Friday, May 29, 2015

Why aren't Muslim men marching in protest of the hate leveled at them.

Are the police going to be at the Mosque to insure the safety of the people taking children to worship? The Mosque should request police to be at curbside while the Mosque is being used to attend services.

The USA is a place where there can be no retaliation for expressing one's faith. It is called a hate crime and carries far more remedies. Marching is a way of stating a culture and religion exists without fear. It is important to draw attention away from those that hate and personalize the population aggrieved by hate.

Notify the organizers of parades in the country and march in public. Be a part of the community and don't be invisible. Carry a banner with the Mosques name on it in the colors that represent the faith. Put the religion out there. Evangelicals do. Why not Muslims?

There is a branch of Christianity that wants to claim the USA as a Christian nation. That obsession is hate and oppression at work. Get in their face through civilized methods where other organizations and faiths participate. Do not isolate the Mosques and their members behind curtains. Young people have to know about their Muslim friends and their friends families. 


Muslims go on pilgrimage in the Middle East. Why isn't there pilgrimages in the USA?  No holy sites? Then build monuments to honor the holy places where pilgrimages in the USA can take place. I want to see Muslims everywhere that everyone else is. The Christians have places that are special, especially, in churches that are devoted to saints. Cathedrals are blessed by the Pope and they becomes havens for the faithful. The Muslims in the USA need to have special places, too.

May 29, 2015
By Eric Pfeiffer

When it comes to the debate (click here) over whether or not to show images of the Prophet Mohammed, we certainly don’t claim to have all the answers.

But there’s a fair debate to be had about where society draws a line between freedom of speech and speech meant to incite violence.

Tonight in Phoenix, an openly anti-Islam activist is organizing a “Draw Mohammed” event outside a mosque that was once home to two men who opened fire on a security officer during a similar event in Texas last month.

More than 1,000 people say they will attend the event tonight, though it’s impossible to know how many will actually show up. And that’s not counting any counter protesters and the undeniable presence of local and national media....

This is what militants want. They want to divide the USA in hate that would bring violence. This is exactly what the militants want. They want hate to grow. 

In the Middle East the extremists kill Christians. We don't want that in the USA with peace between the faithful of religions. There will be no violence between different people of nations in the USA. I am proud of a country that works out it's problems rather than hating and building a desire for violence. 

February 20, 2013
By Nicola Menzie

In a crime that New Jersey (click here) authorities have described as heinous, a local man is believed to have shot to death two Coptic Christians before severing their heads and hands and burying their bodies in the backyard of a relative's abandoned home.

"These were grisly murders in which the defendant allegedly shot both victims in the chest at close range," said Attorney General Chiesa in a press release. "We allege that the defendant was ruthless and calculating in the manner in which he carried out the killings and attempted to prevent identification of the victims by cutting off their heads and hands before burying their bodies. The New Jersey State Police has conducted a thorough investigation, which will enable us to secure justice for the victims."

The suspect has been identified as 28-year-old Yusuf Ibrahim of Jersey City, N.J., whom they apprehended Feb. 10. He has been charged with two counts of murder and two counts of desecration of human remains. His bail was set at $3.3 million cash, and he is curren

This is what happens when same sex relationships are kept in the closet.

This is an age old paradigm of shame and intimidation. The Former Speaker should not have done it. He should have went to the FBI as soon as he was being intimidated for money.

May 29, 2015
Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (click here) paid a man to conceal sexual misconduct while the man was a student at the high school where Hastert taught, a federal law enforcement official told NBC News on Friday. 

The official spoke on condition of anonymity. Tribune newspapers reported earlier in the day that two unnamed federal officials said that Hastert paid a man from his past to conceal sexual misconduct...

The old paradigm caused a lot of hatred of same sex members of our society. The more they hide the truth about a bisexual identity or a gay identity the more they use their power in the Congress to demonize innocent people.

The Former Speaker was in access of power throughout his Congressional life. Intimidation of a House Speaker is not a minor issue. Such intimidation can lead to problems for the USA as the depths of intimidation grows. 

This easily could have been diffused with both parties intact with plenty of help to establish their lives in new directions. This is crazy. What was the Former Speaker thinking? No is going to hate him or believe he is sick. Both parties will be fine.

I am surprised the love of his country didn't bring him to a reality of where the rights of men like him belong. Sorry, to hear he did not believe in the country and the rights the LGBT community should always have.  

He was a coach. Is all the truth known about the other party and any abuse he may have sustained before 18 years old? Is this going to take on criminal tones beyond what is already known? 

While Russia buries it's dead soldiers in secret funerals, the Ukraine debt looms large over the country.

May 29, 2015
By Nataska Doff

The first proposal (click here) by a group of Ukraine’s creditors to restructure about $20 billion of debt would extend maturities as much as 10 years and reduce interest payments, a person with knowledge of the committee’s thinking said.

While the government in Kiev rejected the bid and stuck to a demand for principal reductions, analysts say it marks a productive start to meeting International Monetary Fund targets and clearing the way for aid to lift Ukraine’s economy out of a recession. The nation’s debt rallied the most in five weeks....

The Russian soldier secret funerals was reported in The Christian Science Monitor.

Homes on elevation supports have no guarantees. Bridges can be washed out, too.

Evens dams have been under threat during these severe storm events. People are not thinking correctly about the power of liquid water.

Cars float. They float with far less water under them than most people think they will. Cars are heavy when they roll down the road, however, it is rather alarming to realize water, the vital life ingredient, will lift a car and cause it to float out of control. 

It is all too obvious the Texas society is not in touch with the natural world or how powerful it is. Life is not a fantasy. 

And the excuse being stated to justify deaths is that the largest amount of rain came at night after dark. And if a person drives through buildings due the day in shadows it will never happen, right? Nighttime is not an excuse for deaths during floods. No one is immune and death is real. 

Houses on supports above water are not stronger than the rushing creek turned river. It's ridiculous how these people are justifying their actions that cause their death. When Irene hit the coast did everyone along the coast figure the house supports will protect me?

This is what happens when politics becomes a faux belief system. Humans are not all powerful and cannot fight Earth.

This is from "wikiHOW" to do anything. 

Any car accident is frightening, (click here)  but an accident in which your vehicle is thrown into the water, with you trapped inside, is absolutely terrifying. Such accidents are particularly dangerous due to the risk of drowning and in Canada alone, 10 percent of drowning deaths can be attributed to being submerged in a car, and about 400 North Americans die from being submerged in a car every year.
However, most deaths are a result of panic, not having a plan and not understanding what is happening to the car in the water. By adopting a brace position to survive the impact, acting decisively when the car ends up in the water, and getting out fast, being trapped in a sinking vehicle is survivable, even if it's a flooded river.

Thirty seconds that can save your life.

MythBusters Episode 72: Underwater Car - 2007 Season (click here)

You can open a window in a submerged car by opening power windows. 


Though more powerful, power windows still cannot overcome the pressure differential. Contrary to popular belief, though, power windows can withstand immersion in fresh water for prolonged periods and still function.