arctic has been rapid since then.  All the 'Old ice' is gone.  

...According to new research from MIT, (click title to entry - thank you)  the most recent global climate report fails to capture trends in Arctic sea-ice thinning and drift, and in some cases substantially underestimates these trends. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report, released in 2007, forecasts an ice-free Arctic summer by the year 2100, among other predictions. But Pierre Rampal, a postdoc in the Department of Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), and colleagues say it may happen several decades earlier....

Indecisiveness is killing this country. Not High Speed Rail, but, THE PAUSE in building it is causing a lot of problems.

Generations of Americans are going to benefit from a new way of walking and a new way of talking when it comes to the country's infrastructure and their way of life.  

Remember the "Disney Train."  I don't know if that still runs, but, someday families will load up their electric cars on rail cars and ride in sleeper compartments to travel to visit family over the December holidays and New Year.  

It has to come to pass.  This is not simply spending for the sake of spending.  It is spending for a purpose.  

Thirty years of construction, development and jobs with sustainable purpose is a long time and the country desperately needs that commitment, now and in the future.  Take a look at that map.  In some of the most impoverished areas of the USA there will be life breathed into those stagnant economies.  Tell me, tell anyone that it doesn't make sense to invest in Americans.  American jobs for Americans and a requirement should be companies hired to build and fabricate materials are in the USA employing Americans for this project.  

Out with the old and in with the new.  It is long overdue.  Long overdue.

Republicans will make a wedge issue out of anything.  The funding for the completion of the project isn't final.  The future of thirty years has yet to take shape and modernization brings innovation and improvements.  Don't let the Republicans make a wedge issue of jobs and the future of our country.  It isn't necessary.  We need revenues, not, indecisiveness !

...A two-mile stretch of one of the busiest highways (click title to entry - thank you) in the central San Joaquin Valley will have to scoot over by 100 feet to make way for high-speed rail.

The relocation of Highway 99 in west-central Fresno is just one of the big changes in store if the massive rail project is built.
Dozens of railroad crossings would close, and new overpasses and undercrossings would be built on country roads and city streets. With trains moving at up to 220 mph, there won't be any gated railroad crossings on the high-speed line.
On the other hand, some officials say that could ease traffic congestion and cut down on noise from freight train horns....

In Cook County, Illinois alone 300,000 high paying and sustainable jobs for THIRTY YEARS.

This is a 30 year project, not a one or two or five year project.  This is about building the future for our children and grandchildren.  
There are going to be detractors to very jobs project and infrastructure improvement proposed by the Democrats and President Obama.  
So, what?  That's life.  People complain even when those complaints are poorly founded in what is best for the USA.  

...Murphy serves on Gov. Pat Quinn's High Speed Rail Advisory Council. This council was organized in June to study the viability of a 220 mph rail system in Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri. According to Doherty, Murphy's role on this council is that of oversight, however the membership -- which includes Harnish -- reveals other potential conflicts of interest.
Another member of the council is MarySue Barrett, president of the Metropolitan Planning Council. According to Illinois Department of Transportation spokesman Guy Tridgell, IDOT commissioned the Metropolitan Planning Council for a study on job creation for a similar 110 mph high-speed rail system in Illinois.
Metropolitan Planning Council spokeswoman Mandy Burrell said the agency is also a proponent of bringing high-speed rail to the Midwest.
Both Tridgell and Doherty said that Murphy and Quinn welcome all perspectives in determining the feasibility of high-speed rail.
"Commissioner Murphy will use studies promulgated from the University of Illinois (and) from HSR projects from around the globe to ascertain best practices and applications for the Midwest," Doherty said in an email statement.
At least one group skeptical of high-speed rail says their voice has not been heard by the states....

It's Sunday Night

"9 to 5" by Dolly Parton


Tumble outta bed
And I stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition
And yawn and stretch
And try to come to life
Jump in the shower
And the blood starts pumpin'
Out on the street
The traffic starts jumpin'
The folks like me on the job from 9 to 5

Workin' 9 to 5,
What a way to make a livin'
Barely gettin' by
It's all takin' and no givin'
They just use your mind
And they never give you credit
It's enough to drive you crazy
If you let it
9 to 5, for service and devotion
You would think that I
Would deserve a fat promotion
Want to move ahead
But the boss won't seem to let me
I swear sometimes that man is out to get me

They let you dream
Just to watch 'em shatter
You're just a step
On the boss-man's ladder
But you got dreams
He'll never take away
You're in the same boat
With a lotta your friends
Waitin' for the day your ship'll come in
'N' the tide's gonna turn
And it's all gonna roll your way

Workin' 9 to 5
What a way to make a livin'
Barely gettin' by
It's all takin' and no givin'
They just use your mind
And you never get the credit
It's enough to drive you crazy
If you let it
9 to 5, yeah
They got you where they want you
There's a better life
And you think about it, don't you
It's a rich man's game
No matter what they call it
And you spend your life
Puttin' money in his wallet

9 to 5, whoa
What a way to make a livin'
Barely gettin' by
It's all takin' and no givin'
They just use your mind
And they never give you credit
It's enough to drive you crazy
If you let it

9 to 5, yeah
They got you where they want you
There's a better life
And you dream about it, don't you
It's a rich man's game
No matter what they call it